Top 7 Benefits of Running To Work

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7 benefits of running to work Top 7 Benefits of Running To Work

With the prices of gas on the rise and the noticeable effects of global warming emerging, I believe it’s fair to say that most of us strive to reduce our global footprint, whether that be through our wallet or our contribution towards a cleaner environment.  But is it possible to accomplish both at the same time? That is, save money and save the environment simultaneously. The answer is absolutely, and to top it all off, we can become healthier and stronger in the process.   Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, not to the individuals who run to work. Runners from all over the world, of all different shapes and sizes, are making a change and taking their commute into their own hands. Or should I say into their own feet. Commuting to work via running has a significant amount of benefits that increase your quality of life. Here you will find the top 7 benefits of running to work that will increase the quality of life for yourself, for others, and for the world we live in.

Save Money On Gas

Currently, the average gas price in the United States is $2.00 per gallon. In major cities within states like New York or California, you will find yourself paying over $2.50 per gallon. In addition, remember paying over $4.00 dollars in 2008? During these uncertain times, it’s smart to be conscience of the money we spend and the money we save. Run commuting will certainly help reduce your travel expenses and put a little more money back into your wallet each week. Not a bad way to save up for your next pair of running shoes!


Helps Save The Environment

When you envision your vehicle and the dangerous gases and particles it omits into the earth’s atmosphere, your individual contribution of pollution may seem minuscule. However, if you take into consideration that last year there were more than 3.22 trillion miles traveled in the US alone, up 2.8 percent from 3.1 trillion miles in 2015, than things begin to seem much more detrimental. It’s important that we do our part in promoting a healthy and safe atmosphere by not taking our beautiful planet for granted. If every single person ran one time per week to one location, imagine the significant impact this could have on the environment. Be smart, do your part, and try pushing yourself a little more physically each day instead of pushing the pedal.

Provides Optimum Health

What could be healthier than starting your day on the move? Movement is energy, movement is vitality, and movement is life. By starting each day running, you not only feel better physically but you are also firing up your metabolism immediately in the morning which ultimately leads to weight loss.  No magic pills, no gimmicks, and no false advertising. By putting one foot in front of other we become healthy, what an amazingly simplistic and efficiently effective process.


Creates A Better Mood

There are various factors that regulate our mood each and every day. Searching for a cure for the Monday morning work day blues? Here’s the answer: running. While running, your body becomes oxygenated providing a full force of energy each morning.  It also increases the level of chemicals in your body that promotes positive feelings such as serotonin and dopamine which in turn immediately reduces stress. Not only will you thank yourself, but so will your loved ones and coworkers from the sudden positive shift in your mood. When you have time to run and spend time with yourself, to organize your thoughts, you can then in turn give more to others. When I come home from a morning run, my boys get 100% of Daddy. This would be compared to hanging around the house being passively attentive. I gain an increased amount of appreciation for life and they gain an increased amount of piggy back rides through the hallway. Running can make you more aware and a better version of you.

Feel Better About Life

Life is what you make it. The moment you begin living on your own terms is the moment you begin to actually live. Through this perspective, we become leaders, we become role models, and we become fulfilled. The run commute brings control back into your corner. It pulls you out of the rat race and into your own way of living.  It promotes a proactive approach to your day instead of a day of reaction. The fact that we are living in a society where nobody moves anymore, running is king!


Learn Self Discipline 

Discipline is far from negative; however, we tend to develop a negative association towards the word from childhood. We sometimes feel that discipline means someone is in control of us, when in fact, it’s quite the contrary.  When you have self-discipline, it means you are in control, it means you follow through with your goals, and that you hold yourself accountable. You understand the importance of keeping your word and you take the initiative to follow through.  Waking up and running teaches this concept to a person. When we hold our selves responsible we immediately reduce the process of excuse creation and take action to achieve our goals. Adjusting to a new morning exercise regiment will require new qualities and new strengths, the type that we need to live a full, healthy and exceptionally brilliant life.

Improved Sleep

A good healthy and honest work out will put stress on our bodies, like running to work. This daily demand of resistance leads to our bodies recovery. The body will recover and grow back stronger, but time to heal is always required. Sleep is recovery time and it triggers our brain to provide a good night’s rest in the aid of repairing and strengthening our muscles. Running to work can provide the right amount of stress our body requires to hit the pillow hard for a well needed good night sleep. Run until you pass out then wake up and run some more!

Final Thoughts

Running to work forces us to adjust down a new path and in a new direction. Sure, it will cause resistance in our lives but isn’t that how we experience growth? We expand by demand and stagnation is an irrelevant term for the living.  If we are not moving forward than we are moving backwards. The moment we feel comfortable is the moment we are in trouble. Yes, we expand by demand, by resistance, and by opposition. Running puts our body in motion as it warms us up and provides the edge we need to take on great obstacles and challenges throughout the day. So, bring on the day! We are run commuters!