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At RunnerClick we stand for the individuals behind the shoes, behind the brands, behind the gear, behind the events. We stand for the individuals that make these things what they are, and that hold them up on their feet, our feet, as we run these many roads and trails. This is why we put together our team of writers, our team of researchers, our team of passionate, enthusiastic individuals. We’ve come together to dig in, and do the research necessary to bring the information needed, and sought after by so many, to the forefront, to the consumers, & enthusiasts alike about the many topics, and categories that running encompasses.  

We do not accept payment for any reviews in order to give products a better rating, no. We dig deep to the bone, and show what the products really are from their inner workings, to their exterior shell. We outline how effective these products really are, their specifications, and how they actually hold up against the next in line. This way, you always get the best!

We have a research team that digs to find the best, most relevant information possible, and refine all content so that RunnerClick viewers can not only find products they are looking for, and in depth information behind these products,  but also how these products were selected. If you intend to keep browsing, and even look elsewhere for what you need, you can walk away with a criteria to finding the best suited items to your specific needs, plus be confident as to what direction to take when selecting.

RunnerClick.com and the RunnerClick team are here to bring the information you spend hours looking for. We make it simple for you, and we make it accurate. We are here for the Runners.


Research Editor
    Bill Swanson Assistant Editor
    Currently live in Marinette, WI on the Michigan/Wisconsin border. I work full time as a Narcotics Investigator for the Marinette County Sheriff’s Office. I enjoy outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and riding my side by side. I also enjoy woodworking and repairing things.


      Miranda Hanson Research Blogger
      Miranda is a mother and an outdoors enthusiast. And, she loves to write about both. In fact, she's written on a wide range of topics, from health and beauty to combat sports and everything in between. But besides that, she's also an avid researcher, experienced in compiling and synthesizing data from a plethora of sources alongside specialists and professionals to extract useful information and present it to the reading public. This and dedication put together is what makes Miranda the Research Blogger that she is today!
        Giselle Killebrew Update Writer
        Giselle grew up in Ocala, Florida and now resides just south of Atlanta. She is currently getting her MHA and working on her own book—writing is her passion. Giselle is also a wife and mother of two boy, and she pretty much lives off of coffee. She ran cross-country and played soccer through high school and CrossFit is a huge part of her life.
        Gabby Gabbard Update Writer
        With over 20 years of writing experience, passion is an understatement when describing Tamara’s love for words. After 6 years working as a Photojournalist for the North Carolina and New York Army National Guards, she grabbed her pen, paper, and computer and moved to Costa Rica to live the Pura Vida. She is currently working on a novel and a personal memoir while learning how to live off the land she acquired in paradise. Tamara spends most of her time in nature with her husband and two dogs. She loves to write about many topics as she has certifications in copious amounts of trades, as well as two Trade School Degrees from the Auto and Deisel Institute and Apex Technical School in NYC. From Food and Hospitality studies to Welding and Mechanics and beyond, Tamara has an arsenal of information and expertise through research and hands-on experience.


          Elizabeth Carlson Blog Writer
          Elizabeth hails from the Land of the Pines, where she stayed close to home to attend the University of Georgia before packing up and moving 1000 miles east to Texas. By day, she works in Fundraising and Development for the Catholic Diocese of Tyler; by night, she is usually asleep by 8 pm. But by early morning, she can be found pounding it out on the treadmill (or on the pavement, if she's lucky), taking spin classes, and lifting heavy(ish) things. When they get the chance to travel, she and her husband love to hike and explore the world by foot. Her summer love language is the lake or ocean (swimming in it, boating in it, floating in it, etc) and she probably sweats more coffee than water.
            Amanda Milewski Blog Writer
            Amanda Milewski is a freelance writer who has been running competitively since age 13. She is a four-time NCAA All-American and also coaches high school track and field and college cross country.
              Lauren Keating Blog Writer
              Writer by trade, but runner at heart, Lauren has a B.A. in Journalism and has written for various publications including Tech Times and Fit Nation Magazine. When she isn't blogging about health and fitness, she is running or trying new fitness classes. She has completed three half marathons and a handful of 5ks, fun runs and a Spartan Race.
                Kristy Thibodeau Blog Writer
                Kristy Thibodeau is an orthopedic physical therapist and sports massage therapist. She has run 12 marathons and dozens of half marathons. Her goal is to complete the world marathon majors. She enjoys traveling, blogging and running to explore new destinations.
                  Lizzy Pavlovic Single Review Writer
                  Born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia. An avid fan of reading, writing, learning, traveling, animals and food. A HIIT believer and a die-hard fan of stability shoes.
                    Jessica Pilla Single Review Writer
                    Jessica Pilla hails from New Rochelle, NY and has been writing professionally since 2014. When she’s not hard at work, enjoys swimming, running, yoga, and cooking. As an actress, she’s also quite experienced in stage combat.