Ultimate Direction FastPack 25

The Ultimate Direction Fast Pack 25 is a backpack for the runner who is looking for a little more room for a slightly longer adventure. This pack focuses on providing a comfortable, bounce proof running and traveling experience for its wearer. This pack features a combination of some of the most technologically advanced materials to ensure that runners are protected on their runs. The pack is water resistant and uses Ultimate Direction’s patented InfiKnit Harness to provide a snug fit that is also breathable. While this pack weights in slightly higher than some other backpacks, the overall purpose is to provide runners with a slightly larger pack to carry them through longer workouts and even overnight adventures. Travelers loved this pack too as it can be classified as a “personal item” according to airline rules and regulations. The Fast Pack 25 is created using a thoughtful design that provides all of the runner’s essentials items at their fingertips so runners don’t have to worry about stopping their adventure to dig through their bag for what they need. Although the price on this pack is certainly on the higher end of the pricing spectrum, runners who did purchase this pack insisted that it is well worth the money.

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Pros & Cons
  • Technologically advanced materials
  • No bounce
  • No irritation
  • Over 8 storage compartments
  • Cons
    • Unisex design
    • Expensive
    • Key Features
      This pack is big enough to carry all of your essential items for an overnight adventure but is also small enough to be used for a running day pack. It features a frameless design that comfortably conforms to the shape of the runner. This pack is unique in that it uses a roll-top closure which gives runners the option of carrying a wide variety of items. Runners loved that this pack comes with over eight storage compartments, and while it doesn’t come with any hydration system, they commented that the two roomy side pockets are perfect for soft flasks or slim water bottles. Additionally, this pack comes with a Daisy Chain design to ensure that any extra gear you have, like winter outdoor gear, can be securely attached to the pack. Many runners commented that they loved this pack for travel because it qualifies as a personal item under airline regulations.
      Runners were impressed with the high level of breathability that this pack offers. The Fast Pack 25 is not as lightweight as some other backpacks on the market. It weighs in at 1 pound and 3.4 ounces, empty and features 29.2L of total volume. However, even though this pack can carry a lot, runners commented that the materials used to create this pack provide unbeatable airflow and overall comfort. The pack is made using Ultimate Direction’s patented MonoRip Mesh that creates a strong, yet ventilated effect. It also features a seamless back panel that is designed to keep the back dry during warm runs and reduce any possible irritation.
      Runners gave this pack very high marks in the comfort department. They were surprised that a pack that was heavier, larger, and didn’t have a waist strap could provide such bounce-proof comfort. This can be attributed to the InFiKnit Harness design. Runners found that the seamless panel of the back quickly wicked away sweat and kept them comfortable even on hot days. Additionally, the shoulder straps are padded to ensure runners that they won’t face any irritation. The pack features a roll-top closure on the top so make storing all of your items easy and secure. This pack is also water resistant so runners were able to stay comfortable in light rain and misty conditions.
      This pack is offered in three different sizes: S/M, M/L, and L/XL. The Ultimate Direction website offers a great sizing guide to ensure that runners find their perfect fit. This pack is only offered in a unisex design, and some runners commented that they would have liked to see specific male and female sizing options to fit the unique shape of the male and female body.
      Runners were very pleased with the long-lasting durability of this product. For many, the long-lasting details made the higher price tag justifiable. Ultimate Direction uses two cutting-edge materials to ensure that this pack has an extremely long life. The first is the Power Span Stretch Mesh. This material is stretchy and allows runners to view the contents of the pockets without the need to open them. Additionally, the pack is made using 100D Robic Triple-Ripstop. This is a strong nylon material that makes this pack virtually rip-proof.
      This pack is loaded with thoughtful design elements to ensure that runners are comfortable and protected on their adventures. For starters, runners loved that this pack features eight separate compartments to hold all the items that athletes could need. This is not designed as a hydration pack, but runners commented that there is more than enough room to hold a hydration system, especially in the front two side pockets which are perfectly situated to hold your hydration system, so it is always within reach. This pack also comes with a Daisy Chain that can be used to secure outerwear and extra gear during the run. Additionally, this pack provides a place to keep your trekking poles when they are not in use. Runners liked the sliding rail straps that are locked on the sternum that convenient loops for trekking poles. Features sliding rail sternum straps and trekking pole loops.
      Although this pack as the capacity to hold 5.2L of unsecured volume, runners were pleased with the sleek look that it provided. It does only come in one color option, and runners reported that the would have liked to have more options.
      This pack is not for the runner who is an on a very tight budget. Ultimate Direction uses the most cutting-edge technology and materials in their products, and the price tag reflects that. Runners reported that the durability of this pack makes the price worth it, but for some runners, this price tag places the Ultimate Direction Fast Pack 25 out of their price range.
      Key Features
      - 3 sizing options
      - Frameless design
      - InfiKnit Harness
      - Power Span Stretch Mesh
      - MonoRip Mesh
      - 100D Robic Triple-Ripstop
      - Daisy Chains
      - Trekking pole loops
      - 8 compartments
      - Roll top closure
      - Water resistant
      Bottom Line
      The Ultimate Direction Fast Pack 25 is a versatile pack for the athlete who wants a pack that can transition from a fast running companion to an overnight pack that is large enough to carry all of their essentials. Runners raved about Ultimate Direction’s patented materials that are designed to provide a comfortable, breathable, durable experience for the runner. This pack is a slightly higher in weight than some other packs on the market today, but runners reported that due to the smart design of the shoulder straps, the pack actually feels very lightweight. This pack comes equipped with over 8 separate compartments to ensure that there is a place for all of the necessary items. This is a great travel bag too. Although the price is quite high, runners who were able to purchase this pack agreed that it is more than worth the price.
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      By Stacey O'Connor
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