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At RunnerClick we stand for the individuals behind the shoes, behind the brands, behind the gear, behind the events. We stand for the individuals that make these things what they are, and that hold them up on their feet, our feet, as we run these many roads and trails. This is why we put together our team of writers, our team of researchers, our team of passionate, enthusiastic individuals. We’ve come together to dig in, and do the research necessary to bring the information needed, and sought after by so many, to the forefront, to the consumers, & enthusiasts alike about the many topics, and categories that running encompasses.  

We do not accept payment for any reviews in order to give products a better rating, no. We dig deep to the bone, and show what the products really are from their inner workings, to their exterior shell. We outline how effective these products really are, their specifications, and how they actually hold up against the next in line. This way, you always get the best!

We have a research team that digs to find the best, most relevant information possible, and refine all content so that RunnerClick viewers can not only find products they are looking for, and in depth information behind these products,  but also how these products were selected. If you intend to keep browsing, and even look elsewhere for what you need, you can walk away with a criteria to finding the best suited items to your specific needs, plus be confident as to what direction to take when selecting.

RunnerClick.com and the RunnerClick team are here to bring the information you spend hours looking for. We make it simple for you, and we make it accurate. We are here for the Runners.


Brian Price Editor of Research
Former corporate manager turned freelancer, I was actually able to slow down, enjoy life, and grasp a closer attention to the details which are vital to quality research. the goal is to provide information which is honest, accurate and helpful to our readers.
Running is my "me time". I really enjoy taking my runs off-road, and often away from the beaten path. It's a chance to push myself, while at the same time, appreciate my surroundings.
Taren Weidaw Editor-in-Chief
Currently an education administrator, Taren is about to race around the country (literally) with her partner Dan and their two dogs. As they travel the U.S., they will compete in races in every state. Taren can't wait to share what she learns about racing and running along the way with RunnerClick athletes.
Abbie Copeland Assistant Editor
Abbie is a runner and writer living in New Jersey with her husband, daughter, two dogs and yes, six chickens. She is always looking to go the distance – quite literally. She is currently training for her first ultra marathon. She loves learning about the latest running shoes and gear and being able to share it with the RunnerClick audience.


Tony Marsella Injuries Research Journalist
Tony Marsella, C/4C, AFROTC
Charlie Flight, Det 088
President Kinesiology Club
Student Gov. Business Manager
Mike Valverde Injuries Research Journalist
Mike is a researcher, writer and editor that has written extensively about medical related complications & technological advancements. He proudly works under RC, providing full, rich breakdowns of the many medical related complications we face.
Eddy Mihai Injuries Research Journalist
My name is Eduard and I'm a Romanian currently living in Italy. I love basketball, weightlifting, and running. I follow a plant-based diet and try to live my life as virtuously as I can. Cheers!


