10 Best Saucony Running Shoes Reviewed and Compared


Searching for Saucony shoes? Take a look at the best Saucony Models of 2018, Pros & Cons and what to be aware of before buying them online or in a store

Saucony is a long-standing name in runner wear.

They have been a part of the American running scene since the beginning days of pro athletics. From the earliest innovations in running shoes to the modern era; Saucony is a company that promises a dedication to advanced cushioning and support in order to provide a comfortable run with less chance of an injury.

Whenever there are reviews about great running shoes, you can find there Saucony very often, It’s not surprising that this brand, started in 1898. It’s a brand with long history, hard to pronounce name ( sock-uh-knee) and they offer the higher class shoes for runners. As they’re focusing on shoes for running, they imply the newest technologies and they perfectly know the runner’s needs. The Saucony released many different running shoes from stability to trail running, they have special series and we’ve decided to pick up 10 favorites. We hope that with our list, you will be able to feel more comfortable if you purchase your new Saucony shoes. Let’s get it started.

With all the exceptional running shoes on this list, you are sure to find a good fit.

Last Updated: March 12, 2018
By Richard Haberkost:

We regularly return to update this page with new shoes which are lined up with popular long standing tried and tested shoes. Enjoy our impressive selection of shoes which are very current and read our criterion for selecting the best choices for you. Any questions? Take a look at our FAQs section for helpful answers.

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Saucony Omni 14
  • Saucony Omni 14
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • SRC Impact Zones
  • Price: See Here
Saucony Kinvara 6
  • Saucony Kinvara 6
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • FlexFilm upper
  • Price: See Here

Best Saucony Running Shoes

Saucony Cohesion 10
  • Saucony Cohesion 10
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Creatively Engineered
  • Price: See Here

2. Omni 14

If you need a bit more support and you don’t mind a shoe that isn’t quite minimalistic, Omnis are a good choice. They provide maximum support while remaining at a comfortable weight. These shoes are a great fit for those new to running or those at risk of developing certain injuries from running too hard and too much shock or pressure on the foot.
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Comfort / Stability
Most users found the Omni 14 quite comfortable. These shoes are omnipresent in the running world, and for good reason. When it comes to technology, they check off all boxes. There’s Dual Density SSL EVA, the Heel Support Frame, and the Sauc-Fit system for unparalleled stability. They’re massively shock-absorbing thanks to PWRGRID midsoles and SRC Impact Zones.

Durability / Quality
These are highly durable and quality made running shoes.

Cost or value
The price of these running shoes varies between affordable and on the expensive side depending on where you purchase them from.
  • Dual Density SSL EVA for increased stability
  • Highly cushioned
  • ISO fit upper
  • Open Mesh offers breathability and comfort that’s cool and dry
  • Security through Sauc-Fit system and Heel Support Frame
  • PWRGRID midsole and SRC Impact Zone absorb shock for a smoother run
  • Super durable with XT-900 and IBR+ outsoles
  • Average weight shoe
  • A bit pricey
  • Should wear with socks
  • Toe box may be narrow

3. Kinvara 6

Didn’t think you could get cooler than the Guide? Think again. These shoes are rolling in style with awesome color combinations that fade into each other, interesting detailing, and geometric design. They’re highly rated on comfort in particular which appeals to hardcore runners and beginners alike.
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Comfort / Stability
Kinvaras are highly breathable thanks to open mesh material. If there’s one word that describes Kinvaras and sets them apart from other Saucony shoes, it’s flexibility. Kinvaras are made with Flex Film for a snug fit that still bends with the foot’s natural movement. The outsole, too, is flexible thanks to Tri Flex technology. There are some mixed reviews about the comfort level of the Kinvara 6's as they run narrow in size, and are on the heavy side of a running shoe.

Durability / Quality
This is a highly durable and quality made running shoe that will last a long time.

