Treadmill Workout Classes That All Runners Should Hop On

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Treadmill classes are great ways to keep running fresh and fun. Treadmill Workout Classes That All Runners Should Hop On

If you are like any of the countless runners who dread treadmill running, then there is something for you: treadmill classes. These classes continue to be on the rise, and it can be exactly what we need to prevent boredom and boost motivation when it comes to hopping on the tread.

With the start of the new year, many people start, return to or embrace the new month and year to set running goals and aspirations. But the reality of the winter often brings with it roadblocks, no matter how beneficial it is to run outdoors in the cold. Which is why we turn to the treadmill for our workouts.

There is this negative stigma against the treadmill that makes it hard for many to get past. And for valid reasons. It could get boring and it is harder for some opposed to running outside—not to mention can be lonely opposed to running with a group or a friend. This is where the treadmill workout classes come in.

The Rise Of Treadmill Classes: What Exactly Are They?

Treadmill classes are actually nothing new. They have been on the rise for the past four years thanks to treadmill class studios like the Mile High Run Club in New York. But the start of the trend goes back to as early as 2006, with gyms like Crunch offering some of the first classes.

According to the subscription service ClassPass that allows customers to book workout classes from the best gyms and studios, treadmill classes are popular now more than ever. The proof is in its more than 60 million bookings on the service for treadmill classes. These types of classes have seen an impressive 82 percent increase in reservations in 2017.

Classes are typically 45 minutes long and instructor-led, combining speed work with elevation. When in a studio or gym it often contains dark rooms with mood lighting, and always expect motivational and upbeat music. Think of it as a similar to a spin class, but for runners.

Some treadmill classes also throw in some strength training as well.

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The Benefits Of A Treadmill Class

There are a few reasons why some many people are interested in treadmill classes. First off, it is perfect for both beginners and more seasoned runners. For those new to running, instructors can teach many valuable tips when it comes to running form. It also makes running less intimidating since newcomers are following along and learning the ins and outs of the activity. It also allows newbies to meet others who have a passion for running.

For more established runners, it’s a great way to mix up typical routines. Speed work and running hills are both keys for becoming a faster and stronger runner. It’s another way to not run alone while finding a way to make the treadmill fun.

Since each person is running for themselves, they can go their own speed and push it at their own pace. Like spin classes, runners get out of it what they put into it when it comes to how hard the workout is. And everyone finishes together at the end of the class, so there is less competitiveness to it. Just remember to focus on oneself and not on others.

How To Find A Treadmill Class?

A simple Google search helps runners find local treadmill classes. This includes popular locations like Mile High Run Club in New York, Barry’s Bootcamp in cities like Miami and Boston, Equinox locations around the U.S., and Burn in in Los Angeles.

Apps like Aaptiv, Nike + Rub Club and Studio bring treadmill classes to runners who don’t have studios or gyms that offer the classes near them.

Some of these apps require memberships, and another main downside is that there isn’t an instructor right there in person. However, these are still instructor-led, so runners can still listen and go along with the class. This is perfect for those with treadmills at home.

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What It’s Like To Take A Treadmill Class

A hilly run was on the training agenda for the day, but bad weather meant hitting the treadmill. With my personal trainer in my pocket, I put on my Powerbeats 3 and launched the Nike + Run Club. Under the Guided menu, the app has its own section for audio guided treadmill runs. A hilly 30-minutes was just what was needed.

While there was no lighting to set the mood, a great playlist, and the coach talking the listener through the run made this treadmill run fun and fly by. Having him in the ear made me push harder on when climbing. Instead of dreading an upcoming hill when outside sometimes, I embraced the incline and followed instructions—making sure to listen to my body but know when I could push a little more.

Having instructions throughout the workout made the run go by so fast. 40 minutes was nothing, although it ended up being a very sweaty run. Being instructed meant I was playing with speed and inclines in a way that is sometimes ignored when on the treadmill. This was the Goldilocks of treadmill work when normally randomly increasing incline, or powering through intervals.

My mind wandered less, I paid attention to form more but more effortlessly. I felt like I got a great workout in and wasn’t counting down the minutes until it was over.

Treadmill classes take out the boredom, motivate runners and are just a fun way to learn to enjoy running indoors.