The Benefits of Social Media for Running

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Social media has become an excellent tool for getting plugged into the wider running community! The Benefits of Social Media for Running

The benefits of social media are far-reaching, and continue to grow as our culture becomes more and more reliant on social media for work, relationships, and day to day happenings. Social media has allowed us to keep up with friends and family who have moved away and may no longer live nearby, has created new jobs and careers and new technology with which we can study and try and improve upon, and has made it easier and more efficient to access information of every shape and size at the drop of a hat. Plus, it is fun! It can be the needed “mental break” that we crave in the midst of a horribly busy day (although, we are privy to admit that sometimes it can be a little TOO fun and we have to remind ourselves that there are still tasks to check off the to-do list!).  Social media has definitely helped change and shape the world of running too. Whether you have been in the business of running and racing for many years or are a newbie to the game, social media can really help you improve your running, give you motivation, and help you succeed in accomplishing your running goals!

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Tips and Tricks

Just like there are loads of cooking and baking social media accounts that give you holiday-themed dessert and dinner ideas, and style and lifestyle accounts that keep you up-to-speed on what fashion is trending, and travel accounts that virtually transport you to some of the world’s most beautiful places, there are a plethora of running social media accounts that can offer excellent advice and give you ideas for your next run. Running accounts can provide you with your next race’s training plan to help get you ready for that marathon. Whether you are a treadmill junky or prefer to hit the nature trails, running social media accounts can give you ideas on how to change up your routine, throw in speed and interval training that will improve your performance, give you ideas and tips on how to fuel your running, (before, during, and after) and explain how to care for those pesky running injuries. Sometimes, running social media platforms are the perfect cross-section of many of the other types of social media accounts we mentioned above: they will keep your running wardrobe up to date with some of the best, cutest, and most functional running apparel available, they will broaden your horizons and give you ideas about where you next destination location race should be, (there’s nothing quite as tempting as seeing pictures from a race with routes alongside beautiful coastlines, through tropical jungles, and surrounded by some of the world’s most famous landmarks!) and can give you the perfect post-run peanut butter and banana smoothie recipe to help fuel your recovery in between meals.

Motivation, Motivation, Motivation!

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is the best way to get a jump start on accomplishing your goals, and the same is true in the world of running. If your news feed is filled with inspirational and motivational running social media accounts, it is more likely to get you excited about running, trying a new workout, and can be the motivation you need when that early alarm clock goes off to get you out of bed and on the trail. Social media not only connects us to our current friends and family but can create an entirely new group of running buddies. Your virtual running community can keep you accountable and provide you with a support system of other runners in the same boat as you (be that a beginner or chasing your goal of running a marathon in every state, and everyone in between!) that you can reach out to and learn from, lean on during the tougher times, and check in with every single day.

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When In Doubt… Ask The Pros!

Gone are the days of simply drooling over our favorite celebrities and professional athletes from our living room couches while we watch them on television. Social media has really helped close the gap and degrees of separation between you and your favorite elite athletes. Following your favorite professional runners on social media opens you up to not only a glimpse into their everyday lives, but can be a crazy awesome source of inspiration when it comes to not just running, running nutrition, and recovery, but can help you juggle it with the other loves of your life while maintaining your sanity! Sure, you might not be getting paid to run like these guys, but you can guarantee that they know the struggle of a 4 am wake-up call to squeeze in their training before the kids get up for school! And some of the best runners out there are also some of the most personable people you will ever meet. A lot of them WANT you to reach out, ask questions about running and benefits, send messages, and get more involved in the world of running. Don’t be shy!

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Medal Monday gives bling bragging rights
Don’t Be Afraid To Brag About Yourself A Little!

Okay, we know this one’s a little egotistical… but sometimes it is exactly the motivation you need to at least get started! When you accomplish those dreams – from big ones like your first marathon to little ones like completing a full mile without stopping – and share them on social media, you might be surprised to find out who of your friends and followers are going to champion you and get behind you! It can be a wonderful boost of confidence, but beyond that, it’s a new way for you to share your life and your world with the people you love the most! When your close friends have babies, buy a home, or do something else that is meaningful to them, don’t you want to hear about it! The same is true for you, pal! People want to know about your running accomplishments, and you’ve definitely earned those bragging rights!