10 Best Socks for Sweaty Feet Rated


Ok, let’s talk about sweaty feet, a topic no one likes to talk about. Indeed, we tend to avoid any kind of sweat discussions and feet are the least attractive of all sweaty subjects. However unattractive the subject, sweaty feet and feet in general, are important to runners and are far too often neglected.

Most of us are willing to spend $100 on running shoes but will not give a moment’s attention or invest an extra penny in the real foundation of our running ability: the noble feet. We have prepared a list of 10 best products. Choosing the top 10 wasn’t an easy task as there are many excellent socks on the market. We’ve made an evaluation of each sock and we’ve created the advantages and disadvantages to make it easier for you to choose. Enjoy!

Last Updated: August 3, 2017
By Brian Price:

To go along with our list of solid picks, to help with those super sweaty feet, we also added a bit more information and guidance to help with your search.

You’ll now find additional information, which includes some frequently asked questions, all right below our list.

Feetures Unisex Elite Ultra
  • Feetures Unisex Elite Ultra
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Wick fibers = Superior Wicking
  • Price: See Here
Balega Hidden Comfort
  • Balega Hidden Comfort
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Mesh Ventilated Construction
  • Price: See Here
Saucony Performance No-Show
  • Saucony Performance No-Show
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Airmesh Venting Technology
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Socks for Sweaty Feet


1. Saucony Performance No-Show

Saucony, a foot-ware specialist from days of old, offers reasonably priced performance socks that are very popular with runners and non-runners alike. They wick moisture and provide cushioning designed to meet the needs of regular runners.
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Saucony uses their unique Crosspro 3D technology for a close, comfortable fit - essential for proper sweat-wicking and blister prevention. The RunDry Moisture Management system employs moisture-wicking yarns to move moisture away from skin. A mesh ventilation system provides maximum airflow with a targeted arch compression system for stability. These cool, dry socks are available in many colors and styles and are widely sold.

RunDry Moisture Managemet, a comfy, cushioned sole and compression arch support make this a dry, comfortable sock.

These well-designed socks are among the least expensive we reviewed here and they are easy-care as well.
  • Technology applied to design
  • Affordable
  • Available in multipacks
  • Good moisture wicking
  • Some runners feel hot in these socks.
  • Some runners report bunching and wear issues.

2. Balega Hidden Comfort

Balega creates socks for snug fit with deep heel pockets and a tab to anchor the heel into place thereby preventing blisters. These synthetic socks cushion and wick away sweat and do both with style.
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Balega creates socks for snug fit with deep heel pockets and a tab to anchor the heel into place thereby preventing blisters. The socks are seam-free, with strategically placed mesh ventilation panels to support dry running. Balega recently added improved elastane for more durable structure. The heel and toe are reinforced and the plush cushioning render these very comfortable as well as dry. Balega includes a graphic on the label of their socks indicating the cushioning level and uses Drynamix Polyester 84% to keep feet dry all the way to the finish line.

Ideal fitting and dry foot technology make these comfortable.

These colorful mid-range priced socks are worth trying as they are excellent for wicking sweat away from skin and provide medium cushioning.
  • Seamless
  • Moisture and blister prevention
  • Cushioning under sole
  • Some runners report they bunch.
  • Some runners think the cushioning is insufficient.

3. Feetures Unisex Elite Ultra Light Cushion

Another North Carolina socks manufacturer, Feetures is family-owned and offers high-performance socks in fashion-forward colors. Their socks are designed to meet the needs of sports from hiking to running and many consider these the most comfortable socks they have ever worn.
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Feetures uses a patented sock-lock system to provide targeted compression. These anatomically-designed socks provide a snug fit to prevent blisters and are extra light and seamless for weightless comfort consuming very little space inside the shoes. Their iWick fibers are specifically designed to wick moisture. 95% Nylon and 5% Spandex enable these to be machine washable and dry-able.

Feetures provides a lifetime guarantee to replace or refund any socks with which you are not satisfied.

Even though we all grew up wearing socks that were not anatomically left and right, many runners find that running is more comfortable with left/right socks. Additionally, the iWick technology keeps the feet dry and the Perfect Toe prevents blistering. The Power Arch provides excellent support for a smooth, sweet ride.

These fit into the medium range for elite socks and are worth the investment. Too few runners invest in quality socks to improve comfort and performance and this is an opportunity to change that tendency to see how this impacts your running.
  • Seamless
  • Moisture-wicking and blister protection
  • Re-enforced sole for comfort
  • Machine-wash
  • Some runners report quality issues.


  • Some runners report confusion in supply in that the product was offered as a three-pair set and only a single pair was delivered.

