13 Best Detergent For Workout Clothes Tested


We tried & tested the best detergent for workout clothes. To find out which one is it, check out our list of top 5 detergents on the market!

A good training regime means you are going to work up a sweat. The clothes you wear while running are usually designed to wick sweat away from your body. This leads to them accumulating odor that can become deeply set into the fabric. When this happens you need more than your standard laundry soap to get the job done.

The detergent you pick for your workout and sports gear has to be able to take care of a few extra things that you probably don’t worry about with your normal day to day casual wear. Add pleasantries such as profuse sweating, odor from that, mud, grass stains, even blood in the more extreme cases.

To get all of that wonderful stuff out, keeping your clothes and gear fresh and well maintained, it is probably worth the extra effort necessary to find the right soap to do the job.

With a variety of soaps available it can be difficult to know what will best suit your needs. Below we have put together a list of detergents specially designed to deep clean your sportswear as well as helpful information on cleaning techniques and proper soap and washing machine pairings.

Last Updated: April 14, 2018
By Brian Price:

Although our list is still one we are happy with, we have gone back and added a little more info to this guide. Stay tuned for more updates, as newer and possibly more effective detergents find there way into the market.

HEX Single Dose Detergent
  • HEX Single Dose Detergent
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • No harsh dyes, perfumes or parabens
  • Price: See Here
OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover
  • OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Color safe and contains no chlorine
  • Price: See Here
Roux Maison All Natural Detergent
  • Roux Maison All Natural Detergent
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Eliminates odor and any bacteria
  • Price: See Here

13 Best Detergents For Workout Clothes

1. HEX Performance Advanced Single Dose

The first thing that jumps out to you about HEX Single Dose Detergent is that it comes in handy pouches that you can easily travel with, or stash in a pocket. Beyond packaging, Hex does an excellent job of not only cleaning your clothing but also protecting it/them. It’s got a formula that is eco-friendly and doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. But best of all HEX is specifically designed for synthetic fabrics and instead of masking smells with a heavy portion of strong fragrance it gets to the bottom of the problem and removes the odor causing bacteria. Overall we were really impressed with HEX’s performance and that is why this is our best detergent for workout clothes; give it a shot today and see the difference!
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Product Details:

-Each package has 24 pods or pouches of cleaner
-Works on all fabrics, especially well on newly manufactured tech materials
-Dermatologist tested, non-irritating. No harsh dyes, perfumes or parabens
-Hypoallergenic, goes easy on the skin
-Is a Biodegradable formula plus packaging, with a much smaller carbon footprint per capita than many competitors
  • Non-irritating
  • Works especially well on synthetic materials
  • Also suitable for HE machines

Strong smell when drying from the detergent. Several customers recommend to leave the clothes to dry outside of your home.

2. OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover

Known for their somewhat obnoxious infomercials we must admit to be slightly reticent to add OxiClean to our list. In the end however, their product is simply too good at removing stains to ignore. If you’ve got a tough stain or discoloration embedded somewhere in your clothes OxiClean is the answer. This is an industrial strength cleaner that will return your clothes to pre-stain condition and won’t fade colors over time. This can be used stand alone or even better in tandem with another type of detergent. If stains are your issue, this is your solution.
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Product Detail:

-OxyClean’s patented formula water-actived, and upon contact unleashes bubbling oxygen power safe and efficient cleaning
-Functions as a fighter, booster, whitener, and overall brightener
-Best used in regular and HE washers
-Special additives are designed to help rinse soiled spots and hard to get stains away
-Color safe and contains no chlorine
  • Works great in regular and HE washers
  • Color safe
  • Chlorine free
  • The directions have to be followed for best results

3. Roux Maison

If you tend to be attracted to higher end, extremely eco-friendly products you’ll love the All Natural Laundry Detergent from Roux Maison. This is a healthy and fragrant (in a Whole Foods kind of way) way to get your sweaty clothes sparkling clean. It’s also been made to protect technical material, such as lycra or spandex, and waterproof gear retains all its properties needed keep functioning at a top level. Highly recommended.
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Product Details:

