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Zoot Wave 2 Review Facts

Zoot did it again, introducing the new and improved Wave wetsuit. The Zoot Wave 2 keeps everything that you know and love about the original Wave wetsuit, with a few improvements. Zoot uses the latest technology to give you the best experience you can while in the water. They strive to give swimmers the opportunity to have their most powerful and strongest swim and many have said that they have succeeded. The AQUAlift buoyancy panels work to help raise your legs and middle for the best possible swimming position, while the GLIDEfled panes increase the flexibility of the wetsuit to give you unrestricted movement. Zoot also uses OKD, or Optimal Kick Design, in the legs of the wetsuit that works with your anatomy to give you increased kick frequency and efficiency, while also helping to reduce fatigue in your legs. Everything about this wetsuit works together to help you make the most out of your swim. Not only is this a wonderful wetsuit for the actual swimming leg of your race, but it is also super easy to take off and can save you precious seconds moving on to the next leg of your race. It can get expensive when preparing for a triathlon, and you should not have to worry about paying too much for a good quality wetsuit.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Budget-friendly
  • Thin collar to reduce rubbing and chafing
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Gender-specific designs
  • Good for colder water
  • Great buoyancy
  • Durable
  • Difficult sizing
  • Additional accessories needed for triathletes
  • Hard to put on
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  • I would suggest one size down on this. It doesn't add too much lift in choppy water. It is priced well and looks great. It has a nice thin collar that helps prevent chafing. It takes a bit breaking in as the sleeves can be a bit restrictive.
  • This fits nice and snug and is really soft. The cuffs run tight. It is a bit thin but works just as well as my old rubber suit. Over all it is a great design.
  • Compared to the 1 it has a bit more space in the knees and back. It does well in the swimming. It is really easy to out on I found, which is a plus when competing. Really great product for a good price.
  • This suit really makes me feel like I am cheating. It slides through the water. It runs a bit snug about I do not mind. It assists the hips and allows easy head lift.
  • I was surprised how comfy a wet suit can be. I did need a little help with getting it on the first few times, but it has broken in. The material seems thinner but it works great!
  • The med/Large fits so perfect. This has a nice low neck and a softer material than other suits I have had. The arms are roomy and is pretty simple to get on and off. Really great stylish design.
  • This is a great a suit. It fits good except for a lower than normal crotch. It is a easy wear though and the material is super soft.
  • Really comfortable and super buoyant. Arms are very tight and took a little while to get used to. I was really happy that this didn't chafe me in my loger distance swims. That enough is good for me. I get tired of chafing with these expensive suits.
  • I feel like I got a steal with this. It flexes real nice and doesn't have too much buoyancy. I feel fast in this thing.
  • Perfect buoyancy and great feel on. Really good and thin around the shoulders.
  • I have to give it to the suit! It has helped my speed and feels so good on. The best wetsuit I have ever worn.
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    The Zoot Wave 2 wetsuit is an excellent piece of triathlon gear, especially for those who are just starting out and are on a tight budget. This wetsuit allows you to have maximum flexibility and comfort throughout the race which is always important to help give you an edge. Zoot’s Wave 2 is full of unique technologies and materials that work together to give you the best, most efficient experience you can get while wearing the suit. The GLUIDEflex panels along the wetsuit allow you to breathe easily and do not restrict your movement. Zoot’s optimal kick design (OKD) gives you an edge by allowing you to kick faster and stronger without wearing you down quite as fast. The AQUAlift panels help you put your body in the optimal position for the most efficient swim. Everything comes together in one suit that would be ideal for those looking to get into triathlons.

    It is important when participating in a triathlon to be able to get out of your wetsuit quickly. If you cannot remove the suit with ease it can cost you precious seconds when moving on to the biking leg of your race. The Zoot Wave 2 may be a little difficult to get on, but that is the norm with all wetsuits, and in the case of triathletes it is not the ease of putting on the wetsuit but the ease of taking it off. The Wave 2 has a convenient zipper cord on the back that helps you reach the zipper and slide it down without issue. Once unzipped, pulling the wetsuit down and stepping out of it is not difficult at all.


    The wetsuit itself is not very breathable, as it is waterproof. Since the suit has to keep the water out and off of your skin, it cannot let air flow in. The suit has a watertight neckline and wrist and ankle cuffs to keep the water out, which in turn keeps the air out. The Zoot Wave 2 is not alone in this, as all wetsuits are made to be waterproof and therefore are not breathable.

    When it comes to wetsuits it is not so much about the breathability but about how warm the material will keep you while you swim through cold water. You do not want to get out there on race day and run into freezing cold water without adequate protection. The Zoot Wave 2 is a little thicker than its predecessor coming in at 5 mm thick in the torso area, and 2 mm throughout the back, shoulders, neck, wrists, and ankles, making this wetsuit comfortable for swimming in water temperatures between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 27 degrees Celsius).


    The Zoot Wave 2 is made to be extremely comfortable for the wearer. The GLUIDEflex panels allow for a snug fitting wetsuit but also gives you the freedom you need to be able to expand your lungs to take a full breath without giving you the feeling of tightness some other suits might give you. The materials around the neck are very thin and made to help prevent chafing and irritation, keeping you just a little bit more comfortable while in the suit.

