Saucony Endorphin Speed 2

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 is one of these shoes that looks so good that I was willing to run in it even if it ran terribly. Luckily, this shoe performs just as well as it looks! If you are in the market for a great daily trainer/race-day shoe, this is a great option. It’s lightweight, insanely breathable, and packed with snappy and supportive features to keep your gait cycle night and bright. I found that once I popped these shoes on my feet, speed just came naturally.

I’m not the fastest runner in the world, but the overall design and fit of this super lightweight trainer caused me to pick up the pace a bit without putting a lot of extra strain on my joints. If you love a shoe that provides unmatched energy return that transforms hard asphalt into tiny trampolines, this is an excellent choice. Did I mention it looks amazing? The styling of this shoe is sleek and modern and is bound to generate a few compliments in the gym.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into all of the advanced features that will make the Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 your next go-to daily training shoe.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Sleek and stylish design

Utilizes a lightweight nylon plate

PWRRUN PB foam cushioning in the midsole

Very breathable upper

Grippy outsole is great on wet sidewalks

Ideal for speed


Loose lockdown in the forefoot and toe box

Slightly expensive

Not ideal for long distances

Key Features

Key Features


The midsole of this design is composed of Saucony’s patented PWRRUN PB foam cushioning. What’s great about this midsole is that it is insanely lightweight and snappy. When you first glide your feet inside of this shoe, it feels a little stiff and rigid and doesn’t offer plush cushioning like other trainers out there on the market.

However, once you start running, this shoe really sings. The PWRRUN PB feels incredibly bouncy and transforms hard sidewalks into tiny trampolines which beg you to pick up your pace. There is no shoe that will magically make your run faster or jump higher, but this shoe is pretty close!

I also love that the midsole of this shoe includes a nylon plate. While other daily trainers utilize a carbon plate to help even out your gait cycle and roll through each stride, Saucony opted for something a little different. By swapping out a carbon plate with nylon, your stride feels less rigid and more natural.

Plus, it cuts down on the overall weight and makes this shoe feel much softer than those that utilize a very stiff carbon plate.


I can explain the upper of this design in one word: breathable. The mono mesh upper is composed of a single layer of mesh fabric that allows your foot to really breathe on those hot summer runs. If you are wearing brightly colored socks, these socks will show through the incredibly thin mesh upper. If you need something that helps to keep your feet cool and dry on those long summer runs, this is a great choice. For cooler months, you may find that they are a little too breathable!

The heel counter is just as soft and springy as the midsole. While it is slightly stiff to lock your heel in place, it provides a good deal of flexibility for light and snappy movements. It features modest cushioning around the heel and tongue that prevents chafing and provides a quick break-in period to ensure that your feet stay nice and comfortable on those brutal runs.


The outsole of the Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 is made to tackle just about anything. It is composed of a blend of exposed midsole foam with high-abrasion rubber in high-impact areas. This blend of materials heightens the overall durability of this shoe while keeping the overall weight low. At the end of the day, you are left with an insanely durable shoe that is lightweight and snappy.

What I also love about the construction of the outsole of this shoe is that it is made to tackle just about anything. The high-abrasion rubber is super grippy and is perfect for slick sidewalks. The modest lugs are designed for sidewalks or treadmills, but I found that I also perform quite well on modest trails as well.


Overall, I would recommend this shoe for anyone that is on the hunt for a great daily trainer. The lightweight design and durable outsole can tackle hundreds of miles while keeping your feet nice and supported. It’s great for sidewalks and can easily transition into the gym as well. The flexible frame and snappy midsole also make it great for working out at the gym as well.

It’s a great choice for HIIT or CrossFit, and can even be worn for weight training. If you need a shoe that can keep up with your versatile workout schedule that is more than just running, this is an excellent choice.

This is one of those few shoes that can be categorized as a daily trainer or a race day shoe. The high-performing features provide long-lasting support while training, but it performs so well that it can also be reserved for race days.


Overall, the Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 runs true to size. If you are a size 10 on other Saucony running shoes, the same can be said for these neutral running shoes. If you have the option, I would suggest heading to your local shoe store to give them a test run. While they are classified as a neutral trainer, some runners found that the feel of the midsole took a little getting used to.

I found that this shoe fit great in the heel, and there was little to no slippage. One thing that I did notice, however, is that the lacing system was a little less than ideal. Some runners found that the modest lacing system and overall fit of the upper caused their feet to shift around a bit in the toe box and along the top of the foot. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it is something that is worth mentioning.


Have I mentioned how much I love the style of this shoe? Of all of the new shoe releases in 2021, the Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 is one of my favorite styles. It boasts a sleek and slim frame that looks like a racing car and comes in quite a few unique color options that are incredibly unique.

Personally, I love the black and white checkered design with the 1980s throwback color in the trim. It’s a style of shoe that will get you excited to lace them up and take them for a spin even on those lazy, low-energy days.

Don’t worry, these shoes aren’t all sizzle and no steak. While it looks like a sleek race car, it also performs like a race car as well. It’s one of those rare instances where style blends with performance effortlessly!


Just as fast cars come in at a high price point, this speedy running shoe also comes in at a slightly higher price point. It’s not the most expensive running shoe out there on the market, but it is slightly more expensive than your average neutral trainer.

It may cost a little bit more than similar neutral trainers out there on the market, but the high-end features of this design are well worth the extra cost. It’s durable, supportive, and offers a super snappy ride that is worth every penny!

Comparisons to Previous Versions

Comparisons to Previous Versions

Many of the performance features between the Saucony Endorphin Speed and the Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 remain largely the same. They both utilize the same style of midsole and outsole materials, and they offer the same level of performance overall. The biggest change made to this shoe is the contraction of the upper.

The previous version of this shoe utilizes an upper that was made from thick and heavy materials that ran a little hot. Plus, the thicker upper didn’t provide runners with a good range of motion. The Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 fixes all of those problems in the upper.

This design boasts a single layer of mesh materials that are insanely breathable and will not restrict your full range of motion in the slightest.


I’ll be honest - I’m not a very fast runner. However, the feeling of the Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 makes me want to be better! The lightweight and bouncy ride makes picking up the pace just seem effortless. It can turn a hard and unforgiving sidewalk into tiny trampolines, and the lightweight mesh upper keeps your feet nice and cool on hot summer days.

I love that it utilizes a nylon plate instead of a carbon plate that helps to even out your gait cycle without the use of stiff and heavy materials. Have I mentioned that I love the overall style of this shoe? Compared to other neutral trainers released in 2021, the Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 is one of my very favorite styles.

It comes in at a slightly higher price point when compared to other neutral trainers, but the advanced performance features make it well worth the slightly higher cost.