Best Beanies for Running Compared and Tested


Detailed breakdown of the best beanies for running during  Winter and Spring 2018. Check out our list and make sure to keep your head warm while running!

When it comes to running during the colder months, keeping your head warm is most likely a bit higher on your priority list. So which are the best beanies for running? Sorry to say we don’t have a short or simple answer. In fact, we don’t have just one answer.

We pull out all the stops here in order to review a selection of top performing beanies for runners, we have looked very closely at protection, warmth, materials, FIT, anti-odor capability, comfort, breath-ability, dry out time and style. A beanie is a very useful part of a runners kit and how it is worn can depend on the seasons, in cold weather we see these being offered with high performing thermal capability to ensure heat is retained while allowing breathability.

Obviously, it is super important to keep your noggin warm on a long run, but why can’t you look good too? The options we have come up with are on our list because they perform. I know how much performing does a hat do? Well, you might be surprised just how effective a beanie can be, with even the thinnest material.

Last Updated: March 10, 2018
By Richard Haberkost:

Enjoy our fantastic line up of caps, we regularly update and expand a choice of top performing tried, trusted and tested along with new headgear for you. Ensuring we review and find the best choices for you requires series knowledge, read our criteria for reviewing to see how we do it. Got a question? Check our FAQs

Seirus Thermax Skull Liner
  • Seirus Thermax Skull Liner
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Ultra-thin moisture wicking Thermax® material
  • Price: See Here
Nike Reversible Beanie
  • Nike Reversible Beanie
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Made with Dri-FIT moisture wicking fabric
  • Price: See Here
ASICS Thermal Beanie
  • ASICS Thermal Beanie
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Soft, insulating fabric with DWR brushed interior
  • Price: See Here

12 Best Beanies for Running


1. Seirus Thermax Skull Liner

Great for fall and spring running the Thermax Skull Liner is a lightweight skull cap designed to go underneath a helmet or offer a bit of protection stand alone. Ultra minimalist, this might not have enough girth to protect you from all conditions, but it is actually quite handy, and it’s hard to argue with the price. Give it a shot today!
  • Ultra-thin Thermax polyester
  • Warm and extremely light
  • Minimalist aesthetic
  • Reinforced stitching, lasts a long time
  • Not ideal for extreme cold

2. Nike Women’s Dri-Fit Reversible Running

Designed with ladies in mind, made from brushed Hyperwarm fabric, all of the energy and vibrancy of Nike is condensed into this beanies design. But there is far more here to like the simple looks. Fast drying and ultralight this hat has your back when things get chilly.
  • Elastic headband, fits snugly
  • Electric print design, reversible
  • Gender specific
  • Fast drying and warm
  • Only available in pink

3. Buff Polar Reversible

While technically not a beanie, we had to let this one slide onto our list because it’s simply too good not to. In terms of versatility this product cannot be beaten. It’s essentially a tube that can be worn as a mask, hood, cap, etc. By far one of the most innovative and unique ways to keep your head warm while running.
  • Can be used for a variety of functions
  • Lightweight, windproof
  • Odor and moisture resistant
  • Backed by manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Some prefer a simple beanie

4. ASICS Thermal Extra Protection

The Thermal Extra Protection Beanie from ASICS is our go to when the mercury really drops. This hat boasts two layers of insulated protection making sure your noggin stays warm on those particularly cold days. Throw this hat on and tell the weather to do its worst.


  • Specially built ear coverage
  • Double layering, very warm
  • DWR brushed on the interior


  • Only suitable for the much colder days

5. Smartwool PHD Running

A great ladies skull cap-style beanie, the Smartwool PHD running beanie has a four way stretch design that ensures it keeps in place nicely. To boot it’s made from a blend of Merino/Polyester that all but guarantees comfort. Need further evidence? See the extensive list of pros below.
  • Nice aesthetics
  • Merino/Polyester, very comfortable
  • UPF 20 sun protection as needed
  • Flatlock seams, contoured design
  • Trim, doesn’t feel bulky
  • One size fits all, but may not work for everyone

