10 Best Electrolytes and Hydration Tablets Tested


Being and staying hydrated are vital parts of living a quality life, especially as an athlete who has specific goals in mind. It’s not just fueling your body with the right foods that will make a difference in how you feel and perform, but ensuring that you have enough of the proper liquids in your body is crucial to you. So when it comes to staying hydrated, how do you make sure you are doing it properly?

Water, of course, is a great place to start. Our bodies are largely made up of water, we sweat water, and need it on a daily and consistent basis to maintain optimal health. However, aside from water, we can gain further help with hydration with electrolyte tablets. It may seem a bit overwhelming once you begin looking for an electrolyte tablet to enhance your health routine, but we have done the hard work for you.

In the following list, you will come across some electrolyte tablets that we have researched and tested.

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Trioral Rehydration Salts
  • Trioral Rehydration Salts
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Price: See Here
Medique Medi-Lyte
  • Medique Medi-Lyte
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • No sodium added
  • Price: See Here
Nuun All Day
  • Nuun All Day
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Contains less than one carb
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Electrolytes & Hydration Tablets



TRIORAL – Oral Rehydration Salts

TRIORAL – Oral Rehydration Salts
We round out our list with a real heavy hitter. Trioral oral rehydration salts are medical grade hydration tablets approved by the world health organization. This formula is the result of extensive research sponsored by WHO’s Department of Child and Adolescent Health and Development. These packets are an effective, cheap, and safe way to rehydrate your body fast. Although the primary use of these is often “medical” in nature they can offer a real benefit to runners. Particularly ones who like to meet their edge and push their body to the limits. These packets are neatly pre sealed, pre measured and ready to go with a liter of water. If you’re looking for a rehydration tablet with some real ummph this is undoubtedly it.
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Product Details:

- World Health Organization Approved, Osmolarity Oral Re-hydration Salts
- Great for replacing electrolyte during intense activity and physical exertion
- A great addition to any medical (or race day) kit
- Contains Glucose anhydrous at 13.5g, Trisodium Citrate Dehydrate at 2.9g, Sodium Chloride at 2.6g and Potassium Chloride at 1.5g
- Does not have any artificial colors, preservatives, additives or artificial flavors
- Manufactured in line with pharmaceutical GMP Regulations.
- Each product includes a certificate of approval from USFDA
  • W.H.O. approved
  • USFDA approved
  • Ideal for race day, or even a first aid kit
  • No artificial colors, preservatives or flavors
  • The taste isn't super great

Medique 03033 Medi-Lyte electrolyte replacement

Medique 03033 Medi-Lyte electrolyte replacement
Medique Medi-Lyte replacement tablets are a down and dirty solution for hydration replenishment. They don’t not dissolve in water but rather come in swallowable tablets for quick absorption. Medi-Lyte is an alternative to drinks, powders and other dissolvables and an efficient way to remain in balance. They do contain any artificial ingredients or flavorings like some mixes do. Not everyone likes swallowing capsules, but if you don’t mind these are an excellent solution when it come to keeping your electrolytes where you want them to be.
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Product Details
Calcium 10. 64 mg; Potassium 40 mg; Magnesium (from magnesium oxide 12 mg)
You can buy one package with 100 tablets or 500 tablets
Good for people who are lactose intolerant
They must be keep in place where there’s no humidity and it’s not to warm
There are unit does pockets
There’s no sugar in it
The tablets are very easy to swallow
There are no artificial flavoring or colors
This is a product without sodium
No caffeine
They have long expiration date
  • 100 tablets per box
  • Contains potassium chloride, calcium phosphate  and magnesium carbonate
  • No sugar or sodium
  • Suitable for those who are lactose intolerant
  • Some aren't crazy about the taste

Nuun All Day

Nuun All Day
Nuun is so very popular brand when it comes to hydration tablets. One key way this product differs from the other products is a slighter lower amount of sodium and a higher dose of vitamins. These are great for staying properly hydrated, healthy, and boosting your immunity in general. The tablet tubes are easily portable taste great, and absorb quickly in the gut. If you’re someone with a sensitive stomach the Tangerine Lime is particularly soothing and easy to digest. There are 16 tablets in each tube. Just mix one tablet in 16 ounces of water and you are ready to hydrate!
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Product Details
It has less tah 8 calories per tab and 0 g of fat
Yo0u can find Vitamin C, B12, B6 and others
There are 0 g of sugar
180 mg Sodium / 77 mg Potassium / 20 mg Magnesium
There aren’t trans or saturated fat
There are many different tastes to choose from
There are 16 servings in every tube
It’s a little bit sweet, there is Stevia Leaf extract
This is product without caffeine
There’s 0 g of protein
  • Optimizing electrolyte blend, to replenish you with the added bonus of vitamins and minerals
  • Includes Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and a mixture of B Vitamins
  • Designed to refresh and keep your body in balance during exercise
  • Light flavor, stomach sensitive options, clean ingredients, no artificial colors or flavors
  • Contains less than one carb, low calories, no additional sugar
  • Some customers didn't like the flavors

