A Review of the Zensah Featherweight Compression Leg Sleeves

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An in depth review of the Zensah Featherweight Compression Leg Sleeves A Review of the Zensah Featherweight Compression Leg Sleeves www.runnerclick.com

Sometimes, your legs need a little hug. But sometimes the thought of putting compression socks over your feet sounds excruciating. (You know what I’m talking about.  Your poor achy feet after a super long run when your little tootsie don’t want to be squished anymore then they already have been.)

Enter compression leg sleeves.

Now, I love my compression socks as much as the next person, but compression sleeves I love just a tiny bit more. I mean, sometimes, you want to compress your calves with some funky neon sleeves and leave your feet free to slip into a pair of ultra comfy Granny-style slippers. (Not that I have any experiencing doing that whatsoever.)

The kind folks at Zensah sent me a pair of their Featherweight Compression Leg Sleeves.  And since I was preparing for and running an ultra marathon recently, these sleeves were exactly what I needed to recover from my training as well as the race itself.


When they say “featherweight” they mean it.   These super lightweight leg sleeves are made of a unique combo of synthetic fibers. For all you wondering what fibers are in the sleeves, here we go: 52% Polupropylene, 41% Polyamid and 7% Elastane. What does that mean? Zensah claims that these sleeves are 35% lighter than other brands including their original sleeves, and compared to other compression leg sleeves I’ve used, they are indeed lighter than any I’ve ever worn.  And despite how thin the fabric was, it was surprisingly very durable. The fabric also contains Silver Ions for anti-odor. Did it work? Well, they don’t smell, and I’ve worn them a lot, so I would definitely say they are doing their job!


As stylish as the design looks, it actually serves a purpose. The Chevron design on the front (yes, make sure the Chevron design is in the front) is specially designed with their trademark ribbing to help reduce shin pain. The way the fibers are woven allow for a good amount of breathability, and never once did my legs get overheated or sweaty.

These sleeves have graduated compression, which for all your compression fans out there, will help your muscles recover. Other than the graduated compression, it also features a pin point compression design to support micro tears in the calf.

Another super important design feature is the sleeves are seamless, so no chafing or irritation worries here.  Also worth noting is that these sleeves have an anatomical fit, so take a peak in the inside cuff to see which is left and which is right.  (Unlike me, who decided to slip them on the first time without checking and wonder why they felt off.)


The leg sleeves are super breathable, very lightweight and are made of a fabric combo that feels nice against the skin. So are they comfortable? Absolutely. The compression itself was not overwhelming.  The sweet little compressive hug was there, but my calves didn’t feel strangled.  But the featherweight feel was the real winner. Some compression socks and sleeves can leave my legs a bit too warm, which after a long sweaty run, is the opposite of what I want to put on my legs.   But with these sleeves my legs stayed cool and they even wicked away sweat quite nicely.


I am 5’8” which meant the Mediums were for me. They also come in Small and Large and are based off of your height and calf size.  To be honest, I did not measure my calves before wearing them. I only went by my height. But in my case, it worked out well. The sizing was right on. However, I would recommend you check out their sizing chart before making your purchase.


I got to try out the “turquoise” color, which in my opinion, didn’t look turquoise, but rather a bright neon blue. Regardless of what the color is called, these sleeves were bright and funky and I’m a sucker for a flashy sock or sleeve. The chevron design was not only functional but definitely added to the style. These sleeves certain made my legs stand out.  Not into this shade? They also come in classic black, heather gray, sporty blue, white, red and purple.


These sleeves will run you about $40. As with most compression gear, they aren’t cheap.  A lot of thought went into the design of these sleeves, and as a faithful fan of compression who is looking to recover faster, I believe that these are worth every cent.

Key Features

  • Breathable and moisture wicking
  • Chevron design supports shin
  • Graduated and pin point compression
  • Super lightweight
  • Seamless

What I Didn’t Like

This section is going to be short. Honestly, nothing. I can’t find one negative thing about these sleeves.  They were comfy, compressive and nice to look at.  Bravo, Zensah.

Bottom Line

After my tough race and with a long car ride ahead of me, I slipped these sleeves onto my legs and let the compression do its thing.  My lower leg was compressed the right amount and not once did my legs get overheated or sweaty.  Zensah did an excellent job designing a functional and good looking pair of compression leg sleeves.   If you are looking for a pair of compression leg sleeves, then snag yourself a pair of Zensah Featherweight Compression Leg Sleeves.  You won’t be disappointed.