Salomon Ultra Glide

The Salomon Ultra Glide is a unique trail running shoe that pairs high-end cushioning with lightweight and responsive features that transform even the most difficult trails into a walk (or run) in the park!

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Pros & Cons
Energy Surge midsole is very responsive
Very durable upper
Great for long-distance trail running
A quick and secure lacing system
32 mm stack height
Midsole breaks down quickly
Runs very hot
Key Features
Key Features

There is a low to love about the midsole of this shoe. It is composed of a very thick layer of Salomon’s Energy Surge foam material that is made to tackle long distances. What makes Energy Surge unique is that it is composed of less EVA foam and more Olefin materials.

The EVA foam provides a nice and cushioned ride, and infusing more Olefin makes this shoe much more responsive and springy.

Olefin is a waxy material that is insanely responsive and cuts down on the overall break-in period in traditional running shoes.

With a high 32 mm stack height and a modest 6 mm drop, this midsole provides plenty of plush cushioning on those long-distance rides.

It also has a built-in rocker design that helps to roll your foot seamlessly through your gait cycle to keep your stride nice and bright.

While this super cushioned shoe turns hard and difficult trails into something from forgiving on your feet and joints, this midsole material tends to flatten out over time.

Many runners found that around the 100-mile mark that this midsole has a tendency to flatten out on high-impact areas of your foot. It will still deliver excellent cushioning, but that initial right-out-of-the-box magic starts to diminish as you put more miles behind you.


What makes the Salomon Ultra Glide a great trail shoe is the tough construction of the outsole. It is composed of a full-length Contagrip rubber material that really sticks to the trails under your feet. With very subtle EVA foam cutouts on the forefoot, it helps to add a bit of much-needed flexibility where you need it most.

The outsole of this shoe is insanely tough and built to last well over 500 miles without suffering from a very stiff and unforgiving stride. The full-length rubber outsole adds to the overall weight of this running shoe, but the design of the lugs and rubber boost your overall agility.

What I also love about the construction of this outsole is that it provides runners with modest 3.5 mm lugs. These lugs are designed to help conquer any trails, but they are shallow enough to transition easily to paved surfaces as well.

If you like to dabble in both trail running and road running, this hybrid design in the outsole makes it a cinch to transition to different styles of terrains without losing overall traction when the road ahead gets a little bumpy.


While the midsole and outsole really shine out there on the trails, the Salomon Ultra Glide runs into a few issues in regards to the design of the upper.

This complex upper suffers from just too many features thrown into the design of the shoe. It is composed of a few layers of mesh and synthetic overlays the really lock your foot in place.

The SensiFit wings work to cradle your foot in place for excellent lockdown that is great on those uphill climbs or downhill descents.

Plus, a drawstring lacing system makes it super easy to adjust the secure laces to craft that ideal fit that holds up well over long distances.

On paper, all of these features sound like a secure yet easy trail running shoes. In application, however, this upper tells a different story. Many runners feel that the construction of this upper is just a little too stiff and unforgiving. For longer runs, the stiff nature of the synthetic overlays runs a bit hot.

The ample padding in the heel collar and very long tongue trap hot air inside of the shoe. The protective overlays that run on the base of the toe box and along the medial and lateral side of the foot are a hotbed for rubbing and chafing.

The upper will break in a little bit over time, which will reduce the chafing if you can get past those first few miles. The hot nature of this upper is built more for running in cooler weather rather than hot summer days.


This shoe is built for long distances. Whether you like to fit in a nice and easy 2-mile tempo run or love to push for 10+ miles on your daily trail adventures, this is a shoe that can keep up. Often, long-distance trail running doesn’t quite hit the mark when it comes to plush cushioning.

If you feel that there is no such thing as too much cushioning when it comes to your running shoes, the Salomon Ultra Glide is worth checking out.

What makes this shoe a killer trail running shoe that offers ample cushioning and a responsive and durable outsole while keeping things lightweight.

This shoe weighs in at a modest 10 ounces on the nose, which is ideal for long-distance running. While it’s not the lightest trail running shoe out there on the market, runners found that the even distribution of weight didn’t feel like a running shoe that clocked in at 10 ounces.

The high stack height, ample cushioning, and uniquely designed Contagrip outsole will keep your stride nice and bright on those long-distance trail running sessions.


Overall, most runners felt that this shoe ran true to size. If you are a size 10 on other Salomon running shoes, the same can be said for the Ultra Glide. If you have never worn a pair of Salomon running shoes before, be sure to take ample measurements of your feet and compare them to Salomon’s sizing chart.

This shoe provides runners with a nice and wide toe box that allows your toes to naturally splay inside of the shoe for added stability and support. It’s important to note, however, that runners with wide feet found that this shoe fit a little too tight.

The heavy construction of the upper can cause uncomfortable rubbing on the sides of your toes, and this is only amplified if your feet are a little wider than average. To reduce the risk of irritating your toes, it may be in your best interest to opt for a half size larger than you would typically wear.

Due to the unique sizing of this shoe, I highly recommend heading down to your local shoe store to give them a little test run before you make your purchase.

While many runners found that the upper of this design slightly missed the mark, it will break in a bit over time. If you find that your toes rub up against the sides of the shoe, it may be in your best interest to opt for a half size larger to give your toes plenty of room to naturally splay.


The price of the Salomon Ultra Glide hits that sweet spot between affordability and high-end performance. Is it considered a budget-friendly shoe? No. But the high-end performance features hold up quite well over time.

If you are on the hunt for a great daily training trail running shoe, this shoe comes in at a great price point. With ample cushioning and an outsole that holds up quite well for hundreds of miles, you get a pretty good bang for your buck when investing in this trail running shoe.
Comparison to the Sense Ride 4
The Ultra Glide is the very first in the series, but it shares a lot in common with the Sense Ride 4. If you are shopping around for a great trail running shoe from Salomon, it’s quite possible that you have narrowed it down between the Ultra Glide and the Sense Ride 4.

While these two styles of trail running shoes share a lot in common, the Ultra Glide hosts a few key differences that earn it a slight edge over the Sense Ride 4.

When compared back to back, the Ultra Glide offers up a lot more cushioning in the midsole compared to the Sense Ride 4. If you feel that there is no such thing as too much cushioning underfoot, the Ultra Glide is the superior choice hands down. While the Sense Ride 4 is classified as regular cushioning, the Ultra Glide is classified as Maximum cushioning.

Many runners love the fit of the upper of the Sense Ride 4 because it delivers a secure fit without a ton of synthetic overlays. It isn’t quite as durable as the Ultra Glide, but it is much more breathable and comfortable.
For runners in the market for a great trail running shoe that doesn’t shy away from max cushioning, The Salomon Ultra Glide is a running shoe worth checking out.

With an impressive 32 mm stack height and a plush step-in feel, this shoe makes those long-distance runs much more cushioned and kind to your joints.

It boasts shallow 3.5 mm lugs that grip the trail under your feet, but can also transition easily to sidewalks, tracks, or even the treadmill.

Overall, I would recommend this trail running shoe for runners that need a shoe that deliver high-end cushioning with added flexibility in the outsole as well as the upper. While the upper suffers from a few missteps, ensuring that your get the perfect size for your feet will help speed up the break-in period.

It may be slightly more expensive than your average running shoe, but the high-end durability of the ContaGrip outsole and plush Energy Surge midsole makes this shoe well worth every penny.
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