Toniiq Hydrating Electrolyte

Toniiq Hydrating Electrolyte
If you’ve run yourself into the ground and want to give your body a little bit of love, Toniiq hydrating tablets are a great aid. They contain magnesium, potassium, sodium and chloride. This blend goes a long way to getting your body back up and firing on all cylinders as quickly as possible. You can also use them mid-run for a bit of a stamina boost. They come in handy small packets that make them super easy to slip into pockets or even tuck into the edge of a compression short. Simply mix with 8 ounces of water and you're good to go!
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Product Details
There are 5 calories per tablet
45 mg Magnesium, 45 mg Sodium, 100 mg Potassium
Total carbohydrate is under 1 g
There are no preservatives and fillers
Electrolytes are packed in small carry-tin so they’re very portable
You mustn’t exceed 12 capsules per day
These tablets are no sweetened, they have mild taste
This product has certification from Current Good Manufacturing Practices and the Natural Products Association
Tablets are free of gluten and they are really portable
This product has also concentrated sea minerals
  • Contains magnesium, potassium, sodium & other electrolytes 
  • Rapid absorption 
  • Comes in convenient to-go packets
  • 0 Calories
  • No artificial additives
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Seems to affect people differently

Science in Sport Go Hydro Hydration Tablets

Science in Sport Go Hydro Hydration Tablets
Science in sport may be the brand you look for when it comes to hydration tablets. It may be less known brand but it’s really worth it to test it. These tablets will help you to maintain water balance even if you sweat a lot. The brand manage to provide good amount of electrolytes but they make very good taste. Our biggest surprise was when we’ve discovered there’s Cola teste and it’s absolutely delicious. And even if you’re not the fan of cola, there are different tasty choices. It really fast dissolves in the water and the tube is rather portable- it has about 15 centimeters.
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Product details
It is available in 5 tastes
You can use it even if you don’t run as the part of the balanced diet
It is suitable for vegans
It has 0 g of fat and there aren’t many calories in it
These tablets are high in sodium so it helps to boost hydration
Producer says that Each tablet provides 500ml of hydration when m you mix it with water
It should be stored in cool and dry place
These tablets are gluten free

Dissolvable hydration tabs, effervescent, light, flavorful

8,1 mg Magnesium per tablet plus other essential electrolytes

All flavors are completely caffeine free

There are usually 20 tablets in one tube and the price is very good


It is sweetened with sucralose which may not be the best option for some people


LyteCaps is one of the most liked names when it comes to hydration products, and their electrolyte tablets are no exception. The LyteCaps Tablets are an excellent alternative to inundating yourself with the sugar found in Gatorade or Powerade. These tablets also have a pretty substantial kick, containing a blend vitamins and minerals. There’s L Tyrosine in this product. There are 30 serving on one package and in addition, the price is very competitive.
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Product Details
These are suitable for vegetarians
There isn’t any gluten in these tablets
There are vitamins D3 and B6
They’re more like capsules so they’re very easy to swallow
There’s possibility to get your money back if you don’t see the effects
There aren’t any preservatives or carbohydrates
You should take it every 30-60 minutes of while running session
  • Sugar-free, effervescent electrolyte tablet works well with any Camelbak bottle or reservoir, all you need is 16 oz
  • No sticky or gunky residue to clean after consumption
  • No pre-mixing or stirring necessary – just put the tablet in and let it do its work
  • More electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium) on a per serving basis than the most of the leading sports drinks
  • The flavors were too sweet for some

