Soundcore Spirit Sports Wireless Headphones

If you are in the market for something you can throw around at the gym, you’ve found a match. The Soundcare Spirit Sports by Anker are inexpensive yet still efficient wireless headphones. They are definitely sports headphones that can be used in and out of the gym. Another great perk for anyone that likes to be outside, the headphones are waterproof so that’s perfect for those runs where it starts to rain or snow, or you are just sweating too much. A fun deep bass for the music lovers, these are really for jamming out at the gym. With a long lasting battery, this pair of wireless headphones will last you all day or all workout without any concern. Bluetooth technology is included and it’s actually very reliable given the lower price of this product. Many mentioned that these are the cheapest wireless Bluetooth headphones ever used and they work well. Another important note to make is that Anker provides great customer service so no matter what product experience you have the team at Anker will be there to support you. They are also supportive if you need a replacement or have a defective pair. Anker is a company that you can trust.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons


Good sound quality

Good Battery life

Very inexpensive

Bluetooth capability

Excellent water-resistance


No low battery notification until you hear a low beep

The style is not great

Key Features
Lightweight design makes these the most comfortable and easiest pair of headphones to wear at the gym or on a run. These are designed for sports and are complete with a sweatproof technology to keep on moving in any activity. No need to worry about rain, snow or sweat when wearing the Anker Soundcore Spirit Sports. Anker calls it the SweatGuard because it guards you off any and all sweat. Not to interrupt the music playing. Any outdoor activities can also happen in these headphones. Really anything, where you need to be physically active, is what they are designed for. The audio and sound quality is also designed to listen to music, turn it up and go. The fit is secure and snug, they just fit right over your ear so no need to worry about falling out.

The gym and running or exercising is best recommended for these headphones, but you could also do yard work with these on. A great way to listen to music while cutting the grass or planting flowers or making a garden.

These are not for driving or sitting at a desk or sitting on the computer.
Basic Features
These wireless headphones come with Bluetooth 5.0 wireless. 5.0 Bluetooth technology stands for one of the best versions you can get on the market. Most have stated that the Bluetooth technology is very good, however, it gets SBC and AAC but no aptX. IPX7 water-resistance so you don’t need to worry about rain, snow or sweat. One of the best features is the water resistance feature, after research, these survive in seawater up to one-hundred times longer than other headphones. That’s a long time and a pretty significant number. They cannot be used to swim however, even with such a strong capacity it’s not advised to go swimming in.

Anker likes to call their sweat-proof technology, the SweatGuard, which is a sweat-proof, waterproof technology. The technology is designed to resist the corrosive properties of sweat. Hydrophobic nano-coating and submarine-inspired structure.

A great basic feature is the extra ear tips included so that everyone and anyone can find the perfect fit.
Advanced Features
The great battery life, it’s above average in terms of how long it lasts. The average time is 7-8 hours for battery life, these last up to 12 hours. Be aware of how long you’ve gone without giving them a charge because they don’t give you a warning of when the battery is running out. The only sign is when you get the beep for low battery notification. Definitely, an advanced feature is the quick charging capability, a quick five minutes gives you one hour of listening time. The quick charge technology is helpful for those times that you forgot to charge and need to go on a quick run.

Hands-free calls and a microphone to ensure you can connect at any time without having to worry about holding up the phone. A few noted that the calls do not work well so beware of that or if you are planning on taking long calls you might want to try something else.

Another feature is an 18-month insurance policy where you can access customer service anytime for any assistance.
Sound Quality
The sound on Anker Soundcore Spirit is good, it has a big fun bass sound, so get ready for that. It’s definitely more of a headphone to use for music rather than another kind of audio. The best part is the bass sound, if you love music you will love it. The sound offered is not super high-quality but it’s just enough for a good workout. The sound quality is a deep, bouncy bass sound. There is also an upper-mids and treble, the overall sound does give off a strong sound. You can barely tell the difference between the frequencies, however, some did notice a drop in the bass and tremble at times of which was annoying, but it really depends on the type of music you are listening too.

There is very little noise cancellation on these so beware that sometimes you will hear outside noise. The main use is really for casual listening at the gym or exercising because you will hear from outside noise.

A few people mentioned poor sound quality for phone calls with almost an ‘echo’ type sound on the phone. So best to not use on the phone unless you have to.