-16 oz Sport sweet tea s is a great solution for hand or machine washing
-Specifically designed to get rid of grime, odor, and any bacteria that workout gear can quickly accumulate
-Safe for all fabric types, and in many cases provides a nice level of maintenance
-This detergent has a neutral pH and never contains harmful ingredients, all natural
-Proudly manufactured in the USA, no animal testing
-No overpowering fragrances, additives or dyes, and bottles are always BPA-free, stay healthy and in sync with nature!
  • Safe for just about all fabrics
  • Specifically designed to eliminate odors
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Although this detergent is "fragrance free", some customer reviews suggest that it does have a strong scent

4. Sport Suds Detergent, 500g Zipper Pouch

If you need a heavy hitter to take on muck, odor and stains; Sports Suds Detergent is an excellent option to turn to in that it provides a heavy duty clean and doesn’t leave any residue behind. Sports suds cleans microwoven fibers by allowing air to go through pores in technical training shirts, pants or shorts. It’s completely biodegradable and produced by an ethical company who did not employ any animal testing in the production of said product. For additional reasons why we think this stuff is so great see below:
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Product Details:

-Make clothes completely odor-free. Rinses bacteria and odor causing agents completely out of fabric
-Has no dyes, perfume, brighteners, sodium sulfates, PABAs, softeners or other fillers
-All residue washes out, leaving clothes chemical free
-Non-toxic, biodegradable. And hypo-allergenic
-Handy/portable zippered pouches can take on over 40 full machine loads. Easy to tuck into pockets or luggage for hand washing situations
-Low sudsing. Great to use in a front loading washer
  • Biodegradable and hypo-allergenic
  • Low sudsing
  • No perfumes or dyes
  • Some customer reviews suggest that this may not remove the tougher stains

5. Nathan Sport-Wash

If odor is something that really concerns you then Nathan’s Sport Wash could be your best friend as well as your best detergent for workout clothes. I’m sure just about everyone has left some sweaty clothes in their bag or a locker only to discover them (and their heinous smell) a few days later. This is what the Sport-Wash is meant for, it will deodorize even the the worst kinds of funky smells. Some detergents try to mask the problem by covering them up with flowery perfumes. This soap actually eliminates the odor leaving your expensive clothes good to go. Also no worries about fading here, technical clothing will retain its integrity even with frequent washing.
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Product Details:

-Formulated specifically to fix problems associated with using “normal” detergents on technical clothing
-Digs deep to remove trapped odors and deep stains from your favorite garments
-Residue-free, non-allergenic, no strong smells or harsh chemicals
-Systematically removes dirt, kills bacteria, and restores breathability and moisture wicking capabilities
-Completely biodegradable and won’t make your colors fade
  • formulated specifically for technical athletic clothing
  • Residue-free
  • Non-allergenic
  • Contains no harsh chemicals
  • Doesn't tackle the really bad stains

