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At RunnerClick we stand for the individuals behind the shoes, behind the brands, behind the gear, behind the events. We stand for the individuals that make these things what they are, and that hold them up on their feet, our feet, as we run these many roads and trails. This is why we put together our team of writers, our team of researchers, our team of passionate, enthusiastic individuals. We’ve come together to dig in, and do the research necessary to bring the information needed, and sought after by so many, to the forefront, to the consumers, & enthusiasts alike about the many topics, and categories that running encompasses.  

We do not accept payment for any reviews in order to give products a better rating, no. We dig deep to the bone, and show what the products really are from their inner workings, to their exterior shell. We outline how effective these products really are, their specifications, and how they actually hold up against the next in line. This way, you always get the best!

We have a research team that digs to find the best, most relevant information possible, and refine all content so that RunnerClick viewers can not only find products they are looking for, and in depth information behind these products,  but also how these products were selected. If you intend to keep browsing, and even look elsewhere for what you need, you can walk away with a criteria to finding the best suited items to your specific needs, plus be confident as to what direction to take when selecting.

RunnerClick.com and the RunnerClick team are here to bring the information you spend hours looking for. We make it simple for you, and we make it accurate. We are here for the Runners.


Brian Price Editor of Research
Former corporate manager turned freelancer, I was actually able to slow down, enjoy life, and grasp a closer attention to the details which are vital to quality research. the goal is to provide information which is honest, accurate and helpful to our readers.
Running is my "me time". I really enjoy taking my runs off-road, and often away from the beaten path. It's a chance to push myself, while at the same time, appreciate my surroundings.
Abbie Copeland Assistant Editor
Abbie is a writer and runner living in New Jersey. She has run several half and full marathons and is currently training for her first ultra marathon.
Taren Weidaw Editor
Currently an education administrator, Taren is about to race around the country (literally) with her partner Dan and their two dogs. As they travel the U.S., they will compete in races in every state. Taren can't wait to share what she learns about racing and running along the way with RunnerClick athletes.


Diana Rangaves , PharmD, RPh Injuries Health Editor & Research Journalist
Diana Rangaves, PharmD, RPh is a full-time writer, pharmacist, and award winning teacher. She has work appearing in numerous venues, including children’s picture books, medical pharmaceutical books, scholastic books, and academic articles.
Tony Marsella Injuries Research Journalist
Tony Marsella, C/4C, AFROTC
Charlie Flight, Det 088
President Kinesiology Club
Student Gov. Business Manager
Mike Valverde Injuries Research Journalist
Mike is a researcher, writer and editor that has written extensively about medical related complications & technological advancements. He proudly works under RC, providing full, rich breakdowns of the many medical related complications we face.
Eddy Mihai Injuries Research Journalist
Romanian living in Italy. I follow an ethical and healthy lifestyle, but I never refrain from enjoying it. I love basketball, weightlifting and running. I'm 22 years old and despite my relatively young age, I have a pretty vast life experience. I've seen it all, did some, regret a few. Now I prefer to live my life as virtuously as I can.
Edward Otieno Researcher
A graduate in Economics & Statistics, experienced in extensive market research with regards to product content development and upgrade. All the way from East Africa Kenya and lover for sports, bringing in unique experience from EA.
Very professional and enjoying the freelance career. Passion for sport and profession, always a happy soul.
finally found the balance between school, sports and work.


