10 Best Running Sweatbands Rated with Pros & Cons


Whether you’re a casual runner or training for a big race, sweatbands can be a pretty important accessory. Sweatbands are often overlooked when in truth, they are a high performing part of a runners apparel. They are super absorbent, modern versions, unlike their older predecessors, are sleek, stylish and not only perform very good functions but they look fashionable as well.  A well-designed sweatband will divert stinging sweat away from the eyes and though this is the first most obvious benefits, there are more.

High performing sweat bands need to have wick-ability, so while you sweat the moisture is absorbed into the band and can then evaporate via wicking. Can wick factor keep up with your sweat rate, generally yes unless you are an excessive sweat producer. We have comparatively researched the current best choices for sweatbands for runners, have a read and choose one of our offerings to add to your running apparel.

Last Updated: June 5, 2018
By Richard Haberkost:

Self Pro joins our updated and reviewed products, From the top three choices these products run in order of quality, style, FIT, and performance but your choices are broad, there's a headband for every preference here. Keep returning because our regular reviews will expand your choices. Enjoy our section explaining the criteria used for comparative reviewing. In the FAQs section, we have listed some questions from runners and dished out some good advisory answers.

Suddora Wrist Sweatband
  • Suddora Wrist Sweatband
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • High Quality Terry Cloth Cotton
  • Price: See Here
Under Armour Performance Wristband
  • Under Armour Performance Wristband
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Extra long bands
  • Price: See Here
ColorYourLife Wristbands
  • ColorYourLife Wristbands
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 10 pairs of colorful wrist sweatbands
  • Price: See Here


10 Best Running Sweatbands


1. Suddora

Suddora are a fairly popular name among runners and they make good-quality products. These 3” sweatbands come in almost 20 different colours including some neon varieties, so sweat-conscious runners can take their pick from understated to unabashed. Their terry cloth cotton design is very comfortable and they absorb good amounts of sweat.
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You won’t find a better range than this – black, white, neon orange, bright pink… whatever colour you want, you’ll find it here. They have no logo on the band, which may or may not be a good thing, depending on your personal preference.

They last a while and are very durable. They absorb a lot of sweat and should be more than sufficient for any intensity of exercise. A couple of users have reported very slight absorption and durability issues, but that is always the case with any product.

These are around par for the course for high-quality wristbands. Not cheap, not expensive, you get what you pay for.
  • Huge range of colours, so you’ll find something here to suit you.
  • Good absorption.
  • Good durability.
  • They are a recognised name.
  • Some of the colors differ slightly from what is advertised.

2. Nike Swoosh Doublewide

These ones are another extra long pair, with a length of 5", which makes for better absorption. They come with an embroidered Nike logo, which might be a draw for fashion aficionados. They are 74% cotton.
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They come in many different aesthetic colours, and are great if you like to make a statement by wearing the best brands. They have an attractive design and the quality of the material looks very good.

Mostly, the quality and durability here is great. A small amount of users have reported that the colours may fade during a wash, but these seems to be a small minority. It's also worth considering that these are slightly tight, which may take a little getting used to. But other than that, they are very absorbent and offer great flexibility despite of their larger size.

These are of course a little more pricey than other options on this list due to them being a brand name. That said, they are absolutely worth the outlay.
  • Longer length for more absorption.
  • Great flexibility.
  • Very good absorption.
  • Come from a great brand.
  • Slightly expensive.
  • May fade a little in the wash.

3. Adidas Interval Large Reversible

Another lengthy pair, these measure in at 5" and are reversible. Their cotton terry gives great absorbency and comfort and the moisture wicking technology is great for even the hardest of workouts. If you like a trusty brand with a logo-based design, these might well be the product for you.
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These look smart and tidy, but they don't come in many varieties. If you're seeking something bright, you're not going to find it here. That said, the design looks good, it has an embroidered logo and the quaity of the material makes the sweatbands look good.

Generally, these are of very good quality and provide excellent absorption. The embroidered logo can make things a little uncomfortable, which can be frustrating, but they are otherwise great. Their durability seems to be very good and they should last for a decent amount of time. Their tightness can take some getting used to.

