UltrAspire Spry 2.0 Vest

The UltrAsprie Spry 2.0 vest has taken all of the best quality of their original hydration vest and ramped up the details and technologies to provide runners with high quality, durable product that is perfectly designed for longer, adventurous runs. This vest is sleek and streamlined and ensures that any weight that runners carry on during their races is completely necessary. Ultra racers, marathoners, and half marathons, as well as obstacle course racers, love this vest because it is virtually indestructible and it features a plethora of compartments for hydrations systems and all of the runner’s race day essential items. This is not a vest that is designed for overnight trips or travel due to the smaller carrying capacity. Instead, it stays snuggly against the body and is designed to eliminate any potential irritation. The material used is specifically designed to hold up against some of the toughest conditions while simultaneously being lightweight and breathable. The vest comes in two distinct colors that make it easy for spectators and other athletes to spot the runner who wears this vest.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Bright color options
  • Durable
  • Multiple pockets

    • Does not come with hydration items
    • Unisex design and only one size
    • Key Features
      This vet is suggested for marathons, ultra marathons, half marathons and obstacle races. The reason for this is because it is extremely lightweight and also provides a variety of storage pockets to hold all of a runner’s race day essentials like their phone, food, and energy supplies. Additionally, this vest is designed to hold 2 Ultra Flask 550 and a 1 liter bladder. These items do not come with the vest and provide the runner the option of how much hydration they want to carry with them during their run. Runners appreciated that different pockets found on the shoulders of the vest. These provide easy access to gels and music systems so runners can access their supplies without missing a beat. Additionally, the design of the vest provides a bounce proof running experience.
      Runners commented that this vest is breathable and lightweight enough to wear without anything underneath it. UltraAspire designed this vest with materials that will be comfortable for bare skin so runners can stay comfortable even during the hot summer months. The vest is made from a moisture wicking, large-holed mesh that creates a breathable ride that wicks sweat away from the runner’s body.
      Runners reported that this vest was so comfortable that they could forget that they were even wearing it at all. This vest is designed to utilize the least amount of material necessary to ensure that runners aren’t weighed down by cumbersome fabric. This vest is made using a Micro Fiber Polyester that stretches and conforms to the shape of the runner's body and provides a breathable running experience.
      This vest slides over the shoulders and connects with an easy on and off clasp in the front. This vest is only offered in one, universal unisex size, but can be tightened or loosened. Some runners commented that they wished the vest came in more sizing options for a more specific fit. However, the adjustable, sizing clasps along the side keep the vest from bouncing and provide a snug, supportive fit for the runner.
      Runners raved about the durability of this product. This is one of the details about this vest that it seems that all reviewers agreed on. This vest provides runners with mile after mile of durable, hydration support. Runners commented that even after obstacle races and grueling endurance races, the UltrAsprie Spry 2.0 Vest looked and felt new. Additionally, this vest features a variety of pockets and storage spaces, and runners reported that they pockets were able to maintain their shape without stretching out even after extensive use.
      One of the negative comments that runners made about this vest is that it features space for a variety of hydration systems, but it doesn’t actually come with any of them. Runners can purchase the 2 Ultra Flasks or the 1 Liter bladder separately. This vest does feature a bungee system in the back of the vest that can be used to hold outerwear like rain jackets securely while runners aren’t using them.
      This vest is the runner that likes to be seen and get attention on their runs. It is featured in two bright colors, lime, and luminous blue. Both colors are bright and can be seen from far away. They also features reflective details that keep runners safe in low light areas. This is a true vest design and slips over the shoulders and attached with an easy on and off clip in the front. This is a product that fuses form and function. It looks stylish and athletic but is specifically designed to ensure that runners can run their best race.
      This vest is a mid-priced item in terms of other racing vests on the market. It is not an inexpensive item on its own, and many runners commented that they were disappointed that it doesn’t come with any of the suggested hydration systems, which increases the overall price of this item if you want to purchase the additional hydration bladder and soft flasks.
      Key Features
      - Multiple pockets for hydration and race day essentials
      - Rear bungee cords
      - Microfiber polyester
      - Large holed mesh for added breathability
      - Unisex and universal sizing
      - Compatible with 1-liter bladder and 2 550ml soft flasks (sold separately)
      - Easy front bungee closure system
      Bottom Line
      This vest is a beloved racing companion for marathoners, ultra runners, and obstacle course racers. It is extremely lightweight and provides runners with a breathable, comfortable fit. Runners reported that the microfiber polyester materials is comfortable enough that it can be worn directly against the skin with no irritation. The UltrAspire Spry 2.0 Vest comes with a wide variety of strategically placed storage pockets to provide the runner with a place to stash their race day essentials and keep them at their fingertips so that they don’t need to stop running and racing to access them. This vest comes with space for a 1-liter bladder and 2 550 ML soft flasks. Runners reported that although this vest is slightly higher than some others on the market, the long-lasting durability makes it a smart investment.
      Where to Buy
      By Stacey O'Connor
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      Where to buy
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