TomTom Multisport

If you're looking for an affordable multi-sport watch solution, look no further than TomTom's latest offering. It's offered at a price that few other watches in its class are able to match, and it has all of the features you'd be expecting.  It has an ultra-slim design, meaning that it won't be obtrusive. On top of this, it features vibration alerts that allow you to keep running while knowing how your run is going. The watch's face is super tough, and when you couple that with the fact that the watch is so light and thin, this would make a great watch for someone looking to compete in a mud run. You can even use this watch to track your activity indoors, and you can go up to 165 feet underwater without worrying about doing any damage to the watch.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Slim and light hardware
  • Handy bike latch
  • Simple interface
  • Accurate for swimming
  • Quickly locates position for cycling
  • Cons
    • Users had issues with the TomTom website
    • Some later features needed updates to be implemented
    • Key Features
      In terms of the activities that you can use the TomTom Multisport for, it's best for those who are looking to run, cycle and swim. As you might expect, the watch works best for those looking to run, and a unique distinction here is that the watch is just as effective for those who are looking to run on a treadmill. Cycling is also easily tracked here, with the watch utilizing both your speed sensor and GPS signal to figure out your position and provide the most accurate data. Along with these activities, you can also use the watch for miscellaneous exercises such as circuit training by making use of the included stopwatch.
      Basic Features
      One of the best parts about the TomTom Multisport is that it has a high resolution display that takes up a fair amount of real estate without getting in your way as you compete. This means that you can easily track your pace, distance, and time with a quick glance as you're performing. The crisp display on the watch means that you won't have to take your eyes away from the road or pool for too long, allowing you to get important data without being distracted. TomTom has incorporated full-screen graphics to make this process even easier, and the sensors on this watch work for even if you're looking to do some indoor tracking.
      Advanced Features
      In terms of advanced features, the TomTom Multisport has a heart rate monitor, a system that tracks your cadence, full navigation, and water resistance up to 165 feet. It is true that this multi-sport watch doesn't have as many advanced features as some of the other watches out there of its kind, but for its price, this watch has plenty of features that any competitive athlete would be looking for in a device. This watch gives you the opportunity to monitor all of your pedal strokes in a way that's easy to incorporate into your routine - simply mount to your bike and you're good to go.
      One of the good things about the TomTom Multisport is that TomTom is constantly working to update this device to keep up with the needs of its users. This is the case with the watch's accuracy, where both the cycle and swim metrics were improved with further updates. Mounting the device to your bike as you're riding even further increases the watch's accuracy for things such as pedal stroke and the like, and you can expect accurate readings for step count and distance, as tracking data for running seems to be this watch's strong suit.
      In terms of connectivity, the TomTom Multisport makes full use of Bluetooth Smart Technology to allow you to connect to a variety of optional accessories so you can get the most accurate reading. This will allow you to connect to the Cadence Sensor, the Heart Rate Monitor, and a variety of other sensors as well. The GPS connection itself syncs quickly, and you can then go on to connect your watch to the desktop app to get even more functionality out of the device. It's not enough to have a watch that can give you accurate data. In today's day and age, it's important that you have the proper connectivity to take your data anywhere.
      With the TomTom Multisport, you'll be able to sync your data with all of the popular running apps that are currently available, and even share them with your friends. This way, you can easily see where you're at compared to what all of your competitive goals are. On top of all of that, TomTom has an app that's been launched for Android and iOS that will support their functionality, allowing you to have your data ready no matter where you are. This means that TomTom will continuously be updating their app, keeping you up to date so that your watch doesn't go obsolete.
      As we've touched on earlier, the TomTom Multisport was specifically designed to be ultra slim and light, meaning that it won't get in your way as you run. The band on the watch is also relatively comfortable, meaning it will hold up just fine even for longer runs or swims.
      The TomTom Multisport is fairly minimalistic when it comes to style. It comes in a few different color options, including gray with green, red and black and black with pink. The flashiest color by far is the red, as it is the predominate color of the watch. Many users appreciated the slim, minimalistic design. If you are looking for an ultra-slim, simply designed watch that can handle just about any athletic need, the TomTom Multisport is the watch for you.
      In terms of durability, the TomTom Multisport definitely excels. It specifically makes use of a durable screen that's been designed to be scratch-resistant. Most watches will do you just fine for running or swimming, but what would happen if you accidentally took a tumble or maybe even wanted to go on a competitive mud run? With the TomTom Multisport, you don't have to worry. Despite its light weight and thin design, the TomTom Multisport will prove to be a durable sports watch.
      The face of the TomTom Multisport is large without being excessively big, making it so that you can easily access all of your data at a glance without the device taking up too much real estate on your arm. The style of the device is such that the face blends in nicely with the rest of the device. This seems like a simple thing to achieve, but some other multi-sport watches have fallen prey to over-emphasizing their watch faces at the expense of the rest of the watch's design. On the contrary, the TomTom Multisport does a good job of balancing out all of its design choices.