4. Thorlos Running

Thorlos calls themselves the “caretakers of the world’s feet”, a lofty claim, and manufactures all their socks in North Carolina. They use their own proprietary Thorlon acrylic yarn, engineered for durability, moisture-wicking and reliable cushioning that resists flattening.
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Thorlos considers that their engineered variable density padding is the basis of their success in providing precisely the correct padding. This is the result of extensive analysis of the strike and use pattern of runners followed by developing the precise protection to buffer your feet between the shoes and the surfaces on which you run.

Beyond the lab, Thorlos conducts extensive participant testing and applies the comments from the testers into their socks.

Thorlos padding has been proven to reduce blister, pressures, moisture and generalized foot pain and few socks manufacturers can make that claim.

The precisely placed cushioning that buffers and protects against all manner of foot abuse from blisters to wet socks, make these very comfortable socks. Thorlos guarantees that your feel will feel better in their socks, which is a hefty claim.

These fall into the middle range for our reviewed socks and are worth every penny.
  • Smart-padding for cushioning were needed for running
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Good fit
  • Some runners report wear issues.
  • Some runners think the socks are too pricey.

5. Thitry48 Running

Thirty48 offers two styles of running socks. The standard series offer substantial cushioning and thicker fabric. The Lite version streamlines the fabric for a lighter sock.
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Thirty48 is riding the anatomical left/right sock design bus that carries many elite sock manufacturers for ideal fit - don't worry - the socks are marked left/right so you don't get them confused. Both running socks offerings include their trademarked CoolMax/Coolplus fabric which moves moisture away from the skin. A rolled ankle collar ensures the socks stay in place. The cushioning in the heel is more substantial for comfort and the thin micromesh fabric enables air to circulate over the skin for a cooler run while the Coolplus fabric wicks away moisture.

The name emanates from the metric measure of a foot: 30.48 cm.

Thirty48 adds cushioning over the foot so you don't feel discomfort from the shoe's lacing. The cushioning system provides impact protection and the combination of micromesh fabric and Coolplus fibers make for a dry, cool run.

These fit into the middle price range of our reviewed socks and are certainly worth trying for the price to see if they are a good match for you.
  • Extra padding on high impact areas
  • Coolmax moisture-wicking fabric
  • Also offers calf sleeves with similar technology
  • Many color options
  • Some runners report that the socks bunch.
  • Some runners report wear issues.

6. 2XU Compression Performance

These 2XU socks combine compression and breathability. The PWX compression attribute keeps your legs and feet fresh and comfortable though increased blood flow and fatigue reduction. They also include high filament yarns for moisture wicking.
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The fit is graduated for improved performance and the sole is padded. High filament yarns improve dryness by pulling moisture to the exterior of the fabric, away from the skin. These antibacterial socks include SPF 50+ sun protection.

You can wash these in cold water in the machine but they must be line-dried in a cool, shady place – not in the sun – do not use bleach, fabric softeners or dryer sheets.

Integrating compression and performance into one sock is a great idea. These elements that many runners seek to accomplish in two separate products work as a seamless whole in the 2XUs. To accomplish this, 2XUs must be high socks.

The compression elements that encourage excellent circulation supported by the high filament yarns that wick moisture away from the skin render this quite comfortable. For additional comfort, these socks include lycra for a close fit, SPF 50 sun protection and cushioning for impact protection. These socks do it all.

You have to need the unique technical elements of these socks to invest in them as they are a pricey item. However, they target a running niche that few other manufacturers address and if you need these characteristics to keep running, you have a wide variety of bold and conservative colors from which to select your ideal socks.
  • Compression panels for recovery and performance
  • Ventilation
  • High-filament yarns for dryness
  • UPF50 sun protection
  • Some runners feel the compression is too tight.
  • Some runners report size issues.

7. ASICS Kayano Classic

ASICS has its own trademarked technology for excellent fit called Profit that keeps the socks snugly in place. To swat the sweat, they use what they call SoftAir Plus which is their unique combination of yarns designed to keep the tootsies dry aided by engineered mesh ventilation. The socks are anatomical left/right and include cushioning for the standard runners’ impact pattern. Nanoglide anti-friction yarn protects against abrasion. The heel tab helps secure the sock in place to fight discomfort, bunching and blisters.
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The Kayano Classic includes an articulated arch support bands and anatomical left/right design supported by a seamless structure in this high tech sock. Available in many colors and styles, the decorative pattern of these hard-wearing socks indicates their unique features.