Cost or value
The price of the Kinvara 6's varies from average to expensive in cost.
  • Open Mesh for super breathability and comfort
  • Flex Film for a secure fit
  • RUNDRY collar lining wicks sweat
  • SSL EVA midsole is durable, lightweight, and responsive
  • XT-900 carbon rubber, IBR+ provides great durability
  • Tri Flex outsole provides protection and great traction
  • Pro-Lock lacing system provides support
  • They run about a half size smaller
  • On the bulky side
  • Sizes may run narrow

1. Saucony Cohesion 10

Saucony Cohesion 10

Updated shoe retaining feature from the 9 model and giving you more. This shoe is numero uno.

Take on those long runs with your feet enveloped in performance cushion and excellant flexibility.

This shoe as with other Saucony shoes is a result of years of extensive research to ensure that runners get a show which meets the requirements of all runners.

Enjoy the designed in top performing Grid shoe system which gives top cushion and stability, a very good shoe for, recreational runs, training runs and challenging long distance running.  A neutral cushioned shoe offering high performance combined with stability.
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This shoe has a tried and tested high performing rubber sole system,  the shoe shaft measures in at 2.5'  and for comfort combined with stability and protection, the comfort level in this shoe is very impressive and this makes it a top choice. The shoe has lots of innovative design to ensure great performance and also retails at a very reasonable price.

This updated shoe weighs in lighter than the previous model and it still has a very good level of durability which is accentuated by the EVA Grid Injection Mold system. This shoe can perform consistently for many hours without any signs of discomfort, the shoe offers a unique silhouette which the majority of runners appreciate in terms of style.

The shoe is available in an impressive range of colors and shoe widths and is topped off with reflective shoe tech for the night or low light conditions.


High-quality mesh upper with very good breathability and a durable rubber sole work in combination with other high-quality durable materials used to build this shoe. This combination of craftsmanship results in reliable stability throughout your running time.


Nicely affordable and certainly a good investment.

Retains all the great features of the cohession 9


Mesh upper-breathability and stability

Very comfortable

Good durability

Grid Shoe System

This shoe model is tried and tested and each update just gets even better


Attention to size when choosing a shoe

4. Saucony Breakthru 3

Breathability combined with versatility and good performance.

This shoe gives comfort, nice lightweight and balanced cushion performance for a shoe designed for fast running. A nice shoe for runners that do not encounter excessive pronation, the shoe offers stability, good breathability to ensure dry comfortable feet and solid support in the underfoot area.

The Breakthru may well be the shoe your wanting to add to your kit, read on and see.
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The cushioning is nicely balanced for a quick running shoe and a high performing breathability combined with the impressive versatility through the upper which is perforated and gives an appealing ombre faded finish
The underfoot support designed into this high performing shoe ensures a sensation of dependable stability and comfort. This ensures a good responsive ride, this shoe works for you while you run through the designed in Everun insole system offering a comfortable drop of 8mm
Neutral pronators will appreciate how this shoe naturally performs.
A comfortable and protective light shoe which offers a nice level of stability and a snug secure  FIT.
You get a durable rubber outsole with a solid feeling of stability, this firmness to the sole can be misinterpreted as not having enough flexibility, however, a balanced flexibility is present and noticeable when it is needed.
 Materials used in the construction of the shoe are durable textile and high-quality synthetic materials working in conjunction to provide a protective stabilizing shoe structure

A durable shoe which is constructed of top quality materials to ensure top performance for runners.


A standard price when factoring in that you get a reliable good performing brand name

Good performing cushion

Durable Rubber outsole

Combination of synthetic and textile materials

Light shoe


Stylish upper


Popular among neutral pronators


Minor questions regarding mid-sole flexibility

5. Shadow 6000

Looking for a robust reliable shoe, here it is.

This shoe will ensure a good level of durability and protection on those more challenging mid-tempo runs.