6. Pearl Izumi Thermal

If you’re looking for higher end performance, Pearl Izumi is generally a brand you can trust. This hat may appear thin at a glance but its high grade thermal material will keep your head nice and toasty and protect you from harsh winter winds. Overall a nice pick for any cold weather occasion.
  • Extremely warm
  • Lightweight
  • Recent model 2015/16
  • Quality manufacturing, ergonomically shaped
  • Higher priced

7. The North Face Standard Issue

Standard may sound negative to some people, although don’t be deceived there is nothing “standard” about this beanie. This is the ideal hat for super cold temperatures as its fleece construction is a little bit thicker. Smooth, soft, and comfortable, this hat is a classic for wintertime activities none the least of which is running.
  • Classic North Face design
  • Lightweight but thick
  • Dries relatively quickly, FlashDry technology
  • Quite a few color options
  • Products from The North Face are usually a bit expensive

8. Sugoi Trail Tuke

High quality fleece-thermal coverage for your head packaged in eye-catching neon. Trim and compact this hat does particularly well at comfort and warmth, just what’s needed for winter running.
  • Cool sublimated graphics, topographical map
  • Spandex blended material
  • MidZero material keeps you warm/comfortable
  • Only two colors available

9. Columbia Sportswear Trail Flash

Hexagonal reflectives shapes dot the exterior of this beanie making it a good choice for low visibility running. In addition to that, its omni-wick evaporation enhanced (phew that’s a mouthful!) material make it a good choice to keep you warm and dry.
  • Has reflective details
  • Deals well with moisture, dries quick
  • Decent price-to-value ratio
  • Durable construction
  • Sizing runs small

10.Nike Pro Combat

In terms of bang for your buck, it’s going to be challenging to do much better than the NIke Pro Combat Skull Cap. This cap excels in moisture management, never accumulating pools of sweat or feeling stuffy. It also has a nice snug fit around the ears. Overall it’s a solid choice.
  • Dynamic fit, non-restrictive
  • Budget friendly pricing
  • Flat seams, rests smooth on head
  • Quick drying
  • The fit is a little tight

11. Under Armour Mens Reactor Elements Beanie

Armour go for serious quality and performance.

If you are looking for a tried, tested and trusted brand which gives warmth, fast dry out, breathability and light material this will be the beanie for you. This high performing headgear will repel snow and rain while still retaining breath factor. Wick performance is good and so is the drying out speed, for hygiene, this has anti-odor hat tech, comfort is fully assured via the Coldgear Reactor cap lining.
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The DNA for this cap is highly impressive, you get Elastane at 19% for just the right amount of stretch FIT, though it's light it still gives protective warmth, fast drying,  repels wet snow and rain, good wick-ability, anti-odor and a very stylish beanie.

A great brand product slightly above standard prices.

Good FIT




Wick factor

Fast dry out


High quality materials


More color choices, please.

12. Under Armour Men's Cuff Beanie

Under Armour, high performance blended with quality, comfort, durability and style.

This hat works well in cold weather due to the designing in a of a thermal system which gives conductive performance for retaining a nicely balanced level of heat produced by the body.

FIT and assured comfort are consistent because the construction of the cap is from stretch fabric which is a combination of knitted soft material which will ensure long-term comfort.

Read more, this should be the beanie which will complement your running gear.
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Check out the features:

You get 95%  Durable Comfortable Acrylic. Durable Nylon at 4%  at for a balancing stretch to ensure secure FIT /1% High-Quality Elastane. The  Lining Consists of  100% Polyester
Cold-Gear Infra-red high performing technology for a thermally conductive inner coating to retain a balanced amount of your own body heat
Durable and soft stretchable knit fabric assures warmth with ongoing comfort
Designed in Anti-odor capability prevents odor-causing microbes
 For style an embroidered UA logo

Offered at a standard price for a nice performing beanie



High-quality materials

Secure FIT

Designed in body balanced heat retention system

Nice Style


Some runners prefer a none cuff style beanie

The option that will be best for you is going to come down to too many variables to be covered in one simple answer. It all depends factors such as how long you’re running, at what temperatures and of course a number of personal factors (style, budget, etc). Hopefully these picks have helped with your search.

Criteria  For Selecting The Best Beanies For Running.