The Kayano Classic includes articulated arch support bands and their trademarked NanoGLIDE anti-friction system for comfort. The integrated mesh provides ventilation and seamless toe linking limits blistering. The socks are anatomically correct for left and right feet for better fit and comfort. The is padding where the laces touch the top of the foot and a double tab to hold the sock in place and provide ankle cushioning. The cushioning throughout provides impact protection and overall comfort.

These hit the midpoint in expense for our sock list. They are low-maintenance, offered in a variety of styles and colors and provide good value.
  • Build-in arch support
  • Anatomically correct left/right socks
  • Mesh panels for ventilation
  • “NanoGlide" knitting for toe and heel box for minimal friction
  • Some runners think they run small.
  • Some runners think them under-cushioned.

8. Darn Tough Vermont Merino Wool

Unconditionally guaranteed for life – this is a company that stands behind, and in, their socks. The Merino wool provides breathability so moisture does not remain in contact with skin. The wool is naturally antimicrobial, repelling both bacteria and odor. These socks have undetectable seam fusion which you can not feel called True Seamless. The socks mold to your feet for a comfortable, blister-free running experience – they are cool in summer and warm in winter.

Even though they contain so much Merino wool, these are machine wash (warm) and machine dry – though you may line dry them if you prefer.
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For the running audience, Darn Tough offers Vertex tab no show socks and 1/4 socks. For women they offer conventional white/gray/black versions and more playful lime, orange and bright pink. The men's offerings include the standards and some interesting greens and blues to spice things up.

The foundation of these socks is the wool. It hugs the skin to prevent slipping and bunching which also prevents blistering. Though foot-hugging, these socks do not press the sweat against your skin. Rather, the wool pulls the sweat away so the socks can dry through their own natural breathability combined with the ventilation of your running shoes. These are cool in summer and warm in winter and repel odor and bacteria to keep the feet sweet-smelling and free of Athletes' foot and other foot issues. The True Seamless feature prevents blistering from uncomfortable seams, providing a smooth, dry ride.

These are excellent socks for the price and well-worth what they cost. Not only are they high-performance, but their durability is remarkable. Darn Tough also produces socks for all applications so if you find these comfortable for running, you may purchase socks for every occasion.
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Comfortable sweat removal
  • Many styles and colors
  • Combination of Merino wool, nylon and Spandex for performance and durability
  • This is a specialty company; for over 40 years this one family has made only socks and only in Vermont.
  • Some runners report size issues.
  • Some runners feel the padding is insufficient.

9. Drymax Run Lite-Mesh No Show Tab

Drymax uses a dual layer system to keep the feet dry. One layer wicks and the outer layer absorbs. This pulls the moisture away from the skin so you are free from the adverse effects of sweat and other moisture.
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This review discuss the Drymax Run Lite-Mesh No Show Tab Socks because the "no show" aspect is very attractive to many runners. However, Drymax manufactures socks in all shapes and sizes from these no-shows to knee height so you will be able to find a style that fits your needs. Additionally, the color variety is expansive so you can purchase a set to match all your running gear.

What makes sweaty feet annoying for runners is the moisture held against the skin and that this moisture encourages skin issues such as hot spots and blistering by compromising the protective qualities of the socks. By pulling the sweat away from the skin and enabling the ventilation of the shoes to dry them, these socks are comfortable where others fail.

Toward the higher end but if these work for you, they are certainly worth it. Keep in mind that Drymax makes socks for non-sporting applications so you may want to wear them as your everyday socks so your feet are comfortable on and off the track.
  • Vast variety
  • Guarantee
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Wide color variety
  • Some runners report durability issues.
  • Some runners report sizing inconsistency.

10. Smartwool PhD Run Light Elite Micro

Smartwool designs gender-specific socks for improved fit, making the women’ socks narrower to reduce friction. They use two elastics for stretch and recovery and include a virtually seamless toe. The socks include an Achilles tab for blister resistance and anti-bunching and the 200 needle construction enables dense cushioning without weight. They include mesh ventilation, specific to the needs of each of the sexes and targeted cushioning designed for runners. These socks are 56% Merino wool to keep your feet cool in summer and warm in winter and for enhanced durability.
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With specific design features for men and women integrated into these socks, they don’t scrimp on style. The men’s side features patterns and colors that have impact without looking childish, while the women’s socks are bright and encouraging. In both cases, the socks are designed for a snug fit because loose socks are uncomfortable, encourage blisters and hold sweat against the feet.

One particular aspect of these socks that contributes to their comfort is that they design specifically for men and women - the women's socks being narrower and smaller. The toe is virtually seamless and they have an Achilles tab for blister resistance. Add to this the natural wool moisture wicking that keeps the sweat away from your feet and you have a great sock that is comfortable and combats sweat.