6. Persil Proclean Power Detergent

6. Persil Proclean Power  Detergent
If you are looking for a laundry detergent that can remove the toughest stains then Persil pro clean is the detergent to use leaving your clothes clean and fresh. It a self activating laundry detergent and environment friendly. It has an original scent that is pleasant. It work best all water temperatures, it also work best in high-efficiency and standard washers.
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Streamline your clothing assignments with already measured Persil Caps of power. Extraordinary for ordinary clothing and to help battle extreme stains, this effective recipe conveys a superior clean. Advantageous already measured cleanser cases consolidate Pro-Lift Removers of stain in addition to Brightness Formula. Basically put a Power-Cap in the drum washer before including laundry. Power-Caps are extraordinary for any temperature during washing and all clothes washer sorts, HE included. Incorporates a tub with 62 Power-Caps, useful for 62 customary measured heaps of clothing.Persil Proclean is an effective clothing cleanser for those with the most astounding models for cleanliness. Ok for colors and whites, Persil Proclean clothing cleansers are figured with Pro10 Technology conveying 10 sides of Cleanliness: Stain Fighting ,Lighting up ,Illuminating ,Threatening to Graying ,Clean Rinsing ,Persevering Freshness ,Odor Fighting ,Cool Water Cleaning ,Clean Scent of freshness and Fiber Care. It is made from sodium PERborate and sodium SILicate. And there is where it got it name from,is also made by Henkel .
  •  Environment friendly, as it poses no challenges for the environment, this is a plus for all of us who care for our environment.
  •  Can be used with people that have sensitive skins, since it is no threat to the hands at all. But for people with extremely sensitive skins to use it in small quantities at ago
  • It is septic safe, that mean no challenge is offered by it being around at whatever cost. This makes the product famous for its abilities.
  • For some clients the scent was extremely strong.Always know what you are looking for first then it will be easy.

7. No Sweat

A lot of laundry detergents will just cover up smells, but that isn’t the case with No Sweat. No Sweat cleans deep to eliminate all the sweat and bacteria that can lead to odor, removing it from the fabric entirely. Which not only leaves your gym clothes smelling fresh but also removes build up which can cause skin irritation. No Sweat has the added bonus of being an efficient stain remover on top of everything else, although it might be a little costly to use for your everyday laundry. Even at its slightly higher cost, No Sweat does extend the life of your other running gear, making it a wise investment.
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Product Details:

-10 available bottle sizes
- Available in unscented or citrus
-Removes deep set sweat and bacteria
- Formatted for HE washers
  • Removes excess sweat, odor, and stains
  • Works on long set in odors
  • May not have a scent but is not fragrance free in terms of ingredients 

8. WIN Sports Detergent

WIN is a brand that comes highly recommended by runners and athletes. This unscented sports detergent helps root out the most entrenched odors. WIN is also safe to use an a variety of fabrics, so feel free to use it to wash both your expensive compression base layer as well as your cheap gym shorts. The one word of caution would be to be wary of ordering this detergent online, some people had issues with loose caps and leakage during shipping.
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Product Details:

-Designed for technical and synthetic fibers
-Won’t leave a residue
-3 sizes of bottles available
  • Removes odor instead of covering it up
  • Scentless
  • Leaves no residue
  • Works on a variety of fabrics often used in sportswear


  • Bottle design may be prone to leaking

9. Downy Fresh Protect

9. Downy Fresh Protect
Downy is among the best detergents that go along way in making on smell fresh everyday.its scent embraces the cloth and stays on it for as long as you can tell.it softens the fabric to five a feel of wool like in any cloth that the detergent is used on.with its strong fresh scent and ability to make fabric soft this comes in our list as one of the best.
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In the event that you've at any point pulled back at your own particular aroma amid a class or been humiliated at the scent originating from you post-exercise while running errands, Downy Fresh Protect ($6) is the pick for you. Adding all this in your washer secures apparel by killing foul scents that may happen amid wear — consider it insurance against the stink that settles in once sweat dries.

In the wake of washing a heap of exercise clothes in Downy Fresh Protect, place an outfit under a magnifying glass by doing consecutive exercises. Regardless of sweating plentifully in the two classes, my garments noticed similarly as new as they did before working out. The item can be categorized on the flower side, so in case you're not excited about solid scents, I've discovered that despite everything it does the same job with half the portion which when I add a large portion of the prescribed does in my wash.