Karien Potgieter Writer
Karien Potgieter has been running for three decades and her ultimate running goal is to run until she’s 90. She has explored four continents on the run and can’t wait to see more.
Amber Walker Writer
Amber is an avid trail runner, swimming coach, and physical therapist from Anchorage, Alaska. She enjoys photography, world travel, and owns the paddle-boarding company, Alaska Wilderness SUP.
Steph Coelho Writer
Steph is a freelance writer and Montreal native. She has run many 5Ks, Marathons, two 50Ks & a Sprint Triathlon. She previously coached groups of new runners for 5Ks and Half Marathons. Due to an injury & life changes, she had to take some time off. Recently, she's made running a part of her life again and looks forward to many more miles ahead! When she's not running she's listening to a myriad of podcasts, cooking up a storm, or digging in the garden.
Riana Scholtz Writer
Riana loves trail running and exploring new, beautiful places on foot. She and her family live in a tiny town in the pro-desert of northwestern Namibia, where they try to live an intentional and minimalist life close to nature. Riana and her family host an annual trail run and cycle event in aid of rhino conservation, and travel frequently to compete in international trail marathons.
Elizabeth Carlson Writer
Elizabeth hails from the Land of the Pines, where she stayed close to home to attend the University of Georgia before packing up and moving 1000 miles east to Texas. By day, she works in Fundraising and Development for the Catholic Diocese of Tyler; by night, she is usually asleep by 8 pm. But by early morning, she can be found pounding it out on the treadmill (or on the pavement, if she's lucky), taking spin classes, and lifting heavy(ish) things. When they get the chance to travel, she and her husband love to hike and explore the world by foot. Her summer love language is the lake or ocean (swimming in it, boating in it, floating in it, etc) and she probably sweats more coffee than water.
Mike Gray Writer
Mike Gray is a writer and academic from New Jersey. His work has been featured on a number of websites covering a variety of topics. When he's not writing or teaching, Mike is an avid cyclist and cinephile. Believing that intellectual pursuits and exercise are not mutually exclusive activities, he listens to audio books while riding his bike through the many beautiful routes and trails the Garden State has to offer.
Kelly Crabb Writer
Diagnosed with Crohn's Disease at age 17, Kelly has been fighting back in her own way despite difficult setbacks by running half-marathons and endurance events to raise awareness and fundraise towards research. She enjoys hiking, writing and is a known avid shark lover.
Justine Hall Writer
As recent college grad, Justine enjoys all activities that give her an excuse to get outside. She’s been a runner for as long as she can remember- thanks to an entire family of marathon runners. When she’s not lacing up her running shoes, you can find her on her yoga mat, or writing while drinking copious amounts coffee.
Claire Naughton Writer
Claire is a 22-year old freelance writer from Illinois. She holds a BA in English with an emphasis in creative writing from Kenyon College, and has competed in cross country, track and field, and road races for over 12 years. A steeplechase specialist in college, she is perpetually in awe of Emma Coburn, Colleen Quigley, and Courtney Frerichs, as well as Brenda Martinez and Alysia Montaño.
Stacey O'Connor Writer
I am an MFA trained freelance writer with a passion for education, equality, literature, fitness, and creativity. It is not enough for me to experience my passions, I also need to write about them.
Thanawat Mynaf Writer
Avid runner and programming student from the beautiful Torrance, California! Currently training to break 17 minutes in the 5k, but looking forward to dabbling in half marathons in the coming year.
Chelsea Cloud Writer
Chelsea lives in Western Michigan within walking distance to Lake Michigan. She loves writing, crafty stuff, running in 55 degree weather and the occasional Netflix binge.
Erin Writer
Erin lives in the Lehigh Valley where she works in marketing at a software company in the K-12 education industry. She started running as a way to stay fit, but when she mistakenly participated in a Spartan Race, she was instantly hooked. With her husband and three children, Erin trains with her family by running local trails and participating in races in locations that they want to visit. Running and racing is a way that Erin sets an example for her children to have fun while staying healthy.
Ella Eser Writer
Former UCLA triathlete and pro-triathlete, now I just run for fun! I also used to work at a running store in Sacramento, CA.
Kristin R. Writer
Kristin is an avid runner that resides in the Lehigh Valley, PA with her family. When not in mommy mode to her four children, teaching, or snapping photos, her life is "Run. Eat. Sleep. Repeat"... regardless of terrain, condition, or pace. She enjoys challenging her limits and maintains a runstreak inspired by Runner's World in 2013. She usually runs solo savoring the quiet, but also treasures running adventures with her best friend, jaunts with her children and her pups, and the occasional contentedness found lost in a crowd of others that "get it" too. With many ideas brewing on her race calendar, her main goal is to run happily and healthily for life.
Toni Fitzgerald Writer
Toni Fitzgerald is a longtime writer, editor and runner. Her running career began reluctantly when she was forced to run the mile for soccer (she often finished last) but flourished in college, when dashes down DoG Street in Colonial Williamsburg became a favorite pastime. She recently ended a 15-year run as managing editor of Media Life magazine, and now works full time as a freelancer while also running after her kids, cats and non-runner husband. She copy edits magazines including The Writer, Gluten-Free Living and Outdoor Photography.
Ashley Hutcheson Writer
Addicted to the runner’s high, Ashley is always up for a good time- post run. Nashville is home to this furniture restoring wife, mom (2 & 4 legs), lake lover, Travelista, foodie and avid concert attendee.
Jonathan Thompson Writer
Jonathan Thompson is a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist with over 12 years of writing experience. In that time, he's had the opportunity to work with Reebok, Livestrong, EAS and many other brands. Thompson has also authored several fiction and non-fiction books.
Emma Abbott Writer
Emma resides in the DC area & enjoys running, writing, yoga, music, travel, adventure and her french bulldog, Moose. Growing up in upstate NY, she has her sights set on her first triathlon in her hometown in 2018 (pending the healing of a torn meniscus she acquired by tripping on the way home from lunch).