Taco About A Good Race: Runners Race For Tacos At This 5k

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The Surf Taco Trot 5k was filled with runners who races to the finish line for free tacos. Taco About A Good Race: Runners Race For Tacos At This 5k www.runnerclick.com

There are races we sign up for based on location, and then there are the ones we do because they just flat out sound like fun.  And that is exactly what the Taco Trot 5k race is. This a 5k where runners are greeted with free tasty tacos at the finish line. Talk about a good time.

Races that are food-themed are a win, win for runners. It combines our love for running with our true passion for food. Fueling our desires, these races cater to foodies, pushing them to cross the finish line that much faster—mouth watering and all—to get their prize.

We are serving up everything needed to know about this popular race, the Taco Trot 5k.

Photo Credit: Taco Trot 5k | Facebook

The Event

The Taco 5k is an event that takes place in multiple locations on the East Coast including New York and New Jersey. “We launched our first event in Roxbury, NJ in April and upon the success and love we knew we were onto something,” the race organizers told RunnerClick.

This includes the upcoming first annual Taco Trot at FDR Park in Yorktown Heights, NY at the end of this month.

The race serves as a fundraiser to help raise money for women with breast cancer. Proceeds of the race go to charities like Young Survival Coalition & Cans 4 Cancer in the quest to promote breast cancer research and support young women with the illness.

What It’s Like To Run The Taco Trot

After becoming a finisher, we are dishing out what it is like to run a Taco Trot 5k. Held on Sunday, October 14 at the Wall Township Municipal Complex in New Jersey, participants can expect a race like this to be filled with all kinds of people. Competitive and new runners, along with stroller runners, walkers and kids are all welcomed at this event. With that said, it is not the race for a PR. Think of it as a fun run because of the crowds.

This makes it ideal for those looking to try out their first 5k, those just looking for a goal to stay with running or those wanting for 5k practice for later races or during training for longer races.

However, this is still a professionally chip timed event, and awards are given to the top finishers and age groups. Not the fastest runner? An award is also given to the runner with the best costume.

All participants get a pretty taco medal at the finish line for their efforts. Participants also get a t-shirt, which is among the best ones out there. They are black in color and have the saying “I do it for the taco.”

Photo Credit: Taco Trot 5k | Facebook

Also waiting at the finish line is freshly served tacos. At this event, the food was provided by Surf Tacos in Belmar. “Surf Taco made our dream for a central Jersey come true,” the organizers said, thanking them for their generosity. Spectators could tell that the tacos were a hit as the line to order quickly stretched out even in just 30 minutes of the race starting as finishers made their way to their grub.

Overall this a fun experience and any runner who appreciates a good race will enjoy the Taco Trot. Expect to see cute and silly shirts, people dressed in taco costumes and the smell of tacos in the early morning air.

Photo Credit: Taco Trot 5k | Facebook

The Course

The Course for this particular Taco Trot 5k included two loops. While this runner typically finds out and back runs boring, it was fast and there was enough action going on to forget about running the same path twice.

The race organizers did experience technical difficulties with the chip time technology. This lead to confusion at the starting line on which direction the run was going. It was hard to hear a countdown or “Go” direction and it was impossible to know when to start your Garmin. Instead, hoards of runners just started and followed the pack.

The location itself was perfect for this course. It was paved and looped around a field of grass used for soccer, playgrounds for kids and back to the start/finish by the parking lot. The race info did say this was a flat course, but we categorize it has “mostly flat.” There were no hills, but rather inclines here and there, but nothing too crazy.

As mentioned before, the crowds were problematic for those looking for their best time. The path did not have enough room for everyone, with runners hopping over to run on the grass sections on both sides. Expect lots of weaving in and out, especially around those who then decide to walk. It was a bit stressful at the beginning of the course to navigate around people, but eventually, it opened up and runners fell behind and sped up.

There were people cheering along the course, which was nice to see and kept spirits up. The finish also had a nice setup and lots of clapping and waving, so it’s impossible not to smile.

Being October, it finally felt like a crisp fall day. This made conditions perfect for running. And the sun did come out and warm up the day by the time runners finished.

The Taco Trot 5k also offers a 2-mile option for family and friends to also participate in. These finishers also received tacos at the end. This option is a great way that family members can be involved without having to run 3.1 miles. This event started after the 5k and is not timed.

Taco ‘Bout Being Awesome

There are many things that are awesome about this race. For starters, free tacos at the finish line! The only downside to this is not many people want to eat tacos at 10 a.m. after just racing. While it smells good, many think it’s not worth waiting in line for.

On the plus side is those who aren’t speedy runners, walkers, and those who just love tacos gave free tacos waiting for them. And it’s not a tear-off ticket on the race bib, so going back for seconds isn’t frowned upon.

Photo Credit: Taco Trot 5k | Facebook

The event did go until 12:30, so those who stick around for post-race fun or to walk can enjoy their tacos for lunch at the next Taco Trot.

Participants still got gun time results, along with their medals and race pictures courtesy of the race organizers. This is the perfect 5k to do with family and friends, as a team, and for those who just want a fun way to incorporate exercise and their love for tacos together.

“We always are looking to improve and smooth our events so we will be going back to work to help make next year’s event even better!”

For this runner, she will be bringing her appetite and running shoes for next year as well.


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