    Zoot’s Wave 2 wetsuit is super flexible for wearers, which is important while racing. The suit uses GLIDEflex panels that let you fully expand your lungs and helps you to maximize your flexibility. In addition to the GLIDEflex panels, Zoot also uses a FLEXback design that is made of 100% broken knit nylon. It is a patterned design that covers the back and shoulders of the suit to give you the freedom to move your back and shoulders without restriction and helps reduce fatigue in your shoulders. The lining of the wetsuit is made of a fabric that uses BGX broken knit to help give the suit just a little more stretch.

    Zoot also uses a proprietary patterning on the legs of the suit to work with your anatomy and optimize your kick velocity, allowing you to kick your legs faster and more efficient, which is essential when swimming, especially in a race. The beauty of the Zoot's unique leg pattern is that it not only helps with speed during the swim, it also helps to reduce muscle fatigue so you do not wear out halfway through the swim.


    It is important when sizing a wetsuit to find something that is going to be tight enough to help you maximize your drag while in the water, but you also want something that is going to be loose enough so it does not restrict your movement or your breathing. The beauty of the Zoot Wave 2 is that, if you get the proper size, it is going to meet those criteria. The materials of the suit are flexible enough to allow you a full range of movement and allow you to breathe without issues.

    The Zoot Wave 2 has gender specific sizing, coming in men's and women's sizes XS to XXL. Customers have commented that these suits do run true to size, but it is recommended that you pay close attention to your weight and size chart when determining what size you will need to purchase. Zoot does provide a sizing chart to help determine what size you will need and if you happen to be one of those that would fall between two sizes it is recommended that you look more at the weight than any of the other measurements. Your height does not matter too much when it comes to choosing the right size as you need to be able to squeeze your physical size and body mass into the suit. If you do not follow these suggestions then you will probably end up with a poor fitting wetsuit and that would be extremely uncomfortable.


    There are so many features this wetsuit offers the swimmer to keep this wetsuit nice and durable. No one wants to be in the middle of a swim and have their suit start falling apart. The Zoot Wave 2 is made of strong, durable materials, using Yamamoto #39 neoprene for the suit with some thinner neoprene in the arms and chest to help enhance your performance. In addition to the already durable materials, Zoot uses Melco tape along with other spot reinforcements placed strategically throughout the suit to maximize the life of the suit. The suit offers secure wrist cuff closures to make sure that water will not leak in through the wrists and any other gaps in the suit. The neckline of the suit uses a watertight double closure for extra protection.

    The changing mat that comes with the Zoot 2 can also elongate the life of the wetsuit. Although you probably will not use the mat if you are using this in a triathlon because speed matters, if you are taking off the wetsuit during casual use it is recommended to do so on the changing mat. If you can keep your wetsuit from rubbing in the dirt or sand it can increase its life.

    It is important, especially if you want to keep your wetsuit for a long time, to store the wetsuit properly when not in use. You want to make sure that you do not just wad up your suit and leave it laying around in a gym bag somewhere or in your trunk because this will cause the suit to deteriorate rather quickly. You will want to make sure that you hang your wetsuit on a hanger if you can but if you are limited on closet space you can fold it in half and store it in a dry container once it is completely dry.


    The Zoot Wave 2 comes with a couple of different accessories for you when you buy the wetsuit. It comes with a pair of gloves that will cover your hands to give you full body protection while in the water. The other accessory that comes with the Wave 2 is a changing mat. The changing mat is perfect for keeping your suit free of dirt and debris while changing to help from premature wear and tear due to rubbing. The mat is also nice because after you change out of it you can use it to store your wetsuit.


    Customers have commented that they really like the look and style of the Zoot Wave 2 wetsuit. The wetsuit is mostly black but the arms and legs of the suit have a blue and silver digital camo design that has the tendency to stand out and catches your eye. The Zoot name is printed on the chest of the wetsuit. The suits are designed to be gender-specific with ergonomic panels that are specifically designed to help fit the male body.


    The Zoot Wave 2 wetsuit is definitely an affordable option when it comes to purchasing a wetsuit. If you are training for a triathlon you know that it can get pretty costly with all the things that you will need to prepare and participate in the race. It is nice to know that there is, at least, a cheaper option when it comes to the wetsuit needed for the first leg of the race.

    Yes, the Wave 2 is on the cheaper end when it comes to wetsuits, but it can still cost you some money. It is definitely an investment. The MSRP (manufacturers suggested retail price) of the Wave 2 comes in at $375, but as with most things can be found on sale on the internet. It is important to remember though that wetsuits being used for triathlons should not have to be replaced very often if taken care of properly, unlike other things you will need for race day like running shoes or clothes.
    Key Features

    Key Features

    -Aqualift buoyancy panels for more comfortable swimming position
    -DORSALflex zipper closure in the back
    -Yamamoto GLIDEflex to help you breath more comfortably
    -Gender-specific panels
    -Includes changing mat and gloves
    -Yamamoto #39 neoprene
    -SCS (Super Composite Skin) coating for a better hydrodynamics
    -Reinforced areas throughout to help with durability
    -Optimal Kick Design (OKD) for faster and easier movement
    Bottom Line

    Bottom Line

    The Zoot Wave 2 wetsuit is an all-around good wetsuit, especially for those who are looking for a good quality product at a low price. The wetsuit is ideal for those who are just getting into triathlons but is not limited to triathletes. The wetsuit is super flexible, extremely comfortable, stylish, lightweight, and full of great technologies for a very affordable price. Zoot really outdid themselves with this iteration of the Wave wetsuit. They kept everything that you know and loved about the first wave, and improved a couple of the things with their newer technology to give you a better experience while in the water.