TomTom Spark

The TomTom Spark is what is considered an entry-level device as it does not have a ton of bells and whistles. It is the standard model in the Sparkline, as there are other devices within Spark that include other features. The TomTom Spark has the ability to track running, both indoor and outdoor, cycling, swimming, and other activities. It monitors a lot of different metrics depending on the activity but typically falls in line with all the different metrics users are looking for including duration, pace, distance, calories, and steps. With some included advanced features, including race mode, goal setting, and sleep monitoring, users still get more than just the basics. The watch also offers a high-quality display and a comfortable band. Users were impressed with the amount of setting that could be adjusted within the watch itself, without using a separate app. However, the watch does come with the ability to use the TomTom MySports app and other third-party apps. With the affordable price tag, this is a watch that users looking for a simple tracking device need to explore.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Affordable
  • Tracks running, cycling and swimming
  • Has treadmill tracking
  • Works with third-party apps
  • In-watch setting adjustments
  • Comfortable band
  • Great display
  • Cons
    • No smart notifications
    • App functionality
    • Not stylish
    • Key Features
      The TomTom Spark is an activity tracker and fitness watch that tracks various activities. The watch is set up to track performance while running, cycling, swimming, and training. All activities can be done outside or inside, as the watch is set up to work on a treadmill and in any pool. However, the device will not work in open water. The device is set up to monitor many different measurements including speed, distance, steps, calories burned and more. The TomTom Spark also has a sleep tracker to monitor how well the wearer is sleeping at night. The main feature of the TomTom Spark is outdoor running as it is what most reviewers used it for and it is most accurate.
      Basic Features
      The TomTom Spark monitors the typical distance, duration, calories, and steps. Depending on what activity you are participating in depends on what types of information is monitored. For example, if you are swimming, it monitors distance, duration, laps, speed, strokes, and calories. Depending on what activity you are participating in and what you would like to achieve, the TomTom Spark allows you to adjust goals for each item that is tracked so that they are personalized. Adjusting the goals is easily done with the watch settings, and the watch alerts you when you hit your goal by vibrating. The TomTom Spark is set up to handle the basic measurements that most wearers are looking for.
      Advanced Features
      The TomTom Spark has some advanced features that help people get motivated and stay on top of their training and activities. The watch allows users to set up their own goals and track their progress both daily and weekly. Goals can be set to track most measurements. There is also goal motivation that is showing as a wheel displaying progress toward that target, which could be distance, steps, calories or active minutes. The watch also has a race mode that saves past activities, so they can be used to race against past performances. A timed alarm can also be set. Reviewers were pleased with the number of items that could be set and adjusted on the watch itself without having to use an app. However, reviewers did note that the one feature missing is an idle notification that occurs on other watches when activity has stopped for a certain amount of time.
      The TomTom Spark performs well when it comes to the accuracy of its metrics. When compared with other devices, the data matched very closely when running in terms of duration and distance. The watch also performed well when swimming, tracking laps, distances, time and strokes accurately. The GPS also functions well and typically picks up signal quickly. When it comes to accuracy of running on a treadmill, it functions much like other devices, as it is not exact, but does what it can inside. Reviewers did not have any major complaints regarding the TomTom Spark’s data accuracy.
      The TomTom Spark's GPS functionality works well. The first time using it, connection takes a few seconds, or if you visit a new place, but otherwise GPS usually is quick to respond. When syncing data with the MySports app or other apps, the connectivity happens wirelessly and quickly. The connection does not appear to be an issue with the TomTom Spark.
      The TomTom Spark has the ability to work with the MySports app from TomTom or various third-party fitness apps, like STRAVA. This is probably the area where TomTom struggles the most, as the TomTom app is not very well designed. The TomTom Spark sends data wirelessly to the MySports app via BlueTooth. The MySports app allows the user to track data from the day but lacks the ability to see activity history. The app does give the user the ability to look back at totals and goal progress, but not specifics related to past days. Users felt that the way the data is presented within the app is disappointing, but appreciated TomTom’s recognition by working with third-party apps that track and show data better. To get data to the other third-party apps, the device must be plugged into a desktop computer so that the data can be exported. While this takes an extra step compared with the MySports app, users prefer doing this when data and insight are important in their training.
      The TomTom Spark offers a thin, streamlined design. Weighing in at approximately 46g, the lower weight should make for a comfortable wear. However, some users felt that the watch is a bit clunky. TomTom has managed to create a top fitness watch, but users felt that the watch was just not something they felt comfortable wearing all day long, as it is a very full-sized watch. Some other reviewers noted itchiness under the band after swimming. The TomTom Spark needs a little work in terms of sizing and comfort so that users feel better wearing for longer periods of time.
