TaoTronics TT-BH060

A solid over-ear pair of headphones that are worth the purchase if you are looking for noise canceling headphones. The TaoTronics BH060 are comfortable given that they are over-ear headphones and they have long battery life. It's a pair of headphones that you can count on to last all day. They also have an excellent wireless range so you can definitely take phone calls with them or just use them to listen to music and podcasts. They are perfect to use at the office when you want to block out everyone around you. The sound quality is not the best of the best if you are planning to really rock out to music. However, if you don't mind the top quality sound quality you will be just fine.

Easy to carry around all day since you can fold them up and pop them into the case. A nice carrying case is included in the price to ensure they keep safe all day long. TaoTronics has rebranded with a sleek new logo that you will find on this style. The design also has easy to use controls but you must remember to turn off the device plus turn off the noise canceling part too. Overall these are perfect for consumers looking for an over-ear pair of headphones that deliver some of the best noise canceling around and keep a strong battery. They also come with a one-year warranty for any problems within that first year.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

Comfortable and Durable Design

Great Battery Life

Good Isolation and noise reduction

Includes a nice case




Sound Quality could use improvement

Noise cancelling doesn't turn off automatically

Average Bluetooth capability 

Not sweat-resistant or water-resistant 

Key Features
Designed for active people with some websites even calling them TaoTronics Active noise canceling headphones. They are flexible for movement at the gym or on a run. Ideally, these are more for the gym because of the noise canceling capabilities but they are perfect for a train commute. However, you could wear them for a run and they will not fall off. Some did mention that the ear cups attract a lot of heat so they are not great for wearing at the gym for long periods of time.

In addition to being active with the TaoTronics TT-BH060 these are great for a commute or to wear at the office. Or perhaps you have a yard and want to get some yard work done, pop them on and off you go.
Basic Features
Hi-Fi sound & captivating bass are one of the basic features on the TaoTronics TT-BH060. Although some mention that the sound quality is not the best, it definitely gets you thru a workout or your day and with a lower cost then most of the competition you can still feel satisfied with what you are paying for. One major basic feature is the battery life. They clock in at a thirty-hour battery life, which is very long. In addition to the long battery life, they have a new hyper speed charge, a quick five-minute charge gives you two hours of full sound. The full charge is what powers you up to thirty hours.

Included is a hard case and the headphones fold down conveniently to be stored in the case. If you have a big head or a small head no need to worry, it's easy to adjust to fit the size of your head.
Advanced Features
Bluetooth 5.0 connection streams music uninterrupted while the built-in cVc 6.0 microphone to ensure clear calls without ambient noise causing any problems with the call. A fully noise-canceling headphone, ANC blocks traffic and other noise, so you are free to tune into your music or podcast. The biggest highlight of the TaoTronics TT-BH060 is the noise canceling capabilities.

The TaoTronics BH060 create a very good noise isolation with their advanced technology. They block out a lot of ambient noise and outside noise, thanks to their ANC feature. One of the best options for commuting if you are on the train and want to block out the rest of the world. Or perhaps at the office when you just want to focus in on yourself and your work, block out the coworkers with this elite noise cancellation.

Offering a one-year warranty you can be sure that you will be covered should any accidents happen or should there be a faulty pair that you receive.
Sound Quality
The TaoTronics TT-BH060 sound quality passes the test especially given the fact that the price point is lower than the competition. The bass is dominant and definitely present when you play music. The sound quality could sound good because of how great the noise cancelation is. The noise cancelation increases clarity and filtering out the sounds outside.

They come with a stable Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity but they don’t offer wireless codecs like aptX, so you’ll have to do with the standard Bluetooth audio.

A few people mentioned a slight mismatch between the left and right drivers. One mentioned that the treble is lacking and causes a dark and muffled sound. But if you like to listen to heavy bass music, you may like this pair.

The TaoTronics TT-BH060 has an integrated microphone, that is not the best but it definitely works. It's suggested to use it in quiet environments. In noisy situations, the microphone picks up noise from loud places. There is no in-line microphone on the included audio cable.

Connects easily with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and connects with all devices. Whether you want to listen to music or make a phone call you can do that with these headphones. They come with a built-in microphone to make calls with but it's recommended to make calls in a quieter environment, as it does pick up on outside noise.

