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Look in a thesaurus next to amphibious and you will find the Zoot Wikiwiki Wetsuit. Any swimmer or triathlete understands that gear can be a deal breaker. Compression assists in recovery and performance, but go too tight and you face restricted movement and difficult on/off transitions. Novice swimmers understand that the less experienced you are, the more buoyancy you need in a suit. The Zoot Wikiwiki wetsuit (Hawaiian for “Speedy Fast”) combines a perfect combination of the most hydrodynamic advanced materials from buoyancy panels to FLEXskin 0.55 mm. Built to improve speed by reducing drag, this suit not only allows a superefficient glide through the water but also aligns the body with the most effective swimming position utilizing AQUAlift buoyancy panels. No need to shave the arms when you wear the Zoot Wikiwiki, Super Composite Skin Nano hydrodynamic finish and a half millimeter thick neoprene masters this effect for you.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Gender-specific panels
  • Optimal Kick Design
  • Super flexible neoprene
  • Super Composite Skin Nano finishing
  • AQUAlift buoyancy pads for any level swimmer
  • Cons
    • Super thin material
    • 50 degrees lowest temperature rating
    • Key Features
      Mind above matter is the struggle every swimmer encounters as their primal instinct body tends to drift vertically due to primal instinct. Understand the concept of front-to-back balance and balanced rotation, and you will think the Zoot Wikiwiki wetsuit would be a disqualifier in a competition. The Zoot line has created a master buoyant, second skin wetsuit that does anything but drag. Strategically placed panels create buoyancy in the perfect location for maximum rotation. The super thin, half a millimeter to be exact, FLEXskin neoprene allows the swimmer wearing this wetsuit to feel el natural gliding through any water. This suit is built to place the swimmer in the most optimal state of assessing and perfecting their catch.
      The Zoot Wikiwiki wetsuit is constructed from FLEXskin, a super flexible neoprene that is designed similar in the breathability function of all wetsuits, to keep a dry barrier of warmth against the body and a hydrophobic shell. The inside lining is a super stretchy, yet non-absorbent polyester.
      The Zoot Wikiwiki wetsuit is so sleek and comfortable it might feel more like a body paint competition than a swim race. While wetsuits should fit and feel like a second skin when in the water, nobody wants the struggle of tugging on or pulling off the second skin. Zoot has it covered as this Wikiwiki suit features COMFORTcell Platinum 88 % Nylon 12% Spandex liner, making the transition in or out of the suit the most comfortable. Taking design to a completely different level of perfection, there are even gender specific ergonomically placed panels to make everyone feel equally comfy. Forget fatigue, the Optimal Kick Design throughout the leg area is patterned to unite forces with the anatomy of the leg muscles. The neck panel, fuse welded with Super Composite Skin Nano finish, is designed for maximum comfort opting towards a zero water entry, zero constriction, and zero chafing. Upper arm panels are a micro-thin 0.5 millimeters and underarms are 1.5 millimeters, allowing a flowing restriction free shoulder rotation.
      The most important factor when determining your size in this wetsuit is to focus not on your height, but keep your weight in mind when finding your fit on the sizing chart. The Zoot Wikiwiki wetsuit is available in six different size options: small, small tall, medium, large and x large. And one more significant finding- if you are a man, or woman, with exceptionally large hands, you might have a bit of a struggle with transitioning in and out of the arm cuffs.
      How durable can anything be that is only 0.5 millimeters thick? This super thin neoprene can easily be snared by innocent fingernails. Zoot minimizes this risk by including a pair of gloves and mat for the transition. Generally speaking, if it’s super stretchy, it's super flimsy. However, the Super Composite Nano hydrodynamic finish on the Zoot Wikiwiki wetsuit is claimed to be the most durable coating on the market for wetsuits. Constructed using the highest glue and blind stitch technology, Zoot ensured this suit is not going to bust at any seam. Strategically placed Moontape reinforce maximum durability of this wetsuit.
      Designed to perform in the water with minimal drag, this hydrodynamic Zoot Wikiwiki wetsuit has minimal accessories, and rightfully so. In fact, other than a Velcro attachment at the lower back to assist in zipper access, there are no additional accessories directly on the suit. There is a pair of gloves and a mat included with purchase to assist in the transition. For all off the charts, super cool additions, check out the plethora of features this suit includes.
      Head-turning, bold, cutting-edge, bright, and confident could all describe the fashion worthy design of this wetsuit. Style options range in camouflage print options on the arms and legs to geometrical patterns, all of which come in bright, unforgettable colors. The gender-specific paneling adds even more appeal, streamlining the chest and torso.
      Warning, be prepared to pay top dollar for a top performing gear. If you are a novice with a budget that can be busted then go for this optimal buoyancy suit to master your swimming technique in the most natural form. Expert swimmer? Then investing in the feel, speed, and hydrodynamic advances of the Zoot Wikiwiki wetsuit is a must!
      Key Features
      • FLEXskin 0.5
      • AQUAlift buoyancy panels
      • Speed Release Ankle Panels
      • DORSALflex zipper
      • Gender-specific ergonomic panels
      • Super Composite Skin Nano hydrodynamic finish
      • Optimal Kick Design
      • YKK Zipper
      • Moontape reinforcements
      Bottom Line
      With a Hawaiian name that translates to “Speedy Fast,” why would any swimmer or triathlete not be the slightest intrigued? The first glimpse of this bold, game-changing, hydrodynamic suit immediately brings to mind a futuristic amphibian slash human. The Zoot Wikiwiki wetsuit will challenge your budget but will most likely deliver one of your best, if not best, performance swimming experiences. distance has no weight against the function of this high performing suit finished in Super Composite Nano. While the extremely flexible arms and shoulders covered in a mere 0.5-millimeter neoprene will slash drag and propel speed, the temperature of the water might be the only factor that comes between you and this catch.
      Where to Buy
      By Crystal McClure
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      Where to buy
      Best offer on: Aug. 01. 2021

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