Why Do Runners Run? 8 Things Every Runner Hates

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Here are 8 things every runner hates Why Do Runners Run? 8 Things Every Runner Hates www.runnerclick.com

People who don’t run usually think runners are crazy.  And honestly, most runners will agree with them. Runners wake up early on their days off. Runners spend ungodly amounts of money on equipment and gear. Runners push themselves to their breaking points just to shave off a few seconds on their personal bests.

Don’t get me wrong, runners truly love to run. Ask any runner why they run and you’ll hear responses such as “Having time to myself”, “The adrenaline rush”, “Feeling good and looking good”, “The feeling of accomplishment”.

For runners, running is more than just a hobby or sport. Running is a lifestyle. Running takes over every single aspect of a person’s life. Running will dictate what you eat, what your daily activities are, and when you go to sleep. Runners are consistently weighing the pros and cons of the sport. And like anything else, running comes with some major annoyances.  Listed below are some of the major annoyances that every runner runs into (no pun intended) and that every runner utterly hates.

All Things Involving Physical Pain and Discomfort

Blisters, chafing, losing toenails, hip and knee injuries, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Bursitis, Athletes foot, heel spur, shin splints, calf strains, Metatarsal fracture, LCL sprain, Gilmore’s groin, and extensor tendonitis… Just to name a few.


Water, light breakfast, water, light snack, water, light lunch, water, light snack, water, larger dinner but, not to large, water, light snack, water. Running can burn hundreds of calories per run (depending on the length and intensity level). However, runners can’t intake that many additional calories in their day.  The results could be some unwanted weight gain.


When it rains or snows, running is hard. When the temperature is over 75 degrees or below 45 degrees, running is hard. When there is too much or too little wind, running is hard. Unless it is a cool and crisp 60 degrees with slight sunshine and a refreshing breeze, the weather is a runner’s arch enemy.

All Things in a Race You Can’t Control

First, there is having to stop in the middle of a personal best setting race pace to use the Porta Potty, not to mention the long lines at said Porta Potties. How about runners who stop dead in their tracks in the center of the aid/water stations? Or how about other racers who refuse to let you pass no matter how slow they are going?

Every Day Running Annoyances

Your running app is taking forever to locate a GPS signal. Then the same running app stops working mid run and you don’t realize it until you go to check your time at the very end of your run.   Then there’s the sad song that ends up in the middle of your running playlist, headphones that will not stay in place no matter what kind you have or where you position them,  groups of other people who take up the entire walkway forcing you to run in the road around them. Let’s not forget getting stopped at an intersection,  catcalling and honking from people and cars who pass you by, and last but not least, trying out a new GU flavor and being utterly disappointed and/or disgusted.  And still, we run.

Dogs Off-Leash

No matter where runners run, they are bound to see a dog off-leash. While dog owners are extremely excited and proud to show off their pup’s obedience skills, this is simple not a fun experience. Dogs off-leash could be a.) overly friendly or b.) have escaped a leash, harness, and/or muzzle and could be aggressive. Either way, dogs off-leash cause a major frustration and potential hazard for runners. What could be so bad about a super friendly dog? Well for starters they may try and chase you down to get some attention. Once they get to you they will jump and lick you to death, causing a runner’s focus and running time to be completely destroyed.  Aggressive dogs, speak for themselves. They bark, growl, chase corner, and bite.

The Track

This used to be a runner’s saving grace. Want to get a nice long distance run in and not worry about getting lost? Head to a track. Want to get in a speed workout? Head to the track. Runners use to be able to head to a local track for low-key, peace and quiet, training. Well, not anymore! Now tracks have become nothing short of a quarter mile, human filled, obstacle course. Runners now have to deal with power-walkers, football gear-drop-off zones, sports moms and dads crowding the inside lanes watching the games and cheering on their kids, and unsupervised children who play jump rope, talk to you nonstop, and run around like mini lunatics.

Obsession with Running Times

Whether a runner is competitive or running for fun, beating their last personal best is always on their mind. This is both conscious and subconscious. Runners obsess about new gear, better technique, running in different environments, eating right, and pushing harder just to beat their last fastest time. Why do they do this? Generally speaking, setting a fixed goal and striving towards it, is extremely rewarding. Measuring progress along the way and then finally beating your goal is an amazing feeling. However, in running, there is never an end to these timed goals. For example, say for the first time ever, a runner just finished a marathon in less than 4 hours. That’s an incredible feat. All their hard work and dedication paid off. They reward themselves with a huge cheat meal and are happy for about a day (maybe 2-3).  What happens next? They immediately think “Well, if I did it in under 4 hours, I can do it in under 3:45”. Thus the vicious cycle begins again.

Running comes with a ton of baggage. Most non-runners don’t understand that your passion, dedicated training sessions and races themselves have bumps in the roads.  Overall, there are probably a thousand reason why runners shouldn’t run. However, at the end (or beginning of the day) runners laces up their shoes and head out for a run. Running makes you live longer and feel alive. So, even with all the above annoyances, runners will always push through to continue to run.