Sennheiser RS 175

The Sennheiser RS 175 headphones are wireless and designed expressly for at-home use. With home-theatre ready inputs, they’re the perfect accessory for homebodies who enjoy immersing themselves in television and movies. These aren’t made for listening to your favorite podcast on your morning commute since they need to be within range of the included dock. But if you’re at home, put these on, relax onto your favorite chair, and finish that audiobook you’ve been meaning to get to.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Excellent connectivity
  • Outstanding range
  • Easy to set up and connect to home theatre
  • Very comfortable, great for long-wear periods
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Cons
    • Expensive
    • Bass may sound distorted at high volume
    • Not a good workout or commute option
    • Key Features
      The Sennheiser headphones are designed for quality, comfortable at-home listening. Despite the fact that they’re wireless they’re not suitable for workout purposes, but they are compatible with home theatre components. This makes them a great listening device when watching movies.
      Basic Features
      The RS 175 headphones come with a wireless base for charging which doubles as a receiver. The base has a standard 3.5mm jack and a Toslink digital input.

      The headphones themselves feature an adjustable padded band and comfortably cushioned earpieces. On the right earpiece, you can find volume and bass controls. There’s also a button to enable a surround sound mode. It’s not quite true surround sound (since it’s coming from headphones, but it does the trick, according to reviewers). The headphones also have a power button, so they can be shut off when not in use. An LED battery indicator also lets you know when they’re running out of power.
      Advanced Features
      The Sennheiser headphones are relatively minimalist in terms of features but do have a nice surround sound mode that attempts to mimic true home theatre surround. According to reviewers, the effect doesn’t quite replicate real surround sound, but it’s not a bad imitation and has a powerful bass sound.

      The headphones also have a Bass Boost feature with pumps up the bass sound for those who want it louder.

      Other than that, the headphones are wireless but need to be within a range of the receiver, so you can’t just head out the door with these.
      Sound Quality
      Reviewers characterized the headphone sound as clear, crisp, and high-quality. Many reviewers said that for a pair of wireless headphones, the RS 175s sounded very good and well-balanced. The headphones also don’t leak sound thanks to the fact that they fully enclose the wearer’s ears. This makes them perfect for watching TV without waking up your sleeping partner. Reviewers liked how well they blocked out outside noise and appreciated that even when turned up loud, those around couldn’t hear anything.
      The headphones offer excellent connectivity, and barely any reviewers complained of dropouts. Only a few reports of connection issues came up from users. They are not Bluetooth enabled, though, so they aren’t portable. The headphones connect wirelessly to the included dock which also functions as a charger and cradle to rest the RS 175s. The cradle also features LED indicator lights to alert you when the battery is charged up. Though these are meant for at-home listening, they have a great range that caps out at 330 feet. Some users reported being able to listen on different floors of a home and in different rooms. The transmitter is also capable of transmitting to two pairs of RS 175 headphones at once.
      The Sennheiser headphones are very comfortable and fit snugly but aren’t so tight that they cause headaches for users. Some found the headphones a bit heavy, though, and a few reviewers mentioned the headband wasn't padded or breathable enough for long periods of use.
      The headphones feature a simple black design with a minimalist cradle that won’t look egregious sitting on your coffee table or mantle. Reviewers had no problems keeping the transmitter on display.
      Reviewers noted that the headphones felt substantial yet comfortable. Some reviewers did, however, say that the dock seemed a little flimsy and lightweight. Users should be careful to put it somewhere where it won’t get knocked over.
      Ease of Use
      The headphones are easy to set up, according to reviewers, though not everyone will be technically savvy enough to connect these to their home theatre.
      Power Source
      The headphones run on AAA rechargeable batteries which can re-charged by setting the headphones on the included docking station. The maximum battery life is reported to be around 18 hours, which reviewers say depends on listening volume. While the dock is a nice way to display the headphones, it’s quite light and knocks over easily warn reviewers. Overall, reviewers found the battery life to be excellent, though some mentioned that charging took a long time.
      The headphones from Sennheiser are fairly expensive considering they’re not portable outside of the range of the transmitter. The connection is good, and a range is quite impressive, but they’re not as versatile as other wireless headphones. Even for in-home use, they’re priced high.
      Key Features
      - 300+ foot range
      - Wireless design with a transmitter that also works as a charging dock
      - Multi-receiver dock
      - AAA rechargeable batteries (x 2)
      - 18-hour max battery life
      - 310-gram weight
      Bottom Line
      The Sennheiser RS 175 headphones are perfect for binge-watching TV in peace or enjoying your favorite films without distraction. The sound quality is great, so they’re equally useful for in-home music listening sessions. The range is good so getting up to get a snack or answer the door won’t require you to pause, and the 18-hour long battery life is just right for long movie marathons. The dock recharges your headphones but also doubles as a display and resting spot for the pricey wireless device. Want to enjoy a night in with your partner but don’t want to watch a loud film and wake your kids? Not a problem. The receiver can send a signal to two pairs of headphones, so you don’t have to watch and listen solo.
      Where to Buy
      By Steph Coelho
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      Where to buy
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