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How many running events are in the Olympics?
Avatar Arvin Meily
16 May 2018

My friend and I are going to UAE next year for the Olympics, and I am curious how many running events are in the olympics? I’m an avid fan of the sports and would want to follow each event. Thanks in advance.

Answer :
Elizabeth Carlson
08 May 2018

The Olympics are always exciting. No matter what team you are rooting for, or which country you are fun, the Olympics are exciting simply because they showcase some of the best athleticism and skill on earth, from athletes who have trained vigorously for their events. And running in the olympics is especially entertaining and fun to follow - even by non-runners. Whether it is the heart-pumping adrenaline increase from shorter distance races and track events, or the awe-inspiration of watching athletes maintain sub-five minute miles over the course of an entire marathon, everyone likes running in the Olympics!

There are 24 running (including track and field events) Olympic events for men and 23 running events for women. The one event that men have that women do not is the decathlon. To start our list, we of course have to list the marathon race, for both men and women, as well as the 20km race walking event. There is also the heptathlon event, discus throw, hammer throw, high jump, javelin throw, long jump, pole vault, shot put, and triple jump events - all of which are considered track events. And then there are the sprinting events. These events include the 10,000M run, the 100M hurdles (for women) and 110M hurdles (for men) and 100M run, 1500M, 200M run, 300M steeplechase, 400M hurdles and the 400M run, the 500M run, and then relays (which include the 4x100 relay and the 4x400 relay).

To best follow these events, definitely find a schedule of all the times listed for each race. If you really want to get involved (read: attached), closely follow a country and their team's performance. A lot of fans get really attached to specific runners and athletes as well, since their sheer athletic ability can be so unbelievable, you start to really get involved in not just their Olympic performance, but the road that lead them to the Olympics, including their upbringing, where they grew up, their training, and how they fuel. This is also great because it can be a superb source of inspiration for your own running!


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