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The Best High BPM Songs For Running: 2022 Picks

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If you have gone to a fitness class, you have probably noticed that the music is carefully chosen to fit the exercise. And for good reason.

Studies have frequently shown that people listening to a song with more beats per minute (BPM), tend to exercise faster and longer than those who are listening to slower music or no music.

The takeaway here is that if you carefully choose your music and high BPM songs, it may increase your physical output.

The Science Behind Choosing Your Running Music

Beats per minute (BPM) indicates the number of beats a song has in one minute. Pretty self-explanatory, right?

Well, the simple measure has been found to have a significant impact on both the duration and output of athletes, depending on the BPM selected.

A study done at the University of Toronto confirmed what we all suspected, that the right workout music can cause an athlete to work out up to 70% longer.

Although scientists were not shocked to see the impact music had on exercise, they were surprised to see that the higher energy level typically lasted throughout the day.

Participants in studies wore monitors throughout the entire day (not just during the exercise) to take note of these changes that occurred.

When choosing your workout songs, you need to carefully reflect on what you are trying to achieve. For example, if you are doing yoga, you are working on centering yourself and bringing peace to your mind, body, and spirit. People who practice yoga listen to sounds of nature or very relaxing, soft music.

This is much different from a runner looking to achieve a specific goal or optimize for runner’s high. Taking into account your activity and goals is important before building your next playlist.

Matching Your Cadence To Music

If you are trying to figure out what tempo of the music you should be listening to, you need to find out how many steps you take in a minute when running and walking.

Start a stopwatch and do your thing for 60 seconds, counting your steps. That will tell you what BPM you should be looking for in your running songs.

If you have a good smartwatch, it may show your cadence for you. Apple Watch, for example, shows the average cadence. It is all calculated out for you in black and white! Then you can Google “music with X BPM.”

On a recent run, my average cadence was 173. If trying to complete that same type of workout, I would look for music at a high number of beats per minute.

Matching Your Rate of Perceived Exertion To Music

Another way to calibrate your music to your workouts is to focus on song BPM’s that match bring your Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) up or down based on your run type. For a good tutorial on how to do this, watch RunnerClick Pro Coach, Evan Wood, run you through the BPM & RPE matching exercise below.

Click here to learn more about the Rate of Perceived Exertion.

What’s the Best Running Song BPM?

There a multiple studies that show that 165 steps per minute is the most optimal running pace for novices. This is great because there are many fantastic running songs within the 160 and 170 BPM range.

If you’re a beginner, we recommend starting at 120 BPM and increasing based on your comfort level.

When it comes to elite athletes, 180 BPM will help ensure a stride turnover of 180 steps per minute is reached.

But don’t let maintaining a high BPM cause you to overexert yourself. Regardless of your fitness level, the optimal running song BPM is the one that helps you maintain a steady pace and target heart rate.

How Can I Determine The BPM Of A Song?

You can certainly attempt to count the beats within a 60-second time frame, but who has time for that, right?

We like plugging in a song title into SongBPM.com to easily find the BPM of our favorite running songs.

We’ve even begun building a library of the best running songs, all categorized by genre, artist, and BPM. The list below is a good place to start but when you join the RunnerClick Pro community, you’ll receive instant access to our running song library. Hope to see you in the community soon.

Our List of the Top Running Songs By BPM

Peruse our favorite running songs below, based on their BPM. Then click the link to go to Spotify to add it to your workout playlists.

Or simply hit the heart icon for that song to help Spotify recommend more of what you’re looking for in a running playlist.

110-135 BPM songs

135 – 149 BPM Songs

150-175 BPM Songs

High BPM Songs (180 BPM Songs)

Is 180 BPM Fast?

You bet 180 beats per minute is fast!

If you’re looking to pick up the pace in your workout, you may want to seed some 180 BPM songs into your next playlist.

But before you create an entire playlist of 180 BPM running songs, try the interval workout recommendation below. Those 180 BPM songs will be much more manageable.

Building An Interval Workout Playlist

An interesting concept is creating an interval workout by switching up your music.

A woman I coach was telling me that she struggles with hitting the paces I am asking of her. I asked if she listens to music when she runs. When she responded yes, I asked her what her favorite genre of music was.

Together, we discussed the tempo and beat of the music and how she could use music to cue her running. One thing we did is for her next 5-mile run, where her goal was to warm up for one mile, then run 3 miles of threshold, then a mile of cool down, I encouraged her to make a workout playlist.

She chose 4 songs that have a very easy pace. After that, she jacked up the tempo and mood of the music. Based on her pace, I told her to pick roughly 24 minutes of songs that would keep her moving fast. After those songs, she should choose 4 more songs at a slower tempo.

Guess what happened? The music cued her workout. Without focusing on her Garmin, encouraged to run based on the music cues, she came close to finishing the entire workout I built for her.

A trick I use for my own runs is to create a playlist with a fast song followed by a slower one. When the song changes, I either pick up or slow down my pace. A simple click of your smartwatch can tell you what pace you have run and for how long. This is a musical version of a surprise fartlek run.

However you choose to use it, music can lead your next run for you.

Craft multiple playlists with unique Spotify playlist names so you can easily find your favorites.

Evan Wood, running coach and RunnerClick Pro member, discusses how and why choosing a specific BPM tune affects your running.

Top Running Songs By BPM

We’ve put together a database of over 1,700 running songs ranging from 50 BPM’s, all the way up to 210 BPM’s. Sort the list by BPM, Artist, or Genre, then click the Listen on Spotify link to add the song to your running playlist.