Samantha Writer
Samantha - certified Health Coach and Run Coach- guides women in building healthier habits to live a balanced life. Her philosophy is exercise and food are tools to enhance your life, not hamper it!
Harry Bennett Writer
As a former college athlete I'm all about sports and fitness. With a degree in journalism I am able to work in the sports industry every day, and wouldn't change it for the world.
Amber Walker Writer
Amber is an avid trail runner, swimming coach, and physical therapist from Anchorage, Alaska. She enjoys photography, world travel, and owns the paddle-boarding company, Alaska Wilderness SUP.
Tiffany Howard Writer
Living in Florida I'm able to take advantage of my beautiful scenery while running. I love traveling and running in new places. I have run several half marathons and plan on running my first full this year. My hobbies include running, reading, writing, yoga, and baking!
Nickel Thornberry Writer
Arkansas native, currently residing in Las Vegas. Speech-Language Pathologist. Lover of all things outdoors, especially all things running. Firm believer that, if you still look pretty after running, you didn't run enough!
Joe Stilin Writer
Started running in high school. He competed for Princeton University & the University of Texas, where he earned All-American honors in the 1ml & 5,000m runs. He now lives, trains full time in N. Carolina with Zap Fitness.
Karien Potgieter Writer
Karien Potgieter has been running for three decades and her ultimate running goal is to run until she’s 90. She has explored four continents on the run and can’t wait to see more.
Thanawat Mynaf Writer
Avid runner and programming student from the beautiful Torrance, California! Currently training to break 17 minutes in the 5k, but looking forward to dabbling in half marathons in the coming year.
Cesar Marin Writer
I'm a runner, writer, cook, Forex trader, music lover, history buff, and above all, a human being lucky enough to be alive at the right time and right place!
Paul McDougal Writer
Paul McDougal is a writer and artist from Newcastle, United Kingdom. He is a keen traveller. To keep life exciting, he likes to eat, read, run, hike and laugh.
Jeremy Lambert Writer
Even if you just start today, and haven't been running long, always run long! Jeremy is a writer and runner out of California, loves his shoes, and never misses an opportunity to give a solid review.
Joe Jarvis Writer
I love writing, and some of my best ideas and inspiration come to me while I’m out on a long run, blood pumping, fresh air cleansing my lungs.
Ryan Sabin Writer
Born in Colorado Springs, Colorado I ran competitively in high school on the cross country and track team. I recently completed my first marathon. I enjoy mountain biking and finding ways to get outside and stay active as a full time student. I am studying to become a Registered Dietitian.
Brad Writer
Brad is a life long runner and multisport athlete. Now a high school librarian and teacher, he competes in local races and trains for cycling events, mud runs, and triathlons.
Chris Jennings Writer
An east coast native whose first running memories are crisp October days on the XC trails of Upstate New York. Currently, Mr. Jennings lives, works, and recreates in San Francisco, CA
Michael D'Aulerio Writer
As an avid fitness enthusiast I’ve achieved certifications as both a nutrition consultant and a personal trainer. My favorite part of ultra running is how we simplistically set out to achieve the impossible.
Steph Coelho Writer
She has run many 5Ks, Marathons, two 50Ks & a Sprint Triathlon. She previously coached groups of new runners for 5Ks and Half Marathons. Due to an injury & life changes she had to take some time off. Recently, she's made running a part of her life again and looks forward to many more miles ahead.
Brian McNeiece Writer
Brian is a level 2 US Track & Field endurance coach who coaches Cross Country and Track & Field at the high school level. As an athlete Brian has competed in events ranging from 800 meters to 50 kilometers for the past thirty years.
Heather Thomas Writer
Jessica Black Writer
Lawrence Caldwell Writer
My wife decided that my 50th birthday bucket list should include running a half-marathon. So we did the Disney together. Been running ever since. Also running in the background as her co-director of two local races.
Riana Scholtz Writer
Riana loves trail running and exploring new, beautiful places on foot. She and her family live in a tiny town in the pro-desert of northwestern Namibia, where they try to live an intentional and minimalist life close to nature. Riana and her family host an annual trail run and cycle event in aid of rhino conservation, and travel frequently to compete in international trail marathons.
Bryce Tuohey Writer
Hi, I' m Bryce, a college basketball player at Cazenovia College. In my free time I like to run to stay in shape, along with writing about running products at Runnerclick.com. I grew up in Syracuse, NY, and enjoy traveling the country during the summer. Also, I love hiking mountains.
Jill Sage Writer
Robert Chung Writer
Teri Olcott Writer
Teri Olcott began running at the age of 47. Her goal was to run a 5K. Three years later she surpassed that goal by running her first marathon. She lives and runs in the Endless Mountain of Pennsylvania where she is always training for her next race.