Top Fall Marathons Around the World for 2017

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Top fall marathon around the world for 2017 Top Fall Marathons Around the World for 2017

Many marathon runners love to travel abroad – visit new places and immerse themselves in new culture and run a marathon.  If you are one of those runners looking for the ultimate destination race for this fall, check out our list below of the top 10 picks for fall marathons throughout the world.

*Races are listed in order according to race date.

Le Marathon Du Medoe France

Where: Pauillac, France
When: September 9

Starting in 1985, this unique marathon combines running with wine and fun. Each year the marathon has a specific theme. This year’s theme is “Music in 33 rpm Record”. Participants are encouraged to indulge in local wine while also scarfing down local specialties such as foie gras, oysters, cheese, and ice-cream. Veteran runners of this race encourage participants to take as much time as possible to finish the race (within the 6 ½ hour time frame) to fully enjoy this one in a lifetime marathon run.

For more about the marathon, visit their website.

Berlin Marathon

Where: Berlin, Germany
When: September 22

Over the last 43 years, the Berlin marathon has become one of the largest road races in the world. In 2016, 46,950 participants registered for the run and over one million spectators lined the course. The flat and fast course of the Berlin Marathon begins and ends near the Brandenburg Gate. Runners will travel through Tiergarten, Friedrichshain, Charlottenburg, and Zehlendorf.  This race will definitely need to be planned ahead for: non-elite athletes will need to be selected via a lottery.  The drawing for the 2018 race begins October 18, 2017.

For more information, visit the Berlin Marathon website.


Sparkasse 3-Lander Marathon

Where: Germany, Switzerland, and Austria
When: October 8

This scenic and relatively flat marathon goes through 3 countries. Participants start in Germany, pass through Austria, and briefly visit Switzerland and end back in Austria. Throughout the entire marathon, participants will be continuously surrounded by snow-capped mountains and will have stunning views of Lake Constance. Runners will also pass by the world’s largest open theater. Fun fact: this is where one of the James Bond movies was filmed.

For more about the Sparkasse 3-Lander Marathon, visit the site here.

Buenos Aires Marathon

Where: Buenos Aires, Argentina
When: October 8

The course is said to be extremely fast and flat. Participants will be able to experience many scenic sights along the course. They will journey through the city seeing the financial district, Alvear St., the Government House, and San Telmo. They will also pass through forest and lakeside areas.  Before crossing the finish line at Figueroa Alcorta, runners will get to pass by the River Plate soccer stadium.

Visit the Buenos Aires Marathon website here.

By Vlad Litvinov from Toronto [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Where: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
When: October 22

Come run the largest city in Canada, in the Toronto Waterfront Marathon! This marathon is only 1 of 5 IAAF Gold Label marathons in North America.  The marathon is expected to have 25,000 runners.  It is also an excellent Boston Qualifier thanks to its fast, flat course.

Learn more about the marathon here.

Marathon International de Casablanca

Where: Casablanca, Morocco
When: October 29

The first marathon took place in 2008. Participants will enjoy a scenic and historical course including amazing views of the sea.  Some course highlights runners will experience include Art Deco architecture in the city of Casablanca and running along the walkway of the Hassan II Mosque.

Athens Marathon

Where: Greece
When: November 12th

This year marks the 35th year of the Athens Marathon has taken place. Since its beginning, this marathon has formed into the largest and most important of all the sporting event in Greece. This marathon is recognized as the first original marathon as it supposedly covers the same route that the Athenian messenger Phiedippides ran 2,500 years ago. Participants cross the finish line at the Athens’ glorious Olympic Stadium. This course was also used for the 2004 Olympics.

For more about the Athens Marathon, visit their website here.

Beirut Marathon

Where: Beirut, Lebanon
When: November 12

The first marathon included 6,000 runners and took place in 2003.  Over the years, it has grown and now includes over 30,000 participants every year. The course is very flat.  Runners will travel throughout the beautiful city of Beirut. Participants start at Wafic Sinno Street and will experience some course highlights including the architecture of skyscrapers, rock formations, a bird sanctuary, and medieval mosques.

Visit the Beirut Marathon website for more information.

By Nigel Pacquette (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

Marabana Havana Marathon

Where: Havana, Cuba
When: November 19

The first Marabana Havana Marathon was run in 1987. Typically, participants will both start the race and cross the finish line between Teniente Rey and San Jose at the Paseso del Prado. Until now, due to the U.S and Cuba travel restrictions, only a hand full of Americans have legally been able to run in this marathon. This year, with permission from the United States government, American’s will have the chance to participate.

Visit the Havana Marathon website for more information.

Kaveri Trail Marathon

Where: Bangalore, India
When: November 25

The first Kaveri Trail Marathon was run in October of 2007. It was originally run as training for the Bangalore Ultra. It has grown so much in size over the last 11 years that a half marathon and 10K were added.  This trail marathon is a challenging but beautiful course.  Runners will have a wide-variety of scenery including, villages, sugarcane fields, and a breath taking view of the Kaveri River. Continuous increase and decreases in elevations along with intense humidity and a burning sun will also add to the challenge of this marathon.

Visit the Kaveri Trail Marathon website here.