Best Running Shoes Fully Reviewed & Compared in 2020


Running, for many, tends to develop into something that is so much more than just a sport, or simply just another fitness activity. Most runners find ways to fit it into almost every aspect of their daily lives. Many ways people do this keeping themselves fit and healthy enough to keep hitting the road, not only competing with others in a lot of circumstances but also competing with themselves, both mentally and physically.

However, one thing that many beginners overlook, is the importance of having the best performing running shoes possible to allow yourself the comfort and support to finish each run safe and without any unnecessary discomfort. It really becomes more of a lifestyle, as to be able to keep pushing themselves further, runners need to train continuously, maintain healthy diets and living habits and keep a positive attitude.

Are you wondering what is the best running shoes of 2019?

Read our guide to discover it!

Our Top 3 Picks

ASICS DynaFlyteimg
  • ASICS DynaFlyte
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • New Fuzegel midsole
  • Price: See Here
Brooks Ghost 9
  • Brooks Ghost 9
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Omega Flex Grooves
  • Price: See Here
Mizuno Wave Sayonara 4img
  • Mizuno Wave Sayonara 4
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Parallel Wave midsole
  • Price: See Here

Although there are so many options for footwear out there, it is important to know if your shoes are good or bad? The saying “you get what you pay for” is not always true when it comes to buying the best running shoes. Research indicates that you don’t need to buy the most expensive ones but you should research what experience people have before you purchase them for yourself!

1. ASICS DynaFlyte

Best Running Shoes Fully Reviewed & Compared in 2020
1.  ASICS DynaFlyte
Now we have an offering from ASICS, an all-around classic running shoe company. Known all over for consistently putting out good stuff, they have given us yet another great runner, the DynFlyte. As we move further down the list, you have probably noticed that the number of features grow as we get closer to number one. This is certainly the case with the Asics DynaFlyte.
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Asics set out to achieve a running shoe with an effective amount of cushioning in an extremely lightweight package. The DynaFlyte is the result of years of research and many many prototypes.

Asics' full-length FlyteFoam midsole, used for the first time in one of their models, provides continuous long-lasting cushioning throughout your run. The reinforced fibers allow the midsole to bounce back to its proper shape after each run, allowing comfortable ride every time.

Over 50% lighter than the industry standard, with the help of the FlyteFoam cushioning and extremely lightweight upper materials, The DynaFlyte has achieved the goal of becoming one of the lightest neutral running shoes currently available as best overall running shoes.
  • FlyteFoam Midsole provides lightweight and responsive cushioning
  • ComfortDry Lasting provides great breathability, moisture control and antimicrobial properties
  • The materials that go into the FlyteFoam midsole allow bounce back shape return, offering continuous comfort for each run
  • Toe box a bit large for some
  • A bit pricey

2. Brooks Ghost 9

Best Running Shoes Fully Reviewed & Compared in 2020
2. Brooks Ghost 9
As a familiar and respectable name in the world of performance running shoes, Brooks continues on with their popular Ghost series. Version 9 builds onto the great features from its predecessors, further enhancing the fit and function of this model.
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Taking a closer look, starting from the top, The upper is constructed of a breathable mesh. For reinforcement as well as a continuously secure fit, there are also no-sew overlays that also help to maintain the upper’s form. For comfort, stability and performance, Brooks has a few of there own additions that contribute to a safe and comfortable run. For starters, these have their BioMoGo DNA midsole. Additionally, you’ll find a segmented crash pad in both the heel and midfoot. Also in the midsole the shoe has Brooks’ Omega Flex Grooves for greater flexibility of movement.

All of their products are designed with runners in mind, so it’s no wonder why these are so popular with those who get hit the road on a regular basis. Brooks certainly has its band of extremely loyal followers that swear by their shoes.

In general, the reviews from users are, for the most part, positive ones. Many comments even mention that the comfortability lasts through quite a few miles. However, although a small amount, there are some that are critical of the durability and sizing issues. Two key points that we took away from many customer comments is that these have pretty good arch support, which is great if you’re someone who requires that from your footwear. The second is that if you have wider feet, you may have an issue with getting a perfect fit. Although these may seem a bit pricey, they are a great option if you tend to rack up the miles. For that reason, these are absolutely a perfect fit for this list of the very best running shoes in 2019
  • Long lasting comfort
  • Great breathability
  • DNA midsole reduces energy loss
  • Good arch support
  • Not ideal for wider feet

3. Mizuno Wave Sayonara 4

Best Running Shoes Fully Reviewed & Compared in 2020
3. Mizuno Wave Sayonara 4
Here is one with a minimalistic design, yet capable of many miles. When I mentioned above that the further down the list we go, the more features the shoes tend to have. This is the Wave Sayonara 4 from Mizuno. One thing that is really great about this company, is that they tend to produce shoes that seem to be targeted for a specific use or goal. Whereas many running show manufacturers make products that are suitable for multiple tasks, it is also nice to have something that is primarily intended to do one thing very well. That is how I would describe the Sayonara.
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The Dynamotion Fit upper has an additional open-cell material, similar to netting, over top of it. This provides optimal breathablility. In addition, there is a stitched overlay that provides a midfoot wrap, offering added upper support.