These are a little more pricey since they come from Adidas, but if you want something from a recognised name, then this is around what you'd expect to pay.
  • Very good absorbency.
  • They come from a great name.
  • Longer length provides better absorption.
  • Good durability.
  • A little more expensive than some others.
  • The logo can be a little uncomfortable.

Self Pro Men's Headband

It says men's sweatband but be assured this FITs ladies as well.
The first point to take note of about this product is that it is very absorbent, you can sweat a river and this headband will deal with the moisture. The material is thin/light but this model works for heavy sweating.

This is new clothing tech, stretch, soft and one size will fit all sized heads. Good for any outdoor activity for which you don't want sweat dripping into your eyes. For long hair, you can even wear it in the bath to hold up/cover your hair and keep it dry.

Read on and see if you want to step away from traditional fabrics and try an innovative new approach.
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Broad across the forehead and tapering as it stretches to the rear of the head, this design is sleep and hints at aerodynamics. It looks good, it feels comfortable and it performs really good. If you like functionality, comfort and style all rolled into one product, this will work for you.

A high-quality stretchy fabric with impressive absorption power, if you want to ask where does all the absorbed moisture go/ It is evaporating from the external surface of the headband. Compared to traditional materials you will notice that this is thin and light at just 0.32 ounces. This new tech fabric gives stretch for a comfortable fit to any sized head and the material is very durable.


Very absorbent

Works great for heavy sweating

Stretch to FIT all sizes






It's different from traditional headbands

4. Under Armour 6

These are slightly different than most other options on this list, in that they are 6” rather than 3”. This extra length provides more absorption for particularly intense workouts, but may not be attractive to those who seek subtlety. They come in five different colours, all of which are understated, and are 96% polyester. The multi-channel performance fibers offer an intelligent absorption system and the design includes an embroidered Under Armour logo.
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These five colors are all very understated, so those who don’t fancy something bright are in the right place. They have a nice sleek design and look smooth and expensive. The logo on the wristbands makes a statement – some people like a logo, some people don’t. The added length makes these different to every other item on this list. If you want a small wristband, this may be of note to you.

They are of good quality, and should endure for a long time. The durability here is a great plus point. That said, a few buyers have reported problems with absorption, although this seems to be a rarity. Most users report great absorption, but if you’re particularly sweaty when working out, you might perhaps want to seek out something else.

These are a tiny amount more expensive than other items on this list, owing to the extra length. This added length and the brand name justify the extra cost, though this means that these might not be a good option if you’re looking to save a few cents.
  • These come from a reputable brand.
  • Subtle design.
  • Particularly durable.
  • The longer length offers more absorption and a quicker wipe.
  • They’re a little more pricey than other options.
  • The extra length may not be ideal to those with aesthetic concerns.

5. Under Armour 3” Performance

These are made by Under Armour, a reputable name in the world of exercise. So with these, you’re in trusty hands (or wrists). They’re 96% polyester, come with an embroidered logo and have an intelligent sweat-channelling system.
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These come in five different colors, and they’re all fairly modest, which is handy if you don’t want anything flashy. The embroidered logo may either be a good or bad thing depending on your tastes, but if you want something with a brand name, you have it here!

They do attract a small amount of lint, but they’re pretty durable overall. Because they’re from a brand name, they are of very good quality and absorb very well, even during very intense exercise. The sweat-channelling system really does seem to ensure that you stay very dry, which is of course the priority here.

They’re about the same price as most other brand-name options, so you get what you expect here.
  • Good absorption.
  • They come with a logo if you like a brand name.
  • Pretty durable.
  • Assorted color options
  • They fluff out a little and attract some lint.
  • They’re not as cheap as non-brand options.

6. Hoter

These are the only option on the list which come with the added benefit of a headband. For around the same price as other items on this list, you can bag a headband alongside your sweatbands. So this is a good money-saving choice and a good idea if you sweat more than your average runner. These are lightweight, soft, comfy and have plush two-ply thickness with 90% cotton. They come in several different colours, from subtle to striking to stripy.
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These look pretty good – and if you want one flashy package to put a statement on your head as well as on your wrists, this is where to find it. The colours range widely, so there’s really something here for everyone.

