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016 Elizabeth Fanco – From ‘I Could Never’ to ‘I Just Did’: Filling Your Own Cup

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016 Elizabeth Fanco - From ‘I Could Never’ to ‘I Just Did’: Filling Your Own Cup 016 Elizabeth Fanco – From ‘I Could Never’ to ‘I Just Did’: Filling Your Own Cup www.runnerclick.com

Episode Summary

Liz Fanco has an amazing story of transformation, determination, and passion. After having eight kids and losing more than 100 pounds, Liz found a passion for running that she never thought possible. She is an ‘MOM’ (mother of many) and today she joins the show to share herstory of weight loss, sustainable lifestyle change, being a multi-sport athlete and running for a cause.

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Key Takeaways

01:11 – Whitney Heins introduces today’s guest, Elizabeth Fanco, who joins the show to talk about her experience raising eight kids on a farm and her passion for running races journey of transformation

10:42 – Liz’s running origin story and how she went from hating running less to loving it

24:30 – How Liz learned to prioritize herself

32:39 – Inspiring others to run

36:08 – Whitney thanks Liz for joining the show and lets listeners know where to follow her

37:37 – Liz’s upcoming races and big goals she’s set for herself this year

Tweetable Quotes

It’s the most mom thing ever to have my quiet place be in the car. Click To Tweet (02:53)

It’s been awesome to be able to use my gifts and my passions to help other people. It’s one of those, ‘Find a job that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.’ And I love working on races. I love helping put them together.… Click To Tweet (09:55)

I was so worried that the running community was going to look at me and be like, ‘Yeah, you don’t fit here. You can go sit in your car and write a check.’ But they weren’t. Runners are so welcoming and that was amazing to me. Click To Tweet (14:36)

When you go from ‘I could never’ to ‘I just did’ the world opens up for you because all of a sudden you realize that you are actually capable of more than you thought you could do. Click To Tweet (15:09)

Especially as a mom, carving out time for yourself is really difficult. And, I tell people a huge part of the transformation this year was the fact that Todd carved out time and showed me that I needed to prioritize myself. I’m a… Click To Tweet (24:30)

I found my passion. I have a passion for clean water. I have a passion for World Vision. And that’s what got me into running. I feel like this is who I was created to be and it is such a cool feeling to experience that and to have… Click To Tweet (30:01)

Links Mentioned

Whitney’s LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/whitney-heins-02ba3b5

The Mother Runners Club – https://www.themotherrunners.com/

Liz’s Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/running_l8ter/

Liz’s Feature on The Today Show – https://www.today.com/health/diet-fitness/mom-loses-100-pounds-1-year-runs-nyc-marathon-rcna8769

Tris4Health – https://tris4health.com/

Team World Vision – https://www.teamworldvision.org/

AlterG Treadmill – https://www.alterg.com/


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