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Sol Republic Amps Air Review Facts

People have been making the change from over the ear headphones to wireless earbuds for a while now. Some are even insisting on completely wireless earphones, not even a wire to connect the ears. And that’s fair. That additional wire can be too long and can bounce around on your neck, distracting you from the cadence of your run or worse, it could chafe your neck or your ears if you’re using wires. All of those things can be an irritation and will take you out of your zone. You’re able to avoid all that with a truly wireless earbud system. Sol Republic has a great product that meets these requirements and you won’t be mad at the sound either.

The Amps Air by Sol Republic is a truly wireless earbud system. They come with their own charging case, held in place by magnets. No wire to connect at any point. The case has to be plugged in but that is only once in a while as it holds up to 15 full charges of the earbuds. Four pairs of ear tips are included as well, to ensure you have the appropriate fit for your ear. A single button on either ear controls the functions of the earbud and you can even ask Siri or activate Google Now with a double tap to the earbud. Welcome to the twentieth century. These earbuds are what you’ve been looking for.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Wireless with Bluetooth connectivity
  • No external noise when wearing
  • Case charges earbuds 
  • Sweat and rain resistant design
  • Siri and Google Now with one-touch activation
  • Unable to adjust volume from on-ear controls
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  • Great quality in comparison to other wireless earbuds on the market.
  • For buyers looking for quality sound in a small package, these are a great option according to most buyers.
  • There is a lot of praise for the quality bass.
  • For many buyers, these live up to their expectations of Sol Republic products.
  • Many reviewers say these are worth the price tag.
  • The design and size work well for active people.
  • The case is convenient for storing and charging.
  • The case can also work as a portable charger for phones or other handheld devices.
  • Reviews say the battery life is impressive; especially for the quality of sound.
  • These have pairing capabilities with smart watches.
  • There is a large volume range to get the level right for different settings.
  • For earbuds, reviewers claim these provide a decent level of noise reduction.
  • Bluetooth pairing works with android and Apple phones.
  • For more versitile use, these can be pair together or the left and right individually.
  • Many buyers claim they can get decent range of the connection.
  • Although there are some complaints about the microphone, it is possible to use these for phone calls.
  • The silicone cover creates a comfortable fit.
  • The button is conveniently located and easy to activate.
  • Despite the versatility in bluetooth connection, there are complaints about the overall connection capabilities.
  • There are some reports that connecting to Apple watches has limited functionality.
  • Some buyers are not satisfied with the strenght and range of connection.
  • The placement and size of the microphone makes phone call functionality limited.
  • The volume can only be controlled by device. It cannot be adjusted with the button on the earpiece.
  • There are reports of volume issues within the first year.
  • Some buyers say they had difficulty pairing both earbuds at the same time.
  • Without a good fit, they fall out easily.
  • These are not recommended for people who sweat heavily. They can easily slip out when sweaty.
  • Although praised for the sound, those looking for peak audio quality, these are not recommended.
  • After a few continuous hours of use, these can become uncomfortable.
  • There are some reports of rub and hot spots from the material of the earpiece body.
  • As described by some reviewers, you have to be careful getting these in and out of the case in order to ensure proper charging connection.
  • Several buyers report static and popping noises.
  • Although different gel tips are available, some people cannot find a good fit.
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The Sol Republic Amps Air is great for music while working out at the gym or on your daily run. They can be used for short and medium runs but cannot guarantee a charge over 3 hours. They are also designed to take phone calls through the earbuds with build in microphones on each piece as well. You can even ask Siri or Google Now a question with a double tap to the control button on either ear, so running errands is a great usage of this model as well.
Basic Features

Basic Features

Truly a wireless earbud system, the Sol Republic Amps Air features Bluetooth connectivity, a charging case that carries up to 15 additional charges, a USB charger, and a micro USB. The charging case also serves as a backup charger for your mobile device. There is no wire connecting the earbuds, so this is a true wireless system. The earbuds have a control button on both ears that will operate play or pause for music, answer a call or end a call, or Ask Siri and Google Now. Audio sound is clean and clear with a strong bass.
Advanced Features

Advanced Features

The Sol Republic Amps Air is completely wireless. The earbuds charge directly through the carrying case, held into the molded spaces with a magnet, a full charge will last around 3 hours. The case will supply up to 15 full charges for a total of 45 hours of charge through the case. The case does charge via a USB cable and comes equipped with a micro USB as well. The earbud is surrounded by a silicone sleeve with tapered grooves. The contour is subtle but the grooves are designed to allow air flow in order to reduce sweat buildup. The control panel sits on the outside of both earbuds with a pinhole microphone for phone calls and a status LED that shows when paired and when the battery is low. The multifunction control button allows you to pause and play music, answer or switch calls, end calls, and access both Siri and Google Now.
Sound Quality

Sound Quality

Since Sol Republic opened up shop in 2010, they have been producing quality audio products, including headphones, portable speakers, and earbuds. The Amps Air exhibit the same quality that Sol Republic is known for. The heavily sculpted audio performance features a thunderous low frequency response with a powerful sub-bass. At higher listening levels, there is no bass distortion. Most songs will display plenty of high-frequency sculpting that matches and balances the bass boost. When situated in the ear canal properly, the sound is like a subwoofer is sitting in each headphone. The music playback adapts for one or two earbuds, depending on your preference.