The combination of the u4ic forefoot cushioning and Mizuno’s Infinity Wave bounce back heel, these provide an unbelievable amount cushioning, Shock absorption, as well as all around continuous comfort. A truly innovative design.

On the bottom, the Smoothride Engineered sole has strategically placed X10 carbon rubber sections under the toe and heel, for increased traction as well as improved durability.

Although the cost of these may vary a bit, they do often run a little high. Also, it may be a good idea to try on a pair at a store, if you are planning to purchase online.
  • Optimum bounce back due to the Infinity Wave heel, which also aids with impact
  • An upper with obvious breathability
  • Increased durability from X10 carbon rubber under heel and toe, also helps with added traction
  • Sizing runs a bit small

4. Nike Air Zoom Structure 19

4. Nike Air Zoom Structure 19
Nike is always among the top contenders, no matter what the sport. Quality, performance and even style are some of the first things that many think of when looking at their products list. Their LunarEpic has a pretty unique upper design that fits more like a sock, than a more conventional running shoe. There are laces to adjust for a custom, secure fit, but the sock-like ankle is the most noticeable attribute that this model on our best overall running shoes list has.
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The upper is constructed of Nike’s Flyknit material, which gives these a conforming, lightweight fit. While there is also a Hightop version of the LunarEpic, we chose to list the Low-top it rates much higher among users, maintaining the same innovative design and style. When it comes to trying new and different designs, this company doesn’t seem to hold back. This model is simply more evidence of that.

As this one is still a pretty new model, and even more so, a pretty different design, there aren’t a ton of customer reviews yet. However, the few that are out there offer nothing but praise. So, let’s go through some of the features and see what these are all about and why are they are part of our best overall running shoes list.

Since these are part of the Lunar series, they have the contoured Lunarlon foam midsole. This feature has proven in other models to provide a really smooth ride, no matter the distance. The Flyknit material in the upper also offers a good amount of breathability. For even more support and enhanced cushioning, there are also laser cut pods on the sole.

Similar to many other products from Nike, the LunarEpic also comes with a fairly high price tag. But, if the unique design paired with the proven performance of their lunar series is what you are looking for, then these are an excellent choice among the best overall running shoes.
  • Sock-like fitting design
  • Very lightweight
  • Breathable Flyknit upper
  • A bit expensive

5. Saucony Ride 9

5. Saucony Ride 9
Here we have one more great product from Saucony, the Ride 9. With many features from the previous version, plus a few new enhancements, these are an excellent representation of this globally well respected brand. These have so many different features, let’s just get right into it.
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The upper is put together with a very breathable mesh material, reinforced with tech-striped overlays and FLEXFILM technology, which is an exoskeletal support. The optimal comfort comes from a combination of things, including the energy-returning EVERUN topsole and the shoe’s dual density EVA midsole. For impact and shock absorption, these also have Saucony’s SRC impact cushioning landing zones. They work great when running distances over harder surfaces. Added longevity of use is aided by the addition of IBR+ pods to the already durable Tri-Flex XT-900 carbon rubber outsole.

This brand has long produced footwear that continuously proves itself, outperforming much of the competition. While there are some manufacturers than go for the flashy approach, Saucony, with products like the Guide, show that sometimes combining a bit of technology with a proven and true design can often be the best bet from our best overall running shoes list.

Although the price tag varies, depending on where you look, these are not the cheapest running shoes that this company offers. Like almost anything else, if you weigh the benefits against the cost, the price seems pretty fair. Besides, these can be found for a reasonable amount on sites like Amazon.
  • Durable TRI-Flex outsole further enhanced with IBR+ pods
  • Breathable woven mesh upper
  • Exceptional shock absorption with SRC impact landing zones
  • RunDry lining provides great chafe resistance
  • Sizing runs smaller than previous version

6. Hoka One One Clifton 3

6. Hoka One One Clifton 3
As our list is made up of the best overall running shoes. The Clifton 3 from Hoka One One makes the page because its overall design tends to gain new fans of those who give them a try. Hokas can be spotted from a mile away just by looking at their unique sole. Although much different the more low profile designs that other manufacturers go with, Hoka One One offers a degree of comfort and cushioning that those with a thinner sole may not provide.
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Let’s talk about Clifton, beginning with comfort and fit. The first thing that is obvious is the company’s signature cushioned the ride. This is achieved by the thicker early stage meta-rocker sole, which contains plenty of cushions.