The TaoTronics TT-BH060 can also be used wired with the included 1/8” TRS cable. These are recommended not to watch videos with. On the upside, if you do want to watch videos you can wear them wired and the connection will be stronger to watch a video with. The wireless range is really good though so stay wireless for music and podcast listening and you will be good. It can take you up to sixty-seven feet of range, which is exceptionally good. Of course, it depends on the signal strength it may not be that strong every time but it certainly can be.
The website of TaoTronics mentions that these are like wearing a pillow. Ergonomically shaped ear cups with memory foam cushions could definitely make this feel like you are wearing a pillow. The adjustable headband allows you to make it tighter if you wish or loosen it up for comfort. Many have mentioned that they are also very light to wear, so you barely feel as if they are even on your ears and your head.

Although these are lightweight and the cushions are comfortable, the cushions are so heavy that they don't breath well. They trap a lot of heat inside of the ear cups which could make it hard to go on long runs or be at the gym for long periods of time. If you are using them for casual listening or short periods of time you will be good to go. Or perhaps wearing them in a cool environment you shouldn't have any trouble.
A sleek, all-black design that is very easy to fold up and put into a hard carrying case. The TaoTronics logo is displayed on the headphones, which has recently been re-designed so it looks fresh and new.

There are four color options red, pink, blue and a classic black. This makes it nice to mix it up depending on what you are looking for. The all pink one is a soft baby pink color which is beautiful for a lady. The red has a mix of black which is definitely more for a guy but could be for either sex. The colors add some element to the headphones and make for a fun over-ear headphone. On the downside, the padding on the ear cups is a bit thick so that does stand out in the overall style.
Despite the fact that these are at a lower cost the durability is present. The TaoTronics TT-BH060 is a light-weight durable pair of headphones. Easy to fold up and pack away into the hard case, this allows for maximum protection when on the go.

The flexibility of the headband shows just how durable these can be since they are so easy to move around on the head. But be aware that the headband is made of plastic so if not properly stored or if tossed around a lot they may not withhold as long as they should. Do remember that they come with the one year warranty.
Ease of Use
These are very easy and simple to navigate, the controls and ports are all intuitive and smoothly work. The bottom left ear cup features a micro USB charging port to charge up the headphones. The right ear cup has a 3.5 mm port for wired listening should you decide you don't want to listen wirelessly you can plug in and listen. There is a switch to turn the noise canceling on and off, which you must turn off when you power off the device. The power button, is the same one that plays and pauses music and enables pairing for the device. A separate button is for volume adjustment and song skip. The controls are easy to find and use but it's important to remember to switch off the noise canceling button plus the power button. This is very important or the battery will run dead.

Although these can easily fold down to fit into the case, somehow they are still a bit bulky with the padded ear pads. So definitely be aware of that.
Power Source
One of the best features on the TaoTronics TT-BH060 is the power capabilities. These come with an impressive thirty hours worth of listening time. Stream wirelessly all day long or plugin when the battery is low, but you can easily make it through a full day wirelessly with this battery life.

Also comes with a new hyper speed charge, where you can charge up in just five minutes and you'll get two hours of full sound. The full charge is what gives you the thirty hours playtime. It's important to note that these do not have any power saving features.
Coming in at under seventy US dollars you are looking at a budget pair of headphones that has a lot of bang for the buck. Of course, the actual sound quality is not the best in the market, but for the price, you are looking at something that works and that will get you through the day. Most of the competition is priced well above this price so at this price tag and with the noise canceling technology you are getting what you spend.

Basically, they are affordable, noise-canceling headphones that have great battery life.
Key Features
- Superior battery life coming in at thirty hours
- Quick charge for those last minute needs
- Noise Cancellation technology
- The foldable design and hard carrying case
- Fun colors for the style
- Loud bass for the bass lovers
- Bluetooth 5.0 capability
Bottom Line
A solid over-ear pair of headphones with noise-canceling technology comes the TaoTronics TT-BH060. If you are on a budget and looking for a good pair of noise-canceling headphones that are not earbuds, we've found a pair for you. If you are planning to wear them for long periods of time and in a warm climate then we would advise searching elsewhere but if you only need to pop this on for short periods of time and somewhere that is room temperature or cooler these are definitely a great option.

The long battery life and option to connect to a wire makes them even more interesting to purchase. Overall for the price, this is a good purchase.
Where to Buy
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Where to buy
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