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The 6 Best Things About The Disney Princess Half

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Some of the best things about the Disney Princess Half is not having to worry about water and celebrating in the parks after. The 6 Best Things About The Disney Princess Half www.runnerclick.com

Running the Disney Princess Half is an experience like none other. And while many finishers reveal how magical and fun it is to run Disney, there are lots of other things they don’t tell runners.

This includes some of the negatives associated with the event such as standing around for an hour just to start the race for some. But there are just so many positives about this event that outweighs these little things by far.

Some of the best parts of the race for some includes running under Cinderella’s castle and posing for a picture with their favorite character. But this is just a few typical things that pretty much every soon to be Princess Half finisher enjoys.

These are the best things about the Disney Princess Half that no one tells runners about.

1. The Costumes 

For a first-timer, it’s easy to feel silly leaving the hotel dressed in a tutu. But upon arrival, runners might feel left out if they aren’t dressed in costume. In fact, looking at all the costumes is half the fun. 

Embrace your creative side and channel your in Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather when it comes to planning your race outfit because the costumes really are one of the best parts of the race. People get really into their costumes, with a runner recreating the Haunted Mansion for hers this year, complete with light-up ghosts. Many people go in pairs like Moana and Hei-Hei or Beauty and Beast. 

Photo: Run Disney | Facebook

Race photos look that much better when dressed up. That’s why creating the costume beforehand is a must. And there are levels to these costumes. Some go simple with a tutu and princess crown headband while others are in full-on costume (either purchased or made) of the Disney character.

Have fun with it and leave all insecurities back at home. Embrace your inner kid and play dress up for the race. 

The race expo does sell outfits, skirts, shirts, sparkly sneakers and headbands for those who didn’t create a costume but want to join in on the fun before race day.

2. Getting On The Jumbotron

Right before the race starts runners lined up at their corrals watch the entertainment from the Disney Princess Half MC’s. And while their energy can be a bit much so early in the morning while waiting to run, runners might get a chance to be featured on the jumbotron. This happens at random but there is a chance of being interviewed briefly or showed off for all to see that costume. It might not sound like much, but runners get their 30-seconds of fame, giving that extra boost of excitement before taking off. 

3. All That Water

Another one of the best things of the Disney Princess Half is just how much water is on the course. Runners don’t need to bring water with them unless they feel better about doing so or if it’s really hot and humid. Even with that the case, expect to see water stations about every two miles. This runner never saw—and drank—so much water during a race. It’s great to know runners will be properly hydrated. 

Just as related is the cool, wet sponges given out around mile 10 when the sun is beaming down on runners on the highway stretch. Runners are also given cooling towels upon finishing that feels so good on the neck after getting that medal. 

And in case you are wondering there are lots of porta potties available along the course. Runners actually wait in short bathroom lines pre-race, which is something that is unheard of in the running world.

4. Running With Your Sidekick

Photo: Run Disney | Facebook

Bring along the Timon to your Pumba, the Hei-Hei to your Moana, the Sully to your Mike Wazowski. Because this best part of running the Princess Half is doing it alongside your best running buddy. It’s hard not to get that Toy Story “You Got A Friend In Me Vibes” while running side-by-side under the Castle. Running can be such a solo sport, but doing this race with friends makes it one of the best experiences. You ain’t never had a friend like me the one helping you mentally cross that finish line.

5. The Merchandise

Everyone wants these really exclusive medals. The characters for the Princess Half change every year, making each one a gem of its own. But it’s the race expo merchandise that is really the pot of gold during Princess Weekend. 

Photo: Lauren Keating

All finishers get a Princess Half Marathon race t-shirt. But the expo sells various different shirts, running jackets, long sleeve jersey shirts, official ears to be worn in the parks after, car magnets, and more. Take your time browsing all the items. The last thing you want is to regret not getting that wine glass or commemorative item and then seeing it being sold online for double the price.

Another tip to know is that the Orlando International Airport sells some run Disney items for last minute needs and wants. 

6. Going To The Parks After

Disney theme park tickets are not included with race entry, but it’s totally worth going to a park afterward. First off, the runner is already there on Disney property. Just take the free transportation to the desired park or stay at Epcot. The race is fun in its own right, but celebrating with a day of rides is the only way to do it. This is the perfect time to rock that new merch and to wear that medal proudly all day.