Nuun Hydration: Electrolyte + Caffeine Drink Tablets

Nuun Hydration: Electrolyte + Caffeine Drink Tablets
The body loses a lot while it sweats, which is why hydration tablets can be such a useful way to quickly replenish yourself. This is our second Nuun product on the list which makes Nuun reliable brand. Nuun hydration can be dissolved into 16 oz of water (or less if you don’t mind a stronger taste) delivering a blast of 4 essential electrolytes: 360 mg of Sodium. 100 mg of Potassium, 25 mg of Magnesium and 13 mg of Calcium. The benefits of this boost run the gamut from a reduced risk for cramping all the way to improved muscle performance. Additionally, Nuun Hydration tabs have less than 1g of carbs, they are relatively low in calories, have no added sugar, and best of all no harsh additives/flavors. Let us show you what more can Nuun offer to you.
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Product details
There is 40 mg of Caffeine from organic green tea extract
This electrolytes really help to maintain fluid balance but it’s low calorie product at the same time
These tablets are Informed Choice certified
Small package to minimize the bad impact on the planet
There aren’t artificial flavors or colors
You can find vitamins like B6 or B12 in these tablets
  • Nuun Active electrolyte enhanced drink tabs are well tested and well loved
  • Reformulated to feature improved performance and even healthier ingredients
  • Packed with electrolytes to to pick you up after a tough workout. Stops cramps and improves muscle function
  • Light, fresh flavors, low calories without added sugar
  • Some don't like the aftertaste

Hydralyte - Effervescent Tablets

Hydralyte - Effervescent Tablets
Combination of glucose and electrolytes will let you prevent dehydration and keep running much longer than ever. The tablets are packed in the tube. One tube contains 20 tablets and it costs about 10 dollars. The tube has less than 20 cm length so you can put it easily into your sport bag.The product was made on base of WHO criteria of effective rehydration. Sucralose is the sweetener in this product, but it’s very safe and good for runners with diabetes. Suitable for people who don’t tolerate lactose. Product isn’t tested on animals so it’s also for vegetarians and vegans. It’s much more effective than most energy drinks on the market as there are more electrolytes and less sugar.
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Product Details
This product provides 20 calories per 200 ml
There are 4 grams of sugar for 200 ml serving
This product has 0 g of fat and cholesterol
Depending on the cause of dehydration, even children are slowed to take it
The product is Based on World Health Organization formulation
There are two tastes to choose from

They can be taken even by children

They’re available in two flavors- orange and berry

Comparing to the other products, it’s not too sweet

Hydralyte is gluten and wheat free

No preservatives and aspartame

Doesn’t contain traces of nuts


Some buyers complained it didn’t taste well

REVIVER Electrolytes Tablets

REVIVER Electrolytes Tablets
As you’re more and more into running, you must realize that water is sometimes not enough. REVIVER consists of combination of 5 electrolytes to give you more power for the run. There are also B6, C and D vitamins to stronger the effect. If you want to prevent dehydration but at the same time reduce exhaustion and boost your running performance, then this product is for you. The ingredients are natural, there’s no artificial sweetener. Funny thing about the products is that it’s very praised for being helpful with the hangover . It also works very well for runners who are on a diet as it has zero calories. Perfect for runners who take part in a marathon and shouldn’t have any bad effects on your body. 100 % money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the results.The product is made in USA. See what more Reviver can give to you.
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Product Details
You need to take 1/2 capsules 30-60 minutes before activity, or you can take 1 tablets every 60 minutes during activity
It has 220 mg of Sodium, 10 mg of Magnesium and 99 mg of Potassium
It really helps to prevent muscle cramps
There’s no corn syrup in it
This product is free of gluten and caffeine
Pills are regular size, easy to swallow

Free of gluten , dairy and GMO

It helps to recover after hard workout

Useful for runners on a low carb diet

There are a lot of pills in jar and it’s quiet cheap

Helps with muscle spasm

It’s very accessible

Product free of corn syrup


Shouldn’t be taken by children

GU Hydration Electrolyte Drink Tablets

GU Hydration Electrolyte Drink Tablets
Tasty and refreshing as an effervescent tablet which dissolves in water.

You get twelve effervescent tabs with a pleasant flavor, sodium at 320mg which serves to stabilize personal water balance.

Reduce gastrointestinal issues through the use of Xylitol, each tasty flavor is free of any caffeine taste and you get only ten calories.

Good for before, during or after running.
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Product Details:

With just ten calories per tablet and full with electrolytes to revitalize during a run or right after a run, you get 12 tablets which amounts to a total of 192oz of hydration capacity.

Light delicate flavors which work well with an effervescent drink, you get 320 mg of needed sodium with each tab/drink.

The contents are cane sugar, safflower oil, stevia leaf extract, L-leucine, potassium bicarbonate, natural flavor, corn starch, xylitol, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid and (for color) riboflavin.


A little higher than some other brands, good products cost more.

12 tablets

10 calories

Maintain water balance

Effervescent flavor


Some runners prefere none effervescent.


The Criteria We Used For Our Evaluation

Choosing the best Electrolytes and Hydration Tablets isn’t the easiest task. That’s why we work hard to help you make your choice. Here’s the list of the factors that should be evaluated before choosing the best one.


