Timex Expedition Scout 40mm Watch Review

Timex's Expedition line is known and widely praised for its range of simple yet rugged outdoor watches. One of the most basic designs is the Expedition Scout, which was released in 2014. Although it's noticeably smaller and sleeker, it still proves to be an incredibly helpful and versatile accessory.

It has the same analog set-up as all other watches in this line, complete with the brand's QuickDate feature. It's known to be water-resistant in up to 50 meters. And finally, an Indiglo night light assists greatly in low light environments.



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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
-Comfortable fit
-Very lightweight
-Easy to use
-Versatile wear
-Reasonably priced
-Lacks overall durability
-Limited water resistance
Key Features
Although it doesn't have a very rugged build or additional tracking features, the Expedition Scout still proves to be surprisingly versatile. Those who either don't need the tracking and monitoring or simply want to tune out during their runs can absolutely wear this watch when they run and hike. Of course, it also makes a terrific accessory for everyday living.

It is also designed to be water-resistant in up to 50 meters, which makes it fit for the occasional swim and runs through harsh forms of weather. And the inclusion of the brand's Indiglo light-up watch dial helps out greatly with all activities in low-light environments.
Basic Features
The Expedition Scout has a very basic design that allows it to work in almost any environment. Its materials are simple, with mineral glass being used for its lens and matte resin or metal forming the casing that holds it together. Buyers are also able to choose between having a leather or nylon strap, depending on their personal preferences, and both can be attached with a buckle.

Its analog design features both the standard time setting and army time, so a wider range of buyers can use this watch. Minute, hour, and second hands are present, as is the QuickDate feature on the right side. And, finally, a single knob is fixed to the three o'clock location for easy settings and adjustments.
Advanced Features
Since the Expedition Scout is so simple, it doesn't come with too many advanced features. Yet one that does stand out is its Indiglo Night Light, which can be activated by pressing on the knob. This one proves to be extremely helpful at night or in low-light environments.

Buyers are also highly impressed with this watch's level of water resistance. All listings state that it can stay fully functional in up to 50 meters of water, which greatly enhances its overall versatility.
Although most reviews don't go into detail about the Expedition Scout's levels of accuracy, those that do indicate this watch continues to give the correct time and date without ever slowing down or lagging behind. While some models have been known to fall behind at least a few minutes, and after only a few months, this one stays accurate throughout its three-to-five-year run. The same goes for the QuickDate feature as it helps buyers remember the current date and their busy schedule.
The Expedition Scout is a standard analog watch that relies on a lithium battery, as opposed to a smartwatch that utilizes a wireless connection. As a result, there's no need for the buyer to worry about connecting it to a mobile device or making sure that it maintains its signal throughout the day.

Buyers who prefer a simpler watch that doesn't require a lot of attention and allows them to disconnect from the world would definitely want to consider this one. It's also a good choice when buyers want to switch over to a simpler watch that will just tell time and not draw too much attention.
Since the Expedition Scout does not rely on any sort of wireless connectivity to function, it also does not include any applications or other special features. So those who prefer their watches to be simple, don't need additional tracking features for workouts, or just need something to help them tune out for a while would definitely want to consider this one.

On the other hand, this watch would prove to be very dull and disappointing to those who have grown used to smartwatches or active consumers who need extra tracking and monitoring throughout the day. Unless they need another model for work or more casual settings, they won't find any reason to purchase it.
Most buyers find the Expedition Scout to be very comfortable, thanks to its simple build and chosen materials. Whether its casing is matte or metallic, the texture is always completely smooth against the wearer's skin. And the use of either leather or nylon proves to be completely non-irritating.

Even the size and build of this watch add to its overall wear. All of its measurements are within the average range for a wristwatch, allowing it to be as non-invasive as possible. And its weight of four ounces is actually very light for a standard men's model.
While there's nothing that's too outstanding about the Expedition Scout's overall look, it still makes a decent accessory for casual outfits and everyday settings. It features a traditional analog design, which includes both standard and army times, and the QuickDate feature is very noticeable. Its smooth casing is outfitted with only a single knob, and the option of selecting a leather or nylon band gives buyers two eye-catching textures to choose from.

One of this watch's greatest selling points is the wide variety of color options available. While the leather band is always available in brown, black, or tan, the nylon option is also sold in blue or green. The casing, on the other hand, is always either matte black or metallic silver.
Reviews are incredibly mixed when it comes to the Expedition Scout's level of durability. There are plenty of buyers who have had positive experiences with the watch whenever they used it for trail-running or hiking, saying that it never sustained any external damage and continued to function properly. And the fact that it can still work in up to 50 meters of water means that it can easily hold up to frequent swims and harsh weather.