Although these are comfy, they can be a little tight. The added benefit of the headband will mean less wiping, and they do absorb to a pretty good standard, but these might not do they job if you sweat very heavily. They do shed a little after washing, but they have decent durability overall.

These are around the same price as other high-quality items, but they also come with a headband, which makes them of slightly better value.
  • Added headband.
  • Decent value.
  • Lots of colors to choose from
  • Comfortable
  • Sometimes can be a little tight.
  • Shed a little after washing.

7. ColorYourLife

These are the bargain option, so if you’re looking to save a few pennies while buying in bulk, then look no further. These sweatbands come in a pack of ten, so they’re by far the best option in terms of long-term value, particularly if you want to share them amongst your fitness-conscious friends and family. The pack comes in a mixed selection of colors and at a size of 3.9”x3”. They’re a combination of polyester, cotton and lycra and are lightweight and comfortable.
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They’re a pretty basic affair – they’re around the average size for sweatbands and come in a range of colours. If you want something fairly bright and colourful, these are a good option. The multi-pack range means that you can pick and choose whichever colour you fancy, and you can even switch and swap each day if you so wish!

As you might expect, these aren’t as high-quality as more expensive options. Though they do a decent job and are sufficient for casual exercise, they aren’t ideal for a really intense workout, as they only absorb for a little while before they become saturated. In terms of price to longevity, you probably won’t do much better, but they’re not brilliant in terms of absorption.

If cost is your concern, this is what you want! These are among the cheapest of the options on this list.
  • Very low price, perfect for bagging a bargain.
  • They come in many colors.
  • If you’re buying for lots of people, this 10-pack is a very good option.
  • Comfortable
  • They aren’t hugely absorbent, therefore not suited to long and intensive sessions.
  • They are the lowest quality on this list owing to their very low price.

8. Cosmos

Here’s a cheap option for people looking to save a few cents. These sweatbands come in a pack of four, and run about the same price per band as the ten-pack outlined below. These are 3.15”x3” and are made from 95% cotton. The pack comes in four pretty plain colours, and the two-play double layer system increases comfort and absorption.
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They’re not as bold or bright as other options on this list, and don’t come with any logos or added touches. In that respect, they’re probably the most plain on this list – so if you want subtlety, this is a decent choice.

The quality of the material is pretty good, and they do absorb well for a low-cost option. Of all the cheap options on the market, these are the most absorbent. That said, the durability here isn’t great – these do have quite a short shelf-life, so they’re not perfect if you exercise very regularly.

Again, these are a good choice if you want to hold on to your bucks. They are a lot cheaper than more specialist products, but their lack of durability means you might have to buy them more regularly than you’d like.
  • Good price point.
  • Surprisingly good absorption for their price.
  • Several Color Options
  • Comfortable
  • They can be a little tight on thick wrists.
  • Not very durable.

9. X80

This two-pack of neon sweatbands comes in four different colors, and they are good if you like to make a statement while you run. When it comes to neon, there’s no such thing as subtlety, so these are a good pick for the fitness-focused fashionista. They do absorb sweat, but they’re not as good of an option as something crafted by a top sports brand.
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This is where these (almost literally) shine. They’re garish and bold, but if that’s what you want, that’s what you get with these. They’re bright and brash and they wouldn’t look out of place in a fancy dress costume.

They’re of decent quality, and will do the job for most people. But if you’re seeking something particularly absorbent for very long and very intense runs (or if you’re a very sweaty person), you might want to seek out something slightly better.

They’re about a normal price in comparison to other similar products. That said, because their functionality isn’t quite as good, that does seem a little pricey. It all depends on what your priorities are – if you want something vibrant and vivid, it’s worth the price; if you’re more focused on function, then perhaps you need to look elsewhere.
  • If fashion is your priority, these are probably your pick.
  • They’re a good idea if you run at night.
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Sometimes the appearance of the bands does not exactly match with the colors on the sales images.
  • They’re not massively absorbent in comparison to offerings from sports brands.

10. Lululemon Fly Away Tamer Headband Wide Band

A new and high performing ladies sweatband gives a super secure snug FIT, the fabric shapes to hug the head and with a velvet lining, it won't slip even when your sweating.

