Ultimate Direction Marathon Vest Fully Reviewed for Quality

Runner after runner who reviewed this product agree that the Ultimate Direction Marathon Vest can provide runners with lightweight, durable hydration and unbeatable carrying system. When it is empty, the vest weighs a mere 4. 9 ounces and yet it has enough room to hold 2 liters of liquid and one separate bottle of water in addition to multiple pockets for carrying all of your race day essentials like gels, phones, music, and even GPS systems if you need them. This vest is specifically designed to offer maximum comfort and provides the runner with the ability to tackle the longest miles while still staying safe and secure. The material used in the design is a combination of breathable mesh materials that provide breathability to the runner to keep them cool regardless of the weather conditions. Additionally, this vest uses a unique compression design around the shoulders that helps take the pressure off of the back and chest and helps the runner move freely. The price is relatively low, considering the high overall ratings and the long lasting durability of this product. However, this vest only comes in one color, so this is not the running vest for the runner who likes to be stylish and has a lot of options for their running wardrobe.

Keep reading our in-depth Ultimate Direction Marathon Vest review to find out if it is worth the investment.

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Where to Buy
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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Bright color with reflective details
  • Cons
    • Only one color option
    • Does not come with its own water bottle
    • Key Features
      The Ultimate Design Marathon Vest is specifically designed as a hydration and carrying system for a marathon runner or the runner attempting their longest runs. The combination of Ultimate Directions two quick wickings, mesh materials ensures that runners stay cool and dry on their runs regardless of the weather conditions. Additionally, this vest comes in a variety of zippered compartments and hydration areas to ensure that runners can carry all of their most important items during their runs.

      There are two separate pockets for hydration. One is in the front and is compatible to hold a full water bottle. The other is a reservoir compatible rear pocket that can hold up to 2 liters of water.

      Regarding compartments to carry all of a runner's most important items, this vest comes with a secured, zippered front pocket that is specifically designed to hold the iPhone 6. There is also an inner mesh pocket that has a hook and loop fastener to secure your keys while you run.
      Runners raved about the breathability that this marathon vest offers. Ultimate Direction uses a combination of two of their patented materials to create their most breathable vest to date. The Cool Wick Air mesh and the Monofilament Mesh combine to create a Cool Wick Mono Mesh that is lightweight as well as quick-wicking to pull sweat away from the runner.

      The entire vest weighs a mere 4.9 ounces, and this lightweight feel allows air to flow freely between the vest and the runner. It reduces the risk of chaffing and blisters that can be caused by accesses moisture build up.
      The key reason why this vest can be promoted and worn during marathons is that of its comfort. The lightweight design and breathable material choices eliminate chaffing and discomfort for the runner and allow the runner to go longer without worrying about discomfort. Another unique feature of this vest that adds to its overall comfort is the compression details that can be found on the shoulders.

      Runners will discover 180g power pan mesh along the shoulders which held hold the vest in place and eliminate unwanted movement. Additionally, the material used on this vest is not only light and breathable but also very soft and overall comfortable enough that runners felt comfortable wearing the vest without a shirt underneath it or just a sports bra during very warm marathons.
      This vest is made using a unisex design and a simple small, medium and large sizing guide. Using the shoulder straps and the adjustable straps around the middle, the vest can be adjusted to provide a customizable fit for each runner. Since the vest is so lightweight, many runners were pleased that they could still get a comfortable fit even if the vest were a little loose. The shoulder straps are made from a compression mesh that helps stop unwanted bounce and movement.
      This vest uses Ultimate Designs unique anti-rip material. The material is called MonoRip Mesh, and it provides a lightweight, breathable mesh for runners that is also nearly impossible to rip. The Ultimate Direction Marathon Vest was reviewed especially well by ultramarathon runners or obstacle race runners who were out in the elements for an extended period.

      Runners were surprised for as lightweight as this product was, how tough it also was, and how well it did at holding up against rips and tears.
      Runners reported that they wished that this vest came with the hydration systems that it creates room for. The front of the vest comes equipt with a single water bottle pocket, and the back of the best has space to hold a 2-liter reservoir. However, the vest doesn't come with either of these products, and they must be purchased separately.
      This Ultimate Design Marathon Vest is designed with more of a focus on function as opposed to fashion. It comes in only one color options, a bright orange, and white. The idea behind the color option is that this color is natural to see and helps the runner be identified in a pack.

      This vest is lightweight enough that it can comfortably wear over a variety of layers from husky coats in the cold weather to nothing at all for warm weather runs. This vest has a particularly athletic look to it and isn't a product to be purchased for its trendy or fashionable qualities.
      The Ultimate Design Marathon Vest is competitive regarding price. It falls in the middle of the pack for similar products on the market today, and while it won't be cheap to purchase, it certainly won't break the bank. Runners reported that due to the natural rip material of this product, the long lifespan of the Ultimate Design Marathon Vest makes this an excellent long-term investment.
      Key Features
      - 4.9 ounces
      - Power Span Mesh provides compression capabilities
      - Internal key pocket with hook and loop closure
      - MonoRip Mesh provides rip resistance
      - 2-Liter reservoir in the rear pocket
      - Front pocket designed to carry 1 water bottle
      - Zippered front pocket
      - Cool Wick Mono Mesh for added breathability
      - Compression shoulder straps to reduce bounce
      Bottom Line
      The Ultimate Direction Marathon Vest is the perfect hydration and carrying system for a runner who is serious about putting in long miles. The vest is specifically designed to provide lightweight comfort that is also highly breathable and does a great job of wicking away sweat. It is a uniquely designed vest because it is a hydration system and a carrying system all in one.

      Although the best is only 4.9 ounces, it has enough carrying capabilities to hold all of your race day essentials while still maintaining its streamlined shape. The price of this vest is aligned with other vests on the market today so that this one will be no means break the bank. Reviewers have also commented that it is highly durable due to the unique MonoRip Mesh that Ultimate Design uses.

      This vest is not designed for fashion, and only comes in one color option, but it is undoubtedly designed for comfort, and runners found the combination of materials to be soft and breathable enough to be worn with even the lightest or no material underneath. The Ultimate Direction Marathon Vest comes in 3 sizes and is made of unisex design. It can be adjusted for the perfect fit using the shoulder and waist straps.
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      By Stacey O'Connor
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