The product you choose must make you hydrated and this must lead to increasing muscles performance. Usually, these type of products helps with muscle cramps which aren’t very rare in runner’s world. The effects should be visible fast and you should feel the boost of an energy. These products should enlarge your endurance and make it easier for you to run even in the most unfriendly conditions, especially those with high temperatures. After taking your tablet, you should feel better but remember that if you run long miles every day, one tablet from time to time may not be enough.

Ingredients and intolerance

A good option is to search for electrolytes such as potassium magnesium and etc. Many tablets are reinforced with vitamins that will let you perform better. Carbohydrates are the next thing you should consider. They’re used with electrolytes usually when you work out more than an hour and it’s rather intensive training. A lot of products may also contain artificial flavors and preservatives.

This means that some people, especially those with allergies, may have problems with skin or even breathing. Stomach upset is sometimes also a big problem for a runner. There are more and more products that are made for people who are lactose intolerant. There are also many runners that have a very sensitive stomach so it’s better to test the tablet before using it during a race or long run. GMO ingredients are usually unnecessary in a runner’s diet so search for the products without it.

Calories and artificial flavors

While doing our research we’ve discovered that many people tend to ask how many calories there per tablet. There are many different versions of electrolytes, some have more calories, the others are advertised are low calories product. We think that it shouldn’t matter very much here as while running, you burn so many calories that one or two tablets won’t make a difference. There are many tablets, also on our list, that are under 15 calories per dose so you can take them even when you’re on the diet.

There’s one thing that we really don’t like about some electrolytes/ hydration tablets- artificial flavors. These aren’t good for our body and we think that it’s a bad idea to use this kind of tablets even if you don’t like more natural tastes. We try to avoid putting products like these on our list as we really prefer nature. Many manufacturers also offer tablets with artificial colors and this is really pointless. Just think how much you care about the color of the tablet. Well, we don’t care about the color too, we care about the effectiveness.



Other Important Factors Worth Considering


Let’s be clear, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on tablets. While searching for the best option, try to think how much tablets do you need. If you usually don’t run for long distances and you don’t dehydrate yourself very often, try to purchase a smaller tube. On the other side, if you feel you’re going to take electrolytes every day, search for big box. Remember to check the number of tablets in the package as sometimes you can find very expensive products but that’s because there are a lot of tablets in it.

Check the price for a dose or for one tablet to make sure it’s worth it. Some people try to find the cheapest tablets on the market but it can be a bad idea. When you compare the same product and you see 50 discount, it’s a great deal but when you find 90 % sale, there’s a big probability that this is fake. We wouldn’t recommend saving money on tablets because it’s something that you give to your body. You can always take off shoes if they’re uncomfortable and hurt you but it’s not the same with tablets.


You must be aware that it’s not advisable to take tablets every day as you may have too many minerals in your body. This may lead to serious problems with organs like heart or kidneys. You may need only a few tablets for most challenging workouts but still, try to supply the lost nutrients with normal drinking water. You need to focus on how much do you really need hydration because you can decide what should be the size of the product.

You can buy a package with only 10 tablets but you can also search for a package with 50 tablets. It’s really your choice which one will work better for you. Most tablets have very long validity date so you can buy for days. The problem may appear if you buy the big package of tablets and they won’t work. It’s better to buy a smaller package when buying for the first time.

The different aims of usage

Remember that investing your money in electrolytes may help not only you but also the other members of your family. Many products on our list were also made for another case. If your children have a problem with vomiting, these products may be excellent to make them feel better. They are also good for elders who tend to dislike drinking water and have a fever.


Where to buy the product?

There are many different ways of purchasing the product. You can find many tablets at your nearest pharmacy or even you can find some of them in a sports store. You can also search for your favorite tablets online. The last method is the most popular but you need to be careful while buying the product. Buy only from verified sellers to make sure that the tablets are real. See the comments of the other buyers and make sure that it’s not fake.

Remember also that when you buy online, you need to pay for the delivery in most cases and sometimes the cost of delivery is higher than the cost of the tablets. You can also visit the online website for the brand which makes your favorite tablets. You can also buy tablets in the store or pharmacy and it’s safer than buying online. Going to the store may be a good option as you can always ask an assistant for help with choosing the product. Some products, however, are available only online but in most cases, you can find your best running tablets in the nearest sports store.