Since these are wireless they come with a three-button remote that has a mic for hands-free calls. The basic controls on the remote are the play/pause feature where you can pause or play music at anytime. Of course the volume up or down but there is no track skipping, which is definitely a downfall. You also cannot bring up the phone’s voice assistant by the remote.

The headphones come with two cable clips, a shirt clip, micro USB cable, and a travel pouch.
Many users have noted that these are light and very comfortable. An easy to use earpiece where they sit over your ears make them comfortable to use. The hooks barely touch the back of the ear so they are not bothering the back of the ear at all. These are comfortable because of the soft silicone tips that go inside of the ears. Plus the design of the hooks that fit into any ear type, with an easy flexible feel. The best comfort is to select ear tips that fit your ears comfortably.

Instantly adjust the cable to leave it floating comfortably behind your head. It’s very easy because you can adjust as needed. Some customers even mentioned that they are so comfortable and light it’s like they forget they are even wearing them.
The design of these headphones is definitely gym. There are several design elements to the Anker Spirit X that confirms the sporty identity. They’re ear hook earphones and sit over the ears which make it easy when doing exercise. The semi-flexible, silicone-covered hooks sit over your ears. This design keeps the earphones secure in your ears but are not so exciting to wear after exercise. Overall it’s an easy design and with a basic black color, you can’t go wrong.

There is no neckband on the Anker Soundcore Spirit Sports, there is only a cable, you’ll need to use that sits behind your neck. You do need to adjust it but it doesn’t affect the style. The cable clip is what keeps the neckband off the neck, some like this design, while others don’t
A strong and secure fit, these are designed for running, the gym or any workouts. The lightweight headphones are meant to stick into the ear comfortably and stay there for the duration of the workout. The earwigs and ear tips are designed to fit into the ears securely with durability and of course comfort.

You could be doing hot yoga, sweating in warm temperatures and these headphones will still hold up. The coating on the outside if what keeps them waterproof and so durable. Anker is known for strong durability and construction and these do not disappoint.
Ease of Use
Anker Soundcore Spirit Sports are an easy to use a pair of headphones. The battery life is long which helps the ease of use. The remote control is very easy to use but there are not enough buttons on the remote. So although it might be easy to use, they could have a skip song button on them.
Power Source
The battery is coming in at twelve-hours, which is significant and far more than the average battery life. The best part is the quick charge, where you can charge for five minutes and get one hour of music time. Remember that if you keep the volume lower you will extend the battery life.

Don’t forget that there is no warning for when the battery starts to get low. There will be a beeping noise once it’s just about to die.
One of the lowest price wireless Bluetooth headphones in the market coming in at just under $33, you really cannot find a better value. It’s important to note some strong features for such a low price, the Bluetooth 5,0 capabilities, plus the sound quality and a great bass to listen to music all day long. A waterproof and sweat-proof technology to ensure that you will not ruin the headphones. This low-cost price even holds a long battery, twelve-hour long battery at that.

This is one of those products that you buy and you leave it in your bag in case you forget another pair of headphones. Not to worry you always have these on-hand. They can also be the ones you throw around without thinking since the price is great you don't have much to lose. It's definitely a win-win situation with this product.
Key Features
In-ear hook that wraps around the ear is a great design. The ear hook is also comfortable. You can easily adjust the wire to fit the size you wish for it to fit. One of the other best key features is the IPX7 waterproof technology plus the SweatGuard technology. The sweat-proof and waterproof technology is top of the line. These are workout headphones and no one will ever have to worry about sweating in these. You can sweat or get wet and that’s it, no problem. Up to twelve hours of battery life ensures the best battery life around for the price of the headphones.

Customer service from Anker is a key feature because they really pride themselves on offering warranties on their products and assisting customers at any time.
Bottom Line
The Anker Soundcore Spirit are budget sports wireless sport headphones. They are perfect for running or the gym and at this price, they do give off a fun sound. It’s a big loud bass so make sure to be ready for that. If you love to listen to music while at the gym or going on a run, these are for you. Lightweight, easy to use and top of the line water-resistance. One of the most impressive budget sports headphones around, with strong battery life. A loud bass to keep you going in the workout or to wake you up.

The bottom line is if you are looking for inexpensive wireless, Bluetooth capability headphone set you should go with these. They are the best of the best and if you have a problem, just contact their customer service department and they will assist you.

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