Top 10 U.S. Spring Marathons in 2017

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2017 spring marathons Top 10 U.S. Spring Marathons in 2017

Have you been training all winter for a spring marathon, but still haven’t chosen the one you want to run? We got you covered.  The following list of top ten U.S. spring marathons is perfect for those looking for a fabulous destination and unique experience.

10. Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon

Where: Anchorage, Alaska

When: June 17, 2017

The Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon is held in late spring every year. This small race offers a unique opportunity to see a moose along a course, which mainly runs on the bike paths and trails. The incredible scenery of this course includes views of the Cook Inlet and Chugach Mountain Range. This race is not suitable for people looking for the big-city marathons, but for those who want to experience something off the path and enjoy the beauty of the Alaska‘s nature along the way.


9. Newport Marathon

Where: Newport, Oregon

When: June 3, 2017

Whether you want to earn a BQ or run your first marathon, you can achieve it at the Newport Marathon. This event draws about 1,000 runners every year. According to race officials, nearly half of all participants earn their personal records at this race. The best ones get the recycled glass medal. This fast course runs along the bay past attractive fishing villages and neighborhoods. It is largely flat except one short steep hill and a few gently rolling hills.


8. Sugarloaf Marathon

Where: Eustis, Maine

When: May 21, 2017

The Sugarloaf Marathon is the oldest continuously held marathon in Maine, which draws numerous runners from all over the United States and Canada. The first five miles of the course are mostly flat; however, the following sixteen miles run through the rolling hills with an average elevation loss of 980 feet. Therefore, this is one of the fastest U.S. marathon courses. Moreover, it is charitable.


7. Vermont City Marathon

Where: Burlington, Vermont

When: May 28, 2017

Each year, this race draws about 3,600 marathoners as well as several relay teams. The Vermont City Marathon is a scenic, small-town marathon that offers a number of spectacular views. Against the backdrop of beautiful Lake Champlain and the gorgeous Adirondack Mountains, marathoners run through the quaint town of Burlington. The clover leaf-shaped course is highly spectator-friendly for on-course entertainment and lots of enthusiastic cheerleaders that are an integral part of this event. In addition, the free massages and Ben & Jerry’s ice creams are waiting at the finish line.


6. Wisconsin Marathon

Where: Kenosha, Wisconsin

When: May 6, 2017

The 6th annual Wisconsin Marathon is a stunning waterfront course largely runs along the Lake Michigan’s coast, featuring a flat BQ course and a few rolling hills. For the first 11.5 miles, this marathon shares the same roads with the half marathon. This is a great opportunity to meet new people and win a big cheesy medal.



5. Miller Lite Charlottesville Marathon

Where: Charlottesville, VA

When: April 1, 2017

Due to its historical background and scenic beauty, the Miller Lite Charlottesville Marathon has been defined as “America’s Destination Marathon.” The looped running course features a mix of hills and flats in the diverse rural setting. It starts and ends at historic Court Square, showcasing some of the most historic neighborhoods in Charlottesville.


4. Yuengling Shamrock Marathon

Where: Virginia Beach, VA

When: March 19, 2017

The Yuengling Shamrock Marathon coincides with the St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Virginia Beach. This beautiful resort  town welcomes marathoners from all 50 states as well as other countries each year since 1973 when it was first held. The flat, fast course stretches along the beautiful beach boardwalk, making its way near historic landmarks like Cape Henry Lighthouse. The three-day event is going to accommodate people of all skill levels and ages. There will be a traditional post-race celebration on the beach, which offers live entertainment, plenty of good music, Irish stew, and Yuengling Beer.


3. Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Marathon

Where: Nashville, Tennessee

When: April 29, 2017

By participating in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Marathon, you can experience the music city of Nashville and be entertained by more than 50 rock, country, swing, jazz, and blues bands, as well as hundreds of cheerleaders. There is also a post-race downtown concert. The course begins on Broadway and finishes outside Nissan Stadium, passing by the Nashville Symphony, Bridgestone Arena, Union Station, Music Row, the Tennessee State Capitol, the Cumberland River, and Shelby Park among others.


2. Big Sur International Marathon

Where: Big Sur, California

When: April 30, 2017

This is the world’s largest rural marathon, which is also the most scenic race in the country. The Big Sur International Marathon offers beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. The course goes along breathtaking Highway One, between Big Sur and Carmel. It includes a lot of rolling hills. One of the main attractions on the course is a piano player at Bixby Bridge.


1. Boston Marathon

Where: Boston, Massachusetts

When: April 17, 2017

The Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest marathon that is considered to be one of the most prestigious U.S. road races. This event held annually on the third Monday of April in order to coincide with Patriots’ Day which, for this year, is April 17, 2017. In order to qualify for this great marathon, you have to meet tough qualifying times. The point-to-point course, which is known for its challenging Heartbreak Hill, starts in the town of Hopkinton and finishes at Copley Square on Boylston Street. It runs through the following cities and towns: Hopkinton, Framingham, Ashland, Brookline, Newton, Natick, Wellesley, and Boston. Running in front of 500,000 noisy spectators is an “adrenaline injection” that gives tail wind to all runners.



Now, you know the scheduled times and locations of the upcoming U.S. spring marathons. All you need to do is to select the ones that will fit you best. See you at the starting line!