Ultraspire Velocity Vest

Designed with the help of long-distance runner Jeff Browning, the Ultraspire Velocity Vest includes all the necessities an intense runner or hiker may require. With substantial storage space and the capacity to hold a 2L water bladder, this vest can keep intense hikers and runners moving without worrying about leaving any necessities behind. Many vests on the market don't breathe well which can cause hikers and runners to become overheated and easily drained. The poor vest design results in high-impact points, often on the main body panel or lateral straps, irritating. These issues prevent athletes from going as far as they could or not taking their vest at all which can reduce time on the trail. The Ultraspire Velocity Vest's unique design eliminates these hot spots and irritation and keeps athletes cool and comfortable while hitting the extreme trails. This allows athletes to continue pushing their limits. Hikers and runners alike can rest assured that the Ultraspire Velocity Vest will help them go farther than they have before.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Plenty of cargo space; so light it feels like clothing
  • Continues to wick away moisture even in high humidity
  • High durability and comfort throughout use
  • Cons
    • The Dual Max 02 Sternum System elastic bands can be difficult to adjust while wearing gloves
    • 2L water bladder not included
    • Key Features
      Intended for the extreme hiker or runner, the Ultraspire Velocity Vest is perfect for the intense athlete looking for a vest that will perform. Its design promotes comfort and breathability eliminating irritation that many vests create. Many extreme athletes complain that most vets require removal in order to access the rear of the pack. The Ultraspire Velocity vest has plenty of storage space providing easy access so runners and hikers can keep moving for longer.
      The wide, honeycomb-style mesh maximizes breathability and comfort while reducing hot spots. This allows air to travel through the vest and around the body. The soft, microfiber polyester fabric increases comfort and helps eliminate irritation. It wicks away moisture to help maintain an all-day cool and dry experience.
      The bottles barely bounce when full, even at high speed on difficult terrain. The honeycomb mesh design maximizes breathability and reduces hot spots while the soft, microfiber polyester fabric enhances comfort and reduces irritation. It eliminates moisture build-up to keep users cool and dry. For a personalized fit, the Dual Max 02 Sternum System straps allow the user to form the vest for an individualized fit while eliminating bounce. The straps also help stabilize the load for an even fit.
      It has a universal fit, but includes adjustable lateral straps to create a proper fit. Many users report that the vest ends up fitting incredibly well after adjustments. Unlike many high-performance vests, this one comes in two different colors so runners can decide if they want a sleeker look with Pitch Black or a brighter palette with Lime which is a great color for staying visible at all times. It can hold up to 7L. Weight: 11.9oz with bottles included. Dimensions: 17.5 inches x 13.75 inches x 2.5 feet.
      Designed with sturdy mesh and nylon while remaining lightweight, the microfiber polyester fabric promotes comfort and eliminates irritation and discomfort. The bungee cord sternum straps are strong and won’t break down over time so that the vest can easily be adjusted and worn with a proper fit every time.
      It includes two, sturdy 550mL UltraFlask bottles. It does not include a water bladder which will need to be purchased separately.
      There is one large, 2.4L main compartment in the rear with an additional smaller, vertical, zipper pocket on the exterior. These can hold extra layers, food, a headlamp, and other necessities. There are lateral pockets also on the rear for added storage, but some users report that they can be difficult to access quickly without removing the vest. There are loops on the sides of the rear for holding trekking poles or other items. The main compartment can hold a water bladder, but the bladder is not included.

      The front includes two mesh water bottle pockets with a drawstring fastener to hold them in place. There are additional smaller pockets (one zippered, one drawstring) above the bottles on either side for salt tablets, gels or other small items. There are two Dual Max 02 Sternum System elastic chest straps in the front to secure the vest in place. They are easily adjustable and hold the vest well in place, yet they allow flexibility, too.
      The price is comparable to other high-intensity vests in the industry. Serious running and hiking enthusiasts will expect this price range for a reliable vest. However, it is occasionally on sale and runners and hikers would do best to watch for these price drops.

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      Key Features
    • Dual Max 02 Sternum System improves range of motion

    • One large, 2.4L main compartment large enough for a change of clothes, headlamps and other necessities

    • Outer gear loops for trekking poles, ice axes, and other stabilizing items

    • Honeycomb mesh design made of microfiber polyester maximizes comfort and breathability

    • Capacity for 2L water bladder (not included)

    • Bottom Line
      This is a great vest and will definitely perform well for all users. The honeycomb mesh and microfiber polyester fabric promote comfort by reducing hot spots and irritation. This allows runners and hikers to enjoy their day on the trails for longer. While the Dual Max 02 Sternum System does have reports of being difficult to adjust with the water bottles attached to the vest and/or while wearing gloves, users did report that they enjoyed the technology after they got used to it. Reviewers mentioned how much storage the vest affords while still staying extremely lightweight, which is perfect for long runs and hikes in the mountains. So rather than athletes suffering through a sub-par vest causing sore spots, irritation or simply leaving one behind completely, this is a great vest for those looking for one that will deliver by resisting wear and tear and promoting all-day comfort.
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