BPMArtistSong TitleGenreSpotify Link
50 BPMFun.Carry OnAlternativeListen on Spotify
50 BPMMichael Jackson Mania!Wanna Be Starting SomethingPopListen on Spotify
50 BPMEd BruceMama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be CowboysCountryListen on Spotify
50 BPMFlogging MollyThe Light of a Fading StarAlternativeListen on Spotify
50 BPMNew World OrchestraLast of the MohicansPopListen on Spotify
50 BPMBarbra StreisandMy ManSoundtrackListen on Spotify
50 BPMTravisLove Will Come ThroughAlternativeListen on Spotify
50 BPMDarrell ScottAnd the River Is MeCountryListen on Spotify
50 BPMRicky MartinSpanish EyesPop LatinoListen on Spotify
50 BPMThe Civil WarsGirl With the Red BalloonSinger/SongwriterListen on Spotify
50 BPMLiquid MindWhisper to MeNew AgeListen on Spotify
50 BPMBen FoldsRock This BitchRockListen on Spotify
50 BPMDavid & Steve GordonSecret FountainNew AgeListen on Spotify
50 BPMDarrell Scott6 O'Clock In the MorningRockListen on Spotify
50 BPMDoris DayTea for TwoVocalListen on Spotify
50 BPMMatt CostaAll I Want for ChristmasHolidayListen on Spotify
50 BPMLiquid MindBreathe In MeNew AgeListen on Spotify
50 BPMBlack FlagSpray PaintRockListen on Spotify
50 BPMJonathan CoultonMy MonkeyPopListen on Spotify
50 BPMChris StapletonTennessee WhiskeyCountryListen on Spotify
50 BPMDanny ElfmanAftermathSoundtrackListen on Spotify
50 BPMPrem JoshuaShiva MoonWorldListen on Spotify
50 BPMVance JoyMy Kind of ManAlternativeListen on Spotify
50 BPMTim BendzkoIch laufePopListen on Spotify
50 BPMJeffrey OsborneYes I'm ReadyR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
50 BPMEluviumReciting the AirshipsRockListen on Spotify
50 BPMGabriel YaredSpreading WingsSoundtrackListen on Spotify
50 BPMGrainne HamblyThe Mist Covered Mountain/Kilfenora JigSinger/SongwriterListen on Spotify
50 BPMBear McCrearyHand SurgeryTV SoundtrackListen on Spotify
50 BPMJeremy SouleDistant HorizonsSoundtrackListen on Spotify
50 BPMFreddie HubbardDedicated to YouJazzListen on Spotify
50 BPMYellowcardThree Flights DownRockListen on Spotify
60 BPMYolanda AdamsVictoryInspirationalListen on Spotify
60 BPMAndrew StrongMustang SallySoundtrackListen on Spotify
60 BPMThe TokensThe Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)PopListen on Spotify
60 BPMJohn Legend & Andre 3000Green LightR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
60 BPMPitbullCuloHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
60 BPMBritney SpearsInside OutPopListen on Spotify
60 BPMNatalie ColeThis Will Be (An Everlasting Love)R&B/SoulListen on Spotify
60 BPMCee Lo GreenLove Gun (feat. Lauren Bennett)R&B/SoulListen on Spotify
60 BPMDaniel PollackChopin: Nocturne in E flat Major Op.9 No.2ClassicalListen on Spotify
60 BPMBeyoncéFlaws and AllPopListen on Spotify
60 BPMThe Flaming LipsYoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 1AlternativeListen on Spotify
60 BPMDeath Cab for CutieGrapevine FiresAlternativeListen on Spotify
60 BPMAkonSmack That (Remix)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
60 BPMThe NylonsThe Lion Sleeps TonightPopListen on Spotify
60 BPMNeutral Milk HotelIn the Aeroplane Over the SeaAlternativeListen on Spotify
60 BPMDepeche ModeCondemnationAlternativeListen on Spotify
60 BPMElton JohnHonky CatRockListen on Spotify
60 BPMKings of LeonBeautiful WarAlternativeListen on Spotify
60 BPMKelly ClarksonIf No One Will ListenPopListen on Spotify
60 BPMPitbull & Lil JonCuloHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
60 BPMAlessia CaraHerePopListen on Spotify
60 BPMThe Black KeysAll You Ever WantedAlternativeListen on Spotify
60 BPMSiaMy LoveSoundtrackListen on Spotify
60 BPMLana Del ReyCruel WorldAlternativeListen on Spotify
60 BPMIdina MenzelNo Good DeedSoundtrackListen on Spotify
60 BPMBobby DarinBeyond the SeaVocalListen on Spotify
60 BPMMarc HellnerMine Is Made OfElectronicListen on Spotify
60 BPMSwan LeeGo OnRockListen on Spotify
60 BPMBeckRental CarAlternativeListen on Spotify
60 BPMThe FeelingSewnAlternativeListen on Spotify
60 BPMSelahOh Draw Me Lord (Reprise)Christian & GospelListen on Spotify
60 BPMRoy OrbisonWorking for the ManPopListen on Spotify
60 BPMCanned HeatOn the Road AgainBluesListen on Spotify
60 BPMKings of LeonCold DesertAlternativeListen on Spotify
60 BPMCobiDon’t You Cry For MeSinger/SongwriterListen on Spotify
60 BPMDavid GuettaI Just Wanna F. (feat. Timbaland & Dev)PopListen on Spotify
60 BPMDaft PunkFinaleSoundtrackListen on Spotify
60 BPMFrank OceanSuper Rich KidsPopListen on Spotify
60 BPMBill Evans Trio & Monica ZetterlundSome Other TimeJazzListen on Spotify
60 BPMJoni MitchellRiverPopListen on Spotify
60 BPMVince GillTryin' to Get Over YouCountryListen on Spotify
60 BPMGlee CastSomewhere (Glee Cast Version)PopListen on Spotify
60 BPMAnne MurrayYou Needed MeCountryListen on Spotify
60 BPMDanny ElfmanAftermathSoundtrackListen on Spotify
60 BPMPeter Kater & R. Carlos NakaiPrayer for PeaceNew AgeListen on Spotify
60 BPMMichael Franti & SpearheadHey WorldAlternativeListen on Spotify
60 BPMNoisettesCheap KicksPopListen on Spotify
60 BPMAaron NevilleWhite ChristmasHolidayListen on Spotify
60 BPMCrackerLoserPopListen on Spotify
60 BPMTheory of a DeadmanSanta MonicaRockListen on Spotify
60 BPMRob LutesThings We Didn't ChooseSinger/SongwriterListen on Spotify
60 BPMThe StreetsTurn the PagePopListen on Spotify
60 BPMMurder4th FloorRockListen on Spotify
60 BPMIrish TenorsO Holy NightHolidayListen on Spotify
60 BPMBoards of CanadaHey Saturday SunElectronicListen on Spotify
60 BPMDredgJamais VuRockListen on Spotify
60 BPMEdge of SanityA Serenade for the DeadRockListen on Spotify
60 BPMJason UptonPsalm 23InspirationalListen on Spotify
60 BPMVance JoyMy Kind of ManAlternativeListen on Spotify
60 BPMNat "King" ColeThe Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You)HolidayListen on Spotify
60 BPMJimmy WayneI Love You This MuchCountryListen on Spotify
60 BPMFlorence + The MachineSt JudeAlternativeListen on Spotify
60 BPMNick WaterhouseSay I Wanna KnowR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
60 BPMCitizen CopeNite Becomes DayPopListen on Spotify
60 BPMTy SegallCentsAlternativeListen on Spotify
60 BPMThe BeatlesDig a PonyRockListen on Spotify
60 BPMDanny ElfmanWheels In MotionSoundtrackListen on Spotify
60 BPMAdmiral FallowFour BulbsAlternativeListen on Spotify
60 BPMThe ArkThis Sad BouquetRockListen on Spotify
60 BPMJohn Coltrane & Johnny HartmanLush LifeJazzListen on Spotify
60 BPMDamien JuradoAbileneAlternativeListen on Spotify
60 BPMDavid FranceyFourth of JulySinger/SongwriterListen on Spotify
60 BPMDarrell ScottThe DreamerCountryListen on Spotify
60 BPMThe Naked and FamousThe SourceAlternativeListen on Spotify
60 BPMPaper RouteLove Is Red (With Every Shade of Blue)AlternativeListen on Spotify
60 BPMTaylor SwiftRonanCountryListen on Spotify
60 BPMBen FoldsNot a FanRockListen on Spotify
60 BPMPenny & SparrowCatalogueAlternative FolkListen on Spotify
60 BPMThe Rolling StonesBlue and LonesomeBluesListen on Spotify
60 BPMBon JoviOpen All NightPopListen on Spotify
60 BPMLana Del ReyTerrence Loves YouAlternativeListen on Spotify
60 BPMPower Music WorkoutBooty LooseFitness & WorkoutListen on Spotify
60 BPMHerbie HancockVein MelterJazzListen on Spotify
60 BPMLoreena McKennittThe Wind That Shakes the BarleyWorldListen on Spotify
60 BPMAmy GrantI'll Be Home for ChristmasHolidayListen on Spotify
60 BPMThe Beach BoysCaroline NoPopListen on Spotify
60 BPMTracy LawrenceTexas TornadoCountryListen on Spotify
60 BPMGrizzly BearShift (Son Remix)AlternativeListen on Spotify
60 BPMMewHawaii DreamAlternativeListen on Spotify
60 BPMThe Urban Underground SocietyThe Whole WorldHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
60 BPMMason JenningsSomething About Your LoveAlternativeListen on Spotify
60 BPMNoah & The WhalePeaceful, the World Lays Me DownRockListen on Spotify
60 BPMThe BelovedThe Sun RisingRockListen on Spotify
60 BPMStanley TurrentineJourney Into MelodyJazzListen on Spotify
60 BPMBen Sollee & Daniel Martin MooreOnly a SongSinger/SongwriterListen on Spotify
60 BPMShayfer JamesEvery Fallen FeatherAlternativeListen on Spotify
60 BPMOren LavieHer Morning EleganceAlternativeListen on Spotify
60 BPMDavid Wax MuseumWait for MeRockListen on Spotify
60 BPMDavid Wax MuseumThe Least I Can DoRockListen on Spotify
60 BPMDavid Wax MuseumSi Te VasRockListen on Spotify
60 BPMJason Upton & The Goodland BandLou's Song (feat. Micah Lother)InspirationalListen on Spotify
60 BPMVic DamoneAn Affair to RememberSoundtrackListen on Spotify
60 BPMThe Flaming LipsMetamorphosisAlternativeListen on Spotify
60 BPMMartin LéonThe Lost BoysSoundtrackListen on Spotify
60 BPMSeabirdO Come, O Come EmmanuelHolidayListen on Spotify
60 BPMCourtney BarnettBoxing Day BluesAlternativeListen on Spotify
60 BPMLisa HanniganFallAlternativeListen on Spotify
60 BPMParadox InteractivePillars of CreationSoundtrackListen on Spotify
60 BPMMick GordonII. DemigodSoundtrackListen on Spotify
60 BPMJeremy SouleShadows and EchoesSoundtrackListen on Spotify
70 BPMQueenBohemian RhapsodyRockListen on Spotify
70 BPMMissy ElliottGet Ur Freak On (LP Version)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
70 BPMADELEMake You Feel My LovePopListen on Spotify
70 BPMThe Beach BoysGood VibrationsRockListen on Spotify
70 BPMMurphy Lee, Nelly & P. DiddyShake Ya TailfeatherHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
70 BPMRihannaUnfaithfulPopListen on Spotify
70 BPMBobby McFerrinDon't Worry, Be HappyReggaeListen on Spotify
70 BPMTom PettyYou Don't Know How It FeelsRockListen on Spotify
70 BPMCreedWith Arms Wide OpenRockListen on Spotify
70 BPMFatboy SlimPraise YouDanceListen on Spotify
70 BPMMatt Redman10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)Christian & GospelListen on Spotify
70 BPMNelly, P. Diddy, Murphy LeeShake Ya TailfeatherSoundtrackListen on Spotify
70 BPMAerosmithWhat It TakesRockListen on Spotify
70 BPMBill WithersAin't No SunshineR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
70 BPMLonestarAmazedCountryListen on Spotify
70 BPMLee Ann WomackI Hope You DanceCountryListen on Spotify
70 BPMOrleansStill the OneRockListen on Spotify
70 BPMBryan AdamsHeavenRockListen on Spotify
70 BPMBelinda CarlisleMad About YouRockListen on Spotify
70 BPMPink FloydUs and ThemRockListen on Spotify
70 BPMLebo MThe Lion Sleeps TonightDisneyListen on Spotify
70 BPMKornGet Up! (feat. Skrillex)Heavy MetalListen on Spotify
70 BPMTaylor SwiftYou're Not SorryCountryListen on Spotify
70 BPMJetLook What You've DoneRockListen on Spotify
70 BPMGladys Knight & The PipsI Heard It Through the GrapevineR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
70 BPMMetallicaSuicide & RedemptionRockListen on Spotify
70 BPMMercyMeWord of God SpeakInspirationalListen on Spotify
70 BPMThe Crew CutsSh'Boom (Life Could Be a Dream)PopListen on Spotify
70 BPMThe Rolling StonesWild HorsesRockListen on Spotify
70 BPMJamie Foxx, Kanye West & TwistaSlow JamzHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
70 BPMRufus WainwrightHallelujahAlternativeListen on Spotify
70 BPMMatisyahuOne DayReggaeListen on Spotify
70 BPMO.A.R.That Was a Crazy Game of PokerRockListen on Spotify
70 BPMTim McGrawMy Little GirlCountryListen on Spotify
70 BPMOutKastElevatorsHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
70 BPMBarbra StreisandDon't Rain On My ParadeSoundtrackListen on Spotify
70 BPMImagine DragonsI’m So SorryAlternativeListen on Spotify
70 BPMNirvanaOh MeAlternativeListen on Spotify
70 BPMMeghan TrainorLike I'm Gonna Lose You (feat. John Legend)PopListen on Spotify
70 BPMThe Avett BrothersI and Love and YouRockListen on Spotify
70 BPMColdplayBrothers & SistersAlternativeListen on Spotify
70 BPMA Great Big WorldSay SomethingPopListen on Spotify
70 BPMHillsong LiveHere I Am to WorshipInspirationalListen on Spotify
70 BPMDJ FreshLouder (Doctor P & Flux Pavillion Remix) [feat. Sian Evans]DanceListen on Spotify
70 BPMFaith HillIt Matters to MeCountryListen on Spotify
70 BPMJason AldeanLaughed Until We CriedCountryListen on Spotify
70 BPMDeadmau5Raise Your WeaponDanceListen on Spotify
70 BPMGlen Hansard & Marketa IrglovaFalling SlowlySoundtrackListen on Spotify
70 BPMKings of LeonMi AmigoAlternativeListen on Spotify
70 BPMBruce HornsbyMandolin RainRockListen on Spotify
70 BPMPassionOne Thing Remains (Radio Version) [feat. Kristian Stanfill]Christian & GospelListen on Spotify
70 BPMJason Mraz93 Million MilesPopListen on Spotify
70 BPMBeyoncéRather Die YoungPopListen on Spotify
70 BPMFlux PavilionBass CannonDanceListen on Spotify
70 BPMSheryl CrowMy Favorite MistakeSinger/SongwriterListen on Spotify
70 BPMMobyIn This WorldElectronicListen on Spotify
70 BPMDaft PunkAdagio for TRONSoundtrackListen on Spotify
70 BPMDiana KingI Say a Little PrayerSoundtrackListen on Spotify
70 BPMU2Red Hill Mining TownRockListen on Spotify
70 BPMEric ClaptonRunning On Faith (Acoustic Version) [Live]RockListen on Spotify
70 BPMThe SupremesI Hear a SymphonyR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
70 BPMJoni MitchellCaliforniaPopListen on Spotify
70 BPMBob Marley & The WailersMedley: War / No More TroubleReggaeListen on Spotify
70 BPMBee GeesHow Can You Mend a Broken HeartPopListen on Spotify
70 BPMLedisiAlrightR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
70 BPMNe-YoShe Knows (feat. Juicy J)R&B/SoulListen on Spotify
70 BPMSeetherBreakdownRockListen on Spotify
70 BPMArctic MonkeysI Wanna Be YoursAlternativeListen on Spotify
70 BPMDemi LovatoIn Real LifePopListen on Spotify
70 BPMBoyz II MenIt's So Hard to Say Goodbye to YesterdayR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
70 BPMElectric Light OrchestraTelephone LineRockListen on Spotify
70 BPMKanye WestNew SlavesHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
70 BPMTanya TuckerDelta DawnRockListen on Spotify
70 BPMAnnie LennoxDon't Let It Bring You DownPopListen on Spotify
70 BPMOwl CityDental CareElectronicListen on Spotify
70 BPMRelient KBeamingInspirationalListen on Spotify
70 BPMMint ConditionBreakin' My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)R&B/SoulListen on Spotify
70 BPMTimbaland2 Man Show (feat. Elton John)PopListen on Spotify
70 BPMMarc AnthonyComo Ella Me Quiere a Mí (She's Been Good to Me)PopListen on Spotify
70 BPMEaglesOl' 55RockListen on Spotify
70 BPMPharrell WilliamsRunnin'SoundtrackListen on Spotify
70 BPMRihannaMad HousePopListen on Spotify
70 BPMDisney Studio ChorusWinnie the PoohChildren's MusicListen on Spotify
70 BPMEnyaA Day Without RainPopListen on Spotify
70 BPMOzzy OsbourneRoad to NowhereRockListen on Spotify
70 BPMDrakeToo MuchHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
70 BPMNeil DiamondHe Ain't Heavy, He's My BrotherPopListen on Spotify
70 BPMMary MaryYesterdayContemporary GospelListen on Spotify
70 BPMMatisyahuAish TamidReggaeListen on Spotify
70 BPMEtta JonesTill There Was YouJazzListen on Spotify
70 BPMMartina McBrideThere You AreCountryListen on Spotify
70 BPMKlaus BadeltHe's a PirateSoundtrackListen on Spotify
70 BPMEnyaDeireadh an TuathNew AgeListen on Spotify
70 BPMSystem of a DownSuite-PeeRockListen on Spotify
70 BPMAriana Grande7 ringsPopListen on Spotify
70 BPMYoung MozartHip-Hop Waltz In G Flat MinorHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
70 BPMLil Bow WowBounce With Me (feat. Xscape)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
70 BPMMichael W. SmithPlace In This WorldChristian & GospelListen on Spotify
70 BPMDef LeppardWhen Love & Hate CollideRockListen on Spotify
70 BPMT.I.Wonderful Life (feat. Akon)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
70 BPMHans ZimmerHonor HimSoundtrackListen on Spotify
70 BPMBrooke FraserHymnPopListen on Spotify
70 BPMElton JohnI Want LoveRockListen on Spotify
70 BPMAlice In ChainsConfusionAlternativeListen on Spotify
70 BPMTHIRTY SECONDS TO MARSCloser to the EdgeAdult AlternativeListen on Spotify
70 BPMThe BeatlesI'm So TiredRockListen on Spotify
70 BPMGreen DaySong of the CenturyAlternativeListen on Spotify
70 BPMPrinceDo Me, BabyR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
70 BPMEric HutchinsonAll Over NowPopListen on Spotify
70 BPMKid CudiRevofevHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
80 BPMRed Hot Chili PeppersUnder the BridgeRockListen on Spotify
80 BPMADELEChasing PavementsPopListen on Spotify
80 BPMAvril LavigneComplicatedPopListen on Spotify
80 BPMGreen Day21 GunsAlternativeListen on Spotify
80 BPMThe LumineersHo HeyAlternativeListen on Spotify
80 BPMBeyoncéHaloPopListen on Spotify
80 BPMLed ZeppelinKashmirRockListen on Spotify
80 BPMMarcy PlaygroundSex and CandyRockListen on Spotify
80 BPMAC/DC Tribute BandYou Shook Me All Night LongPopListen on Spotify
80 BPMJanis JoplinPiece of My HeartRockListen on Spotify
80 BPMMatchbox TwentyUnwellRockListen on Spotify
80 BPMPixiesWhere Is My Mind?AlternativeListen on Spotify
80 BPMWeezerUndone (The Sweater Song)AlternativeListen on Spotify
