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A trusted brand among runners - connects with runners from all over the world, having over 13 million visitors and 24 million page views a year. Our focus on engaging and trustworthy content has been the main goal from our launch in 2015. None of our reviews have been written with any compensation at all. The option for our users to review and submit their own vote to any review or other content we publish is one of the most valuable aspects of our brand.

1M Visitors/Month
2.5k Total Reviews
1.9M Page Views/Month
43k Subscribers
1.41 Avg. time/ visitor
58% Female 42% Male

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Display Media

High-impact, successful display advertising to core outdoors enthusiasts

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Native Content Sponsorship

We offer a wide range of native content options. Take advantage of our highly active blog and reach runners from all over the world. Please note that Reviews are not included in this section.


Our weekly newsletter continues to grow by around 1000 subscribers a week. We offer options for you to advertise in our weekly newsletter, or even a custom newsletter specifically designed for your brand. 


Our newsletter ad offering provides full advertiser sponsorship around e-mail newsletters sent to millions of readers every day.