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Why is running the best sport?
Avatar Valerie Pierce
26 July 2018

Good day! I’m a lazy type of person and I don’t like sports at all. Now, at my school, participating in a sport is compulsory. As time progressed, I got hooked to P.E. Class and am now considering running to be a potential sport. Do you know why running is the best sport?

Answer :
Elizabeth Carlson
25 July 2018

Our favorite topic to talk about - why running is the best! The benefits and advantages of running are numerous and wide ranging.

First, there are the more obvious physical benefits of running. Running makes you stronger, leaner, makes your muscles look more defined and toned, improves your cardio vascular health and endurance, and can help you lose a substantial amount of weight. Running for exercise can also help you sleep a lot better, and can help you focus more and be more productive at work and at home. That can translate in big ways! Not only does running help you look your best, but your work progress and the relationships you have with your family, your friends, and those you love most might improve because you are better able to listen, to be patient, and respond with generosity and love (instead of lashing out or having too much pent up energy to be able to spend quality downtime with them). Running has also been linked to helping improve health not just right now, but in years to come. That is because running not only strengthens muscles, but it improves bone, lung, and heart health. That means stronger bones and joints when you get older (and everyone else around you is suffering from weak, brittle bones) and a lessened chance of heart attack and heart problems.

Mentally, running also offers a myriad of benefits. Many studies have linked running to helping decrease depression, anxiety, and stress in adults and children prone to these illnesses. This is because running helps release endorphins, which are the brain chemicals responsible for controlling and balancing mood and serotonin levels. Increased serotonin levels means a more pleasant disposition, a happier mind, and a more relaxed demeanor. Runners also tend to have higher self-confidence levels, because they are aware of their body's strength and abilities. There is nothing quite like the surge of pride and elation one feels when they cross the finish line of a big race, or crush a new "Personal Record" time. Plus, running is tough! And knowing you have legs, a body, and heart and lungs strong enough to push yourself through such a tough sport is great for a person's self-confidence. And then of course there are so many great friendships that are made when you join a running community or group of running friends. These people suffer through hard, miserable workouts with you and are there to cheer you on during your biggest triumphs! Those are the kinds of relationships that stand the test of time.

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