The shoe has a robust quality and offers reliability, a very nicely designed shoe with upper suede and leather features

Excellent surface traction due to the designed in innovative Triangular lugs, top performing cushion response for the underfoot and a shoe which gives a nice level of stability and comfortable FIT.
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A very stylish suede upper combined with leather overlays which have updated the durability level for this shoe.
Comfort and enhanced stability due to the shoe tongue and padded collar,  this shoe feels snug and secure and stays that way while running.
The mid-sole is Ethylene vinyl acetate a reliable material for a responsive underfoot cushion, you can feel the spring back after each touchdown.
Durable Triangular Lugs on the outsole ensures you have confidence and performance boosting grip on challenging surfaces.
A nice balanced level of breathability to ensure dry comfortable feet and less chance of skin friction.

This is known as a robust shoe, so, the construction requires the use of top quality materials capable of giving durability. Saucony has delivered on durability and quality and this shoe will perform well for runners.


A shoe brand which offers high-performance shoes at a balanced fair price

Good traction

Good breathability

Solid performing traction-triangular lugs

Suede and leather upper features

Robust but light

Nice FIT

A versatile shoe


Some runners have commented that initially, the shoe sole can be a bit stiff

Saucony Hurricane ISO 4

Saucony’s series Hurricane gained popularity really quickly and newest version called Hurricane ISO met the expectations of many runners.
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Comfort/ stability
Starting from the outsole, many runners emphasized that the flexibility is much better than in the previous versions. This is because now the design features Flex Grooves that improve flexibility of the shoe. There’s also much more cushioning- the whole length of shoe. ISOFIT design provides very secure fit, your foot stays in place. Despite the fact that these shoes feature added overlays, they still feel quiet breathable thanks to the mesh in the upper. The stability is a highlight of the shoe. ISOFIT keeps foot in place, midsole medial post helps to reduce pronation, the cushioning makes the landing much softer.

Quality/ durability
Thanks to the new overlays in the upper, the shoe is stronger and much durable. It’s a new shoe but they did very well while testing and they seem to last for a long time.

Price or Value
The price is higher in this case but it shouldn’t be a surprise. The shoes were released this year, the Saucony is high quality brand so even if the price is high, they’re worth this money.

The shoes stay true to the size

Flexibility and responsiveness at the high level

A lot of cushioning


They’re expensive

8. Redeemer

A running shoe that provides great support and stability while you run and will be quite comfortable.
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Comfort / Stability
This is a quite comfortable running shoe that provides much stability while you run. It comes complete with Isofit technology that provides supportive fit, a PU sockliner which adds comfort, and a Support Frame which provides stability to the rear of the foot. It has a Foundation Platform which provides comfort, a Pwrgrid+ midsole that provides great cushioning, and TPU pillars that provide good stability. Additionally, its SRC Impact Zone will assist in absorbing shock when your feet hit the ground.

Durability / Quality
This is a quality made and durable running shoe that will last the average time for runners.

Cost or value
The price of the Redeemer can be quite expensive but well worth it if you are looking for a shoe that provides ample support.

Isofit technology provides supportive fit

PU sockliner adds comfort

Support Frame provides stability to the rear of the foot

Foundation Platform provides comfort

Pwrgrid+ midsole provides great cushioning

TPU pillars provide good stability

SRC Impact Zone absorb shock


Sizes may run small

Some users had issues with heel slippage

Saucony Ride 10

Very popular Saucony’s series Ride has a new product to offer- Saucony Ride 10. This neutral running shoe has some features that you may like.
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Comfort/ Stability
This neutral running shoe features XT-900 outsole. It’s made of very firm carbon rubber. The buyers remarked the high traction, the Triflex technology which was created to enhance flexibility, works as well. To maximize the responsiveness of the shoes and increase the level of cushioning, Saucony used Power Run Foam. There’s also extra layer which increases energy return. To make the shork absorption even better, there’s extra cushioning in the heel. The upper is made of mesh. The mesh can be also found in many other Saucony running shoes as it’s really breathable. You can say that it has very classic design and will be great for running on the road.