10. Arm And Hammer Liquid Detergent

10. Arm And Hammer Liquid Detergent
This is the only detergent that has the fresh ability of the arm and harmer baking soda, which means it brings out what you need from your cloth and keeps off odor in your clothes for longer period, has great agents that trap soil in the water to make sure your rinse is clean and perfect for use.
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Product description
If you want your clothes to sparkle then this is the best detergent of choice to use, it makes your cloth look new and bright. It is the only detergent that is packed with bi-layer technology. In wash water, it has special ingredient that its main function is to trap in dirt which at the end it gives you a clean rinse.
It produces a fresh scent when used that helps keep bad odor out of your clothes, this initiates the great aroma to stay in your clothes for long. It has tropical burst smell and is used in almost all fabrics that make it among the best detergents. Work best in both hot and cold water and it is packed in volume of 250 oz
  •  Arm and hammer best work in stain that is protein based, this means any stains from protein foods can easily be wiped off, no need of walking around with stains around.
  • Used in almost all fabrics, which makes it one of the best detergents to use as there is no splitting of clothes to be washed with different detergents.
  • Can be used both in hot and cold water, this means no need to worry about extra electricity costs every time you want to wash.
  • It cannot remove completely very tough stains

11. Seventh Generation Liquid Detergent

11. Seventh Generation Liquid Detergent
If your skin is sensitive to other detergents then seventh generation liquid detergent is the detergent to use because in it is naturally made. It is a liquid detergents that delivers greater compared to other regular detergents. This is the best detergent that will be perfect on your clothes.
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Product description
Seventh generation liquid detergent has no fragrance and scented with extracts from plants like geranium and vanilla. It fights stubborn stains like those from grass and chocolate. The detergent is 100% made from plant. This natural detergent fight tough stains without using artificial brightness, dyes and fragrance, It is formulate for a higher efficiency and standard equipment. Is in a concentrated form and performs similar to the natural cloth detergents. Mostly used for sensitive skins as well, with its natural form it does a pretty good job as it keeps off any chemicals at bay while protecting your hands and also your clothes from getting changed due to different colors
  • Causes artificial brightness on the clothes, it poses as an advantage as you cloth shines and is fresh after the wash
  •  Not scented, for users who prefer the ones that do not have a scent, here is one for you.
  •  Non irritant, among the ones that do not irritate the skin, this makes the product widely admired as the hands remain as they were even before using it.
  • Some users complained of the allergic reaction, though mild make sure you know what any detergent is made of before using to avoid any of the reactions.

12. Kirkland Ultra Clean Detergent

12. Kirkland Ultra Clean Detergent
Kirkland Ultra Clean Laundry Detergent Packages are advantageously pre-measured to have the perfect measure of capable concentrated cleanser expected to battle extreme stains, they break up totally in hot or cool water, abandoning only spotless, inevitably.This is the best detergent for fighting the toughest stains. It dissolve completely in hot and cold water leaving your clothes sparkling clean. The detergent is compatible with all machines. It remove fat stains.
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Product description
It has high efficiency, It is gentle on environment yet tough on dirt and stains, It is unscented and has odor control system.
All packages are anything but difficult to utilize and okay for all clothes washers. Ultra Clean Packing are high effective, not efficient, start loader, on top loaders perfect. 1 package equals to 1 medium heap of clothing. Step by step instructions to utilize Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean Packing (1) Have dry hands when dealing with (2) Never unwrap or pierce open packages (3) Add package(s) into clothes washer while filling, and after that include clothing. Utilize 1 package for generally stacks. Utilize 2 package for intensely dirty burdens (4) Incase of HE machines, add straightforwardly to the clothes washer drum, at that point include clothing top. Try not to put the packages in the drawer (5) Keep holder fixed between the time of use.2x concentrated 186 oz, 120 loads/5.81 qtrs

  • Clean well and is gentle on environment yet tough on dirt and stains.
  • It is not scented hence has no fragrance that it leaves for all those who do not appreciate fragrance this is their home.
  • Quite affordable as its price is fair compared to some that have the same if not less features.
  • It does not work well in very dirty laundry.

