Scarpa Hydrogen GTX

The SCARPA Hydrogen GTX is a low-cut hiking shoe that is loaded with excellent support features. The strategically-placed lugs on the outsole are designed to help you move through terrain efficiently and easily without slipping. The EVA midsole is firm yet supportive and provides just the right amount of cushioned support for trail walking. The upper is equipped with an impressive Gore-Tex Surround technology which helps this shoe to stay dry no matter what the weather or trail conditions. Most users found these shoes to be surprisingly comfortable and will give you a great hiking experience even if you are in them all day.

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Pros & Cons
  • Durable and grippy Vibram outsole
  • EVA midsole delivers just the right amount of cushioned comfort and support
  • Removable insert delivers additional support
  • Gore-Tex Surround technology makes these shoes virtually impenetrable to water
  • TPU exoskeleton supports your midfoot and allows the shoe to maintain its structural integrity
  • Cons
    • Some say the heel is too tight
    • Several users stated that the included insole tends to move around within the foot chamber
    • Key Features
      The outsole of this hiking shoe is equipped with a Vibram Salix rubber sole. The yellow Vibram label stamped right in the middle of the outsole tells you that these shoes are going to grip the ground effectively. The outsole features 5mm heavy-duty lugs that will keep you safe on almost any terrain. The lugs are multidirectional and will help you ascend and descend throughout the trail safely. SCARPA also designed the outsole strategically with the outer lugs being the ones to propel you through the terrain, the middle and rears lugs to help with braking, and the toe area to be the grippiest. You will definitely feel sure-footed in these hiking shoes.
      The midsole of the SCARPA Hydrogen GTX is made up of injected EVA foam which delivers comfort and cushioning enough to tackle the trails for hours on end. The EVA in these shoes is a medium density foam which will help to protect you from underfoot hazards and help to absorb some shock as you trek through varying terrains. The midsole of this shoe also features an anti-torsional TPU frame. This will help to prevent the shoe, and your foot, from twisting dangerously and also allows the shoe to maintain its structural integrity. All of these features combine to form a supportive and comfortable underfoot experience.
      The most impressive part of this hiking shoe is the upper. The low-cut design features synthetic nubuck and mesh materials with a thermo-welded TPU exoskeleton over the top. This exoskeleton delivers excellent support and protection while on the trail. In addition to this, the Hydrogen GTX boasts Gore-Tex Surround technology that wraps around the entirety of the shoe to keep you dry and protected. The Gore-Tex even continues under your foot to make sure you do not get any water entering the foot chamber. Not only does this technology help to keep your foot dry, but it is surprisingly breathable as well. The insole of the shoe is made up of P-Flex Lite which is a Polypropylene and rubber material that is designed to deliver additional comfort and cushioning. The shoe also features a heel counter that wraps around your heel and keeps you snug and secure. The tongue and heel collar are both adequately padded for additional comfort and support.
      These trail shoes boast lots of supportive and safety features including a heavy-duty outsole and TPU exoskeleton. This means that they are not the lightest trail sneakers out there but many users have said that they do not feel heavy on the feet, even after full-day hikes. The men's 9.5 weighs in around 15 ounces while the women's 5 weighs in at 10 ounces.
      One might think that the Gore-Tex technology that is embedded in these hiking shoes might make them supremely unbreathable. However, that is definitely not the case. Although Gore-Tex wraps around the whole of your foot when you strap on these shoes, it does not inhibit the breathability factor that the mesh upper allows. It really is somewhat of a phenomenon but a large number of reviewers said that their feet not only stayed dry throughout their hikes, but they also felt like their feet could breathe rather well.
      The comfort of these hiking shoes seems to be a matter of differing opinions. Overall, most reviewers said that the shoes were very comfortable and provided just the right amount of underfoot cushioning and support. However, there are also a number of users who lament that the insoles tend to move around within the shoe, making their overall comfort diminished. Some users also said that they do not offer enough arch support so if that is something you definitely need, you may want to consider putting in your own custom insoles. One reviewer with wider feet said that the shoe felt like it pinched their heel but most users liked how the heel gripped their feet well. Overall, the consensus was that these shoes are very comfortable and do not require a lot of break-in time and are light on the foot.
      When it comes to trail shoes, you can almost bet that the shoe will look chunky and heavy. However, with the Scarpa Hydrogen GTX, this is not necessarily the case. The low-cut silhouette gives it more of a running sneaker look but is also able to hug and support your ankles with the padded ankle collar. The TPU exoskeleton is not only supportive, but it also gives the shoe an edgy look with crosshatches and brightly-colored lines. They really are great-looking trail shoes and combine function with style easily.
      The Vibram outsole that is featured on the SCARPA Hydrogen GTX definitely raises the bar in the durability department. The heavy-duty multidirectional lugs that run throughout the outsole give the shoe lots of gripping capabilities as well as durability. Several users said that they wore these shoes for hundreds of miles and they still looked great. The EVA midsole is made up of a medium-density foam which will keep its shape and withstand hundreds and hundreds of miles of hiking. The upper is extremely durable as well with its TPU exoskeleton surrounding the entirety of the mesh and nubuck upper. The heel counter is relatively firm and will help the shoe to maintain its shape. The Gore-Tex Surround technology that is featured in the upper will help the sneaker achieve a long life. In the end, you shouldn’t have to worry about replacing your hiking shoes after a short period of time.
