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Sol Republic was founded in 2010, making it a relatively new brand in the world of audio equipment, especially in comparison to the longstanding big name brands on the market like JVC and Sony. This American-based company is known for manufacturing a variety of different audio products like headphones, speakers and earbuds. They had a few big-name partnerships with celebrities like Calvin Harris and DJ Deadmau5 to help market their products.

While the company doesn’t have the following of other big name brands in the headphone market, there is something to be said about Sol Republic’s high-quality products with their affordable price tags attached. We are going to be taking a deep dive in the brand’s Shadow line of earbuds. This product is equipped with fantastic sound quality in a comfortable package. The Shadow earbuds feature a flexible biomorphic neckband that is meant to provide comfort for users while boosting the overall durability of the product. With its dual-connectivity feature, the Shadow has helped to pave the way for the Sol Republic as a brand. Let’s take a closer look at this product to see if it stands up against similar options from some of those other big name brands on the market.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

-Great bass without being overpowering
-Fits a variety of ear sizes and shapes with four different rubber tips to choose from
-Free replacement buds for life
-Dual connectivity
-Long battery life
-Hassle-free pairing
-Great customer service
-Fast charging


-Neckband may not comfortably fit all neck sizes
-No way to go back to a previously played song
-The short design makes it hard to use during certain workouts
-Limited range
-Short charging cable
-Neckband slips off of the neck
-Poor voice quality during calls

Key Features
The Sol Republic Shadow earbuds claim to offer users sweat and rain resistance which would make these a great choice for the active person. We should mention, however, that these are not being marketed as a sports headphone. Reviews from current users came mixed when it came to the Shadow’s ability to hold up as a viable option for workouts. It seems that for walking and slower paced jogs, the Shadow is able to perform relatively well. When you add running or jarring motions, however, the neckband has a tendency to bounce off the neck, creating a distracting workout experience. As for weight lifting workouts, the Shadow was able to hold up fine for the most part other than when it came to exercises that required users to lie prone (think bench pressing or floor abdominal work). Moving from lying to upright positions caused the neckband to slip off the neck, often times pulling the earbuds right out with it.
Basic Features
The Sol Republic Shadow headphones are made from a flexible and super light material that makes them easy to fold and store. We loved how compact this made the headphones and that we could fold them up and store them in our pockets if we needed to. No bulky carrying case required.
Advanced Features
There is a three-button remote and in-line microphone integrated on the right side of the neck piece. From this remote, users are able to access the pause and play functions as well as the volume controls and the skip track option without needing to consult their connected device. The pause and play button actually also acts as a call answer and end switch as well so users who are looking for a well-performing headphone that can double as a headset for your workday business calls need not look any further.
Sound Quality
The Shadow has a lot to offer users in terms of sound quality. They provide an immersive sound experience with extra low bass sounds and crystal-clear vocals that will help you to hear the subtleties in your music that you may have never heard before. If you’re in the market for headphones that will produce a strong and powerful sound, the Shadow might just be the ones for you. Current users mostly raved about the sound quality that is provided with this product. While these are not noise-canceling headphones, the Shadow does provide a noise-isolating listening experience. It comes with different ear tips so you’re able to choose just the right fit to seal off your ear and maximize the noise-isolating experience.

