Saucony Endorphin Speed 2

We gave a pair of Saucony's Endorphin Speed 2 to RRCA Level 1 certified running coach Evan Wood. He tested them out on speed workouts, intervals, and long-distance runs, as well as multiple surface types. Scroll below to see how the Endorphin Speed 2 performed.

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Our Conclusion
After putting the Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 through a series of punishing speed drills, interval training, and long-distance marathon pace runs in both the desert heat and brutal NYC winter weather, this shoe by far blows away many of its competitors. Not only based on performance but also by the price comparison.

The fact that Saucony opted for a nylon midsole plate over a carbon fiber one was a good move as far as the durability and longevity of the shoe go. The nylon plate also assists in propulsion and responsiveness, both top-notch.

I would primarily recommend this shoe as a road shoe for speed workouts and racing, though they can hold their own on easy, non-technical dirt trails such as tourist paths.
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Key Features
Fit & Comfort
The overall fit is just right - not too snug, but not overly roomy. The shoe fits excellently. When I first put them on, I was surprised at how cushiony and supportive they feel despite being such a lightweight and low-profile shoe. The nylon plate that gives the shoe its signature propulsion is truly seamless and has no negative impact on comfort.

The heel is also comfortably snug, with a pleasantly cushioned heel counter that isn't overwhelming. While running, they felt secure without feeling claustrophobic, and I experienced no irritation around the heel whatsoever. It's truly rare that a lightweight trainer and racer such as this can feel as luxurious as an everyday trainer.

Since there weren't any sizing issues, I didn't have to adjust the lacing too much. And as far as the laces go, I didn't experience any irritation or rubbing on the top of my feet.

The Endorphin Speed 2 runs true to size. If you are a size 8.5 on other Saucony running shoes, these should fit perfectly in the same size.


The arch support is virtually unnoticeable, which is a compliment! Most of you neutral runners out there will know what I mean. Due to my personal needs, I replace the insoles with Currex Medium Profile, but most neutral runners should be OK with what comes in this shoe.

As far as breaking them in goes, no break-in is necessary. They felt comfortable and responsive right away, and the proof is in the pudding–I was able to nail a demanding workout of 1km intervals on my first outing!
I tested these shoes on both roads and easy trails (nothing too technical), and they performed well on both. But where they performed the best was during speed workouts and race training.

As far as optimal climates go, they also did well in the cold New York City winter and the desert heat of Arizona. These really don't have a regional limit when it comes to the weather you're running in.

The traction is decent enough for training, but it can feel slightly slippery at times if the road is damp and you're pushing the pace. Nonetheless, the shoe is wonderfully responsive in every situation I tested them in.

The only improvement I would suggest would be to see if there were any way to improve the traction ever so slightly. On those rainy days when I still need to get my speed workouts in, it would help me feel just a tad bit safer from slipping and give me a greater feeling of control off the ground.
Despite punishing workouts on different terrain and in vastly different climates, the shoes are holding up as if they're fresh out of the box, and they show no signs of wearing out anytime soon.

The overall construction feels high quality, is aesthetically appealing, and they're fun to wear. There really hasn't been much wear to the tread yet, either.
I can explain the upper of this design in one word: breathable. The mono mesh upper comprises a single layer of mesh fabric that allows your foot to breathe on those hot summer runs.


The heel counter is just as soft and springy as the midsole. While it is slightly stiff to lock your heel in place, it provides a good deal of flexibility for light and snappy movements. It requires very little break-in period.
The midsole of this design is composed of Saucony's patented PWRRUN PB foam cushioning. What's great about this midsole is that it is insanely lightweight and snappy.

I also love that the midsole of this shoe includes a nylon plate. While other daily trainers utilize a carbon plate to help even out your gait cycle and roll through each stride, Saucony opted for something a little different. Swapping out a carbon plate with nylon makes your stride feel less rigid and more natural and doesn't wear down as fast.
The outsole of the Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 is made to tackle just about anything. It is composed of a blend of exposed midsole foam with high-abrasion rubber in high-impact areas. This blend of materials heightens the overall durability of this shoe while keeping the overall weight low. At the end of the day, you are left with an insanely durable shoe that is lightweight and snappy.

Cost vs. Value
The Endorphin Speed 2 is incredibly competitively priced considering its comparable performance, and durability is far superior to its more expensive, carbon-fiber plated counterparts.
These shoes are simply outstanding. Saucony hit it out of the park with their original Endorphin Speed shoe, and this update takes what was already superb and makes it even better.

Whether I'm doing short intervals on the track, long intervals on the road, tempo runs, or long, grueling marathon pace workouts, these shoes are an excellent choice not only because of their versatility but also because of their comfort and ease of use–a combination that is rare in lightweight trainers.

The nylon plate in the midsole gives me an incredible feeling of propulsion and responsiveness, so much so that one could easily mistake it for a carbon fiber plate seen in high-end racing shoes such as Nike's Vaporfly or Saucony's own Endorphin Pro shoe.

I love this shoe and will personally be using it to do my speed workouts as I train for the NYC Half in March and Boston Marathon in April.
Comparison to Previous Models

This shoe's main competitors are lightweight trainers and racers that don't have a carbon fiber plate such as the Brooks Hyperion Tempo, Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next%, Hoka Rincon, and On Cloudflow

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