80 BPMRihanna & Nicki MinajRaining MenPopListen on Spotify
80 BPMDestiny's ChildLose My BreathR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
80 BPMADELEOne and OnlyPopListen on Spotify
80 BPMThe BeatlesAll My LovingRockListen on Spotify
80 BPMSheryl CrowThe First Cut Is the DeepestSinger/SongwriterListen on Spotify
80 BPMThe BeatlesCome Together / Dear Prudence / Cry Baby Cry (LOVE Version)SoundtrackListen on Spotify
80 BPMMiley CyrusWe Can't StopPopListen on Spotify
80 BPMChris TomlinI Will FollowInspirationalListen on Spotify
80 BPMBen Harper & The Innocent CriminalsSteal My KissesRockListen on Spotify
80 BPMThird Eye BlindHow's It Going to BeAlternativeListen on Spotify
80 BPMDaughtryWhat About NowRockListen on Spotify
80 BPMChristina PerriBang Bang BangPopListen on Spotify
80 BPMJohnny CashGod's Gonna Cut You DownCountryListen on Spotify
80 BPMParamorePressureAlternativeListen on Spotify
80 BPMJAY ZDirt Off Your ShoulderHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
80 BPMOasisChampagne SupernovaAlternativeListen on Spotify
80 BPMSelena GomezCome & Get ItPopListen on Spotify
80 BPMBon JoviBlaze of GloryRockListen on Spotify
80 BPMRocky OrchestraGonna Fly NowSoundtrackListen on Spotify
80 BPMAvril LavigneI Can Do BetterPopListen on Spotify
80 BPMLiz PhairWhy Can't I?PopListen on Spotify
80 BPMColdplayLost?AlternativeListen on Spotify
80 BPMKeith UrbanYou'll Think of MeCountryListen on Spotify
80 BPMQueens of the Stone AgeLittle SisterRockListen on Spotify
80 BPMElvis PresleyBurning LoveRockListen on Spotify
80 BPMThe Pussycat DollsTainted LovePopListen on Spotify
80 BPMGlee CastOne Love (People Get Ready) [Glee Cast Version]PopListen on Spotify
80 BPMRihannaRehabPopListen on Spotify
80 BPMJohn DenverTake Me Home, Country RoadsCountryListen on Spotify
80 BPMBreaking BenjaminThe Diary of JaneRockListen on Spotify
80 BPMBarenaked LadiesIf I Had $1,000,000PopListen on Spotify
80 BPMTom Petty & The HeartbreakersInto the Great Wide OpenRockListen on Spotify
80 BPMPearl JamWhy GoRockListen on Spotify
80 BPMT-PainBuy You a Drank (Shawty Snappin') [Featuring Yung Joc]PopListen on Spotify
80 BPMBob Marley & The WailersGet Up, Stand UpReggaeListen on Spotify
80 BPMEminemLike Toy SoldiersHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
80 BPMJohn MellencampAuthority SongRockListen on Spotify
80 BPMRihannaA Girl Like MePopListen on Spotify
80 BPMAnna NalickBreathe (2 AM)PopListen on Spotify
80 BPMThe Black KeysStrange TimesAlternativeListen on Spotify
80 BPMMeghan TrainorDear Future HusbandPopListen on Spotify
80 BPMLil WayneShe Will (feat. Drake)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
80 BPMEminem & DidoStanHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
80 BPMRadioheadParanoid AndroidAlternativeListen on Spotify
80 BPMJason AldeanTattoos On This TownCountryListen on Spotify
80 BPMDave Matthews BandThe Space BetweenRockListen on Spotify
80 BPMMumford & SonsHolland RoadAlternativeListen on Spotify
80 BPMTim McGrawShe's My Kind of RainCountryListen on Spotify
80 BPMChris TomlinI Will RiseInspirationalListen on Spotify
80 BPMMumford & SonsHopeless WandererAlternativeListen on Spotify
80 BPMOasisDon't Look Back In AngerAlternativeListen on Spotify
80 BPMHugo99 ProblemsAlternativeListen on Spotify
80 BPMADELEHe Won't GoPopListen on Spotify
80 BPMMiss Jackson (feat. LOLO)Panic! At the DiscoAlternativeListen on Spotify
80 BPMThe TractorsBaby Likes to Rock ItCountryListen on Spotify
80 BPMSheryl CrowThe First Cut Is the Deepest (Country Version)RockListen on Spotify
80 BPMFlorence + The MachineHeavy In Your ArmsAlternativeListen on Spotify
80 BPMThe BeatlesRoll Over BeethovenRockListen on Spotify
80 BPMAudioslaveCochiseAlternativeListen on Spotify
80 BPMThe FrayLook After YouRockListen on Spotify
80 BPMGreen DayMiseryAlternativeListen on Spotify
80 BPMTaylor SwiftEnchantedCountryListen on Spotify
80 BPMTobyMacGoneInspirationalListen on Spotify
80 BPMThe Black KeysShe's Long GoneAlternativeListen on Spotify
80 BPMMichael BubléCrazy LovePopListen on Spotify
80 BPMSara BareillesVegasPopListen on Spotify
80 BPMThird DayDon't Give Up HopeInspirationalListen on Spotify
80 BPMFrankie Lymon and The TeenagersWhy Do Fools Fall In LoveR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
80 BPMNorah JonesCome Away With MePopListen on Spotify
80 BPMSmokey Robinson & The MiraclesThe Tracks of My TearsR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
80 BPMColdplayA Sky Full of Stars (Robin Schulz Edit)AlternativeListen on Spotify
80 BPMEminemSquare DanceHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
80 BPMThe OffspringBad HabitAlternativeListen on Spotify
80 BPMSleigh BellsInfinity GuitarsAlternativeListen on Spotify
80 BPMWolfmotherColossalAlternativeListen on Spotify
80 BPMEd SheeranLego HouseSinger/SongwriterListen on Spotify
80 BPMGeorge StraitRunCountryListen on Spotify
80 BPMThe PoliceSpirits In the Material WorldRockListen on Spotify
80 BPMLed ZeppelinDazed and ConfusedRockListen on Spotify
80 BPMJames MorrisonYou Give Me SomethingPopListen on Spotify
80 BPMQueenPrinces of the UniverseRockListen on Spotify
80 BPMMiranda LambertOver YouCountryListen on Spotify
80 BPMCat StevensPeace TrainRockListen on Spotify
80 BPMLupe FiascoDaydreamin' (feat. Jill Scott)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
80 BPMJoan OsborneOne of UsRockListen on Spotify
80 BPMKeith UrbanLittle Bit of EverythingCountryListen on Spotify
80 BPMRob ThomasLonely No MoreRockListen on Spotify
80 BPMFlorence + The MachineOnly If for a NightAlternativeListen on Spotify
80 BPMSara BareillesCome Round SoonPopListen on Spotify
80 BPMCrosby, Stills, Nash & YoungTeach Your ChildrenRockListen on Spotify
80 BPMJoy DivisionLove Will Tear Us ApartAlternativeListen on Spotify
80 BPMSam SmithI'm Not the Only OnePopListen on Spotify
80 BPMGary AllanWatching AirplanesCountryListen on Spotify
80 BPMLisa Loeb & Nine StoriesStay (I Missed You)SoundtrackListen on Spotify
80 BPMHinderGet StonedRockListen on Spotify
80 BPMPlain White T'sTake Me AwayAlternativeListen on Spotify
80 BPMEd SheeranThinking Out LoudSinger/SongwriterListen on Spotify
90 BPMThe Black Eyed PeasImma BePopListen on Spotify
90 BPMP!nkF**kin' PerfectPopListen on Spotify
90 BPMKaty PerryRoarPopListen on Spotify
90 BPMKanye WestGold Digger (feat. Jamie Foxx)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
90 BPM50 CentIn da ClubHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
90 BPMQueenFat Bottomed GirlsRockListen on Spotify
90 BPMRed Hot Chili PeppersScar TissueRockListen on Spotify
90 BPMMaroon 5Sunday MorningPopListen on Spotify
90 BPMBruno MarsThe Lazy SongPopListen on Spotify
90 BPMTaylor SwiftWe Are Never Ever Getting Back TogetherCountryListen on Spotify
90 BPMImagine DragonsDemonsAlternativeListen on Spotify
90 BPMEminem8 MileSoundtrackListen on Spotify
90 BPMSnoop Dogg & Pharrell WilliamsDrop It Like It's HotHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
90 BPMGym Class HeroesStereo Hearts (feat. Adam Levine)PopListen on Spotify
90 BPMRed Hot Chili PeppersCan't StopRockListen on Spotify
90 BPMEvanescenceGoing UnderRockListen on Spotify
90 BPMOwl CityFirefliesElectronicListen on Spotify
90 BPMJay-ZOn to the Next One (feat. Swizz Beatz)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
90 BPMP!nkSoberPopListen on Spotify
90 BPMBeyoncéIrreplaceablePopListen on Spotify
90 BPMRicky MartinLivin' la Vida LocaPop LatinoListen on Spotify
90 BPMWeezerBeverly HillsAlternativeListen on Spotify
90 BPMBeyoncéIf I Were a BoyPopListen on Spotify
90 BPMFergieLondon BridgePopListen on Spotify
90 BPMTaylor SwiftOur SongCountryListen on Spotify
90 BPMDisturbedDown With the SicknessRockListen on Spotify
90 BPMKanye WestFlashing LightsHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
90 BPMJohn MayerWaiting On the World to ChangeRockListen on Spotify
90 BPMDestiny's ChildJumpin', Jumpin'R&B/SoulListen on Spotify
90 BPMZac Brown BandKnee Deep (feat. Jimmy Buffett)CountryListen on Spotify
90 BPMKelly ClarksonBehind These Hazel EyesPopListen on Spotify
90 BPMFun.We Are YoungAlternativeListen on Spotify
90 BPMRadioheadCreep (Explicit Version)AlternativeListen on Spotify
90 BPMRage Against the MachineBulls On ParadeAlternativeListen on Spotify
90 BPMKelly ClarksonMiss IndependentPopListen on Spotify
90 BPMDMXRuff Ryders AnthemHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
90 BPMDixie ChicksWide Open SpacesCountryListen on Spotify
90 BPMJessie JPrice Tag (feat. B.o.B)PopListen on Spotify
90 BPMBilly JoelPiano ManRockListen on Spotify
90 BPMDr. DreForgot About Dre (feat. Eminem)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
90 BPMRihannaDiamondsPopListen on Spotify
90 BPMChristina AguileraGenie In a BottlePopListen on Spotify
90 BPMAlicia KeysGirl On FireR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
90 BPMThird Eye BlindJumperAlternativeListen on Spotify
90 BPMIncubusDriveAlternativeListen on Spotify
90 BPMDire StraitsWalk of LifeRockListen on Spotify
90 BPMKaty PerryPeacockPopListen on Spotify
90 BPMThe ProdigySmack My Bitch UpElectronicListen on Spotify
90 BPMNickelbackIf Today Was Your Last DayRockListen on Spotify
90 BPMThe All-American RejectsIt Ends TonightAlternativeListen on Spotify
90 BPMOneRepublicStop and StareRockListen on Spotify
90 BPMSugarlandAll I Want to DoCountryListen on Spotify
90 BPMJamie FoxxWinner (feat. Justin Timberlake & T.I.)R&B/SoulListen on Spotify
90 BPMTraptHeadstrongRockListen on Spotify
90 BPMt.A.T.u.All the Things She SaidPopListen on Spotify
90 BPMNelly FurtadoI'm Like a BirdPopListen on Spotify
90 BPMThe DoorsBreak On Through (To the Other Side)RockListen on Spotify
90 BPMAlicia KeysNo OneR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
90 BPMBlackstreet & Dr. DreNo DiggityR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
90 BPMtobyMacSpeak LifeChristian & GospelListen on Spotify
90 BPMBeyoncéBaby BoyR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
90 BPMKanye West & Syleena JohnsonAll Falls DownHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
90 BPMDon HenleyThe Boys of SummerRockListen on Spotify
90 BPMEster Dean & Chris BrownDrop It LowSoundtrackListen on Spotify
90 BPMDavid BowieModern LoveRockListen on Spotify
90 BPMtobyMacGet Back UpInspirationalListen on Spotify
90 BPMNine Inch NailsCloserAlternativeListen on Spotify
90 BPMMary J. BligeFamily AffairR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
90 BPMFergieClumsyPopListen on Spotify
90 BPMU2OneRockListen on Spotify
90 BPMGuns N' RosesNovember RainRockListen on Spotify
90 BPMJay-ZCan I Get A...Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
90 BPMSugarlandIt HappensCountryListen on Spotify
90 BPMEvanescenceMy Last BreathRockListen on Spotify
90 BPMIron MaidenThe TrooperHeavy MetalListen on Spotify
90 BPMAudioslaveShow Me How to LiveAlternativeListen on Spotify
90 BPMPeter GabrielIn Your EyesRockListen on Spotify
90 BPMJay-Z & Linkin ParkBig Pimpin' / PapercutAlternativeListen on Spotify
90 BPMBruno MarsCount On MePopListen on Spotify
90 BPMJohnny CashHurtCountryListen on Spotify
90 BPMRihanna & JeezyHardPopListen on Spotify
90 BPMT.I.Dead and Gone (feat. Justin Timberlake)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
90 BPMViolent FemmesAdd It UpAlternativeListen on Spotify
90 BPMStevie WonderIsn't She LovelyR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
90 BPMThe Notorious B.I.G.Big PoppaHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
90 BPMAerosmithLove in an ElevatorRockListen on Spotify
90 BPMRed Hot Chili PeppersShe Looks to MeAlternativeListen on Spotify
90 BPMPapa RoachScarsRockListen on Spotify
90 BPMVan HalenWhy Can't This Be LoveRockListen on Spotify
90 BPMNickelbackOne Last RunRockListen on Spotify
90 BPMGlee CastSinging In the Rain / Umbrella (feat. Gwyneth Paltrow) [Glee Cast Version]PopListen on Spotify
90 BPMNasHate Me Now (feat. Puff Daddy)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
90 BPMWyclef JeanSweetest Girl (Dollar Bill) [feat. Akon, Lil Wayne & Niia]Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
90 BPMJohn MayerWho SaysRockListen on Spotify
90 BPMGenesisThat's AllRockListen on Spotify
90 BPMThe White StripesFell In Love With a GirlAlternativeListen on Spotify
90 BPMKip MooreSomethin' 'Bout a TruckCountryListen on Spotify
90 BPMThe WhoThe SeekerRockListen on Spotify
90 BPMKeith UrbanDays Go ByCountryListen on Spotify
90 BPMJanis JoplinMe and Bobby McGeeRockListen on Spotify
90 BPMAlanis MorissetteHand In My PocketRockListen on Spotify
90 BPMKanye West, Talib Kweli & CommonGet Em HighHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
90 BPMP!nkThere You GoPopListen on Spotify
90 BPMHall & OatesManeaterPopListen on Spotify
90 BPMFall Out BoyAlone TogetherAlternativeListen on Spotify
90 BPMDisturbedIndestructibleRockListen on Spotify
90 BPMJamiroquaiVirtual InsanityDanceListen on Spotify
90 BPMBad Meets EvilLighters (feat. Bruno Mars)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
90 BPMHowie DayCollidePopListen on Spotify
90 BPMNellyJust a DreamHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
90 BPMMaroon 5SecretPopListen on Spotify
100 BPMBeyoncéCrazy In LoveR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
100 BPMJustin TimberlakeRock Your BodyPopListen on Spotify
100 BPMShakiraHips Don't Lie (feat. Wyclef Jean)Pop LatinoListen on Spotify
100 BPMThe All-American RejectsGives You HellAlternativeListen on Spotify
100 BPMLynyrd SkynyrdSweet Home AlabamaRockListen on Spotify
100 BPMThird Eye BlindSemi-Charmed LifeAlternativeListen on Spotify
100 BPMKT TunstallSuddenly I SeePopListen on Spotify
100 BPMDixie ChicksReady to RunCountryListen on Spotify
100 BPMBuckcherryCrazy BitchRockListen on Spotify
100 BPMNatasha BedingfieldUnwrittenPopListen on Spotify
100 BPMMaroon 5She Will Be LovedPopListen on Spotify
100 BPMLil Jon & The East Side Boyz & Ying Yang TwinsGet LowHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
100 BPMRihanna & Elephant ManPon de ReplayPopListen on Spotify
100 BPMStevie WonderSuperstitionR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
100 BPMCSSMusic Is My Hot, Hot SexAlternativeListen on Spotify
100 BPMABBADancing QueenPopListen on Spotify
100 BPMBig & RichSave a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)CountryListen on Spotify
100 BPMP!nkJust Like a PillPopListen on Spotify
100 BPMMissy ElliottWork ItHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
100 BPMT.I.Bring Em OutHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
100 BPMDMXParty Up (Up in Here)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
100 BPMWill SmithSwitchHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
100 BPMLinkin ParkBreaking the HabitAlternativeListen on Spotify
100 BPMBeyoncéCrazy In Love (feat. Jay-Z)R&B/SoulListen on Spotify
100 BPMHot Chelle RaeTonight TonightPopListen on Spotify
100 BPMTimbalandCarry Out (feat. Justin Timberlake)PopListen on Spotify
100 BPMMichael JacksonMan In the MirrorPopListen on Spotify
100 BPMBarenaked LadiesOne WeekPopListen on Spotify
100 BPMFall Out BoyThis Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms RaceAlternativeListen on Spotify
100 BPMModest MouseFloat OnRockListen on Spotify
100 BPMThe xxIntroAlternativeListen on Spotify
100 BPMRihanna & DrakeWhat's My Name?PopListen on Spotify
100 BPMImagine DragonsOn Top of the WorldAlternativeListen on Spotify
100 BPM50 Cent & OliviaCandy ShopHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
100 BPMP!nkStupid GirlsPopListen on Spotify
100 BPMNelly featuring City SpudRide Wit MeHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
100 BPMP!nkDon't Let Me Get MePopListen on Spotify
100 BPMWale & Lady GaGaChillinHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
100 BPMU2I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking ForRockListen on Spotify
100 BPMTimbalandBounce (feat. Missy Elliot, Justin Timberlake & Dr. Dre)PopListen on Spotify
100 BPMJack JohnsonUpside DownSoundtrackListen on Spotify
100 BPMO.A.R.Shattered (Turn the Car Around)RockListen on Spotify
100 BPMSixpence None the RicherKiss MeInspirationalListen on Spotify
100 BPMRihannaPon de ReplayPopListen on Spotify
100 BPMGritsOoh Ahh (My Life Be Like)[feat. tobyMac]Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
100 BPMPrince & The RevolutionLet's Go CrazyPopListen on Spotify
100 BPMCiaraGoodiesR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
100 BPMGwen Stefani & EveRich GirlPopListen on Spotify
100 BPMJustin TimberlakeSexy LadiesPopListen on Spotify
100 BPMJohnny CashI Walk the LineCountryListen on Spotify
100 BPMChris BrownRun It!PopListen on Spotify
100 BPMSalt-N-PepaShoopHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
100 BPMLady GaGaPaper GangstaPopListen on Spotify
100 BPMDarius RuckerThisCountryListen on Spotify