      The TomTom Spark offers a watch that is described as a streamlined and sleek watch. Weighing in at 46g, the watch is lighter and slimmed down compared to other TomTom devices. However, when wearing the watch, it does not feel light to many reviewers. Many felt that the watch felt and looked chunky and was not something they felt that they could wear all day. The watch is clearly a fitness device, and not something that looks stylish depending on the occasion. Style is definitely an area that needs some help for the TomTom Spark.
      The TomTom Spark is created to be a durable fitness device. The watch’s band is made of silicon and the face is able to withstand all kinds of conditions. Reviewers noted that they were able to wear the watch in all kinds of weather conditions without any issues. The watch is also water resistant, so rain would not affect the watch either. Durability is an issue with the band as many reviewers noted that the band broke in half.
      The TomTom Spark’s face is sized appropriately. With a display resolution of 144 x 168 and a display size of .87 x .98 in., the watch has a monochromatic screen that users appreciate. Reviewers felt that the display is one of the sharpest they had seen with a good ability to see progress and improved backlight. Users felt that the face and display are more improved from other TomTom devices.
      The TomTom Spark band is made of silicon material and is approximately .45 in. thick. Because of the silicon material, the band feels relatively comfortable and is able to move with the wearer. One issue related to comfort occurred after swimming, as some reviewers felt that the band was itchy. The band comes in two sizes, small and large. The Small is sized from 121-175mm and the large is sized from 143-206mm. In general, the band can fit wrist sizes from 4.76-6.89 in. Durability is an issue with the band as many reviewers noted that the band broke in half. However many felt that the bands are secure and comfortable.
      The TomTom Spark comes in two sizes, small and large. The small is 121-175mm and the large is 143-206mm. The watch is made to fit wrist sizes from 4.76-6.89 in. Reviewers felt good about the sizing of the watch, while still noting that it seemed secure yet comfortable.
      Ease of Use
      The TomTom Spark is relatively easy to use. The watch is primarily controlled by one button that allows the wearer to navigate the different menus. The button helps the user move up, right, left, down and up seamlessly. Many settings are able to be adjusted within the watch, including goals and training, whereas other watches the user needs to login to the app separately to adjust settings. If using the MySports app, the watch also easily transfers data between the watch and phone. However, users did note that they did not like the functionality on the MySports app. Users did not have access to the data they wanted and it did not provide insight like other apps on the market. This can be fixed by using other thirdparty apps that the watch works with. It just adds an extra step of needed to connect the device to a computer via the USB cord. The TomTom Spark, for the most part, is easy to use and offers more functionality within the watch itself.
      Power Source
      The TomTom Spark has a battery that can be charged via a charging cable. Depending on how the watch is being used and how many features are taken advantage of, the watch typically lasts up to 3 weeks. If the GPS is used, the battery time goes down to approximately 11 hours. Reviewers felt that the time was comparable to other similar devices on the market.
      The TomTom Spark is priced at $75. For a basic watch with a minimum amount of advanced features, the Spark runs on average compared to other similar watches. TomTom has other models with the Sparkline that have a bit more features, including music and heart rate tracking that increase in price with more features. Overall, the TomTom Spark is an affordable option for activity tracking.
      The TomTom Spark offers additional accessories that can be purchased separately. Some of the accessories that are offered are a desk dock, car charger, bike mount, heart rate monitor, and a cadence and speed sensor.
      Key Features
      - Versatility to work for many activities including running, biking, and swimming
      - Race Mode
      - Goal Tracking
      - Charging cable
      - MySports App
      - Works with third-party apps
      - 2 Sizes
      - Accessories available
      - In-watch setting adjustments
      Bottom Line
      The TomTom Spark is a fitness watch that does a good job tracking running, cycling, swimming, and other gym activities. This is a versatile device that while simple, provides a lot of data with good functionality. Users will appreciate the ease of use and being able to adjust many items from within the watch, as opposed to an app. The watch offers the typical data from activities, including duration, pace, distance, and calories, while also having some advanced features including race mode, goal tracking, and sleep monitoring. Overall, the watch is relatively comfortable, but reviewers did not feel like it was a great watch to wear all day long as it was a little clunky and not very stylish. Users also had an issue with the app that goes with the watch, the MySports app. It lacks the ability to see activity history and does not display data in a manner that many users enjoyed. However, TomTom has recognized this as an issue and now works with other third-party apps, like STRAVA. For an entry-level device, this is a relatively high-performing, yet simple device. Users looking for something simple for many activities will enjoy this watch.
      Where to Buy
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