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At RunnerClick we stand for the individuals behind the shoes, behind the brands, behind the gear, behind the events. We stand for the individuals that make these things what they are, and that hold them up on their feet, our feet, as we run these many roads and trails. This is why we put together our team of writers, our team of researchers, our team of passionate, enthusiastic runners. We come from around the globe to share our experiences, likes, dislikes, and general knowledge about the many topics, gear, and categories that running encompasses.  

We do not accept payment for any reviews in order to give products a better rating. We dig deep to the bone, and show what the products really are from their inner workings, to their exterior shell. We outline how effective these products really are, their specifications, and how they actually hold up against the next in line. This way, you always get the best!

Our goal is to put the information right there in front, to make is easier for our readers to get the tips, advice, and even the gear without wasting time and money.

RunnerClick is operated by Gringo Group, a growing media publishing group who loves the outdoors. Some of our other brands include GearWeAre.com, WalkJogRun.net, and GarageGymBuilder.com.


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