100 BPMAerosmithSweet EmotionSoundtrackListen on Spotify
100 BPMSara EvansBorn to FlyCountryListen on Spotify
100 BPMShakiraLa TorturaPop LatinoListen on Spotify
100 BPMSugarlandSomething MoreCountryListen on Spotify
100 BPMBackstreet BoysI Want It That WayPopListen on Spotify
100 BPMLil Wayne & Static MajorLollipopHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
100 BPMNicki Minaj & DrakeMoment 4 LifeHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
100 BPMTears for FearsShoutPopListen on Spotify
100 BPMSean PaulGet BusyPopListen on Spotify
100 BPM50 CentHate It or Love It (G Unit Remix)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
100 BPMWilson PhillipsHold OnPopListen on Spotify
100 BPMJordin SparksOne Step At a TimePopListen on Spotify
100 BPMSteve Miller BandTake the Money and RunRockListen on Spotify
100 BPMTaylor SwiftTeardrops On My Guitar (Pop Version)CountryListen on Spotify
100 BPMDusty SpringfieldSon of a Preacher ManPopListen on Spotify
100 BPMParamoreFor a Pessimist, I'm Pretty OptimisticAlternativeListen on Spotify
100 BPMFaith HillThe Way You Love MeCountryListen on Spotify
100 BPMMary MaryShackles (Praise You)R&B/SoulListen on Spotify
100 BPMThe Rolling StonesBeast of BurdenRockListen on Spotify
100 BPMTim McGrawMy Next Thirty YearsCountryListen on Spotify
100 BPMThe OffspringThe Kids Aren't AlrightRockListen on Spotify
100 BPMTina TurnerWhat's Love Got to Do With ItR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
100 BPMRascal FlattsSummer NightsCountryListen on Spotify
100 BPMJason DeruloTalk Dirty (feat. 2 Chainz)PopListen on Spotify
100 BPMP!nkYou Make Me SickPopListen on Spotify
100 BPMChris CagleWhat a Beautiful DayCountryListen on Spotify
100 BPMTaylor SwiftFearlessCountryListen on Spotify
100 BPMCorinne Bailey RaePut Your Records OnR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
100 BPMVan HalenRunnin' with the DevilRockListen on Spotify
100 BPMSugar RayFlyRockListen on Spotify
100 BPMJennifer LopezLove Don't Cost a ThingR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
100 BPMLil Jon & LMFAOOutta Your MindHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
100 BPMEn VogueFree Your MindR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
100 BPMMandy MooreCandyPopListen on Spotify
100 BPMTaylor SwiftHauntedCountryListen on Spotify
100 BPMGym Class HeroesThe Fighter (feat. Ryan Tedder)PopListen on Spotify
100 BPMLady AntebellumWe Owned the NightCountryListen on Spotify
100 BPMLed ZeppelinRamble OnRockListen on Spotify
100 BPMFatboy SlimWeapon of ChoiceAlternativeListen on Spotify
100 BPMMuseAssassinAlternativeListen on Spotify
100 BPMEvanescenceTourniquetRockListen on Spotify
100 BPMThe Band PerryDone.CountryListen on Spotify
100 BPMBeyoncéBest Thing I Never HadPopListen on Spotify
100 BPMCher LloydWant U BackPopListen on Spotify
100 BPMJo Dee MessinaI'm AlrightCountryListen on Spotify
100 BPMSnoop DoggBoom (feat. T-Pain)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
100 BPMAnnie LennoxWalking On Broken GlassPopListen on Spotify
100 BPMLeAnn RimesCan't Fight the MoonlightSoundtrackListen on Spotify
100 BPMBeyoncéFreakum DressPopListen on Spotify
100 BPMBreaking BenjaminBlow Me AwayRockListen on Spotify
100 BPMShakira & Wyclef JeanHips Don't LiePopListen on Spotify
100 BPMN.E.R.D.LapdanceHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
100 BPMCassieMe & UR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
100 BPMB.o.BDon't Let Me FallHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
100 BPMThe ScriptThe Man Who Can't Be MovedPopListen on Spotify
100 BPMLinkin ParkWith YouAlternativeListen on Spotify
100 BPMRay CharlesI Got a WomanR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
110 BPMSurvivorEye of the TigerRockListen on Spotify
110 BPMGwen StefaniHollaback GirlPopListen on Spotify
110 BPMBritney SpearsStrongerPopListen on Spotify
110 BPMADELESet Fire to the RainPopListen on Spotify
110 BPMThe Black Eyed PeasLet's Get It StartedPopListen on Spotify
110 BPMQueenAnother One Bites the DustRockListen on Spotify
110 BPMBruno MarsJust the Way You ArePopListen on Spotify
110 BPMBruno MarsGrenadePopListen on Spotify
110 BPMSpice GirlsWannabeRockListen on Spotify
110 BPMMadonnaLike a PrayerPopListen on Spotify
110 BPMGnarls BarkleyCrazyAlternativeListen on Spotify
110 BPMNo DoubtJust a GirlAlternativeListen on Spotify
110 BPMBackstreet BoysEverybody (Backstreet's Back)PopListen on Spotify
110 BPMBon JoviLivin' on a PrayerRockListen on Spotify
110 BPMChristina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya & P!nkLady MarmaladeSoundtrackListen on Spotify
110 BPMDexy's Midnight RunnersCome on EileenRockListen on Spotify
110 BPMFun.Some NightsAlternativeListen on Spotify
110 BPMMichael JacksonP.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)PopListen on Spotify
110 BPMLady AntebellumNeed You NowCountryListen on Spotify
110 BPMShakiraWhenever, WhereverPopListen on Spotify
110 BPMFeist1234AlternativeListen on Spotify
110 BPMNatasha BedingfieldPocketful of SunshinePopListen on Spotify
110 BPMBostonMore Than a FeelingRockListen on Spotify
110 BPMMaroon 5PayphonePopListen on Spotify
110 BPMFlorence + The MachineShake It OutAlternativeListen on Spotify
110 BPMThe All-American RejectsMove AlongAlternativeListen on Spotify
110 BPMAly & AJWalking On SunshinePopListen on Spotify
110 BPMWill SmithGettin' Jiggy Wit ItHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
110 BPMBritney SpearsI Wanna GoPopListen on Spotify
110 BPMLinkin ParkNumbAlternativeListen on Spotify
110 BPMSnap!The PowerSoundtrackListen on Spotify
110 BPMKatrina & The WavesWalking On SunshinePopListen on Spotify
110 BPMBeyoncéCheck On ItR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
110 BPMJason DerüloIn My HeadPopListen on Spotify
110 BPMMaroon 5Won't Go Home Without YouPopListen on Spotify
110 BPMDiana RossAin't No Mountain High EnoughR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
110 BPMU2With or Without YouRockListen on Spotify
110 BPMMiranda LambertMama's Broken HeartCountryListen on Spotify
110 BPMMy Chemical RomanceTeenagersAlternativeListen on Spotify
110 BPMQueenSomebody to LoveRockListen on Spotify
110 BPMToby KeithHow Do You Like Me Now?!CountryListen on Spotify
110 BPMMatchbox Twenty3:00 AMRockListen on Spotify
110 BPMEminemWithout MeHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
110 BPMScissor SistersI Don't Feel Like Dancin'PopListen on Spotify
110 BPMJay-ZDirt Off Your ShoulderHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
110 BPMThe Ting TingsShut Up and Let Me GoAlternativeListen on Spotify
110 BPMPrince & The RevolutionKiss (Extended Version)R&B/SoulListen on Spotify
110 BPMBlake SheltonHoney BeeCountryListen on Spotify
110 BPMThe BeatlesWith a Little Help From My FriendsRockListen on Spotify
110 BPMEminemThe Monster (feat. Rihanna)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
110 BPMKanye West, Jay-Z & Big SeanCliqueHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
110 BPMDierks BentleySidewaysCountryListen on Spotify
110 BPMSkrillexBangarang (feat. Sirah)DanceListen on Spotify
110 BPMMissy ElliottWe Run ThisHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
110 BPMShakiraLoca (feat. el Cata)Pop LatinoListen on Spotify
110 BPMJennifer LopezOn the FloorPopListen on Spotify
110 BPMDeep Blue SomethingBreakfast at Tiffany'sRockListen on Spotify
110 BPMPuddle of MuddShe Hates MeAlternativeListen on Spotify
110 BPMFlorence + The MachineKiss With a FistAlternativeListen on Spotify
110 BPMLuke BryanI Don't Want This Night to EndCountryListen on Spotify
110 BPMEaglesLife In the Fast LaneRockListen on Spotify
110 BPMThe Chemical BrothersBlock Rockin' BeatsElectronicListen on Spotify
110 BPMAerosmithWalk This Way (Live)RockListen on Spotify
110 BPMBell Biv DeVoePoisonR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
110 BPMForeignerFeels Like the First TimeRockListen on Spotify
110 BPMCreedence Clearwater RevivalDown On the CornerRockListen on Spotify
110 BPMBeyoncéRing the AlarmPopListen on Spotify
110 BPMWeezer(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You ToAlternativeListen on Spotify
110 BPMWill SmithMen In BlackHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
110 BPMMatthew WestStrong EnoughInspirationalListen on Spotify
110 BPMLuke BryanRain Is a Good ThingCountryListen on Spotify
110 BPMWild CherryPlay That Funky MusicRockListen on Spotify
110 BPMTears for FearsEverybody Wants to Rule the WorldPopListen on Spotify
110 BPMSmashing PumpkinsLandslideAlternativeListen on Spotify
110 BPMGlee CastStronger (Glee Cast Version)PopListen on Spotify
110 BPMSimple MindsDon't You (Forget About Me)PopListen on Spotify
110 BPMWill SmithMiamiHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
110 BPMWillowWhip My HairPopListen on Spotify
110 BPMSteppenwolfMagic Carpet RideRockListen on Spotify
110 BPMThe BeatlesLady MadonnaRockListen on Spotify
110 BPMThe CallingWherever You Will GoRockListen on Spotify
110 BPMMaroon 5Payphone (feat. Wiz Khalifa)PopListen on Spotify
110 BPMCee-Lo & Jack BlackKung Fu FightingR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
110 BPMBritney SpearsMy PrerogativePopListen on Spotify
110 BPMJanet JacksonRhythm NationPopListen on Spotify
110 BPMMy Chemical RomanceSingAlternativeListen on Spotify
110 BPMTrainSave Me, San FranciscoPopListen on Spotify
110 BPMSavage GardenI Want YouPopListen on Spotify
110 BPMGenesisI Can't DanceRockListen on Spotify
110 BPMEverclearBrown Eyed GirlRockListen on Spotify
110 BPMSufjan StevensCome On! Feel the Illinoise!AlternativeListen on Spotify
110 BPMMaroon 5Get Back In My LifePopListen on Spotify
110 BPMFlorence + The MachineAll This and Heaven TooAlternativeListen on Spotify
110 BPMNew RadicalsYou Get What You GivePopListen on Spotify
110 BPMChris IsaakWicked GamePopListen on Spotify
110 BPMToby KeithCourtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)CountryListen on Spotify
110 BPMLady AntebellumOur Kind of LoveCountryListen on Spotify
110 BPMThe CarsDriveRockListen on Spotify
110 BPMHezekiah WalkerSouled Out (with the Love Fellowship Choir)InspirationalListen on Spotify
110 BPMSugar RayEvery MorningRockListen on Spotify
110 BPMBackstreet BoysLarger Than LifePopListen on Spotify
110 BPMJames BrownI Feel GoodR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
110 BPMDrakeOverHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
110 BPMRascal FlattsMe and My GangCountryListen on Spotify
110 BPMOutKastRosesHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
110 BPMKings of LeonManhattanAlternativeListen on Spotify
110 BPMDavid GrayBabylonSinger/SongwriterListen on Spotify
110 BPMDaft PunkDa FunkDanceListen on Spotify
110 BPMFine Young CannibalsShe Drives Me CrazyPopListen on Spotify
110 BPMStevie WonderFor Once in My LifeR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
110 BPMNaked EyesAlways Something There to Remind MeRockListen on Spotify
120 BPMP!nkRaise Your GlassPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMLady GaGaBad RomancePopListen on Spotify
120 BPMLady GaGa & Colby O'DonisJust DancePopListen on Spotify
120 BPMJourneyDon't Stop Believin'RockListen on Spotify
120 BPMKe$haTik TokPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMCarly Rae JepsenCall Me MaybePopListen on Spotify
120 BPMKaty PerryTeenage DreamPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMTaylor SwiftMeanCountryListen on Spotify
120 BPMUsherDJ Got Us Fallin' In LoveR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
120 BPMADELERumour Has ItPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMLady GaGaPoker FacePopListen on Spotify
120 BPMLady GaGaTelephone (feat. Beyoncé)PopListen on Spotify
120 BPMTaio CruzDynamitePopListen on Spotify
120 BPMKe$haBlowPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMBon JoviIt's My LifeRockListen on Spotify
120 BPMKe$haWe R Who We RPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMWhitney HoustonI Wanna Dance With SomebodyPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMRobin ThickeBlurred Lines (feat. T.I. & Pharrell)PopListen on Spotify
120 BPMCyndi LauperGirls Just Want to Have FunPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMMichael JacksonDon't Stop 'Til You Get EnoughPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMKe$haYour Love Is My DrugPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMThe FrayHow to Save a LifeRockListen on Spotify
120 BPMTaio Cruz & LudacrisBreak Your HeartPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMMuseSupermassive Black HoleAlternativeListen on Spotify
120 BPMMichael JacksonSmooth CriminalPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMRam JamBlack BettyRockListen on Spotify
120 BPMAretha FranklinRespectR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
120 BPMChris BrownForeverR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
120 BPMOneRepublicCounting StarsPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMCarrie UnderwoodCowboy CasanovaCountryListen on Spotify
120 BPMEllie GouldingLightsPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMRight Said FredI'm Too SexyPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMMichael JacksonThrillerPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMThe Pussycat DollsDon't ChaPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMM.I.A.SunshowersElectronicListen on Spotify
120 BPMFountains of WayneStacy's MomPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMGwen StefaniThe Sweet EscapePopListen on Spotify
120 BPMNirvanaCome As You AreAlternativeListen on Spotify
120 BPMTrainDrive ByPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMTaylor SwiftLove StoryCountryListen on Spotify
120 BPMDiana RossI Will SurviveR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
120 BPMBruce SpringsteenBorn In the U.S.A.RockListen on Spotify
120 BPM*NSYNCBye Bye ByePopListen on Spotify
120 BPMIrene CaraFlashdance...What a FeelingRockListen on Spotify
120 BPMSheryl CrowSoak Up the SunRockListen on Spotify
120 BPMCobra StarshipGood Girls Go Bad (feat. Leighton Meester)AlternativeListen on Spotify
120 BPMMuseStarlightAlternativeListen on Spotify
120 BPMTina TurnerProud MaryR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
120 BPMThe KillersAll These Things That I've DoneAlternativeListen on Spotify
120 BPMLinkin ParkWhat I've DoneAlternativeListen on Spotify
120 BPMYoung MCBust a MoveHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
120 BPMCarole KingI Feel the Earth MoveRockListen on Spotify
120 BPMKe$haBlah Blah Blah (feat. 3OH!3)PopListen on Spotify
120 BPMNina SkyMove Ya BodyPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMKaty PerryHummingbird HeartbeatPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMAerosmithI Don't Want to Miss a ThingSoundtrackListen on Spotify
120 BPMGarbageOnly Happy When It RainsAlternativeListen on Spotify
120 BPMQueenI Want to Break FreeRockListen on Spotify
120 BPMTimbalandApologize (feat. OneRepublic)PopListen on Spotify
120 BPMBeyoncéSweet DreamsPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMMaroon 5Love SomebodyPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMMadonnaPapa Don't PreachPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMSheryl CrowAll I Wanna DoSinger/SongwriterListen on Spotify
120 BPMDeee-LiteGroove Is In the HeartPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMP!nkGod Is a DJPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMJoan Jett & The BlackheartsI Hate Myself for Loving YouRockListen on Spotify
120 BPMMiley CyrusWrecking BallPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMJustin TimberlakeMy LovePopListen on Spotify
120 BPMEminemJust Lose ItHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
120 BPMMikaGrace KellyPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMShakiraShe WolfPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMEagle-Eye CherrySave TonightRockListen on Spotify
120 BPMAWOLNATIONSailAlternativeListen on Spotify
120 BPMUsherMoreR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
120 BPMThe BanglesManic MondayRockListen on Spotify
120 BPMThe BeatlesRevolutionRockListen on Spotify
120 BPMMarky Mark And The Funky Bunch & Loleatta HollowayGood VibrationsHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
120 BPMBig & RichSave a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) [Dance Mix]CountryListen on Spotify
120 BPMMaroon 5SugarPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMWeezerBuddy HollyAlternativeListen on Spotify
120 BPMTaylor SwiftMineCountryListen on Spotify
120 BPMTaylor SwiftSpeak NowCountryListen on Spotify
120 BPMCakeShort Skirt/Long JacketRockListen on Spotify
120 BPMKanye WestThe New Workout PlanHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
120 BPMAdam LambertWhataya Want from MePopListen on Spotify
