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How do I get myself to like running?
Avatar Eva Ace
01 June 2018

Running was never my thing until I was invited by my friends to watch them in a race event, I definitely appreciate the benefits of running but not to the point of joining any race at all, do you know how to like running?

Answer :
Elizabeth Carlson
23 May 2018

If you are struggling to really jump on the 'running train,' know first that you are in good company! In fact, a lot of runners (even professionals and elite runners) did not start off liking running. There is a reason why running laps during a sports practice or middle school gym class is a form of punishment! Running is hard, and when you are not in shape or just starting out, running involves a lot more pain and adversity than it does fun.

Fortunately, the worst part about running is getting yourself into shape. We certainly are not saying that getting into good running shape is easy because it is not - otherwise, everyone would do it. It requires a ton of self discipline to push yourself to continue to run consecutive days, and for longer distances, when your whole body is aching, your lungs are screaming, your brain is telling you to stop, and your bed is calling your name. But if you can push through those first two weeks of running every day or every other day, you will start to find that running becomes easier. Your body gets used to the pain because it gets stronger and can withstand the increased mileage. Your lungs adapt and start working more efficiently. And you might soon find that your brain starts to crave the exercise and the endorphins that you get from running. In fact, most runners will say that no matter how tough running gets, they never want to quit it completely because the endorphin release is just too good! Sure, they might take a few days off here and there (which they should to keep themselves and their bodies healthy) but they always come running back (pun intended).

Start out just trying to run half a mile without stopping, at a pace that is comfortable to you. If you push yourself too hard at first, trying to run too far or too fast, you will burn out and it will be a miserable experience! Once you can comfortably run half a mile, push yourself to complete a whole mile, then continue increasing by half mile increments. When you are ready, try running for brief periods of twenty to thirty seconds at a time at an increased pace. The secret to getting yourself to like running is to start slow and make it (as) enjoyable (as possible)!

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