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RunnerCIick covers all facets of running. The sport, the activity, products, health benefits, injuries, industry, and more.

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The RunnerCIick Team

RunnerClick Editorial

RunnerClick is dedicated to making our content informative, accessible, actionable, and authoritative so that readers can make the best decisions about their running journey. Our content is created, fact-checked, and reviewed by qualified writers, editors, coaches, clinicians, and other contributors. Our team continually monitors the running, health and wellness, and other spaces, and we update our articles when new information becomes available.

Expert Advisory Team

Running Coaches & Sports Nutritionists review our content to ensure it is accurate and informative.
These experts share our mission to help you reach your running goals. Join our RunnerClick Pro community to learn more from these experts!
Megan Robinson Sports Dietitian
Megan Robinson is a Board-Certified Sports Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator, specializing in sports nutrition, cardiovascular health, and diabetes education. Megan has a private practice in sports nutrition helping athletes develop meal plans to improve their nutrition and enhance their sports nutrition performance.
Evan Wood RRCA Level 1 Running Coach
Evan is an RRCA Level I certified running coach and filmmaker who has been running for over 10 years, running 7 marathons and 21 half marathons. His depth of knowledge and passion for running is evident throughout his work with and RunnerClick Pro.
Whitney Heins VDOT-02 Running Coach
Whitney Heins a VDOT-O2 certified running coach, 2:56 marathoner, freelance writer, a former award-winning TV news journalist...& most importantly, a mom to two beautiful kids. Whitney is also the founder of the popular site

RunnerClick Editors

Ana Chief Editor
A sporty type with a passion for early morning road running and yoga. Great at discovering new running gear and trying out any running shoes labelled as the next big thing.
Brian Price Editor
Veteran and former corporate type relocated to eastern Poland, where trail running and outdoor adventures are a routine part of his daily life. “I like to lace up my shoes, pack a few essentials, and set off to see just how far I can push myself”.

RunnerClick Writers

Pam Berg Running Coach
A principal in a rural school by day, Runnerclick and WalkJogRun writer Pam Berg logs miles as a stress reliever and to create balance in her life. Over the years Pam has coached track & field, cross country and girls' swimming at the high school level. Passionate about helping young runners, she also volunteers as a coach for a Kids on the Run program in Northeastern Wisconsin. Although Pam dabbles in coaching adults here and there, most of her running advice is given anecdotally through online forums she facilitates. Passionate about running, cycling, swimming and overall fitness, her blogs provide a way to share that excitement and knowledge with the world.
Amber Nelson Obstacle Course Racer
My name is Amber. I am a psychology PhD student, trail runner, Spartan obstacle course racer, and a lover of being inspired by and inspiring others. After years of being overweight and moving my body very little I decided to make big changes. Running and general fitness are now a huge part of my life and have changed who I am as a person. I am passionate about using my academic research skills and general passionate for interacting with others to continue to educate myself and others about all things related to being a happy, healthy, and fit individual.
Tara Summerville Road Runner
Tara Summerville lives in Akron Ohio with her husband and two cats. A 50-pound weight loss journey introduced her to the freedom of running and loves to zip along the scenic towpaths and metro parks in her local area. As a former couch potato, she knows the struggles of staying motivated as well as finding the right gear to perform at your very best. She also really enjoys swimming, yoga, and powerlifting.
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