120 BPMSara BareillesKing of AnythingPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMThe Beach BoysCalifornia Dreamin'RockListen on Spotify
120 BPMFleetwood MacDon't StopPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMHuey Lewis & The NewsThe Power of LoveRockListen on Spotify
120 BPMTone-LocFunky Cold MedinaHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
120 BPMNine Inch NailsThe Hand That FeedsAlternativeListen on Spotify
120 BPMKanye WestLove LockdownHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
120 BPMDepeche ModePeople Are PeopleAlternativeListen on Spotify
120 BPMLady AntebellumLookin' for a Good TimeCountryListen on Spotify
120 BPMMadonnaMusicPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMMuseTime Is Running OutAlternativeListen on Spotify
120 BPMTaylor SwiftOursCountryListen on Spotify
120 BPMGlee CastTeenage Dream (Glee Cast Version)PopListen on Spotify
120 BPMMarvin GayeI Heard It Through the GrapevineR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
120 BPMPrinceU Got the LookPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMPhillip PhillipsHomePopListen on Spotify
120 BPMGlee CastBust a MoveSoundtrackListen on Spotify
120 BPMThe BeatlesDrive My CarRockListen on Spotify
120 BPMBritney Spears featuring MadonnaMe Against the MusicPopListen on Spotify
120 BPMEddy GrantElectric AvenueReggaeListen on Spotify
120 BPMBaby BashSuga SugaR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
120 BPMPhillip PhillipsGone, Gone, GonePopListen on Spotify
120 BPMMadonnaBorderlinePopListen on Spotify
120 BPMMetricHelp I'm AliveAlternativeListen on Spotify
120 BPMMichael McDonaldAin't No Mountain High EnoughRockListen on Spotify
120 BPMBachman-Turner OverdriveYou Ain't Seen Nothing YetRockListen on Spotify
130 BPMThe Black Eyed PeasI Gotta FeelingPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMMaroon 5Moves Like Jagger (Studio Recording from "The Voice" Performance) [feat....PopListen on Spotify
130 BPMThe Black Eyed PeasBoom Boom PowPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMFlo RidaClub Can't Handle Me (feat. David Guetta) [From "Step Up 3D"]Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
130 BPMJennifer LopezOn the Floor (feat. Pitbull)PopListen on Spotify
130 BPMLMFAOParty Rock Anthem (feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock)PopListen on Spotify
130 BPMSalt-N-PepaPush ItHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
130 BPMP!nkGet the Party StartedPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMLMFAOSexy and I Know ItPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMRihannaS&MPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMRihannaWe Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris)PopListen on Spotify
130 BPMFoster the PeoplePumped Up KicksAlternativeListen on Spotify
130 BPMKelly ClarksonSince U Been GonePopListen on Spotify
130 BPMKaty PerryHot N ColdPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMLady GaGaThe Edge of GloryPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMUsherOMG (feat. will.i.am)R&B/SoulListen on Spotify
130 BPMPitbullGive Me Everything (feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
130 BPMEnrique IglesiasI Like It (feat. Pitbull)Pop LatinoListen on Spotify
130 BPMFlo RidaLow (feat. T-Pain)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
130 BPMDestiny's ChildSurvivorPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMDavid GuettaSexy Bitch (feat. Akon)DanceListen on Spotify
130 BPMRun-DMCIt's TrickyHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
130 BPMPower Music WorkoutI Like to Move ItFitness & WorkoutListen on Spotify
130 BPMMuseUprisingAlternativeListen on Spotify
130 BPMBritney SpearsTill the World EndsPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMKaty PerryI Kissed a GirlPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMRick SpringfieldJessie's GirlPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMChristina AguileraAin't No Other ManPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMGotyeSomebody That I Used to Know (feat. Kimbra)AlternativeListen on Spotify
130 BPMDuffyMercyPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMDead or AliveYou Spin Me Round (Like a Record)PopListen on Spotify
130 BPMLMFAOParty Rock AnthemDanceListen on Spotify
130 BPMVan HalenJumpRockListen on Spotify
130 BPMPitbullTimber (feat. Ke$ha)PopListen on Spotify
130 BPMFlo RidaGood FeelingHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
130 BPMDavid Guetta & UsherWithout You (feat. Usher)DanceListen on Spotify
130 BPMMumford & SonsI Will WaitAlternativeListen on Spotify
130 BPMThe ProclaimersI'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)PopListen on Spotify
130 BPMBilly JoelUptown GirlRockListen on Spotify
130 BPMFergieFergaliciousPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMPower Music WorkoutApologizeFitness & WorkoutListen on Spotify
130 BPMJay SeanDown (feat. Lil Wayne)PopListen on Spotify
130 BPMJustin Bieber & LudacrisBabyPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMThe B-52'sLove ShackPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMBonnie TylerTotal Eclipse of the HeartRockListen on Spotify
130 BPMColdplayClocksAlternativeListen on Spotify
130 BPMThe Pussycat DollsWhen I Grow UpPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMThe BeatlesHere Comes the SunRockListen on Spotify
130 BPMHouse of PainJump AroundHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
130 BPMYeah Yeah YeahsHeads Will RollAlternativeListen on Spotify
130 BPMMartin Solveig & DragonetteHelloDanceListen on Spotify
130 BPMKaty PerryWaking Up In VegasPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMWaka Flocka FlameNo Hands (feat. Roscoe Dash & Wale)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
130 BPMSnap!Rhythm Is a DancerDanceListen on Spotify
130 BPMPSYGangnam Style (강남스타일)PopListen on Spotify
130 BPMThe Black Eyed PeasThe Time (Dirty Bit)PopListen on Spotify
130 BPMPitbullHey Baby (Drop It to the Floor) [feat. T-Pain]PopListen on Spotify
130 BPMwill.i.amScream & Shout (feat. Britney Spears)DanceListen on Spotify
130 BPMGeorge MichaelFaithPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMElton JohnBennie and the JetsRockListen on Spotify
130 BPMThe DarknessI Believe in a Thing Called LoveRockListen on Spotify
130 BPMTaylor SwiftYou Belong With MeCountryListen on Spotify
130 BPM3OH!3Don't Trust MeAlternativeListen on Spotify
130 BPMDavid Guetta & Nicki MinajTurn Me On (feat. Nicki Minaj)DanceListen on Spotify
130 BPMThe ClashRock the CasbahRockListen on Spotify
130 BPMDuran DuranHungry Like the WolfRockListen on Spotify
130 BPMFergieGlamorousPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMEminemNo LoveHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
130 BPMThe Band PerryIf I Die YoungCountryListen on Spotify
130 BPMParamoreThat's What You GetAlternativeListen on Spotify
130 BPMJennifer LopezLet's Get LoudPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMZac Brown BandToesCountryListen on Spotify
130 BPMEdward Maya & Vika JigulinaStereo LoveDanceListen on Spotify
130 BPMTiffanyI Think We're Alone NowPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMDavid GuettaWhere Them Girls At (feat. Nicki Minaj & Flo Rida)DanceListen on Spotify
130 BPMCascadaEvacuate the Dancefloor (Radio Edit)DanceListen on Spotify
130 BPMJustin TimberlakeSeñoritaPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMP!nkPlease Don't Leave MePopListen on Spotify
130 BPMThe Black Eyed PeasMeet Me HalfwayPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMBritney SpearsPiece of MePopListen on Spotify
130 BPMForeignerHot BloodedRockListen on Spotify
130 BPMLady GaGaPaparazziDanceListen on Spotify
130 BPMYoung the GiantMy BodyAlternativeListen on Spotify
130 BPMDavid GuettaTitanium (feat. Sia)DanceListen on Spotify
130 BPMElton John & Kiki DeeDon't Go Breaking My HeartRockListen on Spotify
130 BPMMike PosnerCooler Than MePopListen on Spotify
130 BPMCarrie UnderwoodGood GirlCountryListen on Spotify
130 BPMRick JamesSuper FreakR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
130 BPMKaty PerryPart of MePopListen on Spotify
130 BPMNewsboysGod's Not Dead (Like a Lion)Christian & GospelListen on Spotify
130 BPMBlurSong 2RockListen on Spotify
130 BPMBritney SpearsI'm a Slave 4 UPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMLMFAO & Lil JonShotsElectronicListen on Spotify
130 BPMCyndi LauperTime After TimePopListen on Spotify
130 BPMCupidCupid ShuffleR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
130 BPMWalk the MoonShut Up and DanceAlternativeListen on Spotify
130 BPMKe$haDie YoungPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMDropkick MurphysI'm Shipping Up to BostonAlternativeListen on Spotify
130 BPMThe Temper TrapSweet DispositionAlternativeListen on Spotify
130 BPMShania TwainWhose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?CountryListen on Spotify
130 BPMGlee CastDon't Stop Believin' (Regionals Version)PopListen on Spotify
130 BPMMarc CohnWalking In MemphisPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMThe BeatlesI Want to Hold Your HandRockListen on Spotify
130 BPMGlee CastIt's My Life / Confessions, Pt. II (Glee Cast Version)PopListen on Spotify
130 BPMDepeche ModePersonal JesusAlternativeListen on Spotify
130 BPMDrowning PoolBodiesRockListen on Spotify
130 BPMThe Go-Go'sOur Lips Are SealedSoundtrackListen on Spotify
130 BPMBritney SpearsWork B**chPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMtobyMacMe Without YouChristian & GospelListen on Spotify
130 BPMLady GaGaJudasPopListen on Spotify
130 BPMMichael BubléSave the Last Dance for MePopListen on Spotify
140 BPMBritney SpearsWomanizerPopListen on Spotify
140 BPMColdplayViva la VidaAlternativeListen on Spotify
140 BPMMumford & SonsLittle Lion ManAlternativeListen on Spotify
140 BPMMichael JacksonBeat ItPopListen on Spotify
140 BPMThe KillersSomebody Told MeAlternativeListen on Spotify
140 BPMJourneyAny Way You Want ItRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMCascadaEverytime We TouchDanceListen on Spotify
140 BPMGorillazFeel Good IncHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
140 BPMCounting CrowsAccidentally In LoveRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMMumford & SonsThe CaveAlternativeListen on Spotify
140 BPMP!nkWho KnewPopListen on Spotify
140 BPMCounting CrowsMr. JonesRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMLinkin ParkBleed It OutAlternativeListen on Spotify
140 BPMBlondieCall MePopListen on Spotify
140 BPMBilly JoelIt's Still Rock and Roll to MeRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMNo DoubtSpiderwebsAlternativeListen on Spotify
140 BPMEaglesHotel CaliforniaRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMKanye WestAll of the LightsHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
140 BPMTrain50 Ways to Say GoodbyePopListen on Spotify
140 BPMColdplayParadiseAlternativeListen on Spotify
140 BPMRed Hot Chili PeppersHigher GroundAlternativeListen on Spotify
140 BPMP!nkBad InfluencePopListen on Spotify
140 BPMLady GaGaApplausePopListen on Spotify
140 BPMVan HalenYou Really Got MeRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMDire StraitsMoney for NothingRockListen on Spotify
140 BPM3OH!3My First Kiss (feat. Ke$ha)PopListen on Spotify
140 BPMP!nkU + Ur HandPopListen on Spotify
140 BPMRob ThomasThis Is How a Heart BreaksRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMU2VertigoRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMThe PoliceDon't Stand so Close to MeRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMEaglesTake It EasyRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMVengaboysBoom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! (Airplay)PopListen on Spotify
140 BPMTone-LocWild ThingHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
140 BPMMercyMeBeautifulInspirationalListen on Spotify
140 BPMThe ProdigyFirestarterElectronicListen on Spotify
140 BPMKISSRock and Roll All NightSoundtrackListen on Spotify
140 BPMPat BenatarWe BelongRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMChris BrownKiss Kiss (feat. T-Pain)R&B/SoulListen on Spotify
140 BPMLynyrd SkynyrdGimme Three StepsRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMJay-ZYoung Forever (feat. Mr. Hudson)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
140 BPMUsherOMGR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
140 BPMU2Sweetest ThingRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMElvis CostelloPump It UpRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMRockin' TimesShook Me All Night LongFitness & WorkoutListen on Spotify
140 BPMTaylor SwiftBack to DecemberCountryListen on Spotify
140 BPMThe BeatlesLet It BeRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMThe Presidents of the United States of AmericaLumpAlternativeListen on Spotify
140 BPMKISSRock and Roll All NiteRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMDuran DuranRioRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMKenny ChesneyBeer In MexicoCountryListen on Spotify
140 BPMTaylor SwiftThe Story of UsCountryListen on Spotify
140 BPMFlorence + The MachineCosmic LoveAlternativeListen on Spotify
140 BPMGreen DayMinorityAlternativeListen on Spotify
140 BPM3OH!3StarstrukkAlternativeListen on Spotify
140 BPMChristina AguileraWhat a Girl WantsPopListen on Spotify
140 BPMThe Rolling StonesJumpin' Jack FlashRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMAsiaHeat of the MomentRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMDon McLeanAmerican PiePopListen on Spotify
140 BPMKelly ClarksonBecause of YouPopListen on Spotify
140 BPMShakiraDid It AgainPopListen on Spotify
140 BPMDaniel PowterBad DayRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMPeter Bjorn and JohnYoung FolksAlternativeListen on Spotify
140 BPMThe KinksYou Really Got MeRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMManfred Mann's Earth BandBlinded By the LightRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMVan HalenPanamaRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMAkonRight Now (Na Na Na)R&B/SoulListen on Spotify
140 BPMThe Rolling StonesBrown SugarRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMBarenaked LadiesIt's All Been DonePopListen on Spotify
140 BPMFoo FightersWalkRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMToby KeithShould've Been a CowboyCountryListen on Spotify
140 BPMLifehouseYou and MeRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMDixie ChicksLandslideCountryListen on Spotify
140 BPMBilly JoelMovin' Out (Anthony's Song)RockListen on Spotify
140 BPMMeghan TrainorLips Are MovinPopListen on Spotify
140 BPMPrince & The RevolutionBaby I'm a StarSoundtrackListen on Spotify
140 BPMHuey Lewis & The NewsHip to Be SquareRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMUsherLove In This ClubR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
140 BPMThe CureLove SongRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMBeastie BoysGirlsHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
140 BPMElvis PresleySuspicious MindsRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMMiley CyrusSee You AgainSoundtrackListen on Spotify
140 BPMDeadmau5Ghosts 'n' Stuff (Nero Remix) [Bonus Track]DanceListen on Spotify
140 BPM30 Seconds to MarsCloser to the EdgeAlternativeListen on Spotify
140 BPMAquaDoctor JonesPopListen on Spotify
140 BPMThe BeatlesEleanor RigbyRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMThe BeatlesEight Days a WeekRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMThe VeronicasTake Me On the FloorPopListen on Spotify
140 BPMOneRepublicFeel AgainPopListen on Spotify
140 BPMWarLow RiderR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
140 BPMJeremih & 50 CentDown On MeR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
140 BPMTommy Tutone867-5309 / JennyRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMMetallicaThe UnforgivenRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMMötley CrüeGirls, Girls, GirlsRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMStyxCome Sail AwayRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMEllie GouldingLights (Bassnectar Remix)ElectronicListen on Spotify
140 BPMSwitchfootDare You to MoveRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMKe$haAnimalPopListen on Spotify
140 BPMAvril LavigneWhen You're GonePopListen on Spotify
140 BPMCyndi LauperTrue ColorsRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMTwo Door Cinema ClubWhat You KnowAlternativeListen on Spotify
140 BPMBilly CurringtonPeople Are CrazyCountryListen on Spotify
140 BPMMy Chemical RomanceBulletproof HeartAlternativeListen on Spotify
140 BPMtobyMacUnstoppable (feat. Blanca from Group 1 Crew)Christian & GospelListen on Spotify