Hoka’s no-sew SpeedFrame construction, constructed primarily of lycra, maintains a proper fit with a stitchless design. This eliminates areas on the inside of the upper that may cause irritation and rubbing. Furthermore, there are strategically placed overlays to help keep a secure and lasting fit as well as maintain the overall durability. These do have a quite different design, with regards to the mass of their sole. So for that reason, some are reluctant to give these a try.

With that being said, Most who have given these a chance have rarely gone back to best overall running shoes with a more conventional sole. You will have to decide for yourself whether this one is for you or not, but there are plenty of satisfied users out there who are now loyal customers of Hoka One One.
  • Exceptional cushioning
  • Early stage meta-rocker design
  • Stitchless upper construction lessens chance of irritation
  • Sole is quite bulky for those used to lower profile shoes

7. Brooks Ravenna 7

7. Brooks Ravenna 7
As mentioned previously, Brooks has a really strong presence in the running world. They have a consistent output of quality, performance geared products that seem to regularly be up to the rigors and challenges that are experienced on continuous runs. The Ravenna 7 is no break from that standard.
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Although they appear to be slightly lower profile, these are actually ideal for the mild overpronator, with the proper amount of cushioning and just enough stability with the conformimg BioMoGo midsole. Additionally these have an updated crash pad under the heel for impact shock absorption. This allows the user to have smoother transitions as well as softer landings. Although the sparse mesh upper offers exceptional ventilation, it also provide decent protection from various elements, allowing your feet to stay cool and comfortable. Reinforced with a no-sew synthetic overlay material, The shoe’s upper is given a little more additional support and durability.

These really have it all. Designed for comfort and distance, these easily take number three. The only thing that kept them from getting to second place are the critical reviews which suggest that there may be some sizing issues with this one.

The price may seem a bit steep, especially if the buyer isn’t quite aware of the benefits that the Launch offers. Still, it’s an outstanding choice that will surely get you comfortably through your run, whether it be on the road or even a treadmill.
  • Ideal choice for mild overpronators
  • Updated Crash Pad offers enhanced shock absorption
  • No-sew overlays on upper eliminate inside irritation spots
  • Exceptional breathability and moisture control
  • Some issues with sizing

8. Adidas Supernova Sequence 9

8. Adidas Supernova Sequence 9
Adidas gets a spot on our list with the Supernova Sequence 9. This model also utilizes Adidas' Boost technology which provides energy return in a lightweight midsole. This one has quite a few great features which offer benefits to the user and lands it on our list of the best overall running shoes.
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Starting out with the upper design, the Sequence boasts an engineered mesh construction which conforms to different types of feet, as not all feet are the same. Moving on, this shoe also features Adidas' FitBand, which creates a support mechanism to provide the necessary support while still allowing the foot to move naturally.

The midsole, in addition to the energy returning Boost technology, is also built with STABLEFRAME, which runs the full length of the shoe. This is designed to offer proper guidance to the foot all the way through the gait.

Further guidance of the foot's rotation at midfoot is assisted by the Sequence's TORSION System. This technology allows optimum transition trhough the running gait.
  • Boost energy returning technology in the shoe's midsole
  • STABLFRAME provides proper foot guidance
  • Upper design allows supportive and comfortable fit for different types of feet
  • Adaptive support yet natural foot movement provided by the FitBand
  • The forefoot runs a bit narrow

9. Nike Flyknit Racer

9. Nike Flyknit Racer
And, the number one spot goes to another pick from Nike’s Flyknit, the Racer, as a part of our best overall running shoes. Leave it to Nike to come up with an outside the box concept, then still package it in a fairly simple design that maintains its usefulness in multiple roles.
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The Flyknit Racer combines two of their newest technologies, the Lunarlon cushioning system and their Flyknit lightweight upper design. Put together we get a durable, lightweight running shoe with an outstanding amount of comfort in a simple yet exceptionally responsive design. In addition, these also contain an Air Zoom unit in the forefoot as well as the Phylon midsole for even more comfort and performance.

The waffleskin outsole that these have possess a racing-specific diamond shaped tread pattern for improved traction for race type situations.

