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how do I run a 5k Race Faster?
Avatar Jennifer Smith
10 October 2017

I have been running for years but it my 5k finishing time has not improved much over the last 2 years. I am stuck at 20 min. I want to know how I can get down to 17 min

Answer :
Richard Haberkost
10 October 2017

You are easily a reasonably experienced runner after two years of running and you just need pointing towards the right method for you, here is a training schedule you can consider trying.

The following schedule will get you down to or at the very least very close to 17 minutes for a 5k run. This means you need to follow the training closely and have a strong self belief combined with dedication, it's not going to be easy, you must really want this.

This training schedule is common knowledge among runners and builds you up over a period of one month and two weeks.

Here is the  schedule which you can print off and use. For those days for fast runs, spend ten minutes comfortably warming up and don't forget your cooling down stretch regime after these runs.

The schedule here gives you a good strategy, if there are days when you are not free to commit, extend the schedule over more weeks to cover your availability.

Here it is:

Monday: 40 - 45 minutes. Easy pace  Tuesday: Twelve X 400m Fast pace 40 - 45 minutes. Wednesday: Easy Pace 3 X 5 minutes   Thursday:   Fast pace   Friday: Take a rest for a day. Saturday: Run Twice: 8 X 200m Fast with 5 mins between each set of runs Sunday: 75 mins Easy pace.

Monday: 40 - 45 mins Easy pace  Tuesday:  Twelve X 400m Fast pace  Wednesday:  40 - 45 minutes Easy pace .  Thursday:  10 X 40 seconds uphill Fast pace. Friday:  Take a rest for a day. Saturday:  Six X 300m Fast pace   Sunday:  75 mins Easy pace.

Monday: 40 - 45 mins Easy pace.  Tuesday:  2 X (8 X 200m) Fast pace with 5 minutes recovery between each set.  Wednesday:  40 - 45 mins. Easy pace   Thursday:  3 X 5 mins. Fast pace.    Friday: Take a rest for a day.   Saturday: 4 X 800m Fast pace and 4 X 400m Faster.     Sunday:  60 mins Easy pace.

WEEK FOUR.      
Monday:  40 ---- 45 minutes Easy pace.  Tuesday: 4 X 1km. Comfortable pace.  Wednesday: 40 ---45 mins Easy pace  Thursday: 10 X 40 secs uphill Fast pace.  Friday: Take a rest for a day.  Saturday:  6 X 300m Fast pace   Sunday:  75 mins Easy pace.

Monday:  40 - 45 mins Easy pace.  Tuesday:  2 X ---8 X 200m-- Fast with 5 minutes recovery between each set  Wednesday: 40 - 45 mins Easy pace.  Thursday: 3 X 5 mins Fast pace.  Friday:  Take a rest for a day.  Saturday: 4 X 800m Fast pace and 4 X 400m faster pace  Sunday: 60 mins Easy pace.

Monday: 40 - 45 mins Easy pace.  Tuesday: 4 X 1km Fast pace.  Wednesday:  40 - 45 mins Easy pace. Thursday:  5 X 600m Fast pace and 5 X 300m faster pace.  Friday; Take a rest for a day.  Saturday:  20 mins Easy pace.  Sunday:  Now your ready to go for 5K in around 17 minutes.


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