Wideband feature serves effectively as a high performing sweatband and for securing long hair away from the face.

With high wick-ability, this high moisture absorbing sweatband is great for ensuring no stinging salty sweat gets to your eyes and while it absorbs it is busy wicking away moisture to leave you comfortable and your eyes protected.

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Luon is a construction of durable, comfortable fabric with high breathability, it has 4 four stretchability which means you slip on the band and it shapes and holds securely onto your head. The wideband offers wider protection while also tidally securing away long hair so you look stylish and in control.


Durability is assured through a combination of velvet ling and out shell of Luon fabric with high breathability.


Slightly above average price and a very good quality investment.

Durable comfortable none slip velvet lining.

Four-way stretch capability to ensure secure FIT

High performing wick capability

Very stylish looking

Extra wide for more protection and securing long hair.


Ladies only.

So there you have it – the best running sweatbands! Buy one from the list, wrap up your wrist and wipe off that sweat!


In general we have to see the fact that getting a sweatband requires a lot of reviews, buying by brands is not actually the best thing to consider but making sure that all you want is featured inside the bands you are buying, for instance getting a moisture tapping sweatband is better than going after style, but also make sure you think of price never go over your budget if you are not sure of the product you are purchasing. Get the best sweatband and make sure the function outweighs any other thing.

Criteria Used In Picking The best Sweat Bands.

We have to agree that the market is broad out there and going in blindly might result to poor choices of anything that is why we have to know which protocol we need to go in with and if the procedure will be successful at the long run. That I where we step in and provide our services, imagine going out without your sunglasses and the sun is shining so bright that you get blinded, well the solution would be buying the very next sunglasses you find out there, however bad they are but you will need them to protect yourself. The same applies to go out to buy anything. and sweatbands are no exception. We try and get the best in the top and give you an inside view before you get to have them.

Listed down are some of the used criteria for picking the best sweatbands to hope you have a look at them before getting yourself one.

Fit and Size.

While in most cases people get to buy cloth products by their fitting size. well the same applies to this as one needs the perfect fit to avoid slipping and falling off the band from wherever it will be placed, especially the ones placed on the head need not fall or slip as sometimes this might cause distraction as your hair might fall and cover your face, worst case scenario accidents, and injuries. Maintaining the right fit might not seem vital as you think this is just but a sweatband but we would like you to think different, it’s not just a band it is part of your running gear and if it is not well then your whole running experience can be compromised.


To us this goes without saying as no one would want to buy a poor quality product whatsoever, we all fall victim to the bad sellers or the poor brand for various reasons but that doesn’t make us want less than quality. Personally I have ordered clothes because I saw they were cheap only to realize that they are of poor quality and I end up hurt,so I know the feeling of having to suffer the wrath of poor quality,that is why it passes as one of the factors to consider when making a purchase as if you get a good quality material or product the end result is durability,and this is no theory as it applies to all purchases you make to the very least things you own. Having to shop for quality reduces your trips to the store and also helps save you some money. what we do not understand is when making a purchase of poor quality we will have rounds to make and we will also have to spend more money getting the same product over and over again.


So here we are at style, we would be damned to ignore the fact that styles and trends run the fashion world and sorry to say but it runs the world as we speak, no one would love to be called outdated or old or out of fashion,that is why we had to put this on our list,hands up to all the fashion trend setters because we are in a marathon world where everyone has to run,like it not you are running every second of the day,and we would want you to run ahead or everyone in this race,when going to buy a sweatband considering style might be a good idea, as this bands can be worn even out of the field, for ladies going for brightly flowered headbands would be a great idea for those who love details but you also need to know that it needs to match with your clothing, just saying that if its fashion do not spoil the fun dear, run to the winning line looking fresh and trendy.

Material Used.