When it comes to the sound quality offered during calls, however, the Shadow does seem to not perform as well as other similar products on the market. We found that the call quality was slightly garbled and that the inline microphone did not perform as well as it could have.
A great draw of the Shadow headphones is its ability to be able to connect to multiple devices at a time. Users are able to connect two of their Bluetooth-enabled devices to the Shadow and easily switch between both of them. This feature is handy in stations where you are connected to your phone but wish to also watch a video on your laptop. To access the dual connectivity, you simply pause playback on one of your devices to begin the audio on your other device. The transmission range is pretty standard for a wireless headphone set at around 30 feet. Some users, however, remarked that this range is greatly exaggerated. Some commented that they had problems with reception if their phone was placed in their back pocket, let alone more than ten feet away.
Unlike other neckband-style headphones available on the market today, the Shadow is an incredibly lightweight option. Most users found that they are so unobtrusive that it’s easy to forget you are even wearing any earbuds at all. The neckband is very flexible and will contour to most sizes neck. Thanks to the naturally fitting neckband, many users found that the Shadow was secure enough to stay in one place but able to move with them as they performed their day-to-day activities which helps to ensure that the earbuds stay in the ears. That said, however, some users with larger sized necks didn’t find the Shadow’s neckband style to work for them. These earbuds arrive in a box with four different sizes of rubber tips to choose from. This is helpful because users are then able to choose the size that works best for their ear anatomy.
Minimalist design lovers rejoice because the Shadow was practically made with you in mind. The earbuds hang from thin wires attached to the incredibly flexible neckband. The buds are traditional in shape and style and are hidden by a fashionable colored disk. The shadow comes in four different color options – all black, white neck and cord with gold accents, navy neck and cord with gold accents or grey neck and cord with rose gold accents. These earbuds are simple and classic in design and with the tasteful pops of color, they’re able to pass off as modern as well.
The Shadow seems to be a durable product. Many current users remarked on how well these have performed time after time. Long-time users made mention in their reviews that the Shadows works as well today as it did the first day out of the box. This says a lot about the durability of the product. Many items on the market today slowly begin to fizzle out as time goes on but this doesn’t seem to be the case with the Shadow. They don’t show signs of wear and tear as easily as other similar products. Some current users mentioned that they have been a little too rough with these headphones, putting them in the washing machine, dropping them on the floor and even dropping them into a glass of water and that despite the reckless treatment of the product, they still worked. This says a lot about the company, we think, and the work they put into their products to make them withstand even the silliest of human errors.
Ease of Use
As with most similar products, once you get used to the buttons and what their functions are, the Sol Republic Shadow is a relatively simple set of headphones to operate. Some users did remark that they weren’t a fan of the lack of controls offered with the Shadow. Though these headphones provide users with a way to answer and end calls, pause and play their music and skip to the next song as well as change the volume of their music or their calls all from the built-in remote, they don’t provide a way to return to a previously played song. This feature that the Sol Republic missed with the Shadow might be a deal breaker for some users.
Power Source
Included in the box when you purchase your Sol Republic Shadow headphones is a USB cable for charging. The battery life is around eight hours for this device, which is impressive for headphones at this price point. Current users of the Shadow are happy with their ability to check the status of their battery life. They are able to check the remaining battery by holding down both volume buttons at the same time. For each 25% of battery life leftover, the Shadow will sound a tone. Four tones mean that the battery is fully charged. Current users of these earbuds are impressed with their battery life and quick recharge time overall.
With a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $69.99, the Sol Republic Shadow is an affordably priced headphone option. Sometimes when we look at budget-priced options, the company often has to sacrifice sound quality, comfort and sometimes even durability in order to produce a product that is affordable. This doesn’t seem to be the case with the Shadow. Current users rave about the fantastic sound quality and most seem to find that the headphones are comfortable.
Key Features
-Water and sweat resistant
-Dual device connectivity
-Neckband is flexible and foldable for easy pocket storage
-30 feet of wireless range
-8-hour battery life
Bottom Line
Overall, we believe that the Sol Republic Shadow offers potential users a lot of benefits for a very affordable price tag. We loved how powerful and clear the sound quality is and how effective the noise isolating qualities of these headphones are. If you are in the market for a solid pair of Bluetooth headphones that will provide excellent sound quality in a cute, comfortable and stylish package, the Shadow will probably perform well for you. If you’re hoping to purchase headphones that can double as a well-performing headset for your work calls, you may want to search elsewhere. While the Shadow does well enough during phone calls, there are other headphone options on the market that may do a better job of doubling as a headset. If you are hoping to find a set of headphones that will be able to perform as well in the gym as they do on long walks, you may find yourself disappointed with the Shadow. While these headphones are fantastic for using while commuting, on walks or during any activity where you won’t be jumping around or jarring them too much, users may find that the Shadow isn’t the best option for the athletically-inclined who want headphones to take with them on runs on while they’re pumping serious iron at the gym. This is the drawback of the neckband style of headphones. If you go for a run, the neckband will slap against your neck. This may not be a deal breaker for you but it is something worth noting, regardless. If you do a lot of workouts where you’re moving around or find yourself getting in and out of lying positions, you may find that the neckband will slide around on your neck and may even pull the earbuds out of your ears. Again, this might not be a deal breaker when you consider just how great the sound quality and price tag are for the Shadow, but we feel that it is worth mentioning.
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