Soleus Thrive Activity Tracker

While the Soleus Thrive Activity Tracker has some of the features you might look for in a fitness watch, overall it falls short. But for those who haven’t enjoyed the Garmin or Fitbit ecosystems, Soleus might provide an interesting alternative. Still, the watch is heavily dependent on its app, so non-Smartphone users will find the watch severely limited in terms of functionality. If you want to find out more regarding what this tracker can and can’t do, keep reading. 

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Good battery life
  • Easy to read screen
  • Simple design
  • Lightweight
  • Cons
    • Pricey
    • App required for functionality 
    • App no longer functional
    • Lacks features of comparably priced watches
    • Key Features
      The Soleus Thrive is an everyday activity tracker meant to monitor the basics like steps, calories, and heart rate. Keeping an eye on these metrics can help users spot areas that need improvement and help them assess whether they are actually making positive changes. The watch does not have GPS, however, so provides limited functionality for users who spend their workouts outdoors (e.g. runners, cyclists).
      Basic Features
      The Thrive meets the basic criteria of a fitness tracker in that it monitors steps, calories burned, and provides users with little nudges along the way to keep getting up and moving. Of course, the watch also displays time, so it acts as a standard timepiece as well.
      Advanced Features
      Compared to other fitness trackers, the Thrive isn’t particularly advanced but does include a built-in heart rate monitor. It’s also able to track sleep, but this requires a connection to the Soleus app. To get the most out of the sleep data, the app is needed to see trends over time since the device has limited storage capacity for data history.

      The watch also features workout modes but without GPS tracking. Workout modes essentially trigger a stopwatch function. To see any kind of detailed information you’ll need the app, as well. To get calls displayed on the watch and receive text messages you’ll also need to connect to your Smartphone.

      That’s the extent of the Soleus’ advanced features. Compared to Garmin and Fitbit’s tracker lineup, it’s clear the Soleus falls short in terms of functionality and its number of features.

      The Thrive also falls short in terms of accuracy. The watch has a tendency to pick up steps randomly, reported reviewers. The heart rate monitor isn’t particularly accurate either, according to users. Some said that the monitor didn’t always pick up heart rate info.

      As previously mentioned, the watch requires an app connection to get the most out of its features. The watch connects via Bluetooth.
      The watch is heavily dependent on the Soleus app since many pieces of data can only be accessed there. One of the drawbacks of the Soleus Thrive is that it has limited storage capacity. To see your historical training and health data, you’ll need to transfer the info to the app via Bluetooth to see any meaningful trends.

      At the time of release, some users mentioned having trouble with the watch because they could not access the app. Fast forward to 2018 and users report a dive in functionality for the Thrive because the app no longer appears in searches on the App Store (iOS). Without the app, the Thrive is fairly useless. If you want a watch that can provide you with basic headache free data, there’s certainly something else out there that can meet your needs at a lower price point.
      Users reported that the Soleus tracker was very comfortable and lightweight. Most found it was easy to forget they were wearing it.
      The slim Soleus tracker comes in black or purple (though, it really looks pinker than anything else). The limited color selection was noted by reviewers. While the watch is slim and comfortable, it’s not particularly stylish.
      You’ll get about average durability with the Soleus tracker and it’s sturdy enough for most everyday fitness activities. While it’s water resistant, we found two conflicting ratings for the device - 10M and 30M. Regardless of which is correct, it’s not suitably waterproofed for swimming and we wouldn’t chance a long run in the rain with the Thrive. It is, however, going to survive being splashed while you wash your hands in the sink.
      The watch features a rectangular face with an easy to read display.
      Users found the band lightweight and comfortable to wear. Keep in mind, unlike some of Garmin’s offerings and Fitbit’s many bands, the strap is attached to the watch face and cannot be swapped out.
      Sizes Available
      We couldn’t find any size information listed but users did note that the watch was relatively lightweight.
      Ease of Use
      The Thrive’s basic functions are simple to navigate but most features require the app to get the most out of them. Data trends are visible via the app but users can’t access any kind of workout history on the watch itself.
      Power Source
      One bonus of the Soleus is that it has a great battery life. You’ll be able to stretch out a charge to a maximum of about seven days before needing to recharge. The watch is charged via an included (micro USB) cradle.
      The Soleus Thrive offers limited value compared to other similarly priced fitness trackers. You simply don’t get enough useful, fully rounded features for the price.
      The Soleus is not compatible with any accessories.
      Key Features
      - Built-in heart rate monitor
      - Daily fitness tracking includes: calorie burn info, step count, step goals
      - Pace and distance (not GPS enabled)
      - Sleep tracking
      - Move alerts
      - Alarm
      - Phone notifications (requires connection with the Soleus app)
      - Digital time and date display
      - Bluetooth connectivity
      - Rechargeable battery (7-day charge lifespan)
      - Water resistant (10M)
      - Available in black or pink styles
      Bottom Line
      Compared to other fitness bands the Soleus just doesn’t deliver. The amount of features offered doesn’t match up with the device’s price point. The fact that its companion app is now defunct makes it a poor choice for anyone considering purchasing a fitness tracker.
      Where to Buy
      By Steph Coelho
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      Where to buy
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