We have a song of material in most of the clothing products,that only shows how much we care,getting the right material of any cloth you purchase can result in your satisfaction and anything that results to your satisfaction results to ours as well,needless to say that it saves your money and time as you do not have to walk around getting the same products all the time,also a good material of a sweatband should be one that taps out excess sweat allowing your body to remain cool and dry during your workout period. That been said means that material has earned its place on our list as one of the vital reasons to buy a specific product. Always know that sometimes the price doesn’t really have to count if the material you get in return is the best out of the best, we call it 10/10


This is essential as one can get blinded by the fact that the style is great, all factors placed aside this one has the right to be here,how else would you buy a sweatband if you do not know if it is going to serve its purpose or   just be used for photos sessions, we would advise you to get one that will be used to serve its intended purpose, everything  is bought for a reason and the reason should be well defined at the time of purchase. The same applies to this make sure you get the best product for the very best work you want to use it on.


When talking of sweat we all know what that brings especially when it has an odor and of which almost all do have the odor that brings about the question of the breathability,well that only means you need to consider getting a material that is well ventilated to ensure that it keeps you cool with every step you make. you need a guarantee that it is well, no sweat dripping no odors as the material you have gives you that for free, not only are you safe from sweat dripping but also from bad odor.

Other Important Factors to Consider When Buying The Best Sweat Bands.

We sometimes put all our focus on the criteria and we end up forgetting that there is also the other important factors to consider when making a purchase, they might not take all the spotlight as among the best but they sure are important to the point that they shouldn’t be ignored at all.


Well this might act like its not a bother but it truly is,especially for those of us who have to save and are working with a budget which I believe a bigger percentage of people out there are,then this becomes a factor while shopping, first of all, we need to remove the notion that all expensive things are good quality or are durable, sometimes we fall victims of such and we are of no exception as we shop, we also need to know that cheap is expensive but a certain cheap. Have a budget work by it, but have in mind that quality matters so if a product you want is of great quality and slightly pricey, we would say go for it. The same applies to bands if they are what you are looking for then have it because at the end of the day it’s all about the satisfaction and if it can serve you well.


All we want is comfort in whatever we are handling in life even the chair we sit in we have to know if it is comfortable or not.the same applies to this bands having comfortable bands is the way to go.be it on the wrist or head you need one that has a good material that will keep moisture away and also enhance the breathability leading to no irritation and increased comfort at the end of it all, on this factor I doubt if anyone would be willing to compromise at all when it comes to feeling right at home at all times.



These are the questions that are mostly asked by people who purchase detergents, and we think it is wise if we placed them here just in case you have the same questions in your mind when going out to shop, listed are some that we saw appear a lot.

Q: Are the headband and wristband fitting for all sizes?

A: Most headbands and wristbands are  made of a material that has elastic and is made to fit in all shapes of the head and wrist,this means no matter your head shape or wrist size you need not worry as the  bands will definitely fit, however, you need to ask for help when in the store that you are purchasing the bands from as they can determine the best band for your head and wrist since they already have you there.

Q: How comfortable is the sweatband?

A: That depends if you are asking of the wristband or headband, all the same, the answer lies with the material that you decided to pick, a good sweatband should be in a position to wick out excess moisture leaving you dry and cool all the time. Once you get a band that can do that you will realize no sogginess is discovered on your head or wrist which can cause irritation hence resulting to more comfortable feel, also ensure that the band fit is perfect, not saggy and not too tight.

Q: Is there a great headband for someone who sweats a lot?

A:This question is common as most people tend to sweat a lot after doing a more energy involving work,the first thing you need to consider is the ability of the product to keep sweat away from your body where they will be, in this case, get a material that will tap in all sweat leaving you dry,and yes you can find the best sweatbands for sweaty people,try the buff headbands.

Q: Should I consider the durability when buying a sweatband?

A: This is the question that sometimes goes unanswered well this is your luck right here, of course, durability should be at the back of your mind when making a purchase, this ensures that you save time and money in the process you might not know but if you sat down and made the calculation you are likely to see why. Always have an eye for durable products as they also tend to be of great quality.

Q: What is the Importance of having a breathable Sweatband?

A: This means you get to remain calm all through your work out and training as you have nothing to worry about, the more breathable your band is the better ventilation and the better feeling you have, no sticky sweats all over your body and no dripping ones too. you get to experience the ultimate feel of doing what you love while feeling just fine.


Here are a few great sources:

Of course, we gather our information from all over the world this means that we get our information from all the sources we can place our hands on and that can give us useful information on our research topics.


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