When you look for electrolytes, you also search for a product that will taste fine. For some people, electrolytes are similar to medicines and they think that these tablets taste awful. That’s not true. Manufacturers are aware that people pay attention to taste and they offer a full range of different tastes. You can find fruity ones like orange but there are also more extraordinary like cola. The best option is to choose the product that doesn’t have a chemical aftertaste. It’s not worth buying tablets that have artificial flavors because they’re worse on our stomach than natural ones.




Q. Are these products suitable for children?

A. No, not every product is suitable for children. If you find the product you want, find an information about giving it to children. Most of the products are suitable for children, but not every.

Q. Are tablets the only version of electrolyte supplements?

A. No, there are more options on the market. There are tablets that are very easy to use, there are powders that aren’t more complicated and there are also beverages. Whether you choose a powder, tablet, or liquid electrolyte product, it’s best to talk with a professional to figure out what a good and safe option is for you.

Q. I’m preparing for a marathon and I work really hard, do I really need these tablets?

A. We can’t tell you if you should take tablets or now. This is your decision, however, we can tell you why you may need electrolytes or hydration tablets. When you run, especially when you run long distances, your body sweats and starts to lose the water. This water has a lot of functions in our body and if you lose it, your body starts to work worse and worse. The most dangerous cases are when you faint because of dehydration. To b keep your body hydrated all the time, it may be a good idea to purchase the tablets.

Q. Should I opt for an energy drink or electrolytes?

A. We know that for some people, the energy drink is a must have even if they don’t run a lot. The truth is, most of these colorful drinks don’t have enough sodium. Maintaining a good balance of electrolytes may be really hard especially if you run a lot or you are a more professional athlete. There are many ways to provide a good source of electrolytes like tablets, you can also buy salt capsules, gels or powders. The good news is that sodium can be also found in food. If you have been running for a long time, it may be a good idea to eat something saltier after your training- what about pretzels?

Q. Is it a good idea to bring electrolytes camping?

A. Cramping is a very unpleasant feeling that happens to every runner. If you don’t provide enough sodium and potassium, cramps can happen really often and that’s bad. Potassium helps to move the fluids and nutrients in the cells so it has a very important function. If you don’t provide enough Sodium, your muscles aren’t able to regenerate very fast and that’s why you feel much pain.

Q. What are some symptoms of dehydration?

A. This is a good question as not many people recognize the symptoms of dehydration. Sometimes dehydration is mistaken for flu or other illnesses. The first symptom that you can observe immediately is dry mouth. You have a big need for water and it’s a really uncomfortable feeling. There’s little too on urine when you’re really dehydrated. It may be also a little bit darker than usual. You also tend to be very sleepy and you feel exhausted all the time.

A headache is also a common symptom that occurs while dehydration. It’s very easy to find out if you’re dehydrated when you cry. If there aren’t any tears, it means that your body needs more hydration. You shouldn’t ignore all these symptoms as dehydration can be really dangerous. You should try to prevent it at first. Try to drink a lot of water, even if you don’t like its taste. Remember that the good option to add some taste to your water is to put some fruits into it like strawberries or lemon.

Q. Only the runners have a problem with dehydration?

A. No, there are many people who are very prone to dehydration and they’re not runners. Runners are at higher risk of dehydration because they do high intensity and many of us practice in hot weather so the water is more needed. People who have problems with kidneys or bladder are also more at risk. Even when you sick and you’ve got a fever or you vomit, your level of hydration is very low.

That’s why even doctors recommend taking electrolytes when you have these symptoms. People who want to lose weight often forget to provide their body with enough water. When you are getting older and older, your brain gets older and sometimes it can’t give you the signals that you’re thirsty. Dehydration is a very serious condition as it may lead to serious health problems especially if you have problems with kidneys. You lose water every day, the problems are getting bigger when the weather gets very hot.

Electrolytes are one of those buzzwords that everyone has heard but few people really understand (if you do bear with us). What exactly is an electrolyte?  An electrolyte is salts and minerals that carry a charge and conduct electrical impulses throughout the body.  The most common electrolytes include sodium chloride, potassium, calcium, and sodium bicarbonate. Electrolytes are essential for living organisms.

Electrolytes are an indispensable ingredient in a finely tuned and fueled body. In a simplified way, they can be thought of a group of chemicals that keeps the electrical impulses in our bodies are working properly. Ignore them at your peril, and if you’re curious there are some great articles with further depth that can be found here and here.

The bottom line is that hydration is serious business, and part of that is making sure that your electrolytes stay in the right balance. Everyone’s going to have a slightly different palate for these type of things, so try a few and see which one of the best electrolytes and hydration tablets on our list work for you. 


Here are some great sources that we used during our research:


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