Theragun Prime 4th Generation Massage Gun

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Editor’s Conclusion
Many massage guns claim to give you the same caliber of a massage as a masseuse, but the Theragun Prime actually delivers. What I love most about the 4th generation of this design is that it hosts some pretty beneficial updates as compared to previous models that will ensure that you use it to the best of its ability, instead of rubbing it casually on your muscles and waiting for a miracle!

Sleek features include a silent commercial-grade motor, OLED screen for quick adjustments, long battery life, and Bluetooth compatibility right to your smartphone.

If your muscles are tight and tired after your workouts, the Theragun Prime 4th generation is like having a masseuse right in your home, without the need to drop your clothes in front of a stranger. It may cost more than other devices, but I think that it is well worth every penny!
Theragun Prime 4th Generation Massage Gun Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Super silent commercial-grade motor

Targeted massage based upon workouts

Bluetooth compatible

Comes with 2 batteries that last up to 150 minutes

Ergonomic grip

Light up OLED screen



Head attachments crack easily

Key Features

Key Features


One of the best features that I noted about Theragun Prime is its ability to craft a personalized massage based on your workouts. Simply load up the Bluetooth compatible app, and plug in your last workout. If you went for a 5-mile run, it will give you massage suggestions for targeted muscle groups that are most likely sore. I am not a trained masseuse, so when I use these massage guns I often just hold them over sore muscles and hope for the best!

This design not only tells you exactly when on the body to place the massage gun but also how long you should place it, as well as the style of the head to use.

The Bluetooth compatibility also adjusts the speed of the head based upon the workout you selected. It can raise or lower the speed of the head as you work through your massage for skilled and targeted relief, just like going to a masseuse. If you want to create your own message, don’t worry. The easy-to-use OLED screen also allows you to manually adjust the speed of the head.


The OLED screen on the top of the unit lights up to make various settings quick and easy to toggle between. It isn’t bogged down with complicated settings that require an afternoon spent reading an instruction manual. Simply press the speed button along the top, and the speed lights indicate the speed of the massage ball attachment. This screen also indicates how much time is left on your battery to ensure you don’t run out of juice in the middle of a massage.

Plus, the use of an OLED screen has a host of other beneficial features. First of all, OLED screens are far more durable than standard LCD displays. If you accidentally drop your device, you need not worry about the screen breaking. Plus, OLED is much brighter than standard screens, making the speed settings super easy to read, even in bright rooms.


One of the things that I love most about Theragun Prime is the silent commercial-grade motor. Many budget-friendly massage guns can be quite powerful, but they also sound like a jet engine! This design is equipped with a QX65 commercial-grade motor that is virtually silent. You can make speed adjustments that top out at 2,400 RPM (which is sure to knock those knots in your muscles into the next county!), and down to a more gentle 750 RPM with many steps in-between.

Speed adjustments for those designs can be adjusted in 5 different ways. It has a low setting, three medium settings, and a high setting. All of these speeds are indicated clearly on the easy-to-read OLED screen on the top of the device. I love that you can adjust the speed right on the device, or you can make small adjustments to the speed with the help of the compatible app.


The Pro model comes with 4 useful attachments that simply screw on to the base of the head. These attachments are broken down into various impact levels that are designed for different muscle groups. The dampener attachment is rated at a 3 out of 10, and is designed for more delicate and boney areas, such as joints and feet. Plus, this attachment is ideal for those with more sensitive skin that still want a targeted massage while taking it easy on their skin!

The standard ball is made for most areas of the body and has an impact rating of 5 out of 10. When in doubt, go with the standard ball! The thumb attachment is a 7 out of 10 on the impact scale and made to really dig into those bigger muscle groups, especially in your lower back. Lastly is the cone attachment that is rated 10 out of 10, and is ideal for smaller muscle groups such as hands and feet.

There is one more important attachment worth noting, but it is only available with the Theragun Elite model (that costs about 100 bucks more than the Pro). The wedge attachment is designed to scrape muscles to release lactic acid, and clocks in at a 5 out of 10 on the impact scale. I love the edge attachment because it can trigger larger muscles on your body with one swoop, and it is ideal for heavy weight lifting days that leave your muscles impossibly sore.


There is nothing worse than sore muscles and a massage gun that has run out of juice. The Theragun Prime is built to avoid such a heart-breaking scenario. It comes with two sets of rechargeable batteries, so you will always have a charged battery ready to go when your current one needs a charge!

One battery is able to run for just about 150 minutes on a single charge, even when used at the highest setting. Once that battery dies, simply pop it out and replace it with the spare extra battery and get to work. When compared to previous Thergun models, the battery life far outshines even the 3rd generation of this model.


While it may look like a power too based upon the triangular design, this shape actually serves a pretty important function. The triangular shape handles allow you to adjust how your hold it which makes it a little bit easier to reach targeted muscle groups without the help of a second pair of hands.

The ergonomic multi-grip allows you to hold it confidently in your hands either at the base or towards that back that makes it easier to tackle hard-to-reach muscle groups, especially in your lower back and hips.

Comparison to Previous Versions

Comparison to Previous Versions

There have been quite a few updates to the 4th generation of Theragun Prime. The most notable upgrade is the inclusion of Bluetooth technology that pairs your device with your phone. This compatible app lets you plug in your previous workout, and it offers suggestions of muscle groups to work, as well as the duration spent on each muscle. It even adjusts the speed of the ball so you get the perfect amount of relief.

As this device has evolved over the previous generations, so has the quality of the motor. The 4th generation has developed a motor that is much quieter than previous versions without sacrificing power or effectiveness. One of the biggest functional improvements to the 4th iteration is the duration of the battery life. One battery lasts up to 150 minutes, which is almost double that of the 3rd generation!


Overall, I found that this version of Theragun Prime is worth every penny. I most likely wouldn’t have come to the same conclusion if this were a review of the first, second, or third generation of this device. The addition of the compatible app is a real game-changer. If you have no experience in muscle therapy, the compatible app does all of the research for you! All you need to do is plug in your workout, and the app not only tells you the muscle groups to target, but it also adjusts the speed of the ball to really work out the kinks.

One issue that I found with previous users is that sometimes the heads crack easily. Sometimes it’s a matter of a weak head, other times it is due to users screwing it on just a little too tightly. Regardless of the reason your head cracked, Theragun is pretty good about quickly sending you a new replacement part.

I know that the steep price tag seems a little intimidating, especially when there are a ton of budget-friendly devices out there on the market. However, this compact device delivers a lot more than a rumble feature at the end of a long ball. It has a much longer battery life than most, and a thoughtful design that makes it easy to target hard-to-reach muscle groups. The curated massages and the powerful yet quiet motor gives you the benefits of a massage without the need to even leave your house.