Nike has done pretty well with this design, producing several different models in the Flyknit line, most of which also have their Lunarlon cushioning. It seems to be the direction that they are going with their running shoes, at least for now. They seem to be overall well received, there aren’t a whole lot of customer reviews to go by due to how new these are. Out of all that we have read on these, the feedback is generally positive.

As far as the cost for this one, it is a new product from Nike… So, they are certainly not going to be cheap. As these are out for a little longer, the price will most likely go down. But for now, you can expect to pay quite a bit for them. Now with that said, if you are in search of the newest lightweight running shoe that has as much technology in its design as it does style, then here’s the one for you.

The simplistic design without a whole lot of external extras doesn’t allow too much to go wrong with, so for that reason, we put this one in the first spot on our best overall running shoes list.

  • Lightweight, conforming Flyknit upper provide excellent airflow
  • Air Zoom unit located in heel for added comfort
  • The diamond treaded outsole offers pretty good traction for the road in different conditions
  • Perfect combination of cushion and responsiveness with the Lunarlon foam and Phylon midsole
  • Simplistic, non-bulky design that offers the same or better performance as its larger and heavier competitors
  • Expensive

10. New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v2

10. New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v2
New Balance. A brand that we almost always comes to mind when we think about quality footwear normally offered with a fairly reasonable price tag attached. The Zante v2 is available for both women and men, and offers a premium yet affordable option for comfortable distances on the road. Generally, their fairly new 1980 series has done well overall, so let’s take a look at this newest version and see what enhancements New Balance has added to this model.
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Since it’s the most important factor to just about anyone, we’ll start with the shoe’s comfort. They have, of course, built these with their Fresh Foam sole which provides exceptional shock absorption. This is always a good property for a shoe to possess, especially if being used on harder surfaces that can often be a bit more unforgiving on your joints.

Next, we’ll look at the stability that this pair on our best overall running shoes list provides. The sole does plane out slightly, giving a little more area of contact. Additionally, the breathable knit upper is reinforced more by the way the material is constructed by design, rather that using an abundance of overlays. Another aspect that offers stability, as well as confident balance to some is how the collar fits a bit higher on the ankle, offering just a bit more support where the lower profile models might not. Really, these are a well built and responsive pair of neutral runners.

The overwhelming majority of the customer feedback on this one is positive, however, there are some claims that the sizing has changed a bit with this newer version. Most of those critical of the sizing state that this one seems to run a bit narrow, compared to version one. With that criticism in mind, overall, these rates very well with users of all levels of experience, especially those who were looking for an extremely reliable and affordable option. You really can’t go wrong with these!
  • Excellent ground response
  • Fresh Foam midsole provides outstanding shock absorption on impact
  • Reasonably priced for the benefits that are offered
  • Some critical of sizing differences from the first version

Some brands are extremely well known for producing footwear for many different uses, while others tend to stick primarily to producing shoes specifically intended for avid to professional runners. Some models go outside the realm of conventional design, while others simply apply their technology to greatly enhance a traditionally designed shoe.

The key is to know your own athletic needs and limits, as well as your own personal foot type. With such a vast amount of options to make your choice from, it definitely helps to have something to go by for reference and suggestions.

The Criteria We Used For Our Evaluation Of The Best Running Shoes

It would be pretty easy to simply rattle off ten different models, and put them all on a list. But, since our goal is to provide guidance, to assist you in your search, that would be a bit counterproductive.

Do they provide enough cushion for your run?

How do you typically run? Maybe you’re more of a jogger. Maybe you go for distance. Or, maybe you like to go full out, focusing on speed and endurance. Whatever your style, the shoe has to fit the purpose. By fit, we mean the ability to provide adequate support for the run. Without it, you could suffer from patellar tendonitis.

For the runners who like to go and go, aiming for longer distances, then lasting support and adequate cushioning will be at the top of the list of requirements. You’ll also want a pair that will stay together throughout all of the miles you will be putting on them. Long lasting durability will be an important factor there. You can go for long distance shoes.



If you go for speed, then look for lightweight shoes. You will probably want something with as little mass as possible. A shoe that is able to provide exceptional response and just enough cushion to support your run, those are some ideal factors to look for.


What if you usually take light, but longer jogs? Footwear such as trainers would most likely be a good fit for that role. Look for a shoe that provides ample cushioning and good stability, all in a package that is lightweight and breathable.

How do they perform in their intended environments?

People run in many different environments. Some are into trail running, Many like the sidewalks in their hometown, some go for light paths through parks and forest areas, and many love the open road.


But aside from running on different surfaces, we also take into account the regional and seasonal environments. Starting with the changes of the seasons, that many of us experience where we live.