13. Tide Pods Plus Febreze

Tide might not be the most athletics oriented brand on this list but it can be just as useful at managing excessive odor as any sports detergent. Tide, working with Febreze, guarantees more than 24 hours of odor protection post wash. With the odor fighting power also comes the stain removing abilities people have come to expect of Tide. Another perk is the convenience of the Tide Pod, this handy little package means you can just toss it in the washer and go; perfect for the active runner lifestyle.
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Product Details:

-54 pods per pack
-Diversity of pods for different load sizes
-Different styles of detergent within the pod for stains, odors, and color preservation.
  • Smells great
  • Odor management
  • Easy to use
  • Great stain removal 
  • Not set up for HE washing machines 

The clothes you work out in need special attention. Regular clothes can pretty well be washed however you like, in some cases (and especially if you don’t sweat much) you can even get away with a number of re-wears between washing them. But when it comes to cleaning out your sweat-soaked socks, shirts, and shorts you need something with a little extra.

We believe happiness comes from some of the small things in life: pulling on your favorite training shirt and feeling a soft, fresh, and clean sensation is one of those small pleasures. So spare a few minutes to think about your detergent, you’ll be glad you did.


Criteria Used in Picking The Best  Detergents For Workouts.

Not only do we give you the cream on top of the cream but we make sure we give you the best  of the top cream as well,That being the case,we gather all relevant information and pick which one favors our runners the most.we have a lot of factors that we look in and through that we give the ability to get what is best, having to start from scratch can be hectic to anyone especially those who do not have the time to go around searching, the market is big and we wouldn’t want you to get confused on the best,that is why we provide you  with a list of the top 10 best detergents that you will surely find worth your while.

Listed below are some of the criteria that we used in getting the best detergents that are out there.

Size of the Detergent

 Clothes detergents are packaged in different sizes, and when going to buy you need to have in mind which amount of detergent you can use and for how long. Think of how many times you do your laundry. Getting the right amount of detergents will be influenced by how you do your laundry, how dirty are your clothes and also the amount of money that is required to get one, sometimes we work with fixed budget and that can pose as a challenge when getting to buy, but all in all consider the size of the detergent, also note that the liquid and powder detergents vary in terms of usage always have that at the back of your mind when doing a purchase.

 Type of the Laundry Machine

When it comes to the washing machine one needs to be very careful as it is prone to get damaged or destroyed by a number of things the first one being the detergent used and also the amount of clothes that one is willing to wash at a go.if it is a washing machine that states 7kg ensure that you do not surpass  that since there would be damage, also always make sure you check if the detergent you are buying can work together with your washing machine. Using an HE machine make sure you use an equivalent detergent which will stop over foaming that can actually destroy your machine and clothes, for regular detergents ensure that the machine is also regular to ensure proper washed and clean clothes as a result.


Most detergents for laundry come in different fragrances and scents that are made to give your cloth the pleasant smell and freshness. In this case you need to choose your scent according to your like,some prefer the concentrated scented on and others prefer the mild one all this come as preference, pick according to your ability to withstand the scent, if you are a user who doesn’t deal with highly scented ones, we would advise you to pick the medium or the one that has none,we have from none scented, to medium scented and then to the highly scented ones. choose one that will not affect you at any cost.


There are some people who have very sensitive skins while there are others who have skin allergies that do not require certain chemicals, if this is the case with you then we would suggest you go for a scent free, hypoallergenic and dye free detergents. Try to know which chemicals affect your skin and keep off them all through.having skin irritation is one of the most annoying things in this world and we are sure many people relate to this idea.make sure you know which products to use to avoid such incidences.

Water Temperature

Specific detergents require specific water temperature to be able to work effectively and even sometimes dissolve.That means you need to be aware of the detergent in question and to know which temperature it dissolves in or it is more effective, some detergents work well in cold water, others in warm while other in hot water.by being aware of which temperature is required makes you aware of what to use and in which quantity.this also determines the amount of detergent to use while washing.