Toward the upper range of elite socks, but the durability of these socks makes them a good investment.
  • Moisture wicking
  • Long-wearing
  • Attractive
  • Offered in a wide variety of styles and colors for running and non-athletics activities.
  • Well-reviewed by other runners
  • Some runners find them tight.
  • Some runners find them pricey.

The Criteria We Used While Choosing The Right Socks For Sweaty Feet

We know how hard it may be for you to choose the product. This is why we’ve created a list with all the points that we’ve evaluated. There’s no need to read everything, you can only pick the points that you want but it’s really useful to read it all.


Material Used

Sweaty feet is a common running problem. It is especially common in areas where the temperatures are very high. Choosing good material is a key to success. When you see the socks in the store, many of them are 100 % cotton and they’re really good for absorbing the moisture. However, when it comes to the problem of sweaty feet, it may not be enough. There are 3 types of material that we really recommend- polyester, merino wool and nylon. Polyester is a very strong and durable material. It absorbs moisture very well, it dries quickly and you shouldn’t have problem with washing it. Next material is merino wool. You may at first be really confused as wool doesn’t seem to be something good with fighting the sweat. However, merino wool can be a perfect material to fight against sweat.

Merino wool absorbs big amounts of sweat and the evaporate it into the air. It also absorbs the odor from the sweat. It’s very elastic material and you can easily wash it in the machine. The third material is nylon. It absorbs sweat very well and it can be washed in the washing machine. When it comes to washing, it is advisable to wash these materials in cold water. In most cases, you shouldn’t dry any of these materials in the dryer. There’s usually written the whole instruction of cleaning on the package so make sure you read it.

Fit and sizing

These two things need to be really considered if you want to be happy with your purchase. We know that many buyers have problem with choosing the best size. It’s common that the size of the sock may not be the same as the size of your shoe. The best solution is to find a brand which gives detailed description of the sizes- in this way you can measure your feet and check which size is best for you. When we’re talking about fit, there are two things that you need to know. Firstly, the sock can’t be too lose as it is worse for absorbing the sweat. It can’t be also too tight as it can have bad impact on blood circulation. The next thing is that your feet must have the whole range of movement. It means that you should move your toes without bigger problems. The good fit and size have big impact on your running performance so it’s better to choose the size carefully.

Overall Comfort

Comfort is a key to success when it comes to sweaty feet. When you’re wearing your socks, you should feel comfortable in them. What does it mean? You shouldn’t feel hot in your socks even if the temperatures are high. A bit of cushioning won’t be also a bad idea- it will help to protect the foot at footstrike. Of course, it shouldn’t be too thick. Your socks need to be lightweight. Comfortable socks can be worn for a long period of time. Simply ask yourself whether you are able to wear your socks all day. Breathability is a crucial aspect. Something like mesh areas for ventilation are ideal, as that will allow maximum airflow.


This factor is the one that we put in the most criteria lists. To be clear, no one wants to buy a product which won’t last very long. Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to test the durability before purchasing the product. The first good test of durability is washing. Many runners complain that there are socks that need to be washed in hand. It really depends on the brand and sometimes using a washing machine instead of cleaning in hand, it may really destroy the product. While cleaning, the socks shouldn’t dye- this would mean that material used for this products are poor quality. Remember that it’s not good for your feet to wear one socks very often so be prepared that socks for sweaty feet won’t stay with you for years.


Other Factors Worth Thinking About

Here are other criteria that we’ve used for evaluation. It doesn’t mean that they’re less important than those on the list above. These factors may be crucial and they will also help you to make a decision.

Overall Style

It doesn’t matter if you buy running shoes or socks, the one thing is clear- they should look good. It’s not a secret that buying running staff is similar to buying normal clothes. The look of the product is the first thing that draws your attention. We know from our experience that some runners pay even more attention to the style than to the comfort. To be honest, the comfort and fit is much more important than the look. However, would like to wear something that doesn’t appeal to your sense of taste. We guess you don’t want to. That’s why we put this factor on our list. While selecting the best product, we also try to find brands which offer stylish running equipment. You don’t need to worry as there are many brands to choose from and there are many various colors. Try to find the best for you but don’t forget that you’re searching for socks for sweaty feet and factors like fit or material are most important.

Shopping Around

When you find the product of your dreams, it’s time to choose how you want to buy it. First option is to buy the product online. This option will be perfect if you don’t want to go anywhere and you can do everything at home. There’s also a bigger chance that you’ll find the product on sale. The biggest disadvantage of this option is the cost of delivery. It may sound crazy but there are cases when the cost of delivery is higher than the cost of the product. When you’re not a fan of buying things online, try to search for the socks in the store. This is a perfect option for you if you have problems with choosing the best size. In some stores, there’s possibility to try on the socks. What’s more, buying in the store will help you to feel more comfortable faster than purchasing the product online.