140 BPMThe PoliceCan't Stand Losing YouRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMPower Music WorkoutDon't Stop Believin'Fitness & WorkoutListen on Spotify
140 BPMLudacris & ShawnaWhat's Your FantasyHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
140 BPMBay City RollersSaturday NightRockListen on Spotify
140 BPMArcade FireWake UpAlternativeListen on Spotify
140 BPMDJ Sammy & Yanou featuring DoHeavenDanceListen on Spotify
140 BPMUncle KrackerSmilePopListen on Spotify
140 BPMGloria EstefanCongaPopListen on Spotify
150 BPMFlorence + The MachineDog Days Are OverAlternativeListen on Spotify
150 BPMMaroon 5Harder to BreathePopListen on Spotify
150 BPMThe KillersMr. BrightsideAlternativeListen on Spotify
150 BPMNeon TreesAnimalAlternativeListen on Spotify
150 BPMBlink-182All the Small ThingsRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMMetro StationShake ItAlternativeListen on Spotify
150 BPMAvril LavigneWhat the HellPopListen on Spotify
150 BPMJason MrazI'm YoursPopListen on Spotify
150 BPMVan MorrisonBrown Eyed GirlRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMJustin TimberlakeWhat Goes Around.../...Comes Around InterludePopListen on Spotify
150 BPMBlues TravelerRun-AroundRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMBilly JoelOnly the Good Die YoungRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMKaty PerryE.T. (feat. Kanye West)PopListen on Spotify
150 BPMBonnie TylerHolding Out for a HeroSoundtrackListen on Spotify
150 BPMThe Go-Go'sWe Got the BeatPopListen on Spotify
150 BPMTwisted SisterWe're Not Gonna Take ItRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMThe KnackMy SharonaRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMAvril LavigneSk8er BoiPopListen on Spotify
150 BPMTrey SongzBottoms Up (feat. Nicki Minaj)R&B/SoulListen on Spotify
150 BPMDJ KhaledAll I Do Is Win (feat. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg & Rick Ross)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
150 BPMBoys Like GirlsLove DrunkAlternativeListen on Spotify
150 BPMBruce SpringsteenDancing In the DarkRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMNo DoubtDon't SpeakAlternativeListen on Spotify
150 BPMThe CureJust Like HeavenAlternativeListen on Spotify
150 BPMT.I.Whatever You LikeHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
150 BPMThe FrayYou Found MeRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMWeezerSay It Ain't SoAlternativeListen on Spotify
150 BPMThe PoliceMessage in a BottleRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMPaolo NutiniNew ShoesRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMFall Out BoyMy Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up)AlternativeListen on Spotify
150 BPMOneRepublicSecretsPopListen on Spotify
150 BPMThe White StripesBlue OrchidAlternativeListen on Spotify
150 BPMBlind MelonNo RainRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMQuiet RiotCum On Feel the NoizeRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMGnarls BarkleyRun (I'm a Natural Disaster)AlternativeListen on Spotify
150 BPMGuns N' RosesLive and Let DieRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMLa RouxIn for the KillDanceListen on Spotify
150 BPMBoys Like GirlsThe Great EscapeAlternativeListen on Spotify
150 BPMThe Beach BoysI Get AroundPopListen on Spotify
150 BPMJack JohnsonBreakdownRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMThe ClashI Fought the LawRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMBon JoviWanted Dead or AliveRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMFatboy SlimThe Rockafeller Skank (Remastered)DanceListen on Spotify
150 BPMElton JohnCrocodile RockRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMSwitchfootMeant to LiveRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMKaty PerryE.T.PopListen on Spotify
150 BPMFall Out Boy & John MayerBeat ItAlternativeListen on Spotify
150 BPMChristina AguileraKeeps Gettin' BetterPopListen on Spotify
150 BPMINXSDevil InsideAlternativeListen on Spotify
150 BPMCollective SoulShineRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMThe Goo Goo DollsNameRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMBilly JoelYou May Be RightRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMSara EvansA Little Bit StrongerCountryListen on Spotify
150 BPMAmerican Hi-FiFlavor of the WeakAlternativeListen on Spotify
150 BPMSpoonThe Way We Get ByAlternativeListen on Spotify
150 BPMThe KillersSpacemanAlternativeListen on Spotify
150 BPMColdplayViolet HillAlternativeListen on Spotify
150 BPMThe BeatlesHey JudeRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMLil Wayne & DrakeRight Above ItHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
150 BPMBob MarleyThree Little BirdsReggaeListen on Spotify
150 BPMSmashing PumpkinsTonight, TonightAlternativeListen on Spotify
150 BPM3 Doors DownWhen I'm GoneRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMFleetwood MacThe ChainRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMQueens of the Stone AgeNo One KnowsRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMPoisonYour Mama Don't DanceRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMEminemCleanin' Out My ClosetHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
150 BPMGlee CastDefying GravitySoundtrackListen on Spotify
150 BPMFlorida Georgia LineCruiseCountryListen on Spotify
150 BPMPearl JamAliveRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMAWOLNATIONSail (Unlimited Gravity Remix)AlternativeListen on Spotify
150 BPMKelly ClarksonAlready GonePopListen on Spotify
150 BPMLil WayneA MilliHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
150 BPMP!nkLeave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)PopListen on Spotify
150 BPMToni BasilMickeyPopListen on Spotify
150 BPMThe BeatlesLove Me DoRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMFoo FightersDOAAlternativeListen on Spotify
150 BPMJim CroceBad, Bad Leroy BrownSinger/SongwriterListen on Spotify
150 BPMPearl JamThe FixerRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMZac Brown BandFreeCountryListen on Spotify
150 BPMThe Lonely Island & T-PainI'm On a BoatComedyListen on Spotify
150 BPMUncle KrackerDrift AwayPopListen on Spotify
150 BPMCascadaBecause the NightDanceListen on Spotify
150 BPMMiley CyrusGirls Just Wanna Have FunPopListen on Spotify
150 BPMBlake SheltonGod Gave Me YouCountryListen on Spotify
150 BPMMainoAll the Above (feat. T-Pain)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
150 BPMMumford & SonsSigh No MoreAlternativeListen on Spotify
150 BPMDarius RuckerWagon WheelCountryListen on Spotify
150 BPMK'naanWavin' FlagHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
150 BPMThe BeatlesShe Loves YouRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMThe DoorsLove Her MadlyRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMParamoreHallelujahAlternativeListen on Spotify
150 BPMTaylor SwiftTim McGrawCountryListen on Spotify
150 BPMJefferson AirplaneSomebody to LoveRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMSupertrampBreakfast in AmericaRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMFinger ElevenOne ThingRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMMumford & SonsAfter the StormAlternativeListen on Spotify
150 BPMSoulja Boy Tell 'EmKiss Me Thru the PhoneHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
150 BPMChicago25 or 6 to 4RockListen on Spotify
150 BPMMatt & KimDon't Slow DownAlternativeListen on Spotify
150 BPMDrakeHeadlinesHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
150 BPMBilly IdolWhite Wedding (Part 1)RockListen on Spotify
150 BPMAvril LavigneI'm With YouPopListen on Spotify
150 BPMRitchie ValensLa BambaRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMBasshunterNow You're GoneDanceListen on Spotify
150 BPMBilly JoelBig ShotRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMPat BenatarAll Fired UpRockListen on Spotify
150 BPMAvril LawineSkater BoyPopListen on Spotify
150 BPMBloc PartyBanquetAlternativeListen on Spotify
150 BPMKenny ChesneyThe Boys of FallCountryListen on Spotify
150 BPMFall Out BoyUma ThurmanAlternativeListen on Spotify
150 BPMPearl JamBlackRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMOutKastHey Ya!Hip-Hop/RapListen on Spotify
160 BPMFall Out BoySugar, We're Goin DownAlternativeListen on Spotify
160 BPMJimmy Eat WorldThe MiddleAlternativeListen on Spotify
160 BPMPharrell WilliamsHappy (from "Despicable Me 2")PopListen on Spotify
160 BPMLenny KravitzFly AwayRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMThe RomanticsWhat I Like About YouPopListen on Spotify
160 BPMBlondieOne Way or AnotherPopListen on Spotify
160 BPMTaylor SwiftShake It OffPopListen on Spotify
160 BPMTrainDrops of JupiterRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMLinkin ParkSomewhere I BelongAlternativeListen on Spotify
160 BPMThe BeatlesI Saw Her Standing ThereRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMFoo FightersEverlongRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMCoolioGangsta's Paradise (feat. L.V.)Hip-Hop/RapListen on Spotify
160 BPMThin LizzyThe Boys Are Back in TownRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMKelly ClarksonBreakawayPopListen on Spotify
160 BPMThe Rolling StonesPaint It, BlackRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMMiley CyrusBreakoutPopListen on Spotify
160 BPMKaty PerryWide AwakePopListen on Spotify
160 BPMKeri HilsonPretty Girl RockR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
160 BPMRihannaCheers (Drink to That)PopListen on Spotify
160 BPMMiley CyrusThe ClimbSoundtrackListen on Spotify
160 BPMDevoWhip ItAlternativeListen on Spotify
160 BPMThe OffspringCome Out and PlayAlternativeListen on Spotify
160 BPMDrake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne & EminemForeverSoundtrackListen on Spotify
160 BPMThe DonnasTake It OffSoundtrackListen on Spotify
160 BPMMumford & SonsBabelAlternativeListen on Spotify
160 BPMShania TwainHoney, I'm HomeCountryListen on Spotify
160 BPMAerosmithCrazyRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMFleetwood MacLandslidePopListen on Spotify
160 BPMJay-ZAlready Home (feat. Kid Cudi)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
160 BPMThe Black CrowesShe Talks to AngelsRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMTim McGrawLive Like You Were DyingCountryListen on Spotify
160 BPMCarrie UnderwoodLast NameCountryListen on Spotify
160 BPMZZ TopLa GrangeRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMEminem25 to LifeHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
160 BPMMaroon 5The SunPopListen on Spotify
160 BPMSara EvansSuds In the BucketCountryListen on Spotify
160 BPMKe$haBackstabberPopListen on Spotify
160 BPM30 Seconds to MarsThis Is WarAlternativeListen on Spotify
160 BPMAlanis MorissetteHead Over FeetAlternativeListen on Spotify
160 BPMThe Beach BoysSurfin' U.S.A.PopListen on Spotify
160 BPMThe VeronicasGoodbye to YouPopListen on Spotify
160 BPMP.O.D.AliveRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMLinkin ParkLying from YouAlternativeListen on Spotify
160 BPMKim WildeKids in AmericaRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMTim McGrawWhere the Green Grass GrowsCountryListen on Spotify
160 BPMNirvanaIn BloomAlternativeListen on Spotify
160 BPMLil Wayne & Nicki MinajKnockoutHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
160 BPMU2Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out OfRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMSublimeDoin' TimeRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMMobyFlowerElectronicListen on Spotify
160 BPMLil WayneFiremanHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
160 BPMTaylor SwiftToday Was a FairytaleCountryListen on Spotify
160 BPMEvanescenceHauntedRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMArcade FireEmpty RoomAlternativeListen on Spotify
160 BPMAvril LavigneKeep Holding OnPopListen on Spotify
160 BPMJerry Lee LewisGreat Balls of FireRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMJohn TravoltaGreased Lightnin'SoundtrackListen on Spotify
160 BPMNatasha BedingfieldStrip MePopListen on Spotify
160 BPMGym Class Heroes featuring Patrick StumpCupid's Chokehold / Breakfast in America (Radio Mix)RockListen on Spotify
160 BPMNickelbackThis AfternoonRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMNirvanaBreedAlternativeListen on Spotify
160 BPMMatchbox TwentyBright LightsPopListen on Spotify
160 BPMBlondieMariaRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMJimmy Eat WorldBleed AmericanAlternativeListen on Spotify
160 BPMMercyMeI Can Only ImagineInspirationalListen on Spotify
160 BPMBob MarleyNo Woman, No CryReggaeListen on Spotify
160 BPMMuseUnnatural SelectionAlternativeListen on Spotify
160 BPMLinkin ParkLeave Out All the RestAlternativeListen on Spotify
160 BPMTom Petty & The HeartbreakersDon't Come Around Here No MoreRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMADELEI'll Be WaitingPopListen on Spotify
160 BPMThe Beach BoysSurfin' USAPopListen on Spotify
160 BPMEminemHailie's SongHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
160 BPMThe StrokesReptiliaAlternativeListen on Spotify
160 BPMThe PoliceSynchronicity IIRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMSystem of a DownAerialsRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMPatty SmythGoodbye to YouRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMKaiser ChiefsI Predict a RiotAlternativeListen on Spotify
160 BPMSugarlandWant ToCountryListen on Spotify
160 BPMThree Days GracePainPopListen on Spotify
160 BPMThe FrayNever Say NeverRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMJeremy CampTake My LifeChristian & GospelListen on Spotify
160 BPMMiranda LambertThe House That Built MeCountryListen on Spotify
160 BPMSkilletAwake and AliveRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMOk GoThis Too Shall PassAlternativeListen on Spotify
160 BPMLenny KravitzIt Ain't Over Til It's OverRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMCoolio featuring L.V.Gangsta's ParadiseHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
160 BPMPhil CollinsDon't Lose My NumberRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMGrateful DeadTouch of GreyRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMVampire WeekendWalcottAlternativeListen on Spotify
160 BPMRihannaBirthday CakePopListen on Spotify
160 BPMJesse McCartneyBody Language (feat. T-Pain)PopListen on Spotify
160 BPMThe StrokesHard to ExplainRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMGlee CastNo AirSoundtrackListen on Spotify
160 BPMRod StewartYoung TurksRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMThe Beach BoysBarbara AnnPopListen on Spotify
160 BPMT-PainBest Love Song (feat. Chris Brown)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
160 BPMGreen DayHoliday (Live)AlternativeListen on Spotify
160 BPMThe StrokesBarely LegalRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMPoisonWhat I Like About YouRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMTaylor SwiftThe Way I Loved YouCountryListen on Spotify
160 BPMAlabamaSong of the SouthCountryListen on Spotify
160 BPMCounting CrowsOmahaRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMIncubusNice to Know YouAlternativeListen on Spotify
160 BPMBrad PaisleyAmerican Saturday NightCountryListen on Spotify
160 BPMBig SeanDance (A$$)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
160 BPMBob DylanBlowin' In the WindRockListen on Spotify
160 BPMKelly ClarksonImpossiblePopListen on Spotify
160 BPMPearl JamRearviewmirrorAlternativeListen on Spotify
160 BPMBlink-182AlwaysPopListen on Spotify
160 BPMThe Rocky Horror Show Original CastTime WarpSoundtrackListen on Spotify
170 BPMa-haTake On MePopListen on Spotify
170 BPMSugarlandStuck Like GlueCountryListen on Spotify
170 BPMLenny KravitzAmerican WomanRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMTom PettyFree Fallin'RockListen on Spotify
170 BPMFoo FightersThe PretenderAlternativeListen on Spotify
170 BPMPanic! At the DiscoI Write Sins Not TragediesAlternativeListen on Spotify
170 BPMFort Minor featuring Styles of BeyondRemember the NameHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
170 BPMNickelbackHow You Remind MeRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMLil Wayne6 Foot 7 Foot (feat. Cory Gunz)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
170 BPMTom PettyRunnin' Down a DreamRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMFoo FightersAll My LifeRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMGorillazClint EastwoodAlternativeListen on Spotify
170 BPMBeastie BoysSabotageHip-HopListen on Spotify
170 BPMRage Against the MachineKilling In the NameAlternativeListen on Spotify
170 BPMLudacris & Nicki MinajMy Chick BadHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
