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Switch Things Up With a Bosu Balance Trainer

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Switch Things Up With a Bosu Balance Trainer Switch Things Up With a Bosu Balance Trainer www.runnerclick.com

With the minimal amount of time most people have for exercise, it is always best to choose a workout that can incorporate the most body parts in the shortest amount of time. There are so many options when it comes to fitness—exercise classes at the gym, cardio machines, weight lifting, running, and spinning, to name a few. The best advice for a lifestyle that is already flooded with a full-time job, family obligations, and household chores, is to work out at home as much as you can. This way, you are more likely to get to it and stick with it, at least most days of the week. Home workouts can be done with little to no equipment and will end up costing much less than any gym membership or personal trainer.

Some good products to invest in if you are looking to maintain a home gym space are resistance bands, a jump rope, a few light dumbbells, and any balance piece, such as a Bosu Balance Trainer. Most gyms will have one of these but investing in your own is worth the money because you can do any exercise with it and it works every muscle in the body! Not only will you target more body parts, but a Bosu trainer will also help improve posture and overall balance, as well as reduce the risk of injuries and pain that stem from weakness in the body.

Benefits of the Bosu

Stability and Core Strengthening

Simply standing on a Bosu Balance Trainer with the dome side down is challenging enough for balance. Performing exercises is an even deeper challenge for all of those stability muscles in our core, hips, and ankles. Balance is extremely important for everyone. With better balance, we can avoid falls, especially in the older population, which is why the Bosu is a component of most rehab programs for adults and geriatrics. For runners, improving balance means we can last longer on runs and avoid destabilizing on uneven surface. Once you stand and try to balance yourself on a Bosu trainer, you immediately engage your core muscles, and this engagement is active during the entire exercise.

Core strength is a significant part of strong running as it is what helps maintain proper posture and form, avoid low back pain and other overuse injuries, and maintain endurance for those long runs. Specific core exercises such as bridges, sit-ups, and planks are effective exercises for strengthening, but it is always best to strengthen with functional movements. This means performing exercises that mimic everyday motions. Activating the core muscles in a standing position is more relatable to running that laying down on the floor.  Performing squats, shoulder presses, or bicep curls on the Bosu are just some examples of regular exercises that fire the core at the same time.

Amps Up Intensity

As mentioned, standing on the Bosu for any exercise increases the challenge by incorporating a balance component. You have to focus hard to maintain your stability and not fall off. If your everyday exercises are getting too easy, start working with a Bosu and you will wake up muscles you didn’t even know existed! Standard push-ups are a great exercise to try using the Bosu that will work many more muscle groups. With the dome side facing up, lunges in all directions are an effective exercise for every hip muscle, especially those we need to maintain stability while running.

Improves Flexibility

Not only will the Bosu help keep you strong and in balance, but it can also help keep you flexible. With the dome side facing up, laying face-up or face-down will stretch the chest and back, respectively. The softer dome is also an excellent support for the knee when performing a runner’s stretch for the hip flexor. With the dome side down, you can stretch the calves by pacing your toes and arch on the rim while resting your heel on the ground. The Bosu will tilt and allow the calf muscles to stretch.

Staying fit does not have to be difficult and time-consuming. Investing in some good home gym equipment is ideal for those who have a hard time committing to gym memberships and personal training sessions. Knowing you have all you need right at home keeps the excuses away. A Bosu trainer is a perfect piece of equipment that can get you into top shape in half the time. It will burn many more calories with every exercise. Just as our bodies fire several muscles at once during every segment of running, exercising on a Bosu will do the same. Functional exercises such as those performed on any balancing platform will teach our muscles how to work together more effectively and compensate when fatigue strikes.