Beanies are more than just accessories, they have become super popular in the years, in both fashion and sports. When getting ready for a run, your head always seems to be the last of your priorities. But on the contrary, running in any kind of weather with the right headgear can make it all worth the while,the feel is magical if we must say as you will be covered all day long, especially when it is during the sunny days a simple beanie can protect your head from the scorching sun and the UV rays that can cause more harm than good, beanies are life once you get to discover them. Running will be more fun and you will need to spend more time on the trail just to make sure you enjoy every last bit of it.We have been able to classify them and picked the top 10 that we sure deserve to be there and went ahead to give you the list.If this is your first time to look for beanies welcome and if you are a frequent user of beanies check out what we have in store for you, we never disappoint and we hope we do not start now,we were able to get our list based on a few factors that we have outlined down for you to relate to how our decision was arrived at.Below are some of the factors that will help in making your decision easier, take a look.


Size is everything when we talk of athletic wear. From head to toe you need something that will be your size, a perfect fit if there is to go about. Unless we are talking of pajamas which almost everyone takes a size bigger to feel free and okay during one’s sleep, having said that we are only concentrating on the running gear here for now, and that includes beanies. Imagine having one that doesn’t fit well and keeps falling down over your face while you run?To avoid that you need to ensure that you know the size that can fit you well, most of the beanies are made in that one size fits all but sometimes it might be too tiny always  ensure you try it on first before buying it, usually that saves on the disappointment that one is likely to experience.We always say if it doesn’t fit it is not fit for you, as you may end up being uncomfortable during your run or might end up buying it and putting it in your closet like a trophy.


Where there is comfort there is more to work for,this is the case everywhere,the material feel and size will bring the desired comfort, remember this will be on your head so the slight sense of discomfort can make it very uncomfortable for you, getting one that is tight and also keeps sweat inside will make you feel worse, running will have to slow or even stop because it will act as a hindrance.

Especially when it’s hot then you get to have something that  is tight and only makes your sweat stay inside and you cannot tolerate it you will go nuts literally.The right inseam can also lead to the feel of comfort.When going to make a purchase always ensure that the comfort of the item is given a priority as this is what will determine the progress of your run.Nothing should come between you and your goal be very certain of that when shopping too.


The material you decide to pick for any clothing is very important, ensure you make the right choice, having in mind that material will affect the comfort of you as a runner, choose one that is well ventilated as this will allow good air circulation leaving you dry and cool all the time.Polyester leads in moisture wicking and breathable materials, we encourage one to always try the material out and feel it before making any purchase.

Get a material that has SPF that can protect you against harmful UV rays avoid materials that will give an odor after few rounds with it and take one that will be ready to tap out moisture, therefore, creating a clean and healthy atmosphere for your hair and head.The material is one of the main factors that cannot be ignored as it literally runs the show of picking anything comfortable, if the material is rigid in a way or rough be rest assured it is not meant for you, you need flexible and stretchy materials on your head to go with.


Now, this right here is one of the main factors to consider when making a purchase, the fact that you can have something that can last long will make you fall in love with any item that is long lasting.Most of us have bought things that are not long lasting and ended up being disappointed but funny enough we find ourselves in the same position over and over again because we buy for all the wrong reasons.

Most of the times we send our clients to the reviews section, where you can have an eye opener before you decide which one you will be able to use.Also, ensure you pay keen attention to the washing times and know how to handle the beanies because the durability can depend on how you can well maintain it if you handle something well it is more likely to last longer than the one ruthlessly handled.Durability comes to play when quality is put in place too, get the right quality of an item you want to purchase and watch as durability takes charge.We believe they go hand in hand with a good quality item is more likely to last longer than one that is of a poor quality.Quality covers material and costs in one group as a good quality material goes for slightly a higher price than the others and lasts the test of time too, one is likely to be very happy with that very item.


Running is a fun activity and once that sinks you will want your best performance when running,you do not know who might be watching,the fashion industry has come big and large in all directions not leaving aside the area of sports, it’s coming fast and there is no stopping at anything,that is why any runner goes to  the shop and wants to slay when they come out, when it comes to the design it is something so personal as one has to make a choice on what suits them best and most and at what time.If you are into style our list will not disappoint you as we have put all stylish beanies in our list.Style is not something we can tell you what to pick as people have completely different tastes all together.Make sure you pick functionality first before picking style as you need to be sure the beanie will perform perfectly.