Quality/ Durability
XT-900 rubber resists all the impact when you hit the road. Runners pointed out that the outsole doesn’t wear out quickly and foams retain their original shape.

Cost or Value
The price of these shoes is really reasonable considering their quality. It’s a common price for good running shoes.

Very responsive shoe

Durability at the high level



Some runners said that the shoes are slippery on the wet surfaces

10. Virrata

The Virrata is an excellent daily, minimalist trainer. It is lightweight and flexible, providing you with a natural running experience.
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Comfort / Stability
The Virrata is a comfortable and stable running shoe. It's lightweight with Quick-dry mesh for good breathability, It has a sock-like fit for comfort, and good heel support. Additionally, it offers ethylene vinyl acetate in the midsole for good cushioning, and it is quite flexible.

Durability / Quality
There were few to no complaints about the durability and quality of the shoe. It will last a long time.

Cost or value
This running shoe is generally priced at an affordable amount.
  • Lightweight 
  • Quick-dry mesh for breathability
  • Sock-like fit for comfort
  • Good heel support
  • Ethylene vinyl acetate in midsole provides good cushioning
  • It is quite flexible
  • Affordable
  • These run a little small
  • Toe box may be narrow

Breakthru 2

The Breakthru 2 follows in line with Sauconys highly sought mix of cushioning and lightweight build. Noteworthy for being able to keep much of its padding without sacrificing comfort and cramping the toe box, leaving a wide area for freedom of movement. These shoes were designed for efficiency in terms of racing and speed but many report their long term comfort, making them perfect for for hiking, gym, or work shoes.

The biggest issue with the Breakthru 2 is the sizing may be a bit tricky. Some runners having issues with overall narrowness of the shoe. With the womens Breakthru 2 there seems to be a larger issue with heel slip and fit, but with the mens this doesn’t seem to be the case, some runners even complimenting the mens heel fit compared to other in the Saucony line.
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A very spacious toe box and solid padding mean this is a shoe with very few discomfort issues. Also a lot of versatility of movement due to the toe box, especially for movement that require a wide toe spread, like jumping. Some runners have reported the toe box to be too wide and inhibiting of a movement/flow.

Most runners find these shoe have a lengthy life and notable durability with very few issues as far as long term shoe wear.

The Breakthru 2 seem to be more on the mid then high price range, eking in just under some of its Saucony counterparts

Versatility of use

Wide toe box for comfort and toe extension for jumping

Well padded to prevent blistering, hot spots, or similar running issues

Lightweight design


Some sizing issues with narrowness

Saucony Guide 10

These shoes were reviewed as really good for marathons and half marathons. They perform great on many types of surfaces- from the treadmill to light trails. Check them out!
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Comfort/ Stability
The EVA foam is thick and provides right amount of cushioning. The big advantage of the shoes is removable insole which is thin EVERUN. The shoes have an average weight. Even though, there’s a lot of cushioning, it feels lightweight. The mesh is at the top and on the sides, it boosts the ventilation and keeps your feet dry and cool even during long run. The shoes are also protective- especially for normal to low arch runners. The TRI-FLEX boosts the flexibility and increases the responsiveness. Good for runners with over-pronation.

Quality/ durability
To increase the durability of the shoe, there are two rubbers used in the design. The first one is soft rubber in the forefoot and there’s also IBR+ rubber in the midfoot. It increases not only durability but traction as well.

Price or Value
These shoes are the newest in the series but they’re not newest Saucony product. That’s why you can get them for very attractive price.