When you look for a good product, the quality is the most important for you. That’s why you need to be aware that top quality products are always more expensive. The problem that you may encounter while searching for the product is the fact that high price doesn’t always mean good quality. However, there’s also a good news- some less expensive products tend to be very good quality. On our list, you’ll be able to find products from 10 dollars ones to those which are above 50 dollars. We know that not everybody wants to spend 80 dollars for running socks. That’s why you can find a lot of much cheaper products on our list. On the other side, we don’t think that you will be able to find excellent socks for 5 dollars. Sweaty feet is a demanding problem and only top quality products will be able to help you. Try to search for the products on sale- this is usually an excellent idea when it comes to those more expensive products as even 15 % discount makes a difference.

Extra features

While searching for the best product, we also look for something extra- a thing that will make product more attractive. Manufacturers are aware of that and they’re trying to offer us more options. Nowadays, the market is full of socks with SPF protection. This is a good solution for runners who live in hot areas and their shoes aren’t very build-up. There are many levels of SPF and you can choose from 20 to even 50. Most socks now are antibacterial and this is perfect for sweaty feet- it prevents bacteria from spreading. Many producers also boast that the socks keep you warm in the winter. It’s essential because with sweaty feet, you don’t have a problem only in summer , you wear socks also in winter and they shouldn’t be very thin.



We know that every case is different and you still may have questions. We’ve got here questions from our readers- you can read them and check if you know the answer. Enjoy!

Q.What is sweaty feet?

A. Sweaty feet is the condition that causes sweating of your feet. To be clear, sweating is the natural way to reduce the temperature of your body, but here we’re talking about excessive sweating. It’s strictly connected with hyperhidrosis. The feet aren’t the only part of the body that may sweat too much. Many runners often complain about excessive palms sweating. We know that it’s sometimes hard to find out whether you have a problem with sweaty feet or not. The first symptom are of course wet feet but they also have a tendency to slip from side to side in the shoe. This has a really bad impact on your running performance. You can also smell very unpleasant foot odor. If you observe your skin carefully, you will quickly find out that you have a skin irritation.

Q. Can sweaty feet may cause any other health problems?

A. Unfortunately yes. Athlete’s Foot is the common issue that you may encounter. This is a skin infection caused by a fungus. It’s very itchy and in many cases the blisters may appear. Toenail fungus is next skin infection that may be caused by sweaty feet. It usually changes the color of your nail and it can cause pain. Your shoes and socks( those who weren’t made for sweaty socks) are usually wet and you feel a big discomfort. The most popular issue that runners with sweaty feet encounter is itching. You have a big need to scratch your feet as the sweat makes your skin very itchy.

Q. How can I stop this sweating? Are the socks the only option?

A. This is a good question. Socks aren’t the only option to treat sweaty feet. You should start with searching for the antiperspirant for your feet. It’s very useful because you can spread the formula on your whole foot and even between the toes. This will definitely help with this unpleasant odor. Other thing that will help you to fight with sweaty feet is a powder. It helps to prevent from skin irritations and different kinds of infections. However, it’s a special powder, it’s not the one that can be used in the makeup.

Q. Is deodorant enough to fight the odor?

A. Well, it really depends on the case. If you want to fight the odor effectively, there are few things that you need to do. Wash your feet in special soak, try to put your legs for ten or fifteen minutes in the bowl with the soup. Antibacterial soup will be the best one in this case. Using a towel is very important. You must dry your foot so the bacteria causing the odor will have more difficulties in spreading. You should wash your shoes regularly and make sure that they are breathable enough.

Q. I don’t want to spend a ton of money on one pair of socks? Will those less expensive help me to fight foot sweat.

A. When we were creating our list, we were trying to find products in different price range. We must underline that the best product doesn’t always mean the most expensive one. How many times have you purchased an expensive product and it wasn’t much better than the cheaper one? The quality, the material, fit and the other things are most important. Price isn’t a key to success when it comes to buying the socks. Trust us, socks for 12 dollars may work better for you than those for 6o dollars.

Here comes the end of our evaluation. We hope that now choosing the best socks won’t be a problem. Sweaty socks are very useful and they can really improve your performance. Have you already tried the socks? Let us know in the comments below!



We use only tested and proved sources. We do all to make sure that our site is reliable. Here are some sources that we’ve used:



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