170 BPMKanye WestGood LifeHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
170 BPMDiddy - Dirty Money & Skylar GreyComing HomeHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
170 BPMAerosmithLivin' On the EdgeRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMBeckLoserAlternativeListen on Spotify
170 BPMElton JohnI'm Still StandingRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMJason AldeanShe's CountryCountryListen on Spotify
170 BPMStone Temple PilotsInterstate Love SongAlternativeListen on Spotify
170 BPMAvril LavigneMy Happy EndingPopListen on Spotify
170 BPMAlanis MorissetteYou LearnAlternativeListen on Spotify
170 BPMChristina AguileraCandymanPopListen on Spotify
170 BPMJimmy Eat WorldPainAlternativeListen on Spotify
170 BPMThe Lonely IslandI Just Had Sex (feat. Akon)ComedyListen on Spotify
170 BPMParamoreIgnoranceAlternativeListen on Spotify
170 BPMSum 41MotivationAlternativeListen on Spotify
170 BPMThe Band PerryYou LieCountryListen on Spotify
170 BPMDixie ChicksLong Time GoneCountryListen on Spotify
170 BPMEminemTill I CollapseHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
170 BPMStone Temple PilotsVasolineAlternativeListen on Spotify
170 BPMThe CureBoys Don't CryAlternativeListen on Spotify
170 BPMRay CharlesHit the Road, JackBluesListen on Spotify
170 BPMThe Soggy Bottom BoysI Am a Man of Constant SorrowSoundtrackListen on Spotify
170 BPMTom Petty & The HeartbreakersMary Jane's Last DanceRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMMatchbox TwentyPushRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMKings of LeonCrawlAlternativeListen on Spotify
170 BPMArctic MonkeysWhen the Sun Goes DownAlternativeListen on Spotify
170 BPMImagine DragonsBleeding OutAlternativeListen on Spotify
170 BPMTaylor SwiftBad BloodPopListen on Spotify
170 BPMNikki Blonsky, Zac Efron, John Travolta, Elijah Kelley, Queen Latifah & Amanda BynesYou Can't Stop the BeatSoundtrackListen on Spotify
170 BPMJake OwenBarefoot Blue Jean NightCountryListen on Spotify
170 BPMHootie & The BlowfishHold My HandRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMBeyoncéUpgrade UPopListen on Spotify
170 BPMZac Brown BandLet It GoCountryListen on Spotify
170 BPMGodsmackI Stand AloneRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMJennifer LopezI'm Into You (feat. Lil Wayne)PopListen on Spotify
170 BPMBad CompanyFeel Like Makin' LoveRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMMiranda LambertOnly PrettierCountryListen on Spotify
170 BPMRage Against the MachineWake UpAlternativeListen on Spotify
170 BPMTLCWaterfallsR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
170 BPMKenny ChesneySummertimeCountryListen on Spotify
170 BPMDrakeI'm Goin In (feat. Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
170 BPMBob MarleyI Shot the SheriffReggaeListen on Spotify
170 BPMYellowcardLights and SoundsRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMGlee CastRiver Deep, Mountain High (Glee Cast Version)PopListen on Spotify
170 BPMFeistI Feel It AllAlternativeListen on Spotify
170 BPMNewsboysBorn AgainInspirationalListen on Spotify
170 BPM#1 Country Hits CollectionAin't Going Down ('Til The Sun Comes Up) - A Tribute To Garth BrooksCountryListen on Spotify
170 BPMThe CranberriesSalvationAlternativeListen on Spotify
170 BPMThe BeatlesHelter SkelterRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMAfromanBecause I Got HighHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
170 BPMEverclearI Will Buy You a New LifeRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMTom Petty & The HeartbreakersRunnin' Down a DreamRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMAerosmithPinkRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMQueens of the Stone AgeGo With the FlowRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMThe AftersLift Me UpChristian & GospelListen on Spotify
170 BPMIni KamozeHere Comes the HotstepperReggaeListen on Spotify
170 BPMDavid BowieYoung AmericansRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMCraig MorganRedneck Yacht ClubCountryListen on Spotify
170 BPMU2Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill MeRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMTim McGrawSomething Like ThatCountryListen on Spotify
170 BPMtobyMacMade to LoveInspirationalListen on Spotify
170 BPMJordin SparksTattooPopListen on Spotify
170 BPMVan HalenOne Way to RockRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMLil Wayne, Bobby Valentino & Kidd KiddMrs. OfficerHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
170 BPMDaughtryUsed ToRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMMeat LoafBat Out of HellPopListen on Spotify
170 BPMTaylor SwiftBad Blood (feat. Kendrick Lamar)PopListen on Spotify
170 BPMShaggyBoombasticReggaeListen on Spotify
170 BPMIsrael Kamakawiwo'oleSomewhere Over the RainbowWorldListen on Spotify
170 BPMLady AntebellumDowntownCountryListen on Spotify
170 BPM50 Cent, Cashis, Eminem & Lloyd BanksYou Don't KnowHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
170 BPMElvis PresleyDon't Be CruelRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMRed Hot Chili PeppersOn MercuryAlternativeListen on Spotify
170 BPMShaggy & RayvonAngelReggaeListen on Spotify
170 BPMLenny KravitzAlways On the RunRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMRun To Cadence With The U.S. Marines, Vol.1Listen to the RhythmPopListen on Spotify
170 BPMMetallicaHolier Than ThouRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMPearl JamSupersonicRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMSavage GardenTruly Madly DeeplyPopListen on Spotify
170 BPMThe Black KeysNext GirlAlternativeListen on Spotify
170 BPMMatt & KimCamerasAlternativeListen on Spotify
170 BPMImagine DragonsThunderAlternativeListen on Spotify
170 BPMTwenty One PilotsStressed OutAlternativeListen on Spotify
170 BPMIda MariaI Like You So Much Better When You're NakedAlternativeListen on Spotify
170 BPMBlake SheltonBoys 'Round Here (feat. Pistol Annies & Friends)CountryListen on Spotify
170 BPMLittle RichardGood Golly Miss MollyRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMKanye West & T-PainGood LifeHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
170 BPMChristina MilianDip It LowR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
170 BPMSimple PlanI'd Do AnythingRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMJanelle MonáeTightropeSoundtrackListen on Spotify
170 BPMFoo FightersBridge BurningRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMReba McEntireThe Night the Lights Went Out in GeorgiaCountryListen on Spotify
170 BPMFall Out BoyFame < InfamyAlternativeListen on Spotify
170 BPMCoheed and CambriaA Favor House AtlanticRockListen on Spotify
170 BPMKe$haSleazyPopListen on Spotify
170 BPMArcade FireMonth of MayAlternativeListen on Spotify
180 BPMSublimeSanteriaRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMMichael JacksonThey Don't Care About UsPopListen on Spotify
180 BPMPapa RoachLast ResortRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMGood CharlotteThe AnthemAlternativeListen on Spotify
180 BPMPat BenatarLove Is a BattlefieldRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMGreen DaySheAlternativeListen on Spotify
180 BPMLed ZeppelinRock and RollRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMJay-Z & Beyoncé03' Bonnie & ClydeHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
180 BPMShakiraObjection (Tango)Pop LatinoListen on Spotify
180 BPMMy Chemical RomanceI'm Not Okay (I Promise)RockListen on Spotify
180 BPMWhitesnakeHere I Go AgainRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMLudacrisMove BitchHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
180 BPMThe Pointer SistersI'm So ExcitedRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMMötley CrüeKickstart My HeartRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMLinkin ParkDon't StayAlternativeListen on Spotify
180 BPMGZALiquid SwordsHip-Hop/RapListen on Spotify
180 BPMThe MonkeesI'm a BelieverPopListen on Spotify
180 BPMT.I.Swagga Like Us (T.I. and Jay-Z) [feat. Kanye West and Lil' Wayne]Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
180 BPMK'naan & Adam LevineBang BangHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
180 BPMBlink-182GORockListen on Spotify
180 BPMEminemWon't Back DownHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
180 BPMMuseMadnessAlternativeListen on Spotify
180 BPMThe B-52'sRock LobsterPopListen on Spotify
180 BPMFleetwood MacTuskPopListen on Spotify
180 BPMTrainMeet VirginiaRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMElvis PresleyHound DogRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMThe Allman Brothers BandRamblin' ManRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMIyazReplayPopListen on Spotify
180 BPMMetricGold Guns GirlsAlternativeListen on Spotify
180 BPMChris TomlinIndescribableInspirationalListen on Spotify
180 BPMEvanescenceTaking Over MeRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMThe Crystal MethodName of the GameElectronicListen on Spotify
180 BPMThe Mighty Mighty BosstonesThe Impression That I GetRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMColdplayHurts Like HeavenAlternativeListen on Spotify
180 BPMRed Hot Chili PeppersBreaking the GirlRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMQueenBreakthruRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMThe Black KeysEverlasting LightAlternativeListen on Spotify
180 BPMPretendersMiddle of the RoadRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMCherIf I Could Turn Back TimeRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMJimi HendrixFoxy LadySoundtrackListen on Spotify
180 BPMThe VaporsTurning JapaneseRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMJason MrazCurbside ProphetAlternativeListen on Spotify
180 BPMOne DirectionKiss YouPopListen on Spotify
180 BPMLauryn HillCan't Take My Eyes Off of YouPopListen on Spotify
180 BPMDropkick MurphysThe Warrior's CodeRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMSocial DistortionRing of FireRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMUB40Red Red WineRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMRamonesLet's DancePunkListen on Spotify
180 BPMThe Ready SetLove Like WoePopListen on Spotify
180 BPMJason AldeanCrazy TownCountryListen on Spotify
180 BPMEminemMoshHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
180 BPMJackson 5It's Your ThingR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
180 BPMGreen DayMariaAlternativeListen on Spotify
180 BPMGreen DayChristian's InfernoAlternativeListen on Spotify
180 BPMDead KennedysI Fought the LawAlternativeListen on Spotify
180 BPMRed Hot Chili PeppersMake You Feel BetterAlternativeListen on Spotify
180 BPMRamonesJudy Is a PunkPunkListen on Spotify
180 BPMEdie Brickell & New BohemiansWhat I AmAlternativeListen on Spotify
180 BPMImagine DragonsMonsterAlternativeListen on Spotify
180 BPMMuseThoughts of a Dying AtheistAlternativeListen on Spotify
180 BPMNewsboysHe ReignsChristian & GospelListen on Spotify
180 BPMTravis TrittT-R-O-U-B-L-ECountryListen on Spotify
180 BPMPlaceboRunning Up That HillSoundtrackListen on Spotify
180 BPMMissy ElliottGet Ur Freak On (Amended LP Version)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
180 BPMFoo FightersBack & ForthRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMCakeMahna, MahnaAlternativeListen on Spotify
180 BPMHank Williams, Jr.Born to BoogieCountryListen on Spotify
180 BPMArctic MonkeysDo Me a FavourAlternativeListen on Spotify
180 BPMVan HalenOn FireRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMR.E.M.Try Not to BreatheRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMNellyBody On MeHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
180 BPM*NSYNCDigital Get DownPopListen on Spotify
180 BPMDaft PunkFallSoundtrackListen on Spotify
180 BPMThe OffspringCome Out SwingingRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMAerosmithFeverRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMJamie GraceYou LeadChristian & GospelListen on Spotify
180 BPMMos DefHip HopHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
180 BPMRise AgainstSwing Life AwayAlternativeListen on Spotify
180 BPMtobyMacStart SomewhereChristian & GospelListen on Spotify
180 BPMFlogging MollyRequiem for a Dying SongAlternativeListen on Spotify
180 BPMRed Hot Chili PeppersSlow CheetahAlternativeListen on Spotify
180 BPMBilly JoelThe Downeaster "Alexa"RockListen on Spotify
180 BPMSystem of a DownQuestion!RockListen on Spotify
180 BPMElvis Presley(Let Me Be Your) Teddy BearRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMElton John & London Community Gospel ChoirI Just Can't Wait to Be KingSoundtrackListen on Spotify
180 BPMGreen DaySassafras RootsAlternativeListen on Spotify
180 BPMGrace Potter & The NocturnalsParis (Ooh La La)RockListen on Spotify
180 BPMThree Days GraceJust Like YouAlternativeListen on Spotify
180 BPMStevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleVoodoo Child (Slight Return) [Live]Blues-RockListen on Spotify
180 BPMGlee CastI'm Still Standing (Glee Cast Version)PopListen on Spotify
180 BPMThe MonkeesPleasant Valley SundayPopListen on Spotify
180 BPMBruce SpringsteenLiving On the Edge of the WorldRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMDarius RuckerCome Back SongCountryListen on Spotify
180 BPMSawyer BrownThe Race Is OnCountryListen on Spotify
180 BPMKaty PerryLostPopListen on Spotify
180 BPMMichael Jackson2000 WattsPopListen on Spotify
180 BPMT.I.Swing Ya Rag (feat. Swizz Beatz)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
180 BPMEminemTalkin’ 2 Myself (feat. Kobe)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
180 BPMAvril LavigneFall to PiecesPopListen on Spotify
180 BPMDrakeIn My FeelingsHip-Hop/RapListen on Spotify
180 BPMFrancesca BattistelliIt's Your LifeChristian & GospelListen on Spotify
180 BPMAlan WalkerFadeDanceListen on Spotify
180 BPMFoo FightersCome BackRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMBritney SpearsI Love Rock 'N' RollPopListen on Spotify
180 BPMHans ZimmerMombasaSoundtrackListen on Spotify
180 BPMMetallicaDie Die My DarlingRockListen on Spotify
180 BPMGreen DayMurder CityAlternativeListen on Spotify
180 BPMKelly ClarksonDon't Let Me Stop YouPopListen on Spotify
180 BPMMegadethHangar 18RockListen on Spotify
180 BPMNeon TreesIn the Next RoomAlternativeListen on Spotify
180 BPMDepeche ModeCleanRockListen on Spotify
190 BPMCakeI Will SurviveAlternativeListen on Spotify
190 BPMSublimeWhat I GotRockListen on Spotify
190 BPMAce of BaseDon't Turn AroundPopListen on Spotify
190 BPMBeckE-ProAlternativeListen on Spotify
190 BPMDMXWhat's My Name?Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
190 BPMCulture ClubKarma ChameleonPopListen on Spotify
190 BPMEric ClaptonLay Down SallyRockListen on Spotify
190 BPMTaking Back SundayCute Without the 'E' (Cut from the Team)AlternativeListen on Spotify
190 BPMMaroon 5AnimalsPopListen on Spotify
190 BPMThe Goo Goo DollsGive a Little BitRockListen on Spotify
190 BPMWarren GRegulateHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
190 BPMMissy Elliott & LudacrisOne Minute Man (featuring Ludacris) (LP Version)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
190 BPMR.E.M.What's the Frequency, Kenneth?RockListen on Spotify
190 BPMRamonesCalifornia SunPunkListen on Spotify
190 BPMRise AgainstWait for MeRockListen on Spotify
190 BPMMary Chapin CarpenterDown At the Twist and ShoutCountryListen on Spotify
190 BPMBrad PaisleyTicksCountryListen on Spotify
190 BPMCypress Hill(Rock) SuperstarHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
190 BPMGreen DayNice Guys Finish LastAlternativeListen on Spotify
190 BPMDeadmau5BotDanceListen on Spotify
190 BPMArcade FireReady to StartAlternativeListen on Spotify
190 BPMThem Crooked VulturesNew FangAlternativeListen on Spotify
190 BPMP!nkHiccupPopListen on Spotify
190 BPMPetraLord, I Lift Your Name on HighChristian & GospelListen on Spotify
190 BPMEminemLove You MoreHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
190 BPMSelena Gomez & The SceneRound & RoundPopListen on Spotify
190 BPMEllie GouldingLove Me Like You DoSoundtrackListen on Spotify
190 BPMP!nkTrue Love (feat. Lily Allen)PopListen on Spotify
190 BPMMetallicaBatteryRockListen on Spotify
190 BPMRadiohead15 StepAlternativeListen on Spotify
190 BPMGretchen WilsonAll Jacked UpRockListen on Spotify
190 BPMCounting CrowsMrs. Potters LullabyRockListen on Spotify
190 BPMThe CureLullaby (Extended Mix)RockListen on Spotify
190 BPMWisin & YandelRakataReggaeton y Hip-HopListen on Spotify
190 BPMFour Year StrongFlannel Is the Color of My EnergyAlternativeListen on Spotify
190 BPMMontgomery GentryMy TownCountryListen on Spotify
190 BPMSlayerHere Comes the PainRockListen on Spotify
