Team Running: All About Ragnar Racing

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A Once In A Lifetime Team Running Experience Team Running: All About Ragnar Racing

Do you like to run? Do you have friends who like to run? Do you want to meet other people who like to run? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Ragnar Racing is for you!

What is Ragnar Racing?

Ragnar racing is an overnight running relay, consisting of both long and short distances, that take place in some of the most wonderful places in the country (and world). Over a two day, one night stretch, teams of runners push themselves to their limits, on very little sleep, surrounded by friends and a community of runners.

Ragnar Racing is for runners of all levels. If your competitive, rally your team to try and beat the other teams in your division. If you’re looking for a fun activity to do, simply make it your goal to run the course and cross the finish line as a team. Ragnar Racing is about coming together and accomplishing something you could never do alone. Ragnar is truly the perfect race for runner.

There are two different types of Ragnar races to choose from: Ragnar Relay or Ragnar Trail.  A Ragnar Relay will consist of 12 runners and 2 vans. The goal, conquer 200-ish miles of road running. A Ragnar Trail Race will consist of 8 runners and a camp site.  The goal, conquer a set of gritty trail loops.

What does a Ragnar Relay Race Look Like?

Teams running from point A to point B, on road shoulder, bike paths, sidewalks, backroads, and paved trails. You can form a 12 or 6 person team to complete this race. If you chose to form a 6-person team, Ragnar will pair you with another 6-person team to form a full team of 12 runners. If you’re looking for a harder challenge, take on the full 200 miles with a 6-person Ultra team.

In true relay race form, only one team member is running at a time. The rest of the team piles into 2 SUVs or Van to cheer on and drive ahead to the following relay-runner check-point. Each team member runs three legs. Each leg ranges between 3-13 miles and each leg varies in difficulty. On average, each team member will run a total of 17 miles.

What does a Ragnar Trail Race Look Like?

Teams run relay style on 3 different single trails. Each trail starts and finishes at Ragnar Village. A typically team consists of 8 runners. If you’re looking for a harder challenge, complete the race with a 4-person Ultra team. Teams run day and night until every runner has successfully completed all three trail loops. Each loop is label Green (Easiest), Yellow (Intermediate), and Red (Hardest). On average, each team member will run close to a half marathon.

In-between loops, runners get to enjoy Ragnar Village. Each team is also given a small camping site to convert into their own home away from home.

Who Should Sign-Up for a Ragnar Race?

Anyone who is looking a new adventure should immediately sign-up for a Ragnar Race. If you like the outdoors, sign-up. If you enjoy camping, sign-up. If you want to try a new style of running, sign-up. If you’re looking for a way to meet new people, sign-up.

Why Should You Sign-Up for a Ragnar Race?

There is no doubt about it, running and completing a Ragnar Race is hard work. It’s a two day and one night fight to the finish. However, having encouragement and support from your teammates and/or an entire village of other runners is a total boost of confidence and an almost guaranteed finished race.

If you’re a seasoned or competitive runner, Ragnar Races are for you. Take on the challenge of forming an Ultra team and completing either 200 miles with 6 runners or take on completing 4 Marathons back-to-back with 4 runners. If you’re a new or beginning level runner, Ragnar Races are for you. There is no time limit for any leg of the relay races. You have an entire weekend to complete the entire race. This is a fun way to start logging some racing miles.

Ragnar Races span the entire length of the United States and Canada (as well as across the world). If you’re a runner who likes to travel, this is great way to visit locations you may never get to see again. Have you ever wanted to visit Hawaii, Colorado, or Quebec but, didn’t know where to start logistically? Look at the different Ragnar Races and let your journey begin.








What’s Special About Ragnar Trail Races?

Ragnar Village is a once in a lifetime experience. Ragnar Village is like Woodstock for runners. Each running loop starts and finishes in the center of the village. The village contains phone charging stations, music, activities, and food for purchase. Salomon (and other shoe vendors), provide shoe demos and allow runners to run a trail loop in a pair of their shoes, at no cost. At night, the Village provides a free community dinner along with elaborately-lit campsites, and beverages available for purchase. Ragnar Village is very much like a round the clock festival of runners.

You’re guaranteed to meet new people and make life-long friends. Tents are clustered together to form one gigantic camp site. Due to the amount of time between race loops and the party-like atmosphere, socializing is inevitable.  The trails are very much the main event, but runners tend to return year after year, for the village experience.

Ragnar Racing whether it is Relay or Trail, is a running experience unlike any other. It is a fantastic opportunity to surround yourself with other runners, gain racing experience, and enjoy a full weekend of racing fun!