The Complete Overview of Marathons in the US in 2016

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The Complete Overview of Marathons in the US in 2016 The Complete Overview of Marathons in the US in 2016

There are 713 marathons in the United States as of 2016. Here we outline the in depth, specific information and statistics of these events. We spent over 30 cumulative hours researching and obtaining all the data to piece together this infographic. No need to dig, we did all the dirty work for you!


All You Need to Know About US Marathons in 2016


713 U.S. Marathons in 2016!

There are 713 marathons in the United States as of 2016. That’s a very long list to say the least. With the massive amount of information floating around, wouldn’t it be great to have some type of outline of this list and the statistics of these events? Who has the time to look into the statistics of each and every one, assuming in depth, specific information on these events is what you are looking to obtain? Well, we have here the info you need for the marathons you love! No need to dig, we did all the dirty work for you, just run!  Here is everything you need to know about the U.S. marathons of 2016!

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How Far has Running Come Since it’s Early days?

Assuming you are as hardcore as any other runner, you may have questions in the back of your mind like, “what are the top 10 States with the most marathons?”, “what are the top finishing times and who are the runners behind those records?”, “what  are the averages for fastest & slowest finishing times, and what events hold these particular averages”? You may be interested in knowing just how times have changed, and how much running has grown and become part of people’s lives. Consider the fact that in 1979, 25,000 runners participated and finished marathons. That’s a large number, we know. Now, consider this – In 2014 550,600 runners completed the race! Wow, right!


Competition & Racing

Winners – we all are when we run. Then, there are the competitive spirits who love to go out there and leave it all on the road. Are you one of those competitive runners, or do you know one? Well, we have the statistics on the top states with the most number of winners, #1 being California. Check the stats and see if your state ranks!


Not the Fastest, but can Still Make it Happen!

Maybe you’re wondering about those race winners with the slowest finishing times.  Well, we have compiled the information on that as well, Chris Ashley from New Jersey taking the spot at #1 on April 2nd at the Ultra Festival Marathon with a finishing time of 5:26:19!

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Not Your Day? That’s Okay.

As you would likely assume, not everyone who starts a race will finish it. Some just call it, to come back and conquer it another day. We understand. It’s all about persistence, and knowing when to call it quits.


Wow! That’s a Lot of Finishers! Participants? That too!

On the other hand, there are the runners who put 200% into it and finish without breaking down. These dedicated individuals come in from all over the Country. Do you want to know which marathons have the most finishers? Well, let’s just say the New York Marathon is up there with 51,246 finishers. Keep in mind, the number of finishers is greatly affected by the number of participants. This doesn’t mean most finished, because with a massive race such as the New York City Marathon, you have a massive amount of finishers as well as those that did not finish. Fun fact, on the 6th of November the NYC marathon topped the list for the most number of participants with 48,467 runners! What about the Marathons with the lowest numbers? Check it out. We have the stats!

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Events Putting a Hole in Your Pockets? We know.

Let’s face it, you’re a hardcore runner, or maybe not, but a race or two can add up. For the more hardcore runners that stack their annual events, it can really put a hole in the pockets. It’s not a bad idea to know the finances needed to fund these races. For that reason we have the statistics of the most expensive entry fees, and the cheapest as well. For the 5th most expensive, you have the Los Angeles Marathon coming in at $175.00. On the other hand, you can participate in the Green River Marathon in Washington for free.

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Running and Statistics, what a Great mix!

We dug up and uncovered everything from price per entry to the elevation of the highest marathon. These are some fun facts that you don’t want to run past. Grow you knowledge base and find out everything you need to know about the U.S. marathons of 2016. There are many amazing ways in which running has effected people’s lives, and interesting statistics that even the most hardcore runner may miss as they lead their very busy and fast paced schedules. But know, you don’t have to be the fastest, or best, you just have to go out there and run. Do you want to be a statistic, of course! Be part of the statistics in a positive way and get out there and run like you mean it, but not before starting with the facts!

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