The Sol Republic Amps Air features Bluetooth connectivity. As a completely wireless earbud system, there is no wire connecting even the earbuds. When they are removed from the charging case, they automatically connect to each other and will pair with your mobile device once you’ve completed the simple steps. The earbuds are inserted into the molded charging docs located inside the charging/carrying case. The case is then plugged into a normal wall outlet via USB cord. The case also comes with a mini USB for charging your mobile device directly, if needed.


If you’re not a fan of over-the-ear headphones, the Sol Republic Amps Air earbuds will be great for you. They come with four additional sets of tips of various sizes in an effort to please every customer. They are covered in a silicone sleeve with tapered grooves. The fit is similar to tread on a tire, firm and solid. The thread-like grooves allow additional airflow to reduce sweat buildup and protect from rain. If fitted correctly, these earbuds will stay put with a good amount of motion. If there is any movement, you will notice it immediately.


The Sol Republic Amps Air earbuds have a sleek appearance with minimal distraction. They feature one main color with just the contrast of the gold outer panes featuring the SOL logo. Colors available are rose gold, black, teal, blue or steel gray. The carrying case is a solid color, typically silver, with a small closure and LED lights for battery usage.


The Sol Republic Amps Air are steady and reliable earbuds. Their construction is solid with no loose pieces. The additional pieces included for a proper fit ensure they sit securely and comfortably, reducing any possibility of failure due to damage or malfunction. The earbuds and control panel are all water resistant, reducing sweat buildup and making them more durable if caught in the rain. The microphone is protected as a pinhole in the casing of the control panel so there is minimal concern over failure.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

These truly wireless earbuds pair with one another automatically upon removal from their charging/carrying case. They connect with your mobile device with Bluetooth connectivity which is as simple as pushing a button on both the Sol Republic Amps Air and the device you are trying to pair it with. Once they’re connected, you can play or pause your music directly from the control panel accessible directly on the earbud. Sol Republic issues additional sizes of ear tips to ensure a perfect fit and ultimate satisfaction. The USB charger for the charging/carrying case fits with standard wall plugs, enabling a good charge whether you’re at work, home or the gym.
Power Source

Power Source

The Sol Republic Amps Air is a rechargeable truly wireless headset. The carrying/charging case has a USB cable that can be plugged into the wall or the computer to charge. The battery holds up to a 3-hour charge without plugging in, so you can run a medium to long run or an afternoon of errands while chatting on the phone or listening to music. The charging case will facilitate up to 15 full charges to the earbuds for a total of 45 hours of charges of one fully charged case. Once the case is low, the USB cable is standard so you can charge the carrying case wherever you can access a wall plug, whether at work, home or the gym.


Since 2010, Sol Republic has been solely focused on audio products. Headsets, portable speakers, and earbuds are their bread and butter. They ensure the audio that you’re hearing is clear and crisp. The bass is solid and the distortion is non-existent. With that in mind, the Sol Republic Amps Air gives fantastic quality for the price. With a quoted price well in line with similar earbuds on the market today, these have similar features and great delivery.
Key Features

Key Features

• 4 sets of additional ear tips included for perfect sizing
• Bluetooth technology for connecting to your mobile phone
• Microphone built into control panel for voice calls
• Charging/carrying case for up to 15 full charges
• Truly wireless earbuds with no wires – charges in charging/carrying case
• Sculpted groove surface allows airflow to reduce sweat buildup and protect from the rain
• Outside panels on both earbuds are multifunction buttons with the same functions
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

For a relatively new company, Sol Republic has been bringing quality audio and great products to the world since 2010. They have stuck with headphones, portable speakers and earbuds, focusing on the technology behind each product. The heavily sculpted audio performance and thunderous low-frequency response are not something a novice would do. They have taken extra steps to ensure there is no bass distortion at higher listening levels and that there is plenty of high-frequency sculpting, matching and balancing the bass boost. Even to the point where it sounds like a subwoofer is sitting inside each earbud.

Sol Republic’s Amps Air earbuds are a truly wireless system with no plugs into the actual earphones. They insert into the charging/carrying case’s molded charging bases, secured with magnets. A full charge will last for 3 hours but a fully charged case will recharge the earbuds up to 15 times for a total of 45 hours of use on a fully charged case. The separate earbuds will pair automatically once removed from the case and will pair with your mobile device when prompted.

The Amps Air earbuds are great for a workout or a good run. The 3-hour timeframe is good for almost any distance, even in the rain. The design itself reduces sweat build up and is water resistant. Take them out while you run your errands, walk your dog, or just for a good run. You’ll enjoy the quality of the audio while both listening to music and talking on the phone.