      One thing you will not need to worry about in these hiking shoes is your feet being unprotected. The Vibram outsole is a monster in the protection world because it will grip the ground in wet and dry conditions and will wear for hundreds of miles. The midsole will absorb a decent level of shock as you make your way through the trail and the upper is extremely protective with its all-around Gore-Tex Surround technology. Almost every review out there comments on how dry your feet stay even in a torrential downpour. The included TPU anti-torsional frame will protect your feet and ankles from twisting on uneven terrain while the heel counter locks your foot in place.
      Because these shoes are not performance-driven running shoes, they do not deliver an incredible amount of response. However, the outer lugs featured on the outsole are designed to push you forward over any terrain that you are looking to tackle. The EVA foam midsole is cushioned and supportive and will absorb a decent level of shock. Overall, you will not feel lots of springy response but enough to provide a comfortable underfoot experience.
      These hiking shoes will definitely provide enough support for the mild to moderate hiking trails near you. However, they may not be supportive enough for highly technical terrain mainly because they boast a low-cut design. Your ankles will be relatively supported thanks to the heel counter and padded heel collar, but not as supported as high-top hiking boots may deliver. The TPU exoskeleton will support your foot in that it will keep it locked into the shoe and the heel counter will definitely keep your heel in place. The EVA midsole will support you as you trek through uneven terrain and the Vibram outsole will support each step.
      These shoes are built for mild to moderate terrains. The Vibram outsole and multidirectional lugs will grip rocks and tree roots with ease. The SCARPA Hydrogen GPX is a great option for anyone looking to tackle day hikes and will help you scale rock faces and descent trails without injury. Because they feature a low-cut silhouette, the ankle support isn’t up to par with hiking boots, but they will deliver a great underfoot hiking experience nonetheless.
      Depending on where you purchase these hiking shoes, they can be found for around $180, although some websites offer them for less. This is a great deal considering the fact that they deliver lots of support and protection and are very durable.
      The multidirectional lugs featured on these shoes are placed strategically throughout the outsole. The outer edges of the outsole have lugs that will help to push you forward through the terrain while the middle and rear portions of the outsole are designed to help you brake and descend. The forefoot toe area will allow you to grip rock faces without slipping. The combination of this lug placement delivers a solid underfoot hiking experience. It should also be noted that several reviewers said that these shoes worked well in wet, snowy, and muddy conditions.
      When considering a trail hiking shoe, flexibility typically is not on the top of the list of importance because you don’t need to worry about a quick toe-off. With that said, you also want to be sure you are not wearing bricks on your feet while maneuvering through uneven terrain. The outsole of the Hydrogen GTX is durable and supportive, but it also responds to different terrain well so it will give you a decent amount of flex as you hike. The EVA midsole is not packed with lots of material so you should be able to move through your gait pretty naturally. The upper is made up of mesh and synthetic Nubuck materials and is equipped with a TPU exoskeleton for additional support. These features combine to make a very supportive shoe but one that does not flex a lot.
      The Scarpa Hydrogen GTX is a hiking shoe that provides a good amount of stability. The hourglass-shaped outsole works with the natural shape of your foot and boasts an impressive array of multidirectional lugs that will keep you from slipping no matter what the terrain looks like. The TPU exoskeleton hugs your midfoot and provides a locked-in feel that will keep you stable throughout your hike. The midsole includes an anti-torsional TPU frame that keeps your foot from twisting when you approach uneven and unexpected footing. The heel counter is relatively stiff so it will lock your heel in place and stabilize you as you step.
      Although there is no exact drop information on these hiking shoes, they deliver the appropriate amount of support and cushion that is needed for mild to moderate hiking. The heel is slightly higher than the forefoot meaning the shoe will help to stabilize your heel and deliver a decent heel to toe transition.
      Key Features
      - Gore-Tex Surround technology wraps your foot in exceptional waterproofing capabilities while allowing your foot to breathe
      - Injected EVA midsole delivers just the right amount of cushioned support for hiking mild to moderate terrains
      - Multidirectional strategically-placed Vibram lugs on the outsole ensure a safe and grippy hiking experience
      - TPU exoskeleton helps to lock your foot in place and delivers optimal support and protection
      - Protective toe rand to prevent toe jamming and injury
      Bottom Line
      When choosing footwear for trail hikes, it is important to determine what exactly you are looking for and for what kind of terrain you will be using the shoes. The Scarpa Hydrogen GTX provides great support, comfort, grip, and water-proofing that will help you on your trail-journeys. However, some users have said that the shoe tends to be not as comfortable because of the sliding insert and the tight heel-fit while others have said they feel fantastic, even after a long day on the trails. The fact that these shoes are breathable, relatively lightweight, and extremely durable may offset any negative things about them, especially because they are so affordable. The Hydrogen GTX is a great hiking shoe if you are looking for something stylish, supportive, and waterproof.
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      By Abbie Copeland
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