However, a large number of reviewers have claimed that this watch fell apart on them after a very short period of time. They've stated that the hands came loose, the band started to wear and tear, or that it just stopped working altogether. The lens material has also been known to chip and crack very easily upon impact.
The Expedition Scout's lens is made from mineral quartz, which is the standard material for watches that aren't meant for heavy workouts or rough terrains. Although many reviewers have commented that it holds up surprisingly well, it is still known to be susceptible to chipping, cracking, and even shattering.

It's hard casing, which holds everything together, is typically made with either metal or matte black resin. It also measures 40mm in diameter and is 11mm wide, which is also standard for wristwatches. This also means that it will never feel heavy getting in the way of the wearer's activities.

This model features the traditional analog display with minute, hour, and second hands, as well as the hour numbers, featured prominently. Army Time is also included for those who prefer to use that method, and a QuickDate feature is included on the right side to further help buyers keep track of their daily schedules.
Buyers get to choose between two different band options when purchasing the Expedition Scout. They can pick either a smooth leather or a more textured and durable nylon version. Although nylon might be more resistant against possible water damage it can still fray and tear over time, so buyers would have to weigh their options carefully.

Which every one they decide to choose, all buyers are still guaranteed the same size. Each one includes the standard width measurement of 20mm, or 0.78 inches, to keep it from feeling too big or overwhelming while on the buyer's wrist. And while its length can't be easily found, it's likely that it can easily fit any wrist between five and eight inches around.

Of course, the fact that both versions are known to come in a wide range of colors is also an added bonus for consumers.
The Expedition Scout seems to be about the average size all around for a wristwatch. Its casing measures in at 40mm, or 1.57 inches, in diameter, and its thickness at 11mm, or 0.43 inches. When paired with a band that measures 20mm wide and can fit any wrist between five and eight inches, buyers have something that will be very easy to wear and won't feel cumbersome at any point during the day.

Its Amazon listings also have it weighing in at four ounces, which might seem a bit heavy for some buyers but actually is said to feel very light. Of course, this is a men's watch so it may feel different when on a woman's wrist. And while it's not available in women's sizing, some female buyers still might be able to comfortably wear it.
Ease of Use
Since it doesn't come with any specialized features, apps, or a need to be constantly charged, the Expedition Scout is built for anyone even if they aren't used to smart technology. All they have to do in order to set the time or date is pull out the knob, turn it until it's set to where they need it, and then press it back in. This also makes things a bit easier when the buyer is traveling outside of their usual time zone.

Of course, it should be mentioned that this is all based entirely on personal preferences. Those who are used to relying on smartwatches might find the experience of wearing and using this model to be a bit jarring. Although once they get the hang of using its dial, things should run smoothly from there.

Furthermore, this watch will only be easy to use when it's in working order
Power Source
The Expedition Scout requires no charging or constant monitoring of its battery life, which is very convenient for those who aren't ready to commit to a smartwatch. Instead, it relies entirely on one small lithium-ion metal battery to be fully functional.

What's even better is that each battery is created to last anywhere between three and five years, just as long as the buyer takes proper care of this watch. Any replacements can easily be purchased online for less than three dollars per set, and those who are intimidated by the process of changing a watch battery can find several easy-to-follow tutorials online.
Another plus side about many Timex models is how reasonably priced they are, and the Expedition Scout is no exception. It can be purchased from the brand's website for only $57, and many incredible deals are available at other retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target. Even sites that include eBay, Jet, and Overstock carry this watch at affordable prices.

After multiple internet searches, it becomes clear that most buyers feel that this watch is an amazing bargain. This is thanks to its simple yet functional design, incredible versatility, and its extremely long battery life. Others state that it also proves to be surprisingly durable and can last them through multiple wears and the occasional swim.

However, there are still a large number of reviewers who felt that this watch wasn't sturdy enough. While it's not clear if they simply received a bad model or if they did not take proper care of it, its limited durability was still very noticeable.
Key Features
-QuickDate feature
-Indiglo light-up watch dial
-Water-resistance in up to 50 meters
-Three-to-five year battery life
-Adjustable 20mm wrist band
-Multiple color options
-Leather or nylon strap
-Mineral glass lens
-$57 price tag
Bottom Line
Timex's Expedition Scout watch might not be as flashy or advanced as many of the other watches that are released today. It doesn't come with a wireless connection, tracking and monitoring features, or the option of using it for payments or music listening.

Yet those who prefer their watches to be on the simpler side are more than happy with what it does have to offer. It's analog setting allows multiple buyers to read it easily, and the QuickDate feature helps them greatly. Other features such as the Indiglo night light and its water-resistance allow it to be surprisingly versatile.

There are some things that are left to be desired, such as their inconsistent durability. Yet those who know how to properly care for it can easily keep this watch going for years without any issues at all.
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