Comfortable even after longer wearing


Attractive price


For some runners, the toe box was too narrow

Triumph ISO 2

Triumph ISO 2
In search of an eye-catching shoe that offers cushioning while also remaining flexible? The Triumph ISO 2 might just be the shoe for you. Read on to find out more.
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Comfort / Stability
If you’re looking for a shoe that’s got all the goods and looks like a complete superstar, go for the Triumph. These Saucony running shoes are bright and crowd-stopping in their variety of color combos. Its Everun cushioning provides a responsive underfoot support and shock absorption at the same time. Its Isofit upper adapts to the shape of your foot providing flexibility, It has a lightweight support frame that provides stability, and Pwrgrid+ that gives the midsole cushion. Its Run-dry moisture collar keeps away sweat.

Durability / Quality
This is a highly durable and quality made running shoe that will last a long time.

Cost or value
The price of this running shoe varies from average to expensive depending on where you purchase them.

EVERUN cushioning

ISOFIT upper

Lightweight Support Frame


RUNDRY moisture collar

Bright and colorful designs


Narrow toebox

Sizes may run small

Type A6

The Saucony Type A6 is a racing shoe that is great for long distances. Users rave that they will make you feel like you are flying when you run.
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Comfort / Stability
Most runners found great comfort in the Type A6 running shoe. The overall stability of the shoe was good too. Its lightweight & and has a very breathable mesh upper so your feet can breathe easily. It has Flexfilm overlays that provide good support, water drainage ports that drain water quickly, and SSL EVA midsole that provides great comfort. The ankle collar is nicely padded for added comfort, and it has a heel counter for additional support.

Durability / Quality
This is an extremely durable racing shoe that is best used on flat roads, and does well in the rain too. Its outsole has added rubber that should make the shoe last longer. Its XT-900 outsole provides great traction and the Injected Blown Rubber provides more cushioning.

Cost or value
The Type A6 can vary in price from average to a bit on the expensive side, but if you are looking for a great racing shoe that is durable it'll be worth every penny.

Lightweight & very breathable
Flexfilm overlays provide good support
Water drainage ports drain water quickly
SSL EVA midsole provide good comfort
XT-900 with IBR+ provides good traction
Heel counter provides support


Forefoot may run narrow
Sizes may run small

Saucony knows how to make some of the best running shoes out there, and what makes them so strong is that most pairs easily translate from mountain trails to the gym to the grocery store. They’re stylish without being overly trendy or gaudy and they strike a fine balance between support for comfort and light, free materials for natural movement and flexibility. Saucony running shoes come in minimalist options for the lighter runner, heavier options for runners who need more support, and shoes made with traction and support perfect for the toughest of trails.


The Criteria We Used For Our Evaluation Of the Best Saucony Running Shoes:

We spend a good amount of time researching thousands of reviews from the internet to find the best Saucony running shoes out there. We scour other running sites, Amazon, and the Saucony site so we can provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information. Below is the formula we use when deciding our top 10 best Saucony shoes:



Our most important measurement is the comfort. We will let you know what other runners think of the comfort level of these running shoes. How much cushioning is provided, does it have support, and does is provide flexibility? These are some of the things we consider when is taking an overall look at what kind and how much comfort a shoe provides.


You’ll want to know how well the outsole of each Saucony running shoe is. For instance, how good is the shoe’s traction? What surfaces do they perform best on? These are the things we consider when evaluating the grip of the shoe.


I’m not aware of any runners that actually enjoy having sweaty feet. We check to see if these running shoes have the proper amount of ventilation and breathability so you’ll know if your feet will be able to breathe easily while you run.


The weight of a running shoe can vary by its intended function. For example, trail running shoes often weight a bit more than road running shoes. We have determined if the weight of the shoe fits the intended activity the shoe is to be used for. We’ll let you know if reviewers thought it was too heavy, too light, or just right.


Depending on your foot type and where you intend to run the amount of support you need or prefer can vary by user. We’ve searched and found if these Saucony running shoes provide enough of the correct support for the type of use the shoe is intended for.


A good pair of running shoes should last between 400 and 600 miles. We want you to know if these shoes meet that criterion as far as durability goes, or if they will likely wear earlier or last even longer.  We consider if they will stand up to the task they are meant to perform, what kind of materials are used, and how they are put together during the construction of the shoes.