From the fresh and temperate but often rainy Spring, the sweltering heat of Summer, the brisk air during Autumn, and of course, the often snow-covered roads of Winter, the best running shoes review chosen should match and stand up to the different environments that runners experience and maintain their practice in.


It’s quite true that there really isn’t one specific shoe that is absolutely perfect for every type of climate and environment, but some models come close to being a great fit for most. In our list, we included brands and models that are the best-rated shoes among users in many different locations, with many different types of climate.


It is really up to each runner to decide what type of environmental needs they need to be met for there own running or training. The traction of the best running shoes needed to be well regarded by users, providing a positive grip on the intended surfaces.

For footwear that may be used in multiple weather conditions, some type of protection from the elements is ideal as well.

How well do the shoes breathe?

No matter where you run or what the weather is like, you usually want your footwear to breathe. Well ventilated shoes are more comfortable for longer amounts of time, but can also prevent issues related to moisture and bacteria.

We looked for models which had uppers constructed with lightweight materials such as mesh or even knitted fabric. The idea is to have as much airflow coming and going, while also maintaining the structure and upper integrity of the shoe.


Most brands have their own name for their breathable upper designs. For example, Nike uses their Flyknit material, which almost looks like that in a sweater, but with lightweight man-made materials that are suitable for a running shoe. One of Asics’ designs is FluidFit. The all typically have similar functions, letting air move through and escape the from the shoe, helping to control moisture buildup.

Whether you are running in colder climates or under the sweltering sun, breathability is a huge deal. it not only affects your performance, but proper airflow and ventilation can also help cut down on issues like the build-up of bacteria as well as other smelly and problematic issues caused by lingering moisture.

Do they provide enough stability?

Who wants to go for a long run in an uncomfortable pair of shoes? Nobody that I know is jumping with joy at the chance to do that!

Comfort is obviously a huge factor when shopping around for any type of footwear. They have to feel as on your feet after a run as they did before it. Sounds pretty straight forward, but we had to take into consideration that all feet are different. What works well for one person, may not be so great for another.

In our list, we included some options that provide the fit and support needed for issues such as pronation, wide feet, flat feet, and plantar fasciitis. Those who over or under pronate will typically need appropriately directed support to correct the foot’s position inside the footwear.


Whereas those with plantar fasciitis will need that support plus adequate cushioning to allow a less painful running experience.

Runners with flat feet will need the necessary mid support to keep the center of their foot from dropping. And, those who have higher arches will need the much-needed support in the center to eliminate the weight stress that would be put on the arch if left unsupported.

The fit of the upper to the shock absorption and cushioning of the midsole all play a huge part in the overall comfort of a particular running shoe. We researched specs product information and a lot of customer feedback pertaining to different brands and their models, narrowing our list down to ten of the best running shoes of 2019 out there on the market now.

Are they flexible?

The appropriate amount of flexibility means that the feet can function as naturally as possible, even while inside the shoes.

A pair that are stiff and don’t give way for the natural movement of the feet will, first off, be very uncomfortable after only a short while. Second, the chance of foot fatigue will occur a whole lot sooner, as your feet will be fighting against the resistance to move more freely. And third, without that ability of more naturally functioning feet, your performance and speed will be hampered quite a bit.

On the other hand, too flexible isn’t always the most appropriate choice either. A sole that is extremely flimsy, with almost zero resistance, will probably be a good sign that the shoe also doesn’t offer much in the way of needed support.

Are they durable enough?

Your purchase has to last and has to be worth the money you paid. We looked at, not only user complaints but the amount and frequency of them. We do realize that, since everyone’s feet are different, not all footwear will fit or work the same for everybody.

So, if we found a particular complaint regarding the construction or material quality, we searched for more similar suggestions. If there weren’t any more or the like complaints were limited to only a few out of hundreds or (in some cases) more than a thousand reviews, we accepted it as an isolated issue or even something caused by the conditions that the particular best running shoes were possibly being used in.


However, we did look at the quality of materials and construction in terms of how well each model was put together, and how well it seemed to last under continuous use. If a certain model seemed to have a ton of reported concerning quality and length of use in typical or intended conditions, then it didn’t make our top running shoes 2019 list.

What about style?

Who wants to wear ugly runners? It’s probably safe to say, none of us do. While we mainly focused on the performance of our choices, we did keep the style in mind.

With so many advances with technology in producing new materials, manufacturers are now able to implement necessary features to their products, all while making the shoe look haw ever they want. Models that are designed to provide extra support no longer have to be big and bulky like they used to.

We made sure that our choices reflected what runners were looking for when it comes to how they look going down the road. Everybody likes to look good, especially when they’re crossing the finish line with the best running shoes of 2019!


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