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How to do burpees?
Avatar Gerry Wilson
26 January 2018

My name is Gerry, 49 years old, working in a real estate company, I used to work out in a gym 5 days a week, but when my trainer asked me to do sets of burpees, I think that he gave me the work program and didn’t consider my age. I’m here to ask you guys if is it still advisable for my age and how to do burpees properly? Need your opinion on this. Thanks

Answer :
Elizabeth Carlson
14 January 2018

Hi Gerry! So you say that you used to work out in a gym 5 days a week. What does your current workout schedule look like? Are you still working out five days a week? Because, not only is that quite dedicated of you, but it probably means you are in fantastic cardiovascular shape. And if your diet is fairly balanced and healthy, then I presume you are probably pretty lean and healthy for your age.

I know that it probably makes you wary to commit to such a rigorous work out regimen at your age. But the reality first is that 49 is not really that old! There are definitely a lot of people around your age who continue to participate in marathons, heavy weight lifting programs, and compete in local team sports. And the second reality is that, when it comes to exercise, age really is not all THAT important. Sure, I am sure that you can definitely tell a difference in how nimble (or lack there of) that you are now compared to when you were in your 20's. And you probably fatigue a bit quicker now than you did then. But honestly, if you eat well and exercise regularly, you are doing all the right things for keeping your body healthy and in shape - in shape enough, even, to (yes!) do those burpees your trainer suggests!

Burpees, otherwise known as squat thrust jumps, really get that heart rate up. They are both cardio and a weight bearing activity that will help sculpt your upper body, back, core, and quads. Start in a standing position, then bend your knees and place your palms on the ground. The next step is thrust your legs out behind you so that now you are in a push-up position, then bring your legs back in so your feet are once again flat on the ground and you can stand up. Except, instead of standing up, jump up. Upon landing back on the ground, go immediately back to the palms-down position. Thrust your legs back out, bring them back in, and jump up again. That's a burpee!

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