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      The band of the TomTom Multisport is very rigid and sturdy while still being flexible and adjustable enough to allow for a comfortable wearing experience as you're performing. It has several notches that you can adjust the fit to, and the overall construction of the band is conducive to a minimalistic, seamless fit. It's the kind of watch band that will help you forget that you are wearing a watch. TomTom with this watch elected to go the simple route and make a watch and a band that are minimalistic and classic.
      Sizes Available
      The TomTom Multisport only comes in one size, meaning that it will fit most users. This does mean that very small or very large wrists might not be able to be accommodated, but the vast majority of athletes will have no problem in terms of getting the proper fit.
      Ease of Use
      Many reviewers praised how easy the TomTom Multisport watch was to install all of the necessary and optional software for this device. The watch features a one-button control that is intuitive and allows you to access all of your data at a glance. The display is just as easy to read as it is durable, making it so that you won't have to waste time getting the information you need, allowing you to focus more on your activity. TomTom already has experience with GPS devices for traveling, so they know just how important ease of use is in a device. This is very apparent in their TomTom Multisport.
      Power Source
      The TomTom Multisport features a rechargeable battery that will give you up to a 10-hour battery life in GPS mode. This isn't the best battery life we've seen in fitness watches, but it is still quite impressive. This means you'll have no problem tracking some longer races such as marathons or ultra marathons. Users can even get several days worth of runs out of a single charge before having to charge it again.
      In terms of price, the TomTom Multisport is quite affordable, especially when compared to other watches in the field. As of the time of this writing, the TomTom Multisport will set you back less than $170, so this is a great entry for anyone who's just looking to get started in the realm of multi-sport watches. When you then consider that TomTom is an established name in the field, it becomes a no-brainer that their newest watch would be a great choice to get started with.
      The great thing about a watch like the TomTom Multisport is that it relies on Bluetooth functionality to open up the window toward smart accessories that can be easily synced to your device. In this way, you can really expand what your watch is capable of and move beyond just simple uses into things like tracking movements while cycling and the like. Optional accessories include a heart rate strap monitor and a cadence & speed sensor.
      Key Features
      - Indoor Tracker
      - Waterproof up to 165 ft.
      - QuickGPSFix
      - Swim Sensor
      - Altimeter
      - Cadence Sensor
      Bottom Line
      This watch offers plenty of unique features, even opening itself up to the possibility of syncing with a variety of accessories with Bluetooth technology. It's affordably priced and works well for a variety of activities including running, cycling and swimming. The fit is great for a watch of its type, and the styling is unique while still remaining classic. It's got a great battery life, and the screen display is large without getting too obtrusive. The latest offering from TomTom is definitely a great choice for any athlete.
      Where to Buy
      By Nicholas Olson
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      Where to buy
      Best offer on: Jul. 29. 2021

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