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Why Theme Races are the Best!

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As Halloween approaches, you may think getting all dressed up in a costume is just for kids. But let’s all be honest here, who doesn’t like the escape from reality once in a while to become anyone or anything you wanted? They say roleplay is good for the bedroom, why not on the race course, too? And, why save the fun for just one day of the year? It can pretty much be guaranteed you can find a theme run every month of the year, almost anywhere. For example here are some monthly theme races to consider: January Speedo run, February Valentine’s Day run, March St. Patrick’s Day run, April Easter run, June The Color Run, July 4th beach run, August Mud or obstacle run, September beer, wine, taco, pizza, or donut run (or really any food-themed run), October Halloween run, November Turkey Trot, and December Santa run.  As if we need an excuse to party, I’m here to tell you why theme races are the best all year long!

They Can Keep You Young,

Running a theme or costume race is a great way to bring you back to childhood. Letting your creative juices flow when picking out a costume can bring you back to a time when not everything was so serious or about meeting deadlines and paying bills. A sense of innocence exists as you can reminisce about knocking on your neighbor’s door as a firefighter or ghost or panda bear. All the while, the adult is attempting to guess what you are while you are really internally hoping for the big candy bar and not bite size! Excitement ensues as you remember anticipating meeting up with your friends and judging whose costume was best. This competitiveness probably helped to develop you into the runner you are today!

They Can Keep You Active in a Fun Way

By choosing to participate in a theme run, you are taking a pro-active decision to take care of your health and well-being. It also says a lot about your personality, in the fact that you are a fun person. You choose not to take life too seriously and can let loose once in a while. You won’t allow others judgments or opinions stop you from having a good time. By participating in a theme race, you are still pushing to better yourself while letting loose for a little from the everyday societal standards that are thrown our adult way.

They Can Provide Playful Motivation

A competitive racer will usually have their race calendar year planned by the New Year. The training time can be very focused while at the same time very intense and hard. By putting a small 5k fun run in the mix, this type of race can possibly help an athlete in a playful but mindful way. For the newbie runner, maybe considering their first 5k race 3 or 6 months out from the New Year would be a realistic goal. Signing up for a theme race could just be the motivation one needs to stay on top of their training schedule to complete what seems like a daunting goal.

They Can Allow You to Feel What it is Like to Run in Someone Else’s Shoes

By changing your day to day appearance to something that is not your everyday norm could help you break free from monotony. Changing your regular tune to a costume that is comical, scary or even sexy is totally like role-playing and can, for a brief moment, help you open up new characteristics you may not even know you possessed. By signing up for a playful race, you are not only focusing on your physical health but also your mental health as well.

They Can Engage Social Interaction

By participating in a theme race, it provides for a different way to get out and meet new and like-minded individuals. By sparking up a conversation with your racing neighbor who looks like a clown, or the pajama unicorn, or that sexy zombie who seems to be flirting back with you, could bring your social life to a new level.

They Can Provide Great Race Day Photos

Runners always hope for that great race photo that shows your strength, fierceness and pride. When it comes to a fun run, race day photos are more than likely always going to show the fact that you are happy! Isn’t that what life is all about? Really, don’t we all want that Instagram worthy photo?

They Can Satisfy Your Craving for Food or Booze

Probably one of the best reasons we all run is for all the food! So, it is probably safe to assume that themed runs who focus their attention on the food aspect are going to get a pretty big gathering. If you can think of a food or beverage, there is probably a race that will please your culinary tastes. Balance is necessary for life, so it makes the most sense to burn calories to replenish them!

What is your favorite type of theme race?