Other Important Factors to Consider

most are the times we go shopping and we only have 3 or fewer reasons for buying a certain product. Well, that does not surprise us since it happens to almost everyone, just make sure that someone isn’t you after visiting our website.we not only give you the list of criteria we used but we give the general list we used when making the selection and we are certain that when using the same factors you will smile all the way to the counter and back home, we want to be the reason why you smile all day even when washing your clothes seem to be boring the detergent we provide will lighten the air and your mood too.We gather our list after a heavy and thorough testing and reviews that is why when we state them as the best we are not trying our luck, we actually have evidence that it works.

Below are some other factors that you need to consider when making a purchase as well


Having to buy something that doesn’t work for you can be one of the most embarrassing situations leave alone annoying, that is why you need one that works just fine to you and does the job that is needed, tough on stains gentle on your hands.One needs to know which detergent you need for, grease, protein and tough stains.different fabrics require different detergents,there are those that can use detergents that have the bleaching effect while there those that cannot be placed in any bleaching detergents, having this in mind makes your work much easier as you can be able to determine which one goes where and how to use and in which quantity.make sure when going to make a purchase you get to buy one that works well on your clothes and also doesn’t harm your hands when using.

Environmentally Friendly

Environment friendly is a term that is widely used and worldly used,when we talk of the environment it involves both the none living and living parts these detergents do not have synthetic chemicals in them that can destroy the ecosystem  hence they are good especially for those who are environmentalists it serves them right to know that they can be using detergents that are not promoting imbalance in the ecosystem.We also encourage the users to practice a safe environment that means balance in our ecosystem and thus a healthy livelihood.



Q: Are all detergents safe for my skin?

A: Well it actually depends with your skin type, in case your skin is hypersensitive and can react easily to chemicals, after which you need to know which chemicals react with your skin and avoid them like a plague. Also ensure you use ones that are fragrance-free since they are believed to be harmful. On the contrary, if your skin isn’t sensitive you need not to worry a lot, but just make sure you do not use any substance that can be harmful on your skin.

Q: How do i know which detergent is Eco friendly?

A: most detergents that are eco-friendly have no synthetic substance in it, also they tend to be less concentrated and have mild scents, make sure you have the right detergent for yourself an ensure that it can also take care if the ecosystem.

Q: Is there a difference between liquid and powder detergents?

A: There are not a lot of differences to consider when choosing between a liquid or powder detergent. Liquid detergent tends to be more expensive, which a lot of peoples first consideration. Also, liquid detergent can be used as a stain pre-treatment, which is an advantage you wouldn’t have with a powdered soap. Some people believe that the powder dissolves slower, and ends up leaving a residue on your laundry. This may have been true at one point but most modern detergent powders have been made to dissolve quickly with virtually no chance of leftover soap.

Q: Can I use any detergent on my washing machine?

A: Knowing whether or not your washing machine is an HE (high efficiency)is the most important aspect of this question. A HE detergent produces less suds so that the machine can rinse out your clothes with less water. HE detergent can be used without issues in any type of machine. You cannot, however, put standard washer detergent into an HE washer as it can lead to problems. Your HE washing machine would not be able to properly remove the soap from your machine or your clothes.

Q: Is there a standard measure of detergent that should be used when washing?

A: Detergents should have a ratio to the heap of laundry you have and the number of rounds you will be willing to make with them. Also, this is influenced by the concentration of the detergents as it will guide you.IN most cases the packages have the guideline on how to use the detergent on clothes, the amount of water and amount of clothes a specific amount of detergent can handle.

Q: Are all detergents safe for my clothes?

A: This is why reading up on your detergent is a good habit to get into. You’ll want to know what soaps react with certain fabrics; what detergents could cause discoloration or residue, especially when the clothes your are washing are expensive athletic gear.


List of Sources

There are some sources we look into to get all relevant information for use, we do  not just grab our information from the clouds and put them down as facts we work through all the written information as we try to prove that all that was said about a product is actually true.we get information from, fitness and health articles, food and kitchen articles, outdoor and sporting, consumer related and many others.

Below are some of the sources that we used in getting the information.



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