190 BPMSum 41Still WaitingRockListen on Spotify
190 BPMHollywood Symphony OrchestraRocky (Theme)SoundtrackListen on Spotify
190 BPMGreen DayBurnoutAlternativeListen on Spotify
190 BPMGreen DayStuck With MeAlternativeListen on Spotify
190 BPMAc/DcRock and Roll Ain't Noise PollutionRockListen on Spotify
190 BPMtobyMacChanged Forever (feat. Nirva Ready)Christian & GospelListen on Spotify
190 BPMBig & RichRollin' (The Ballad of Big & Rich)CountryListen on Spotify
190 BPMPrimitive Radio GodsStanding Outside a Broken Phone Booth With Money In My HandAlternativeListen on Spotify
190 BPMSilverchairPure MassacreRockListen on Spotify
190 BPMPeter GabrielGames Without FrontiersRockListen on Spotify
190 BPMAnti-FlagThe Bright Lights of AmericaAlternativeListen on Spotify
190 BPMSawyer BrownStep That StepCountryListen on Spotify
190 BPMBruce SpringsteenWorking On the HighwayRockListen on Spotify
190 BPMThe RembrandtsI'll Be There for YouSoundtrackListen on Spotify
190 BPMDr. DreKush (feat. Snoop Dogg & Akon)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
190 BPMTrampled by TurtlesWait So LongRockListen on Spotify
190 BPMMetallicaBlackenedRockListen on Spotify
190 BPMLauryn HillEverything Is EverythingPopListen on Spotify
190 BPMLed ZeppelinNobody's Fault But MineRockListen on Spotify
190 BPMMark WillsAnd the Crowd Goes WildCountryListen on Spotify
190 BPMEminemBad Meets Evil (feat. Royce da 5'9")Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
190 BPMFive Finger Death PunchWicked WaysHeavy MetalListen on Spotify
190 BPMBeastie BoysHold It Now, Hit ItHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
190 BPMSiaThe GreatestPopListen on Spotify
190 BPMAnti-FlagThe Press CorpseRockListen on Spotify
190 BPMFoo FightersGood GriefAlternativeListen on Spotify
190 BPMYeah Yeah YeahsNo No NoAlternativeListen on Spotify
190 BPMKelisAcapellaElectronicListen on Spotify
190 BPMSuperchickRock What You Got (Fight Underdog Fight! Mix)InspirationalListen on Spotify
190 BPMLee DeWyzeSweet SerendipityPopListen on Spotify
190 BPMBleachersI Wanna Get BetterAlternativeListen on Spotify
190 BPMKanye WestI WonderHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
190 BPMPanteraHostileRockListen on Spotify
190 BPMSt. LunaticsMidwest SwingHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
190 BPMLynyrd SkynyrdI Know a LittleRockListen on Spotify
190 BPMGreen Day86AlternativeListen on Spotify
190 BPMMarvin GayeMercy Mercy MeR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
190 BPMSilvertideBlue JeansRockListen on Spotify
190 BPMGreen DayJinxAlternativeListen on Spotify
190 BPM50 CentBaby By MeHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
190 BPMR.E.M.DiscovererRockListen on Spotify
190 BPMHozierAngel of Small Death and the Codeine SceneAlternativeListen on Spotify
190 BPMBarlowGirlNo One Like YouChristian & GospelListen on Spotify
190 BPMThe Flaming LipsAll We Have Is NowAlternativeListen on Spotify
190 BPMQueen LatifahU.N.I.T.Y.Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
190 BPMSlipknotThe Blister ExistsRockListen on Spotify
190 BPMRemy ZeroSave MeAlternativeListen on Spotify
190 BPMRamonesRock 'N Roll High School (Ed Stasium Version)PunkListen on Spotify
190 BPMNonpointEndureRockListen on Spotify
190 BPMQueens of the Stone AgeFairweather FriendsRockListen on Spotify
190 BPMDon OmarHasta Que Salga el SolReggaeton y Hip-HopListen on Spotify
190 BPMNewsboysGod Is Not a SecretChristian & GospelListen on Spotify
190 BPMThe White StripesHello OperatorAlternativeListen on Spotify
190 BPMFlying LotusComputer Face / Pure BeingElectronicListen on Spotify
190 BPMSelena Gomez & The SceneLive Like There's No TomorrowPopListen on Spotify
190 BPMJessie JamesI Look So Good (Without You)PopListen on Spotify
190 BPMRamonesShe's the OnePunkListen on Spotify
190 BPMRick RossLuxury Tax (feat. Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy & Trick Daddy)Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
190 BPMRancidBack Up Against the WallRockListen on Spotify
190 BPMKristina MariaLet's PlayPopListen on Spotify
190 BPMRelient KI Need YouPopListen on Spotify
190 BPMRushThe Analog KidRockListen on Spotify
190 BPMJackson 5Sugar DaddyR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
190 BPMDemi LovatoCatch MePopListen on Spotify
190 BPMNoisettesWild Young HeartsPopListen on Spotify
190 BPMDuncan SheikBarely BreathingPopListen on Spotify
190 BPMSublimePaddle OutAlternativeListen on Spotify
190 BPMThriceStare at the SunAlternativeListen on Spotify
190 BPM311Stealing Happy HoursPopListen on Spotify
190 BPMAriana GrandeBreak Your Heart Right Back (feat. Childish Gambino)PopListen on Spotify
190 BPMDavid GuettaShot Me Down (feat. Skylar Grey)DanceListen on Spotify
190 BPMtobyMacBoomin' / Opera Trip InterludeChristian & GospelListen on Spotify
190 BPMTraptSound OffHeavy MetalListen on Spotify
190 BPMJane's AddictionOcean SizeRockListen on Spotify
200 BPM3 Doors DownKryptoniteRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMThe Black Eyed PeasHey MamaPopListen on Spotify
200 BPMGuns N' RosesParadise CityRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMBeyoncéNaughty GirlR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
200 BPMFlorence + The MachineDrumming SongAlternativeListen on Spotify
200 BPMLauryn HillDoo Wop (That Thing)PopListen on Spotify
200 BPMFall Out BoyDead On Arrival (Album Version)AlternativeListen on Spotify
200 BPMLupe FiascoBeautiful Lasers (2 Ways) [feat. MDMA]Hip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
200 BPMSystem of a DownPrison SongRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMShinedownSecond ChanceRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMArcade FireSprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)AlternativeListen on Spotify
200 BPMBlink-182JosieRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMBryan AdamsCuts Like a KnifeRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMGolden EarringRadar LoveRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMLinkin ParkNobody's ListeningAlternativeListen on Spotify
200 BPMLL Cool JHeadsprungHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
200 BPMThe UsedThe Taste of InkAlternativeListen on Spotify
200 BPMKelly ClarksonAddictedPopListen on Spotify
200 BPMLily AllenLDNPopListen on Spotify
200 BPMDaddy YankeeImpactoLatinListen on Spotify
200 BPMTaylor SwiftUntouchableCountryListen on Spotify
200 BPMMiranda LambertMe And Charlie TalkingCountryListen on Spotify
200 BPMThree Days GraceTime of DyingPopListen on Spotify
200 BPMParamoreFencesAlternativeListen on Spotify
200 BPMCoheed and CambriaNo World for TomorrowAlternativeListen on Spotify
200 BPMEminemOne Shot 2 ShotHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
200 BPMThe StrokesI Can't WinAlternativeListen on Spotify
200 BPMPickin' On SeriesGunpowder and LeadCountryListen on Spotify
200 BPMBill Valenziano US Swing BandJump, Jive and WailJazzListen on Spotify
200 BPMThe Partridge FamilyI Think I Love YouPopListen on Spotify
200 BPMDavid Crowder BandAfter All (Holy)Christian & GospelListen on Spotify
200 BPMMartina McBrideA Broken WingCountryListen on Spotify
200 BPMPretenders2000 MilesRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMFred HammondThat Ain't Nothin'InspirationalListen on Spotify
200 BPMBob DylanI Want YouRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMBob Marley & The WailersIron Lion ZionReggaeListen on Spotify
200 BPMSlipknotGematria (The Killing Name)RockListen on Spotify
200 BPMDrakeThe Motto (feat. Lil Wayne)SoundtrackListen on Spotify
200 BPMTim McGrawHomeCountryListen on Spotify
200 BPMSocial DistortionStory of My LifeRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMDead KennedysHoliday In CambodiaAlternativeListen on Spotify
200 BPMWhite RabbitsPercussion GunAlternativeListen on Spotify
200 BPMThree Days GraceNo MoreRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMVan HalenIce Cream ManRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMMindy McCreadyTen Thousand AngelsCountryListen on Spotify
200 BPMSelena Gomez & The SceneCrushPopListen on Spotify
200 BPMMegadethSkin o' My TeethRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMKe$haOnly Wanna Dance With YouPopListen on Spotify
200 BPMBruce SpringsteenTougher Than the RestRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMThe Academy Is...About a GirlAlternativeListen on Spotify
200 BPMBing Crosby & The Andrews SistersMele Kalikimaka-Hawaiian Christmas SongHolidayListen on Spotify
200 BPMHinderUp All NightRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMR.E.M.Bad DayRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMEaglesBusy Being FabulousRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMLeAnn RimesNothin' Better to DoCountryListen on Spotify
200 BPMEric HutchinsonRock & RollPopListen on Spotify
200 BPMDragonforceRevolution DeathsquadRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMMetallicaThe Four HorsemenRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMDestiny's ChildFancyPopListen on Spotify
200 BPMMeredith AndrewsOpen Up the HeavensChristian & GospelListen on Spotify
200 BPMJack's MannequinSwimAlternativeListen on Spotify
200 BPMCalle 13No Hay Nadie Como TúReggaeton y Hip-HopListen on Spotify
200 BPMGood CharlotteSilver Screen RomancePopListen on Spotify
200 BPMRick DerringerRock and Roll, Hootchie KooSoundtrackListen on Spotify
200 BPMKutlessNot What You SeeChristian & GospelListen on Spotify
200 BPMGaelic StormKiss Me I'm IrishWorldListen on Spotify
200 BPMDJ QuikGet DownHip Hop/RapListen on Spotify
200 BPMAsking AlexandriaDear InsanityRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMJUNIOR SENIORShake Me BabyDanceListen on Spotify
200 BPMThe DodosFoolsRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMReel Big FishI Want Your Girlfriend to Be My Girlfriend Too (Live)RockListen on Spotify
200 BPMMetallicaMy ApocalypseRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMGreen DayTight Wad HillAlternativeListen on Spotify
200 BPMBlack Veil BridesSet the World On FireRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMThomas DolbyEuropa and the Pirate TwinsRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMDragonforceFury of the StormRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMBrian SetzerRockhouseRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMBlack FlagGimmie Gimmie GimmieRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMDown By LawSupermanAlternativeListen on Spotify
200 BPMDead KennedysMacho InsecurityRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMDead KennedysPolice TruckAlternativeListen on Spotify
200 BPMCarrie UnderwoodDirty LaundryCountryListen on Spotify
200 BPMCollin RayeSomeone You Used to KnowCountryListen on Spotify
200 BPMCasey JamesCrying On a SuitcaseCountryListen on Spotify
200 BPMRobynDo You Know (What It Takes)PopListen on Spotify
200 BPMAnthony HamiltonSista Big BonesR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
200 BPMStacie OrricoStuckRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMLoy Mendonsa & Shankar MahadevanBaawreWorldListen on Spotify
200 BPMRedBuried BeneathRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMA Day to RememberThe Plot to Bomb the PanhandleRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMGirl's Day링마벨 Ring My BellK-PopListen on Spotify
200 BPMDisturbedBelieveRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMAaron ShustMighty FortressChristian & GospelListen on Spotify
200 BPMEric ClaptonIt's In the Way That You Use ItRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMSkilletAmerican NoiseRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMRick DerringerRock and Roll, Hoochie KooRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMStrifeTorn ApartHeavy MetalListen on Spotify
200 BPMEverclearWhen It All Goes Wrong AgainRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMAll Time LowThis Is How We DoAlternativeListen on Spotify
200 BPMJohn FogertyBig Train (From Memphis)RockListen on Spotify
200 BPMModest MouseMarch Into the SeaAlternativeListen on Spotify
200 BPMLucy HaleExtra OrdinarySoundtrackListen on Spotify
200 BPMSiouxsie and the BansheesDear PrudenceAlternativeListen on Spotify
200 BPMThe Allman Brothers BandRevivalRockListen on Spotify
200 BPMLouis ArmstrongSkokiaan (South African Song) [1994 All-Time Greatest Hits Version]JazzListen on Spotify
200 BPMHaste the DayThe Un-ManifestHeavy MetalListen on Spotify
200 BPMKalin and MylesTrampolinePopListen on Spotify
200 BPMRicki-LeeDo It Like ThatPopListen on Spotify
200 BPMVonda ShepardI Only Want to Be With YouSoundtrackListen on Spotify
200 BPMSiaStop TryingPopListen on Spotify
200 BPMLittle MixHow Ya Doin'?PopListen on Spotify
210 BPMBee GeesStayin' AliveSoundtrackListen on Spotify
210 BPMThe Pussycat DollsButtonsPopListen on Spotify
210 BPMMaroon 5 feat. RihannaIf I Never See Your Face Again (feat. Rihanna)PopListen on Spotify
210 BPMSave FerrisCome On EileenPopListen on Spotify
210 BPMJason MrazToo Much FoodAlternativeListen on Spotify
210 BPMNewsboys & KJ-52Jesus FreakInspirationalListen on Spotify
210 BPMKeith UrbanI Told You SoCountryListen on Spotify
210 BPMMy Chemical RomanceMamaAlternativeListen on Spotify
210 BPMDeep PurpleHighway StarRockListen on Spotify
210 BPMPaul SimonMe and Julio Down By the SchoolyardPopListen on Spotify
210 BPMJourneyLovin', Touchin', Squeezin'RockListen on Spotify
210 BPMIron MaidenHallowed Be Thy NameHeavy MetalListen on Spotify
210 BPMRamonesDo You Wanna DanceRockListen on Spotify
210 BPMLetters to CleoI Want You To Want MeSoundtrackListen on Spotify
210 BPMDaft PunkRecognizerSoundtrackListen on Spotify
210 BPMThe Studio Sound EnsembleMuppet Movie: Movin' Right AlongChildren's MusicListen on Spotify
210 BPMDream TheaterMetropolis, Pt. 1: The Miracle and the SleeperRockListen on Spotify
210 BPMAll That RemainsFor We Are ManyRockListen on Spotify
210 BPMRise AgainstDronesRockListen on Spotify
210 BPMKaryn WhiteThe Way You Love MeR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
210 BPMGeorgia Mass ChoirBye and ByeChristian & GospelListen on Spotify
210 BPMSum 41Never Wake UpAlternativeListen on Spotify
210 BPMAvril LavigneI Don't Have to TryPopListen on Spotify
210 BPMAidenKilling MachineRockListen on Spotify
210 BPMBig Bad Voodoo DaddyMr. Pinstripe Suit (Live)JazzListen on Spotify
210 BPMStone Temple PilotsSour GirlAlternativeListen on Spotify
210 BPMThe OrbLittle Fluffy CloudsElectronicListen on Spotify
210 BPMThe Apples In StereoEnergyRockListen on Spotify
210 BPMSheryl CrowYou're an OriginalRockListen on Spotify
210 BPMNeck DeepAll Hype, No HeartRockListen on Spotify
210 BPMRodney CrowellEarthboundCountryListen on Spotify
210 BPMScreeching WeaselI Can See Clearly NowSoundtrackListen on Spotify
210 BPMKaiser ChiefsAlways Happens Like ThatAlternativeListen on Spotify
210 BPMAlesanaThe Uninvited ThirteenthRockListen on Spotify
210 BPMDie ÄrzteJungeRockListen on Spotify
210 BPMKatie MeluaSpider's WebPopListen on Spotify
210 BPMAlter BridgeI Know It HurtsRockListen on Spotify
210 BPMScritti PolittiPerfect WayPopListen on Spotify
210 BPMEverything EverythingSuffragette SuffragettePopListen on Spotify
210 BPMBallyhoo!Mellow GrindRockListen on Spotify
210 BPMTWICESIGNALK-PopListen on Spotify
210 BPMThe Drifters(Sittin' On) The Dock of the BayR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
210 BPMDixie ChicksGive It Up or Let Me GoCountryListen on Spotify
210 BPMRadkeyRomance DawnPunkListen on Spotify
210 BPMThe WreckersStand Still, Look PrettyCountryListen on Spotify
210 BPMThe MisfitsMommy Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight [Live]RockListen on Spotify
210 BPMCarole KingIt's Too LateSinger/SongwriterListen on Spotify
210 BPMSusan TedeschiIt Hurt So BadBluesListen on Spotify
210 BPMMichael BubléThat's LifePopListen on Spotify
210 BPMBanksWarm WaterElectronicListen on Spotify
210 BPMFuelRunning AwayPopListen on Spotify
210 BPMAlkaline TrioThe American ScreamAlternativeListen on Spotify
210 BPMJess PennerAll SmilesPopListen on Spotify
210 BPMStatus QuoIn the Army NowAmerican Trad RockListen on Spotify
210 BPMGabriel Garzón-MontanoThe Game (Instrumental)R&B/SoulListen on Spotify
210 BPMAisha BadruMind on FireSinger/SongwriterListen on Spotify
210 BPMJonathan CoultonSticking It to MyselfRockListen on Spotify
210 BPMDressy BessyGeorgie BlueAlternativeListen on Spotify
210 BPMPat TraversSnortin' WhiskeyRockListen on Spotify
210 BPMRobin ThickeLove After WarR&B/SoulListen on Spotify
210 BPMSoundgardenShow MePopListen on Spotify
210 BPMThe MusicBreakin'Adult AlternativeListen on Spotify
210 BPMGirlymanReva ThereafterSinger/SongwriterListen on Spotify
210 BPMVelvet RevolverLet It RollRockListen on Spotify

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