Other Important Factors To Consider

Making your feet happy doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming if you know what to look for. Below we are giving you some things to consider while shopping for the best running shoes:


Consider your Arch Type:

Whether you have a high arch, no arch, or a neutral arch will have an effect on the type of running shoe you’ll want to purchase. You can use the “wet foot” test to determine your arch type.

Flat Feet

If you have no arch or a very low arch, chances are you overpronate. This means your feet roll inwards when you run. If you have flat feet you’ll want to look at running shoes that are motion-Controlled.


A neutral or medium arch consists of a curve in the foot that consists of just a little bit less than half of the width of your foot from heel to toe. People with neutral arches generally look for running shoes that provide good stability.

High Arch

If you have a really high arch the curve of your foot is significantly pronounced. People with high arches generally have difficulty with pronation, meaning they under-pronate/supinate, or the outside of the heel makes contact with the ground first. If you have high arches you’ve probably noticed the outsides of your shoes wear faster. Those that have problems with supination should consider shoes that provide a good amount of cushioning.

How to Conduct the Wet Foot Test:

The wet foot test will tell you what type of arch you have fairly quickly and accurately. All you need is a piece of paper and some water. Simply wet the bottoms of your feet and step onto the paper to leave your “footprint”. The outline will show you what type of arch you have.


Flat Feet

If you have flat feet you’ll see wear and tear on your running shoes on the insides, and by the big toe.  When you step on the piece of paper it will show pretty much your entire foot.


There are no major concerns with neutral arches. Your running shoes will show normal wear and tear in the middle of them. When you step on the piece of paper with your wet feet you’ll notice that your arch does not appear on the paper while the rest of your foot does. You’ll see the forefoot, heel, and the outside of your foot near your pinky toe imprinted on the paper.

High Arches

If you have high arches your running shoes will show wear and tear on the outside and by the little toe. When you step on the paper with your wet feet you’ll notice that a lot of your foot does not appear, including a portion of the outside of the foot that connects the heel to the pinky toe. You will not see any arch imprinted.

What is your Gait Type:

Pronation is normal to an extent, but how do you find out if your overpronation is mild, neutral or severe?


Severe overpronators have feet that excessively roll inwards. This means that the foot and the ankle cannot stabilize the body while you run.

Mild overpronators are the most common foot type. You’ll notice that the outside of the heel makes contact with the ground first, and your feet roll inward slightly. This will result in your feet absorbing shock more effectively and allows the foot and ankle to support the body.

Neutral pronators will notice that somewhere between the middle and a little bit of the outward part of the heel is where your foot will make the first contact with the ground.  Your feet will roll inward slightly allowing them to absorb shock more effectively, and the foot and ankle will support the body efficiently.

Supination is when runner under-pronate. You’ll notice the outside of your heel makes contact with the ground first, but your foot does not roll inward. It will stay on the outside causing the impact to be concentrated outsides of your feet.




Photo Credit: Flickr – Michael Clark

Q. How do you pronounce “Saucony”?

A. It’s pronounced “Sock-a-knee”. Their manufacturing company started near the Saucony River, and Native Americans actually gave it the name Saucony. Translated the word Saucony means “Swiftly running waters”.

Q. Do Saucony shoes typically run small, big or average in size?

A. They do seem to run anywhere between a half-size and a full size too small. It’s best to have your feet measured to ensure proper fitting.

Q. Does Saucony offer returns or exchanges?

A. They do accept returns, but not exchanges; however, you can also buy Saucony running shoes from other online stores such as Amazon.

Q. Do they offer wide width sizes?

A. Yes, many of Saucony’s running shoes do come in wide widths.

Q. Is there a difference between the men’s and women’s models of Saucony?

A: Not usually. They are actually exactly the same as providing functions except for size, width, and color options which of course vary by gender.

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