This factor has become one of our most valued one as it tends to appear frequently, that only shows how serious we are when it comes to keeping you safe and ensuring you are secure all the time, we know running can be dangerous especially when you go in areas that have low to no lights, dark alleys or something like that, we also know that you will need something that will ensure you are visible.Most people go for running torches that can be fixed on their running gear which can actually help, what if you go for a beanie instead and let it be one that can actually play that part pretty well. The idea is to get a color that can speak for itself and say “I am here” which will make the motorist or drivers or cyclist to be able to see you from a distance, this can help prevent lots of unwanted injuries and accidents that are likely to occur when this factor is ignored.


Other Important Things You’ll Want To Think About

In our search for these Products we always lay down simple factors that we can use to arrive at the best products,it is always a long struggle to accept which among all those factors suit to be in the list as we have so many factors one can use, getting to buy anything in the market can be tricky, consider going there to buy beanies can be even more frustrating as there might not be a lot of them in the market as they are still on the rising and even if you find some they can be costly too.Listed below are some of the other factors that we considered when arriving at our best 10 list dig in and let us know what you think.


The value of anything is often related to the cost, we frequently measure how long an item can serve and how much it was bought for in one sentence.This might be a discussion for another day but for now when going to do any purchase ensure that whatever you set yourself to acquire will make the investment worth the while, this is the only way you will feel certain that it will not only be worth it but it will also serve its purpose. Getting the right item for the right price and a good guarantee of durability makes any buyer happy with their choice.Value is also related to quality hence make sure that the quality you get will be worth at the end.


Some of the factors we place here are arrived at after going through the reviews of some clients and appealing to their grievances, In this case we found some complaining about the weight of the beanies and by that we got the idea to make sure you do not go through the same ordeal, by doing so we ended up having it included on the list to warn you that you need to pay attention to this very closely,there are materials that are often considered as heavy compared to others and this especially goes for cotton or woolen made clothes,the same might go for beanies made of similar materials and that is why we ensure to get it down soon so that you get  a hint before you blindly go and pick  one that will weigh down on you.



We make a list of some of the questions that we were able to gather along when doing our research and we put them down so that you can go through and get familiar with some.Having the questions not only increases your knowledge of the product but also ensures that you get what is required of you,we have been able to list down a few questions and their answers for you to go through, hopefully, they answer some of the questions that you have already developed when going through our research or some that you might have before going to buy one of the beanies.We appreciate any form of feedback from you as well, feel free to contact us.Listed are some of the questions and answers to go through.

Q: Why are beanies good for running, why not just use a hat?

A:Beanies are good for running because unlike hats they provide warmth and can cover up to your ears in case you need to cover them,they are also made of warm materials that can make you warm in case you are in a cold weather,also they are trendy and stylish and can be worn with almost everything.

Q: Where do I get beanies?

A:You could get beanies from stores that deal with clothing around you,from online stores, which is a growing market of buying and selling of goods,ensure you get them from an authorized dealer and not a fraud that way in case they deliver what you never ordered you could easily return to them and get what you ordered or if you need to track your order you could easily do so.

Q: How often Should  I wash my beanie?

A: Washing you beanie will depend on how frequently you go running and how often you use it or how many you have.You will need to wash your beanie at least once every week and make sure you know all the washing instructions and none of which you are just guessing as this will determine how long it will be able to serve you.

Q: How long before I buy another Beanie?

A:This will also depend on how frequent you use it and how many you own, if you use it frequently we would advise changing every 4 -5 months depending on the material, these will also be subject to how you handle the beanie if well handled then you can last with it for sometime,we also advise one to buy more than one since this is the best strategy for ensuring their durability is met.

Q: Do I buy beanies depending on the season?

A: Yes, you need to know which season allows for which material, during cold season you will need a material that can keep moisture in a while in hot seasons you will need a material that can be able to breathe and leave you dry and cool.

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