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What Is The Best Way To Get Started With Trail Running?
Avatar Benjie Murray
11 November 2017

I have been running on the road for quite some time now, and I heard trail running has become a trend in the U.S and other countries. Is it the same with the usual running or do I have to prepare or train for months before I can go trail running? I’m curious as to how to start trail running?

Answer :
Elizabeth Carlson
08 November 2017

Trail running is a great way to change your typical running schedule up! It gets you off the roads and into the quiet of nature, so many runners love it because a change of scenery away from busy streets and neighborhoods can be really calming and soothing.

First and foremost, the most important thing to consider about trail running is safety: aka staying safe and free of injury as well as not running alone, especially on trails you are unfamiliar with before the sun has come up or after it has gone down. Like we said, trail running is great because it gets you away from crowds and busy streets, but it can also be dangerous to be so isolated. Don't run in the dark and don't run alone, especially if you're venturing into new territory. And consider investing in a running whistle or pepper spray. It's better to be safe than sorry. (In fact, you'd benefit from having these along with you no matter where you choose to run, be that on the roads or on the trails).

How ready you are largely depends on how long you have been running or how experienced of a runner you are, and what kind of shoes and gear you have (the former being more important than the latter). You said you have been running on the roads for some time now, so it sounds like you have plenty of experience could adjust easily to trail running. It's best to take it slow at first because you might find that the added hills and rugged terrain often found on trails is more tiring than your road routes. It's also important to have the right attire, especially shoes. Click here to find some of the best trail shoes around! Trail shoes offer added grip, making it less likely that you'll fall and injure yourself. Trail running involves a lot of twists, turns, jumping over bodies of water, avoiding fallen trees, and a number of nature items scattered on the ground so if you don't stay alert and focused, it can be easy to twist an ankle.


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